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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars103
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 17 January 2014
These are great headphones. To say what they sound like is subjective but overall they are rich and balanced if part of a decent chain such as FLAC/CD > Xonar/SB Zx > AD1100 . They are great for general use, watching films or listening to music and you do really get a great sound for the price, but there is a catch.

The plastic is structurally weak and this is why they keep dropping in price. The silver, rectangle plastic between the headbar and the pivot will start to fracture with time, you will see them as you pull the headphones open to put them on, hairline cracks appear from the inside edge and will will spread outwards around the side of the rectangle and then across the outside flat surface eventually snapping. I saw mine in time and used a glue gun to reinforce the thin sides of the silver rectangle. When i ordered mine i thought the issue was a something you either got or didn't get. Once i experienced the issue i realised it is just down to weak plastic that is not fit for purpose.

That is the problem with these headphones that is referenced may times in reviews. It will most likely happen to you at some point since it is the act of pulling the headphones open to put them on that does it. The sound is great and if you are prepared to fix or prevent the cracking then you will enjoy a great sound for a very reasonable price. I would guess most people don't notice the cracks and then only experience the snapping and assume they just broke.

The audio cable has proved to be quite sturdy. The connection between the extension and the main unit has has not degraded and the cable gets kicked around quite a bit.

So overall great sounding heaphones, well worth the money but the plastic won't survive more than a few months of constant use of being put on and taken off. This can be prevented by reinforcing the side of the silver plastic rectangle with a glue gun or similar.
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on 27 January 2012
The sound of this set is fantastic, easy to drive from an iPod touch and sound best in my opinion with the EQ set to Flat or off, as the sound of these seem to change a little TOO much with the built in EQ settings,
causing the sound to feel too exaggerated and false.

Bass is powerful and fast, can be a little overpowering with certain types of music though, but overall very well balanced.

These really shine though when watching movies, the extended range ensures there's no distortion and effects, dialogue, and soundtrack all stand out equally.
The included 9ft extension cable, giving you a total of 12ft when in use, makes it ideal for late night viewing or gaming.

These are also VERY comfortable. The pads are very deep giving a good distance between your ear and the speaker in the ear cups, so you don't feel too restricted.
The fake leather pads can make you get a little sweaty under them though. My ears pretty much fit snugly within the cups, and I don't have the smallest of ears,
so unless you're unfortunately endowed in the ear department these should fit nicely onto your head and ears.

The downside though, is that the silver plastic arms that hold the cups on AREN'T solid. They're actually hollow and open on the side towards your head,
and after just over a month of use out and about every other day or so, there are already a number of hairline cracks developing on the top edge.
I haven't dropped these and they've been in the pouch when not in use, so I can only suggest that the cracks have come just from the flexing of the unit when they're in use.

I'm not sure about Amazon's returns policy, they might not offer returns for something that may be deemed as cosmetic or accidental damage.

So be wary, and to be honest after this experience with the quality of them I regret this purchase, despite the amazing sound quality.
Cracks developing in the arms through careful day to day use in a product costing near £100 is unacceptable,
I'm sure that given enough time the arms may crack completely and have the ear cup fall off.
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on 5 March 2013
I have owned my D1100 headphones for over a year, and I have been very pleased with it. The sound quality of these are simply extraordinary. The highs are crisp and clear, the mids are rich and non-recessed and the bass are punchy, deep and powerful, but never overpowering. The sub-bass of these is simply gorgeous. There are not many headphones that can create this kind of sub bass quality, so kick drums will have such a big depth to it, explosions and sub hits in films/games soundtrack will sound huge and deep. Before getting the D1100, I liked the Audio Technica M50, Beyerdynamic DT770 and Denon D2000 very much. The D1100 now being the cheapest of the all three, really present to be the best value of the bunch.

The soundstage of these D1100 is very big, creating a great sense of space. Instrument separation is very impressive, so the textures and layers in the music can be easily heard. Acoustic instruments sound realistic on these, vocals sound rich and warm and electronic instrument sounds, well, electrifying. The sound quality is on par if not better than the M50 and DT770, and I would say that the much more expensive brother Denon D2000 is only marginly better, especially in the sub-bass and soundstage area. These will work well for every genre, and when a track needs lots of bass, the D1100's tremendous bass response will impress everyone.

These are very classic looking headphones, with the ear cups mades from a metal finish. They have a similar style to the Bose AE2 lines, but trust me, these sound miles better, in every aspect. The isolation is very good, from outside noise, while maintaining leakage to minimum. The earpads are soft and comfortable on the ears. The headphones fits the heads securely, creating a moderate level of pressure for good isolation and secure fit, while not creating sense of unease.

Within the box, you will find a nice leather like pouch for carrying, also a very useful, long extension cable, that can be used for watching movie or playing games at a distance. A 1/4 inch adapter is also included.

The build quality of is MUCH BETTER than what some of the other reviewers suggests. Although the headband is made out of plastic, rather than the aluminum finish suggests, it's still strongly built. After a year of heavy use, portable use, travel, studio use with many drops and hits, these Denon 1100 have held very well. Their construction is sturdy and well built. If you don't abuse it, they will last many many years.

Overall, these are some of my favourite headphones, and for the price they are absolutely stunning. They match up to £100+ headphones, and their portability classic look and lightweight making these a great headphone on the road. I have approached many fashion focus Beats Studio owners with these D1100, and every single time they have regretted with their Beats purchase, and mind blown about how much better sounding the Denons are - for 3rd the price!
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on 7 March 2012
I loved these headphones, then the arms started to crack. The cracking occurred on both sides of both cups, and finally snapped off today. Fortunately this all happened in the period I get to return them easily. Do not buy is the only advice I can give.
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on 3 January 2014
I bought these for travelling and found them to be pretty good value for money. They are comfortable on my large head (XL motocycle helmet) and lightweight and even though they are made from plastic the build quality seems solid. I use them for rock & pop music and for watching movies. They do a great job of blocking out external noise and the sound quality is really good - even on a plane. I think there is a little sound leakage but not too bad to bother anyone. I bought the FiiO E05 Headphone Amplifier to go with then and was glad I did as on an airplane the boost was quite helpfull - I used this with my Nexus 7.2 which has a built in limiter so the booster is needed for that little bit extra.
I recently got the BOSE Quietcomfort 15 and I love them! They really are amazing for travel and have a great sound.
I mention this because I was torn between the two, so for everyday and street use the Denon is the best value for money and has really good sound & comfort but the Bose Q15 is that bit extra in sound reduction and feel just a little bit more solid, though you have to remeber to take extra batteries with you. Both a great, you just need to weigh up what you will used them for so you get the best value from your choice.
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on 4 April 2013
Out of the box these sound naff. Burn them in for a good 60 hours and there's a huge improvement.

I bought Shure SRH440 but they were way too tight for my large bonce and sounded crystal clear but lifeless and flat. I know the chin stroking audiophiles like that but they weren't for me. I returned them and took a punt on these for similar money and am happy with the warm detailed sound and comfort.

Extremely comfortable in terms of head pressure from the head band and pads. My ears fit inside the cups with ease, don't sweat on the pad and the headband doesn't move about or dig in to my bald crown.
I use them mostly for music but also for films and TV.
They produce a good sound all the way from the deep bottom to the highs. They do make low bit rate mp3's sound bad. Anything below 192 sounds sibilant and blurred to me. Not a problem, obviously this is actually a good thing as you know what you're getting.
The base isn't head shaking like the Dr Dredfuls but then again you can clearly hear the source that is generating the sound. Nice clear base. You can EQ the bass through the floor and it doesn't distort and does rumble the lugs but that's not good for my tastes.
Musically they perform really well. From Kate Bush to Bolt Thrower, Rush to Bjork they produce a good sound. All the instruments and vocals are clear and warm.
Definitely not as crystal clear as the Shures but they have a much warmer, thicker and clearer bass. Fingers can be heard working the strings of a guitar and there is a good clarity on a bass guitar. The vocals and guitar solo in rock music have bite and the kick drums have a good punch. The bass never clouds the mids. The highs are good but not over sharp. There is a pretty good spread to the field of sound as well for closed cans. Very good level of detail with no issues for me.
Feel pretty sturdy too. The cable is permanently fixed to both ears.. The jack and extension are very nice quality, the carry purse is okay.
They are lively and react well to fast paced music. For films and TV these sound amazing, easily giving a clear and powerful sound. Comfy enough to wear for many hours.

My MP3 player easily powers these cans, its volume goes up to 44 but 14-18 is more than enough. Sound isolation both in and out is very good for a comfy set of cans. I was surprised how well they keep the sound in considering they don't pinch my head tightly anywhere. Important for me as a shift worker with a family. They keep the outside world out and can be worn during vigorous exercise.

My gear this review is based on are PC with Creative X-fi card, Cowon D2+DAB (awesome device), Pioneer amp, Yamaha suround, Panasonic Plasma, Motorola Razr i.
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on 19 December 2013
I've just sold my Sennheiser hd380 Pro and bought these from Amazon for the amazing price of £45.75. The build quality is best described as adequate, but I wouldn't like to be too heavy handed with them. However, the sound......well it covers what I was missing in the 380 pro's. They both have great low bass. The Denon's clearly going lower. The mids on the 380 pro's was kind of there in the background. On the Denon's it was really there, brought forward. The highs on the Denon's were clear, none sibilant and enjoyable. The sound stage on the Denon's was the best I've heard for a long time. I'm now re playing all my music collection using the Denon's. I just can't put them down. Comfort wise, I've found the Denon's a little tight at first, but nonetheless, had them on for my first session for 3 hours without the usual shifting around on my ears that I've done with other cans. To think that you can buy these beauty's for around the same price at the moment as, dare I mention it, Skull candys, their a steal ;-)
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on 4 November 2015
These headphones are beautiful, extraordinary and stunningly good sounding!!! Years ago i bought Denon ah-d2000's and recently began looking for a replacement as the headband and earpads are beggining to wear now. They where regarded as one of the best headphones you can buy at any price, but are no longer in production. So i figured that the closest i could get to owning a new pair would be to buy their little brother - the ah-d1100. It turn's out that these are good in their own right never mind comparing them to the ah-d2000's..
Still they are about 95% of what the ah-d2000's where except for slightly less resolution at higher frequencies. That's the only real difference between the two and it's not much at all really.
I really love the way the ah-d1100's clamp on my head, they block out ALLOT of external noise. They don't leak much noise at all either. You should know before you buy these that they are VERY bass oriented. Still the mid's and high's are perfect!! equally as good. The soundstage is the most impressive aspect to me - listening to a live concert feel's like you are actually experiencing the event and you feel that you are there!! That is what made the ah-d2000's so special...and i'm pleased to say it exists with these ah-d1100's also.

They are magic headphones...if you buy them look after them! :-)
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on 23 May 2015
How flimsy could they be? I ignored the other warnings from the reviewers on this page - boy did I regret that decision. I treated these with kid gloves; they were placed on my desk or on my head, never folded or taken travelling. Within 3 months cracks appeared; the right head-cup boom broke into sharp plastic jaggies.

There is no easy way to fix them. They sound OK but are basically a chocolate teapot - literally. What is the point of owning a pair of broken headphones? Do not ignore the other reviewers here thinking, "I'm aright jack!". You won't be, they will break. Treat these as the Bic disposable-razor headphones, yours for a mere 50 pounds sterling.
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on 6 October 2013
The Headphones are decent for sound, but both the right and left supports have required repairing, since I've only had these for six months, they have been subject to normal use, and the side rotations have required repairing, I would not recommend this product due to this.
Since my last review of these they have now completely fallen to bits in around 8 months and they have not been subject to any use other than normal placing on and off of my head. Can't say I would recommend these headphones full stop. The build quality is such that they won't last any time at all.
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