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4.7 out of 5 stars31
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2013
Despite the fact it's possibly overlooked in the ITC canon, 'The Protectors' has always been one of my favourite series from Lew Grade's stable. I remember it being repeated on ITV in the early 80s, just before 'Blockbusters' grabbed the 5.15 slot, though only around a dozen were shown; it's therefore great to see all 52 episodes, and thanks to the marvellous Network for releasing them. Unlike most ITC shows, it only runs to 25 minutes per episode. On the plus side, this means no padding and little pussyfooting before we're straight into the action; on the minus side, one could argue this comes at the expense of character development. However, the fast-paced nature of the show and the novel use of European locations (rather than the standard ITC stock footage) makes it appealing, as do the three stars. Robert Vaughn is dependably square-jawed, Tony Anholt is eternally suave, and Nyree Dawn Porter is stunningly beautiful. The guest stars are impressive too, not only those who went onto later fame, but the regular repertory company of ITC character actors who can always be relied on to make an appearance.
Not all three stars appear in every episode; one features Vaughn on his own in one of his few outings as a director. Unfortunately, this episode is perhaps the worst of the entire series, in which everything is played for laughs reminiscent of a bad movie version of an early 70s sitcom. By contrast, the episode in which Nyree Dawn Porter appears on her own is one of the best; not only does it guest-star Manfred Mann's Paul Jones looking more like someone from the Grateful Dead, but it also gives an intriguing inkling of what it might have been like had ITC had the guts to make a series featuring a woman as its lead character.
The theme tune is one of the best, the incidental music is sufficiently groovy (and sticks in the head) and the whole series is definitely worth investing in if you enjoy this kind of thing! Just wish there'd been some commentary extras, though it's sad to think Vaughn is the only one of the three stars still with us.
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The protectors is a great 1970s classic series originally created by the famous ITC studios. It is a good fun detective type of show. Robert Vaughn stars as Harry Rule, the suave American who leads the operations and works from a London office; Nyree Dawn Porter is the elegant, Rome-based Contessa di Contini, and Tony Anholt is Paul Buchet, a French agent operating out of Paris. The three of them make up this unique team that tackles baffling and dangerous assignments. Together they move around Europe`s most top resorts. There are some impressive locations that give the show glamour. The team keep in touch via hi tech seventies computer equipment. There are fashionable cars and private jets used as they fight crime head on. They tackle spies, murderers, smugglers and drug pushers. Harry Rule is the leader, an American who works from a hi tech office in London and lives in a country mansion with an Irish wolfhound named Gus. He is looked after by his au pair, Suki, who is a martial arts expert. The Contessa di Contini is Lady Caroline Ogilvy, an elegent English widow. Her late husband was Italian and has left her the villa in Rome. She specialises in art and antiques fraud and is chauffeured by a karate chopping driver named Chino. Paul Buchet is french, and works from an apartment in Paris. The three main characters have a special, and warm bond to each other and there is good atmosphere.
The series has style, glamour, action and a little comedy all neatly packed into each episode that runs just under half an hour. This means that there isnt the character development like there would be with an hour long show. But it doesnt matter because the three main characters do get character development over the series anyway. The running time also gives the show originality that makes it stand out. (there were very few other shows that had the same short running time made by ITC, and thay were series like The Adventurer made around the same time as The Protectors, and the early episodes of Danger Man from the sixties all of which I also reccomend) And the 25 minute episodes dont offer time to get bored as things move along quickly. The whole show has the feel of a standard hour long ITC show but its just shorter.
Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Tony Anholt give a good performance. The series has charm with its seventies style of fashion, cars, locations and clothes. And the whole production seems to have even more originality about it than it did at the time. It is entertaining and nostalgic enjoyment that is on offer in this release.
The adventures of the Protectors were produced by Gerry Anderson (puppet master who created Thunderbirds) and Reg Hill. (who produced many other british programmes)
Its good that Network DVD have finally released this wonderful series to go along with the other ITC programmes they have in their catalogue. Its taken them a bit too long realy because they have had the soundrack available for some time. The series has been out before on ITV entertainments and its still possible to get that version, but this Network release is the one to get. Its well presented as are most of their releases.
John Thaw, Diana Quick, Stephanie Beacham, Peter Bowles, Patrick Troughton and George Baker are among the many stars making guest appearances, while Tony Christie sings the show's theme tune, Avenues and Alleyways - a UK Top 40 hit in 1973 and on its re-release in 2005. This 7-disc set comprises all 52 half-hour episodes, originally aired between 1972 and 1974 There are some limited extra SPECIAL FEATURES:
* Over 1500 stills (disc 7) including PR and behind-the-scenes shots
* PDF promotional material including original brochure and press information
The soundtrack is also available seperatley which I also would reccomend. The Protectors - Original Soundtrack [5 Disc set]
There are no subtitles for hard of hearing. No English Subtitles or audio description.
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on 1 May 2011
A sentimental journey down memory lane and finally I could watch the whole series.
It's dated, the episodes have plot-holes you can sink the Titanic in, but if you love cars, hats and purses from those days it's worth every penny. Really enjoyed it.
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on 19 June 2012
Anyone who is interested in cult television from the 1970's, whether it be from the ITC stable (which this is) or not, should definitely buy this box set.

Produced by Gerry Anderson (the legend behind shows such as Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, UFO and SPACE:1999) it has everything you would expect from a detective series from that era, i.e car scenes where its obvious the car isn't moving its just a projection goping past the window to give the illusion of movement and stunt fights where the stunt men and women look nothing like the people they are supposed to be doubling.

It has a stellar list of guest stars from that period John Thaw (The Sweeney, Inspector Morse), Patrick Troughton (Doctor Who), Stephanie Beacham (The Colbys, Bad Girls), Kate O'Mara (Bad Girls), Eartha Kitt (Batman, Mission Impossible), Lalla Ward (Doctor Who),George Baker (Inspector Wexford) Angharid Rees (Onedid Line) and many more.

Not to mention the regular stars Robert Vaughn (The Man from Uncle, Hustle),Nyree Dawn Porter (The Forsthye Saga) and Tony Anholt (Space:1999) and episodes shot in glamorous cities across Europe such as Prague, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome,Madrid, London and sadly one shot in a not so glamorous city... Edinburgh.

All in all, 52 episodes so 52 chances to catch a glimpse of a bygone era.

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From the memorable theme song, "Avenues and Alleyways" sung by Tony Christie to the cars and clothes this is iconic 1970's.
The picture is a bit grainy, 4:3 format and some stories rather cheesy but i enjoyed this show first time around.
This box set is an ideal trip down memory lane, and worth every penny.
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on 19 January 2015
I really enjoyed watching these all action progammes. It was amazing how much was packed in to these half hour shows. Some humour and not too gritty made these shows very entertaining. Similar glamour to the Persuaders enjoyable escapism
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on 11 June 2011
this isn't gerry anderson's most successful live-action series, U.F.O takes first place in that regard.
even so, there are some good episodes from "the protectors" but most of them can be found in the first series from 1972/73 as the second series is a real letdown with some pedestrian stories and acting. for me, 26 episodes would have been preferable to 52. also, the rather grainy footage doesn't help either.
the supporting cast is very good but most of these I.T.C shows do contain some highly gifted and reliable actors. i loved seeing the likes of derren nesbitt, ian hendry, nigel green( in his last t.v appearance before his untimely death) and patrick troughton amongst others. they add something to the series.
robert vaughan is quite effective in the lead and he is well supported by the other two regular characters. i like the catchy theme tune as well.
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on 1 May 2014
This takes me back, loved watching this in the early 70's. I love most 70's TV anyway. It's good the episodes are only 25 mins long full of action too. A shame only the wonderful Robert Vaughn is still alive and still acting, what a man!

Love the theme tune Tony Christie what a voice and a bonus. Can thoroughly recommend this DVD to all lovers of 70's crime series. The extras are not that great just stills from the episodes. Apart from that it's brilliant.
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on 11 March 2015
As a kid I loved watching this and a bout of nostalgia prompted me to get the series after many years. Unfortunately I discovered I had outgrown it - some memories are best left alone. That being said, it is true that one could do worse than watching this show.
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on 8 February 2015
The Protectors

A Good Idea From Legendary TV Producer The Late Gerry Anderson

Made A Change From Futuristic Settings In The 21st Century & Beyond

A Good Cast Too
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