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4.8 out of 5 stars166
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2004
This is a stunning book, for those who know Alex Rider we find out more about his family and see how he deals with an incredibly difficult choice.
The action starts on the very first page, and although there is a lot of explaining needed the pace doesn't slacken.
For those new to Alex Rider, don't start on this book, you really need to read Eagle Strike to get to grips with the story.
Scorpia is different to the other books, but yet the fate of the world is still in jeopardy and this time Alex can't rely on gadgets supplied by Smithers.
A ripping yarn and an absolute must read for all fans of the series, continuing the very high standards set before. Be warned, it's almost impossible to put down. Make sure you're sitting comfortably for the climax and finale of the book.
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on 4 September 2005
This book is certainly good and action packed all the way. but the changing sides is just way too much. How many times does he change? Errrrr i lost count. I love the book and the secrets from his past are way groovy but you do sort of love the fact that at the end there's a........ ending. It makes it exciting because you want to know how he comes back. (You know he does because it wasn't the last book) The next book archangel is even better because he's back and the how is simply astounding!
4 stars and it's a good effort especially as it explains a lot but the third book Skeleton Key is still the best.
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on 18 July 2005
Alex Rider is back in actoin. (again). As Alex is on a plane with Yassen Grogoravich, (see eagle sttrike, previous book) he is told told to go to Venice, find scorpia and there will be his destiny. And what a great oppertunaty when Alex is on a school trip to venice. Alex slips out of the gruop and and is on his way, but things don't go quite as planned. He had been tricked to work at an evill organization who have some teribble plans for the world to see. Will Alex stay away from nonesence or join scorpia?
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on 29 March 2004
I found this book on sale before it came out officially, so grabbed a copy and read it immediately. I can tell you that the plot as usual is excellent, with Horowitz throwing in so many twists, they might as well print the book on circular paper shaped like a spring! The 'method of destroying the world' is in this case very well thought out and cleverly planned. If you have liked the previous four books, then you will love this one and is a must have for any fan. The book ties up all the loose ends from the other books and has a very surprising ending, which of course, I will not reveal here. At just a fiver on Amazon, there is really no excuse not to buy the book!
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on 29 March 2004
In this, the latest adventure of Alex Rider, the teenage spy finds himself on his hardest mission yet. Whilst on a school trip in Venice, he discovers the HQ of crime organisation Scorpia. He thinks about the message he received from the late Yassen Gregorovich. “ Go to Venice. Find Scorpia. And you will find your destiny…” He determines to find out more.
This is quite simply the best book in the series, full of action, adventure and bits of humour. Be prepared for shocks all round, as this book will leave you open mouthed, and wanting to read the next.
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2004
What an amazing book!
From the outset, the Alex Rider books have been action packed, but this one beats them all. The story opens with Alex in Venice, where by chance, he discovers a silver scorpion decorating the side of a motor launch. Following his instincts (and the boat) he arrives at a luxurious palazzo. Determined to discover whether this is the headquarters of the infamous Scorpia (and whether his father was indeed one of their top assassins), he gate-crashes a masked ball … only to find himself trapped in the same room as a man-eating Siberian tiger. And that’s just the beginning!!!
The pacing is exhausting, yet cliff-hangers at the end of each chapter make it impossible to stop reading and get your breath back. One minute fourteen year-old Alex is BASE jumping onto the roof of a top secret research facility, the next he’s enrolled in a school for elite assassins supposedly following his father’s footsteps. Before long he’s on his first mission … and this time he’s armed to kill.
With incredible skill, Anthony Horowitz takes impossible situations and somehow makes them believable. At one point, Alex finds himself attending an emergency cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street. Terrorists, determined to irrevocably damage relations between Britain and the USA, have demanded that America withdraw its troops from every foreign country, or they will use their deadliest weapon (Invisible Sword) to wipe out countless thousands of British children in one foul swoop.
This book is far darker and more chilling than its predecessors. This is probably because, at times, the setting seems uncomfortably close to the real world. Young readers are doubtless aware of the insidious threat of terrorism, and the uneasy political alliance between Britain and the USA. Add to this the fact that Horowitz promises in his introduction that the technology required for Invisible Sword actually exists … and you’ve got one incredibly gripping thriller.
If you’ve read the rest of the Alex Rider series, then you have to read this too. If you’ve never read one of Anthony Horowitz’s books before, then this is perhaps his best … and well worth reading, even if you’re considerably older than the target readership. If you’d like to read the other stories first, I’d recommend the big compilation edition containing all four books in one volume … it’s great value for money.
Finally, the ending is stunning. Some reviewers see it as a cliff-hanger … but I’m not so sure. I don’t want to spoil it by adding my personal theories; read it yourself and make your own mind up!
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on 12 May 2006
Scorpia to me is by far the best Alex Rider book of the 6, many people will disagree with me but I find that the story line was flawless and I simply adored it.

Alex lands himself in Venice to uncover the secrets that Yassen left unanswered. From here on the reluctant teenage spy finds himself in a tangle of lies, deceibt and for once the truth.

This book has everything you come to expect with Horrorwitz, action, thrills, twists & turns and that cutting edge and knowldege that makes you shake your head in wonder at each chapter.

Horrorwitz's style is so flawless, so fast and exciting that you really can't stop reading till the last full stop. I love every Alex Rider book but this one has stuck out for me the most. It somehow brought all the loose ends together and strengthened the other books by filling in the gaps that Horrorwitz put in to tantelise our minds.

There is no doubt that you should read this book. It is simply brilliant and if you haven't tried Alex Rider series at all then you'd better get started! There are 4 books before this which are awesome aswell so get reading and enjoy! YOu won't be disappointed!!!
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on 9 October 2008
My personal favorite of all the Alex Rider books, we see more of the personal feelings of young Alex.
My teen boys prefer Stormnreaker as the No1 Alex Rider book, but also enjoyed it. Brilliant.
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The start is lighthearted, thieves on a motorbike ingeniously thwarted in Venice, but this fifth Alex Rider novel quickly becomes very serious indeed. Bitter at MI6 duplicity and his mind in a whirl, Alex is drawn towards Scorpia. The ruthless worldwide organization used to employ his dad and makes the son most welcome. Surely he is not destined also to become an assassin?

It is hard to believe only six months have passed since the fourteen year old began his first adventure. Always Alex has been the reluctant spy. Now he is courted by the enemy. Scorpia intends to create a great rift between Britain and America, promising unimaginable horror if demands are not met - thousands of children specifically to be targeted.

The climax is one of the best yet (which is saying something). The end caused uproar when the book was published.

The 2010 edition has an "AFTERWORD" by Horowitz. He describes the impact of that end and the various reactions to the violence in the series. Interesting too are his reservations about the film of "Stormbreaker", pressures from on high causing all not to be as he had hoped.

A great read. Alex is put to the test more than ever before - the result a real treat for his millions of fans.
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on 18 April 2015
Alex Rider is a teenager spy. Who would of thought it, the once ordinary school boy, goes for his fifth mission this action packed book. It is were he finds out about his parents and the criminal organisation Scorpia. It's different to the first book because Alex Rider was just an ordinary boy sitting on his bed gloomily when his uncle Ian Rider dies. This book is were he is filled with lies from Scorpia as they drag him into their world. Mrs Jones is payed a visit from Alex, sent by Scorpia to KILL MRS JONES! But will he do it? He finds out the past about his parents. At the end Alex is hit by a strange bullet that lets him see his family!

I felt there was more suspense and excitement in this book than in Stormbreaker, lots more cliffhangers at the end of chapters. Also he gets to go on a mission to a different country in Scorpia. This was quite a long book to read as it had 369 pages were Stormbreaker was only 240 pages. Some of the chapters were very long but it was worth it as it's a very good book. I like Scorpia more than Stormbreaker because Scorpia is more action packed and compelling. You want to keep reading to find out what happens.
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