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on 30 March 2012
I have 5 FI 8905 W cameras. Only ONE gives decent colour. The rest show greens as purple because there is no IR filter.
I have tried and tried to contact FOSCAM to ask if any solution exists. After some weeks Sales said contact Support, but Support has still not answered after more weeks, I understand from those who do these things that it is easier to communicate with those who have passed on.
Abandon hope on getting a response
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on 22 July 2011

I now have four of these. Of these two have shown problems with the ethernet connector whereby the connection is mechanically poor. I have had to hold the cable hard into the socket and then tape the cables/socket into position as even the smallest movement causes the link to be lost. Finding this to be the problem has caused me much additional work - up and down ladders. This is a problem which could have been easily solved at the manufacturing stage. One cannot trust the connection and hence I moved on to wireless configuration - once I had a temporary wired connection to work with.

I have managed to get three onto wireless, but the last one is 'three walls away' in direct line of sight from my router, although only 15m distant. The signal is reduced so much that the camera is continually floating in and out of connection.

The picture is (effectively) B&W and takes a lot of adjustment to be clear.

Overall, I would say that I could not recommend. It is a 50% chance (based on my statistics) that the work will be much more than foreseen.

I read the other reviews, and in spite of some of them, I thought "Let's give it a go".
Setting up required a bit of reading - and a bit of reading-up. I had to sort out which ports would work (for me 88 to 91), which for me meant finding out what was meant by a 'port'. I chose to use the 'wired' solution, but I have tried it wireless, and it is just at good at a range of 20m.
The quality is not bad, and I can check on my garden in North Yorkshire from my office in France. True it took a bit of effort, but at this price, I really think it was worth it. I now intend to improve my router and add an 8-port swith (both Gigabit by TP-Link from Amazon), and add more of these.
Overall - a good buy for the price, but be prepared to do your homework.
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on 24 October 2012
This is a simple VGA 4:3 CCTV cam with LAN and Wifi LAN capabilities.

It does the job but the casing if made out of some cheap metal alloy that will show sings of corrosion very early! (and i have 6 units and all have the same problem). Also the support (to pin it to the wall) is made of a even worse material!!! After trying to adjust the cameras angle it snapped and i add to buy a decent one on a local store.

I've bought one here at Amazon and the rest at the Foscam official site, but the price and quality is the same...

As for image quality.. its pure VGA camera at max FPS of 30. IR leds do the jog at night and it as LDR to detect light conditions. Nothing fancy on this model.

The wired NIC inside is ok but the WiFi NIC as a very poor radio transmitter... and the manufacturer does not specifies the output dBi of the unit. (it does not matter how good your wifi AP is because camera needs to send its own signal back to the AP so... weak signal, weak range). I've actually add to use some of the units with PLC (power line) to be able to connect to them.

Is it worth buying? Well the quality is not that good in all aspects, but its one of the more affordable outdoor networked CCTV cams on the market... so its a matter of decision.

After my experience i would recommend a non WiFi model and use PLC's to make a CCTV grid for your demands.

PS: its compatible with i-Catcher 5.1 or above.
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on 18 November 2011
I purchased two of these, as I already have two indoor type,
which cannot be used to give a view through a window at night,
as the LED's reflect off the glass blinding the cams.

I found the cameras were fairly easy to set up and the images
were of good quality in daylight and fit for purpose at night,
however, the mounting brackets are totally crap, very fiddly
to fit and nothing near the stability required to hold the cams
steady even in a moderate wind, which is a big negative for me
as it gets very windy at times where I live...

7 months in operation and one is on the blink, literally,
my set-up requires a stable image, this constant blinking
in bright sunlight make is useless...

Have been in touch with Foscam re. this problem, they gave a few suggestions
which did not work, the ambient light detector/compensation is faulty, for my application

So far the other one is OK, but my trust in it is now very low...
camera is totally useless, will have to return it....
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on 11 February 2013
I originally purchased the indoor F18910W a few days ago and was so pleased with it that I have now purchased the F18905W outdoor cam. As with my previous F18910W review, this was simple to set up as far as wifi but then I needed the telephone/computer access help of Foscam. This was much quicker this time as it was the same person that helped me before. As with just about every other review the fixing bracket is just about useless due to the fact that this outdoor cam is much heavier and when mounted, it is off centre and the overhang puts a lot of leaverage on the very weak ball clamp of the bracket ( I wonder when Foscam will get the message!!). Having said this the rest of the product is superb and works fine with good night view, up to point i.e. the persons image at night seems over exposed. I will need to see what tweaks I can do on the settings unless anyone has any experience of this??

One other thing that may require that I resite the camera is that the exhaust from my house boiler blows white fumes in front of the camera which triggers the movement detection, so either I duct the fumes away or move the cam, so beware.

Having operated the camera for 2 days there is an issue with the night viewing in that the IR will pick up the exhaust from my boiler which shows as grey billowing vapour (not visible during the day. This triggers the motion detection. I have now ducted the flue away from the camera. Also rain seems to get picked up in the IR night mode which again triggers the motion detector. Other than this the camera works fine and I am very pleased with the product.
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on 18 November 2013
I am not actually using both camera's at the moment, but using one to cover my garden. The IR is very good and lights up most of the garden at night, for the rest i have a PIR to light up when needed.

The default lens is a 6mm which I found to be a little narrow for my garden, I swapped it over for a 4mm and i can now cover most with one camera.
To swap the lens is a pretty easy task involving removing the glass front and the IR LED's. Once off you can just remove the lens. You will have to check the focus once you have the new one back on.
CCTV Camera Replacement F1.2 4mm Monofocal Manual Iris Lens
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on 28 December 2013
Simple to set up, I have ordered new lenses to increase the field of view.
Range of the IR LEDs is huge, the whole garden is flooded with IR light. One camera covers the driveway - this messes with the reversing camera on my car as the IR LEDs dazzle the camera - not the end of the world, but I am going to move the camera to fix the issue.

Main problems:
The bracket is very poor, difficult to fix the camera in the desired position.
The cable has an Ethernet port in it and so if feeding it through a wall you need a hole almost an inch in diameter to get it through.
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on 12 March 2012
Very good distance on the IR.
Very crappy mount.
I am using this to monitor our cars parked across the road from our house.
I am recording 24/7 onto my QNAP TS-412 NAS.QNAP TS-412 Turbo NAS 4-bay wih iSCSI and RAID 0/1/5/6/5+ Spare/JBOD, Marvell 1.2GHz CPU, 256MB DDRII RAM, built-in UPnP/ DLNA media server
I am also using iSpy software (Free open source software ) on a netbook, this is great for time lapse and many other features.

It would be nice if these outside IP cameras came with some sort of removable plug for the ethernet cable. The reason I say this, is that, the ethernet plug on the lead is huge. This means you have to drill a 25mm hole to get all the cables through the wall. The power cable is also a bit short.
You could leave the wires outside as long as you made sure they were all water tight.You will not need the ethernet cable, anyway, if you are running it wireless. ( You do need the wired connection to set it up to begin with but you do this before you mount the camera )
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on 3 March 2012
Really good camera. Body is aluminium, well made and reasonably solid. It's about 7" long and just under 4" across. Not small, but is relatively discrete, although the IR lighting at night has a feint red glow.

Easy to set up - use Ethernet to set up Wifi details first (!) - and easy to access via browser. You just need to find IP address from your router's DHCP list, then set assign a static IP to the MAC address of the camera. Instructions come with setting up DDNS via so you can then access this address outside your home network. Set up outside about 20m from my Wifi router - very occasionally frame rate drops on 802.11g but really good.

Did not install Foscam software - I installed Vitamin D (free for a single license, although you need to pay £32 to use this with more than 1 camera) on a Mac OSX and works really well. Camera/software picks up people moving, as well as the odd bird and rabbit. Vitamin D allows you to set up custom rules on when to alert you, send an email or upload via FTP. It can distinguish people/animals and cars, and you can also limit your rules to specific areas of the frame.
At night time under PIR, the camera just about picks objects 30-50m away; not enough beasties around in March to see if they are seduced by IR lighting. Areas within 15m are really well illuminated: remember it's a B&W image at night...
Also the 12mm lens is actually a telephoto - I would estimate a x2 magnification. You might need one with a shorter focal length for a more general surveillance. We have a long drive, so this is perfect for us, so we can be alerted when anyone comes through our gate.

2 gripes about this (common to all other FOSCAM cameras):
1. The mounting bracket is *** USELESS *** as it cannot be tightened up to hold the weight. So throw it away - it's a complete waste. The camera takes standard SLR/videocam screw mount, and I found a much stronger one via Maplin for less than £5. There are others on Amazon too (search for CCTV bracket) - just make sure you get one with a 3/16" (5mm) thread.
2. The camera cable includes a massive Ethernet connector (RJ45), which means you need to drill a hole bigger than 20mm to run the cable through a wall. Although now redundant in my case, you'd be foolish to try and snip the connector off. Again, this connector is common to all current FOSCAM models, so you need a huge hole to run the cable, that you need to fill with sealant once it's all fine.
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on 8 February 2013
Initially, was really impressed with the specifications, all that technology with a reasonable price tag. But it has quite severe limitations, which I'm sure could be improved with better software/firmware.
Using WiFi, the max FPS is about 5, the same as uploaded email pictures. This means that objects moving at any speed have about 30 metres separation between shots, useless.
But as an experiment, I connected a 20m Cat 5e Ethernet cable instead of WiFi and saw a dramatic increase in the FPS, probably about as good as the cameras capabilities.
But the most serious defect - it is a defect, at least on the two cameras I have - is that the internal electronics are sensitive to an outlook which is too bright. My cameras look out onto a very light pebble track and now the sunlight is much brighter the cameras just cannot take it and start flickering between max and min brightness, about once every second. This activates the email and video capture, filling up the monitoring computer with hundreds of images. In short, during the hours of maximum brightness the cameras are useless. I live in S.Spain but these conditions will apply later in the summer to the UK.
Recording to a pc works fine - but you need to switch off the Beep alarm overnight if you don't want to be driven mad when it's windy. When sunny and windy the sensitivity must be reduced to the point of uselessness.
The wi-fi range is good and the construction solid, except for the useless mounting bracket.
The vga definition is acceptable but the lens appears to suffer from blurred areas, not necessarily at the edges.
The IR range is actually better than expected.
Overall a reasonable buy but I would recommend the purchase of a camera with better specifications, such as svga, and similar specifications which actually work as specified, unlike this camera. Go to security systems reviews to get a good idea.
Unfortunately I've bought two of these and the limitations are very critical. I'd prefer to have spent double the amount on two which did exactly as specified.
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