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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars34
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2011
This is a basic no frills workout which is exactly what i wanted, i didn't want lots of talking all the way through and with this dvd you don't get that.
Lots of motivational prompts to keep you going, I tend to do the cardio circuit twice to get more of a workout. great warm up and cool down sections and i definatley feel 'the burn' the next day.
I have been doing the dvd 3 weeks, twice a week and can see a difference, I'm starting to see my tummy muscles and waist again and i have gone from a size 14 to a size 12.

Some people mentioned they would like before and after pics of Debbie, this dvd does have that, You can follow Debbie through her journey and see how she is getting on with her workout if you go to the extra's on the main menu and go to Debbie's story, It also has advanced workouts for those who find the dvd too easy!!
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on 11 February 2011
Starting the New Year unfit and 4 stone overweight, with sensible eating and this DVD I have managed to shift 1 stone in 5 weeks. My upper arms showed improved tone within 1 week, I lost about 4 inches off my backside within a month and this week my shorts have started falling off when doing the star jumps! It is certainly fat-burning and as Debbie says in the DVD, you never see an untoned sportsperson. That really is all you need to know. Highly recommended!
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on 4 January 2011
This is a good raw, no frills, no nonsense workout DVD. It comes with a 14-day low fat meal plan.

Debbie has done extremely well with her fitness and weight loss regime, however she doesn't seem to play a large part in her DVD, as there is no interaction other than her introducing the sections. The trainer is rugby player Andy Titterell who is very down to earth with good cueing and excellent motivational speak to keep you going.

The music and the set are really quite non-descript, but what matters is the workout. This DVD would actually be quite good for men to workout to because there are no silly dance moves just good old fashioned exercises that get you fit and your heart pumping, which is what we all want. I do feel that Andy does seem to pay a bit more attention to upper body exercises, more than any other part of the body - I guess that is due to him coming from a rugby background.

The warm up is 5 minutes long; this certainly gets you out of puff and ready to workout, there is no marching on the spot, it is light jogging all the way through.

The cardio circuit is 8 minutes long; Andy takes you through 2 circuits of the same routine. I found this gets you nicely out of puff, as it should and again there is certainly no marching on the spot here. If you find this section too short for you, then you can always do this section twice through.

The leg circuit is 9 minutes long, this certainly gets all your leg muscles working really well, targeting the problem areas that so many of us have.

The arm circuit is 12 minutes long, you know that doing the exercises in this section will certainly sort those area's that are quite hard to tone up, especially the bits that wiggle when you wave!

The bum and tum circuit is 15 minutes long, the exercises here are not specific enough, in other words, they don't concentrate separately on the stomach or the bottom, the exercises seem to just be overall exercises, having said that, I enjoyed this section and my muscles certainly got a workout.

The full body circuit is 12 minutes long; the routine goes through the circuits twice again and brings exercises from all the other circuits together, so there is quite a lot of repetition. It gets your heart pumping though.

The cool down is 8 minutes long; this routine is just lovely, it stretches all the muscles used in your workouts, relaxing you beautifully for the day or night ahead.

I like the fact that you can select multiple workout sections to make one large section, which automatically includes the warm up and cool down.

I do recommend this DVD to people who just want a good all round body workout with no frills, as this DVD has everything you need to get fitter and slimmer.
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on 22 January 2015
i have a small collection of fitness dvds,katie price, chantelle,natalie cassidy and charlie brooks and as i suffer with severe immflamation around the ribs i was looking for something a bit more gentle...i did lose nearly a stone in 5 weeks doing katies dvd
this is a good dvd even though my favourite one is katie price.

there are seven programmes

warm up circuit -ready to work
cardio circuit-muscle tone and definition
arms circuit-blitz the bingo wings
bum and tum circuit-strengthen core and give shape to bum and tummy
full body circuit-ultimate body workout
cool down circuit-relax and gentle stretch

there is also a workout selector where you can create your own custom workout.. i have not tried that yet..

did this for the first time today i dont have a lot of weight to lose but will be a few weeks before i see results
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on 3 January 2011
I think that I should start with the thing that had irratated me about the dvd, although in MANY of the celebrity dvds, I think that the celebrity in question has spoken too much throughout, I think that maybe a little banter between her and the trainer would have made it much more fun. Although during the extras and introducing the workouts, her sweet and fun personality shines, I do think that for a lot of the DVD, she really doesn't seem like shes having fun whilst working out.
I did like the workout, I think that it could have been much harder although in the extras there are tips for the advanced to improve technique for certain moves, which I liked.
The workout reminded me of P.E. in school, it was fun and sporty.
The cardio section should really have been longer, which could have made it more effective, but the other sections were good, the leg section was the toughest, and the arm section was very good too, I also liked that they took the hardest moves from the workout and put them into the overall body workout section towards the end. I found it a bit bizzare that the belly and bum section didn't really have much in the way of ab exercises.
I felt significantly tired at the end, but I still feel that overall the workout could have been harder.
I also liked that in the extras they showed her journey through the weeks of her weight loss, this is extremely motivating for people who get to maybe the second month of working out but get bored and want to give up.
Also included is a booklet which includes a brilliant and simple meal plan, which I really think could help you to lose weight.
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on 26 May 2013
such a great workout have done it for the last 2 weeks and lost 7lbs enjoyed doing workout on my 3rd week of doing it
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on 13 March 2012
The poor instructor is obviously a bit camera shy and Debbie Rush is fiendly enough but overall the dvd comes across as a little amateur. That said, its a great workout and as a quite fit person, I couldn't believe how sore I was the following day. Would recommend it as a no nonsense, no frills workout :D
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on 29 January 2014
Not impressed with this dvd at all. Yes the main body of the workout gets your heart pumping and you'll no doubt lose weight and tone up HOWEVER the warm up is a joke! It doesn't warm you up gradually rather throws you straight into the workout plus there are no stretches whatsoever. The cool down is also a joke as in there isn't one! Just a few half hearted stretches tacked on as an after thought, making this a not very safe workout. If you don't mind doing your own warm up and cool down and the endless, monotonous repeat moves through out the dvd then you'll be fine!
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on 9 October 2011
I bought this mainly because I had seen how much weight Debbie had lost. Also, Andy Titterrell plays for Leeds Carnegie, my rugby team. Andy is a professional sports conditioner therefore is more than aware of what excercises benefit what muscle groups.

I love this DVD, if you do the whole work out it comes in at over an hour and lots of sweat! You really feel at the end you have had a work out. I must confess to swearing at Andy once or twice, especially during the arms section.

I love it and I only wish I could afford Andy to be my PT!!!
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on 17 February 2011
Good straight forward exercises and easy to follow. No silly dance moves which is great if you are like me and are not so well coordinated. Different sections, Warm-up, Cool-down, Cardio, Arms, Legs, Bums & Tums, Full body Circuit. All good but felt the bums and tums workout could have been a bit more difficult. Still it doesn't put me off giving this dvd 5 stars. There is a good variety of exercises within each section and they are just the right length/duration (enough to feel it in the muscles without having to stop). Work out selector is great, allows you to choose up to five workouts and automatically adds the warm up and cool down. Great if you don't have much time. I've only been doing this 3 weeks but already it is helping me with my weight loss and toning. Debbie Rush doesn't feature that much but who cares, Andy Titteral does a great job. I am a female in my mid-thirties and returning to exercise after having two children and feel this routine suits me well. If you are already a fitness enthusiast maybe something that has a quicker pace might suit better.
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