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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 23 November 1998
I have yet to find a book by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens that I don't like. They've got it down to an art. I loved the way each member of the crew had their own story in this. All were tied together but they each had to make their own way back to the final regrouping of the whole crew. I have to admit that I read this book and immediately read it again. You always get something new out of a book or a movie the second time around. This was an excellent book and I would recommend it and all of the authors books to everyone.
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on 31 August 1999
Firstly let me admit I am a massive Star Trek fan and so I had a definite advantage knowing all the characters inside out before page one. But even for the novice Science Fiction fan then this is still a great read. The initial situation Kirk finds himself in is believably portrayed and is a sound basis for the plot development. My favourite part relates to the outside interference of the planet Talin and how with only a little stretch of the imagination, it could relate to Earth today.
With the event of The Next Generation, DS9 and Voyager the characters have frayed a little around the edges but still retain their prescence even in written form. I live in the UK and this book was first published in 1991 over here. I have read it no fewer than 4 times in that time and regard it as my top Sci-Fi read and my number 2 read overall (No 1 is Jack Higgins - Storm Warning (Fiction)). Beam Up Scotty and make sure you get the book as well.
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on 11 October 1998
In Prime Directive, the crew of the Enterprise has been disbanded and a planet destroyed due to Captain Kirk's supposed violation of the Prime Directive. The plot lines of the story concern the nuclear destruction of the planet Talin, the involvement by the Enterprise, and Kirk's, along with the rest of the Enterprise's crew, attempt to prove the Prime Directive was not broken.
I felt the book started off slow with descriptions of the various crew members being scattered throughout the galaxy following the destruction of the Enterprise and Talin. The 2nd section of the book describes what actually took place at Talin when the Prime Directive was supposedly broken. This part is good, but was possibly a little too complicated. The book picks up in the 2nd half however, as Captain Kirk, along with the rest of the crew, must solve the mystery of what actually took place at Talin and why it wasn't their fault (the mystery of course is primarily solved by the logical Mr. Spock). The conclusion is good, but I personally felt the truth behind what actually happened behind the destruction on Talin was somewhat unsatisfying. The reader can decide this for themselves, however.
P.D. is a good story about Starfleet's rule of noninterference, though the story possibly had parts that could have been cut back. As in "Federation" (another J&G Reeves-Stevens' Trek book), the writing duo treat Star Trek History with respect and provide some great insights into it which Trek fans will appreciate. I recommend this book along with "Federation" to Trek fans and plan to read any other Trek books they have written.
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on 22 September 1997
I am not a regular reader of Star Trek novels. In fact, I sneer at the entire shelf of them when I browse the SF section of my local bookstore. But when I spotted that this one was written by the great Reeves-Stephenes, I grabbed it.

And was I ever glad of it. Because this is a rock 'em, sock 'em tale of disgrace, redemtion, mystery and humour all rolled into one. The entire crew of the Enterprise (the original) are disbanded and disgraced after a horrific mishap during a First Contact mission, which is geared to ease new planets into the Federation when they are on the cusp of discovering that life exists outside their solar system. They all must slowly re-group and travel back to the planet to discover what went wrong, with Kirk, being the one in charge, having the worst time of it.

The authours capture perfectly the synergy between the main characters that so endeared us to the original series. Plus, they weave a complex mystery that will keep you guessing, and enjoying the process.

All that, and some brilliant scientific descriptions of what I always though to be the most facinating aspect of the Star Trek future, the first contact mission. Even if you've sworn you'd never pick up a Trek novel, drop your shields and beam this one aboard.
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on 7 July 1997
By far, PRIME DIRECTIVE is the best TREK book that I have read to date. The crew of the Enterprise have been discharged from Starfleet and face court martial on charges of destroying a planet. As they individually struggle to prove their innocence, or at least justify their actions in a no-win situation, the reader is led through a series of flashbacks that paint a picture of a society on the verge of First Contact--or nuclear annihilation.

This book challenges fundamental questions of noninterference, the Starfleet Prime Directive, and whether it is acceptable to act as Deus ex Machina in a conflict that is not your own. The philosophical implications of the actions of Kirk and crew can be damned or justified, and make for a compelling and often disturbing ethical debate that can be argued far beyond the pages of the book.

No previous knowledge of TREK is necessary to experience the message of PRIME DIRECTIVE. A definite "must-read" for fans and non-fans alike.

Heather Foutz
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 19 February 2001
i normally enjoy anything written by the Reeves-Stevens duo, and again i couldn't put this one down. At last someone gets punished for breaking the Prime Directive. About time! This is a truely ripping yarn that shows the crew written at their best. This is a must for any fan!
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on 11 October 1997
"Prime Directive" is perhaps the greatest Classic TREK book ever written. The material is gripping with all of it's elements (humor, suspence, a great big mystery and all the great crew interaction we've come to except from STAR TREK). Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens are the most solid authors in the TREK market and always entertaining. Among all the adventure, watch for the intriguing prologue and the beatifully written epilogue that is the trade mark of the husband and wife wrirting team. team. There is NEVER a slow moment in this timeless tale that is more than worth reading. It's more than a ten, it's off the rating scale. ---CJC
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on 30 April 1997
In "Prime Directive," the Stevens' create a near-perfect scenario in which Kirk and the others are tested with regard to how far Starfleet ought to take its most sacred General Order.The book weaves its way through the plot effortlessly, and deals with the issues raised by the Prime Directive in the clear, albeit Chris Columbus-bashing light of the enlightened revisionist history of the late 20th Century. Although the ending is a little too easy for me (and for Kirk and co.), the novel is a very strong, moving, and well-worked read, and I recommend it.
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on 23 August 2012
i really enjoyed this book. i am a big fan of the original series and have all the episodes on dvd. although i do watch / read all genres of the star trek franchise i always come back to the original. this book ticks all the boxes and all the characters are true. will definitely be following the author in future. a must read book for fans of the original series
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on 18 April 1999
This is the best Star Trek novel I ever read. The best Sci-fi novel. It's one of the best BOOKS I ever read!
The storytelling is superb, absolutely moving. The Reeves-Stevens have outdone themselves again this time. It does not get any better than this.
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