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Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5 stars46
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 26 March 2011
I was greatly looking forward to this games release, as i am a sims fan, and also a fan of medieval or warcraft type games. This game is as if its tried to mix the two together, but taken out all the good bits.

The worst problem, in my opinion, is that you cannot control anyone but your heroes. they can get married and have children, but you cannot control them at all. The sole purpose of the game is to complete quests, like on Sims world adventures, but this is the whole time, and you must do what it says, such as 'visit the shoppe,' and then 'write a new law.' There is no freedom to create it the way you want, which to me is the best bit. The children do not age past children, and there is no 'family tree', as in, when your king dies, the son does not become the new hero king. You simply create a new one that has no connection to any other sims. There is no family life.

Problem 2: There are no skills, like writing and athletic, which you can just choose to do. Only certain 'heroes' can do certain skills, and even that its not clear how you 'level up.'

Problem 3: No custom content. And no building. Only furnishing.

Problem 4: Cannot start as a wizard or blacksmith or whatever you want. You have to start with a monarch, complete a long boring tutorial, and then have enough 'kingdom points' (or something) to buy one building, fomr which you can have 1 new hero. As yet, i have not found a quest that uses more than one hero (although i think there are).

Problem 5: The kingdom is the same every time. You cannot change the layout.

Problem 6: Although there is a map of neighbouring kingdoms, you cannot visit, invade, or particularly interact at all with them. They seem to be there only to vote on passing laws and things, which too have no effect on your sims lives.

Sorry this has been such a negative review, but i was deeply disappointed and frustrated, as i thought they could have done a lot more with this game :'( On a lighter note, i have heard that there may be expansion packs for it, perhpas adressing theese issues, but im not sure if i want to take the risk of buying them only to be disapointed...
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on 27 March 2011
If you are going to buy this game you need a decent pc or laptop with a good graphics card and processor to play it on. Lots of people are having issues with the game crashing frequently, me being one of them. Even with the patch downloaded. EA are currently working on sorting out the problems, but as yet have not solved them. I suggest you wait till the price comes down when all the patches are sorted before buying as there are just too many glitches at this price for the average pc user.
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on 23 April 2011
As a previous fan of the Sims, who is also keen on the fantasy genre, I was relishing the prospect of this game. I envisioned being able to create fantastic manors, castles, cathedrals and even hovels, populating them with a host of medieval and fantasy characters of my own making. I thought the game play would be free as in previous versions of the Sims, with beautiful graphics and the ability to create a personalised world for my creations.

Although the game is rather pretty in all other areas it is a massive let down for me. It is not at all like previous versions of the Sims, so if this is what you are after then avoid it. I think it is a real mistake to have removed the ability to create buildings, as for me this has been one of the great pleasures of previous versions. I also resent being sent off on many fairly dull quests that are unavoidable, rather than choosing my own route as in previous releases. This game may have some redeeming features that become apparent with a few more hours of play, but unfortunately I am not willing to spend any more of my time finding out. I have become very bored, very quickly.
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on 19 March 2013
Firstly, I need to point out the obvious :
This is not an expansion pack for The Sims 3
It doesn't require The Sims 3 to play
It is more likely to run well on your computer than The Sims 3 (as the system requirements are quite lower)

Until December, I had been skeptical about buying just The Sims 3 until I saw a review telling me not to be scared of the system requirements. The system requirements were supposedly too great to run The Sims 3 but I've found out that it runs well on both the low and medium graphics qualites. Another game that I heard being released by EA, soon after buying The Sims 3, was The Sims Medieval. I was 50-50 on whether or not to buy this game since it had been given far lower reviews than The Sims 3 but I decided to give it a try. The game arrived several days later than expected but when it did, it quickly went through the installation process. I opened up the game and found myself playing for about 4-5 hours non-stop. That's just how addictive it became!

In the game, you play as various different medieval characters, people such as the Monarch, a Knight, the Wizard/Witch etc. Be careful not to expect The Sims 3 but set in the medieval age. Gameplay is significantly different to The Sims 3 this time around. For instance, this game is far more linear than The Sims 3 as you have to choose various different quests to play throughout the game. Sadly, this feels very linear and it can get a bit annoying at times. For instance you still have the classic Hunger and Energy bars to keep up with whilst been given two responsibilites to complete per day still whilst completing the targets on your quest story. You can still create medieval Sims just like The Sims 3 but can't create families until you've completed all the quests. You only have the one kingdom to play in as well, so that can become slightly repetitive and sometimes the game can feel very short.

Despite all the downfalls that this game offers, it's better points make up for it in my opinion. If you are thinking of buying this game, just prepare your expectations for what the game actually is because it can be very different from The Sims 3. If you enjoy exploring the medieval world and how people lived, and aren't expecting The Sims 3 but in a different setting, then this is the game for you.
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on 27 November 2015
It's only fun for a limited amount of time, nothing like the sims 3 accept some aspects such as create a sim are similar to the ones used in the Sims 3, the price is really good for the game you get, you can't do much building or changing the areas the sims go as there isn't many objects and things like that' you can't really create much of a family it's mostly about the medieval lifestyle and gameplay. Kept me amused for a good few hours, a bit bored of it now, it's alright but don't except it to be like the sims 3.
There are a few careers for the sim you have which You can explore.
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on 5 May 2011
i read reviews before buying sims medieval , and therefore knew before buying it that it doesnt have the same control and the sims interactions , i think the name "sims medieval" is a little misleading for sims lovers everywhere as it only has some similarity with the other sims games that i own .

its more doing a series of tasks within a time limit than creating a life for a sim for example if your the king/queen you will have to do a main task with no time limit (ish) and then 2 tasks set for your character in a time limit

you can still
-create what your sim wears ( to an extent)

-choose furniture for your sims home

-interact with other sims and have babys get married etc

- go into other sims houses

you cannot however:-

-create walls / buildings , they are pre created ( i have the limited edition one so have some choice of castle interior at the beginning )

-age your sims , you can create them to be a young or old adult but if your sim has a baby it will mature to a child , and stay as a child .

-kill your sim by setting them on fire etc but can starve them , or kill them by jumping into a pit .

-go into houses of non created sims ( they just seem to be about but have no homes)

your sims will not have the same amount of traits / flaws and you can choose 2 good traits and one flaw but the flaw changes to a super trait in some quests

i personally enjoy this game but i do think its a compleatly different kind of game than the other sims games that people are perhaps used to . :)
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on 6 May 2011
This is not a Sims game! Do not be fooled by the title!

There are only a half-dozen or so traits, and you can only choose two for your character.

You only get one character. If you're very very good and complete the hours-long tutorial, you'll be allowed a few more characters, that you can only control at certain points in the game. (Does this mean that you have to watch your lone Sim sleep 8 hours? You bet your arse it does.)

You can't build anything in this game. The (few) buildings are pre-established, you can't change them and you can only look at them straight on (no changing camera angles).

The quests are boring beyond belief. The rabbit holes from Sims 3 make a reappearance, to "hunt" your Sim will disappear for a few minutes and reappear with a message saying you're done. Expect to do this a lot.

You cannot choose how your Sim will react to people. You can't make them fall in love unless it's part of a Quest. I met a Thief just outside the castle, and tried to make him my friend -- got pretty high "friend" values -- but the game insisted that I fight him. No, I yelled at my screen, I really don't want to. He's not a danger, he's allowed me to pass by him. But the game would not let my "quest" move forward unless I ran after the thief and defeated him in combat.

See, I thought that would make a great story -- the princess falls in love with the lowly thief! Maybe she even renounces her title and runs away with him to start a family. Or maybe he reforms his bad ways and becomes a knight. Unfortunately, this game has the Sims name -- in huge letters to let you know it's a Sims product -- but it takes away the vital, fun part of the Sims games -- to make your own story, and your own characters -- your own creative characters are what the "Sims" are!! This is not a "simulation" game; it's a common RPG that's not even fun. Fable II is better for your needs than this.

Oh, and this:

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I'll explain the game and installation, I hope you will read on:

Let's start with me explaining that the sims medieval IS different to the sims. It's like a weird attempt of EA to cross the sims with an RPG (role-playing game) but the results are very different and I believe excellent fun as long as you know what you're getting. Let's start with installation. Installing wasn't an issue with me and my vista 32-bit machine. I actually have had no problems running this game unlike the sims 3 which has been very unstable and requires a more powerful computer than the specs say. This game doesn't tax your computer, so that's a good start.

Now onto the game play. Straight away you watch a video voiced by Patrick Stewart which explains the idea of the game. You control one of a number of 'hero' sims who will help make the kingdom great. The sims you control are limited to the king/queen, knight, spy, doctor, blacksmith, bard, wizard, and a peteran and jacobian priest. Each one of these heroes has a specific home in the kingdom and you can only ever play one main sim at a time. But at the start you only have access to the monarch. All these heroes can be either male or female and you can completely customize their looks and choose their clothes similar to the sims 3 but not as detailed.

You start with a tutorial to play which introduces the basic gameplay. Your kingdom has a general ambition such as to build as many buildings as possible, have the most skilled heroes, the best educated people, there are many ambitions that get unlocked to play. Each ambition is tied with one kingdom though (like having one neighbourhood per ambition) and to play a different ambition you need to start a new kingdom/neighbourhood.

Once you start the game you are given quests, in order to play using a sim you need to choose a quest. There are a set amount of points you begin with in each kingdom and each quest cost you some points (2points, 3 points, etc) This means that you have a limited number of quests you can play, but the fact you are given 50 points to begin with and a quest never costs more than 4 leads to a very long game. (And there is the option to play your kingdom/neighbourhood after completing all quests too)

Anyway, so you've started the tutorial quest, you are introduced into everything basic such as how to go about doing things, how you earn xps(experience points) and how to buy things. The tutorial is actually all you need to understand the game and your sim always has their next task listed by their picture on the left so you always know what to do.

I won't go into too much detail about the gameplay but as you progress you earn kingdom points, these allow you to buy extra buildings for the kingdom, unlocking other sim heroes such as the doctor or spy.
The game is actually a lot of fun. It is different as you have clear goals to carry out, although you can spend a lot of time away from them just socializing,etc. There's a lot to see and do if you are new to the game within the kingdom/neighbourhood and as each quest is completed new characters and features appear.
The range of new medieval things to do is very different to the sims 3, although the sims are graphically the same, many animations look cleaner and better and doesn't tax the computer system so much.
You can have children in this game and get married, but don't expect much interaction as the kids wander around as much as spouses do. And you can't control anyone but your hero sim, no family control, this game is more about the general goal than typical sim families. This is the one reason I think most people dislike the game, but if you're aware of this you can enjoy the game so much more as this is just a DIFFERENT game. I have to say that sim traits are also different too. Your sims have two main traits and one fatal flaw. This fatal flaw is something that can hold back your sim a little such as a drunk will need alcohol every few hours or he/she'll get sad. There are special quests that can help remove a fatal flaw and replace it with something great...but I won't say which quests as I can't remember their names.(it's in the quest description though).

Ok, I've gone on and on about the great features of this game but now here's the bad. The first time I played this game I had no problems. A few months later I had to wipe my pc clean and start again, and on the second installation I ran into trouble with the tutorial. I had problems when it came to the part where you buy something for the throne room. After buying I couldn't click on anything. This meant I had to restart the game again as the tutorial doesn't allow any saving until you've played through it.
I DID find a way out though...I bought anything and didn't care about where it was placed, I didn't stay in buy mode a moment longer than I had to and it was fixed...Buy mode was only ever a problem in tutorial mode.

The second bad thing is the repetitiveness of the kingdom. The game is replayable so many times with so many different kingdom ambitions but each time you have the same one kingdom/neighbourhood. Imagine the sims 3 but you only ever had access to Sunset would get annoying.

It's not a bad point for me as I enjoy the different gameplay but for some the lack of family control and the fact that sims only ever have babies then children(no toddler stage) can be a problem for some people. Sims also don't age, again this is because the game is different from the original sims concept.

The quests will start to repeat, although most quests have many ways to play them, if you don't get the expansion pack you might feel bored, but again I haven't had such a problem as the number of quests is still huge.

This game is NOT like the sims. Sims are there and they interact in a similar way but don't get this game if you were expecting the sims 3 in a medieval setting. Know that the game is different. But that doesn't mean that this game is at all bad, in fact in my opinion this is great, it's very different and I find a relief sometimes from the sims (especially when I'm running into stability issues with the sims 3). This game will keep you entertained for hours, I actually lost track of the time it's so good. And there's so many new and different things for sims to do that I loved the 'backwards' life, I particularly like the doctor treating patients with leeches.

I'd recommend this game to anyone who loves the sims, or anyone who wants to try a new game with a medieval feel. For sim fans just be aware that this is NOT like the sims, it's different and in my opinion it's actually better. No bugs or crashes that plagued the sims 3, a really great game!

Also just to add that if you are thinking about getting this game I might suggest the limited edition for bonus in-game content. Unlike the sims 3 the bonus content is OFFLINE. You get a paper in the box giving you a code to enter when you start to play, to unlock jester and executioner outfits and 3 throne rooms, which can make starting a new game more fun as each of the different throne rooms has a very different feel.
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on 29 May 2011
I was worried I wouldn't like this new addiction to the sims collection.
I'm glad to say I was wrong.
I find the restrictions on what you can create give you more time to play the game. Whereas with the normal Sims game play I would spend most of my time creating the town and the house and characters, sometimes for hours, but on this you dont get the option to do half the creative work.
For example, theres only one outfit to select, the character creator is simpler (but not lacking), and the houses are pre-made for you (although you can decorate them). So most of the work is done for you leaving you all that extra time to play.
The main thing I was worried about was the fact that its mission based and not free-play.
I was wrong about that.
Its still free-play but you have quests to do with no time constraints to them as well as daily mini tasks to do which do have time constraints on them with negative or positive mood bonus's (buffs) as to whether you complete them or not.
I've had the game for two days and have hardly been able to stop playing it.
If you love sims but were worried about how different this would be, forget your worries and go medieval! You wont regret it.
I didnt!
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on 29 January 2016
Great game !!!!!

If you are a sims fan you will ether love or hate this game I as a sims fan having owned nearly all of them I love it it's a bit different to other sim games but I like the idea off doing quest and levelling up it gives a different spin on a great franchise I'm very happy
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