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4.8 out of 5 stars78
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2010
I have to echo the comments of the previous reviewers here. Network have to be congratulated on this release. The HD transfer is exceptional: pristine with no artefacts on either the master or effects shots. I was sceptical that any worthwhile improvement would be seen over Network's exceptional DVD release a few years back. Fear not - the HD transfer originally used for that DVD release finds new life here. One example is the nuclear explosion as seen from the Eagle craft - superb. The original 4:3 ratio is retained I'm delighted to say, which puts into perspective the ridiculous decision by ITV to crop the series for 16:9 broadcast during their initial testing of ITV HD. The only minor disappiontment I have is that the audio was not upgraded from the lossy DTS used in the DVD reissue, and not lossless audio.
All the extra material from the DVD release is included along with additional material such as HD image galleries and a first time HD transfer of a second series episode 'The Metamorph'.
A reprint of the extensive booklet (replacing the two smaller ones on the DVD set) details the genesis of the series, background information and an article on the HD restoration. The episode synopses appear to be missing from this reprint.
The Blu Ray menus are clear and user friendly, reminiscent of the computer screen on Moonbase Alpha. The screen even declares 'Human Decision Required' when choosing options from the menu.
N.B. On the outer slipcase I received it was marked 'Limited Edition No. 1691' There are 1999 limited edition slipcase covers with different pictures. The standard releases will appear without slipcases.

Highly recommended.
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on 18 January 2011
This is absolutely 1st class. The picture and sound quality will astonish you! The work that Network have done in terms of restoration and remastering (both on this and on the previous DVD release) is amazing!

SPACE:1999 remains one of the most controversial science fiction/fantasy series ever created... & I love it!

I can only hope that Network decide to release Year 2 and take the same amount of care over the restoration process that they have with Year 1 (you never know, we might even get to own "Message From Moonbase Alpha" - the definitive ending to the Alphan's long journey - & very moving it is too).

Buy this set, the presentation is lavish and the series itself contains some of the most beautiful, thought provoking & out and out horrific episodes of the series. Highlights include: "Breakaway" (surely the most involving, stunning TV Series pilot ever filmed?), "Another Time, Another Place", "The Guardian of Piri", "Collision Cource", "End of Eternity" (memorable for Peter Bowles of "To The Manor Born" playing a psychotic, immortal who delights in "the exquisite forces of pain and suffering!" and the sequence where Mike Baxter "kills" John Koenig by bludgeoning him to death with a metal bi-plane - not for the faint hearted!) "War Games" and the mind bogglingly scary and atmospheric "Dragon's Domain".

Even today, this is ground-breaking television on every level as the writers and actors go against every expectation and break every rule to create a series that truly stands on it's own.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF NOTE: Several but the massively expanded "These Episodes" Documentary is worth the price of the Blu Ray set alone.

SPACE: 1999 remains Gerry & Sylvia Anderson's supreme Science Fiction Odyssey.
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on 1 November 2010
Having previously bought this series as the Region 1 Megaset, I was looking forward to seeing what they could do with a hi-res restored print on blu ray.

I've just watched the first disc of this and want to say that I'm very impressed indeed. It looks like they've been able to go back to the original film stock for the restoration. Up to now, we've only been able to view the series from the original telecine transfers, (done at 1970's TV resolution). Thankfully they didn't try to make this wide-screen. The episodes retain the original 4:3 aspect.

This new HD transfer has exceeded my expectations. Genuinely, this show has never looked this good. The picture quality is almost contemporary and shows how good the miniature shots were back in the day. Some of the effects look a bit dated but the model shots clearly show, (in much the same way as in classics like 2001) that CGI still has some way to go.

I suspect a lot of hard work went into this and it shows.
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on 25 June 2013
Watching this great Blu Ray edition feels like seeing Space 1999 for the first time. This cult series had fantastic production values, and this HD transfer enables you to fully appreciate the artistry of the set designers, prop makers, special effects supervisors and model makers who did a remarkable job, which still looks good today. Fortunately, this is presented in the original 4/3 image format, unlike the Thunderbirds BR transfer which cuts the top or the bottom of the frame in order to create a fake 16/9 format. (Thunderbirds would really deserve another BR transfer preserving the original frame format !)
Alas, even the best HD transfer cannot improve the quality of a series' scripts, and some episodes are as dissapointing today as they were when the show was aired in 1976. But there are enough gems in the lot to make this BR set extremely enjoyable.
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on 19 December 2010
The quality of the Blu ray edition is simply stunning. It's like looking through a window at the place and time of filming. The wonderful moonbase sets and general production values still convince but in some respects it hasn't aged well. The series could have achieved a similar level of success that Star Trek had if they would had slightly better actors in some of the secondary roles. There was little chemistry between them. The show was enough of a success in the USA to commission another series but along came different sets, too many unexplained cast and costume changes - it bore little resemblance to series one and flopped. More subtle changes could have produced a winner. One or two cast changes along with an injection of more humour and subtle changes to 'humanize' the characters could have produced a massive hit.

This edition has behind the scenes photos of all the episodes(most of which I've never seen before) some new documentaries and many of the extras of the 2005 remastered network edition. The first episode of series two is included in HD.

There is a campaign to reissue Space 1999 with modern special effects and is code named Space 2099. Google it.

One negative point about this blu ray release is the menu music. It's truly dreadful - droning, haunting, impending doom noise. Why did they do that? Turn the sound down if you need to.

All in all, great stuff if your a fan of the show.
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on 16 August 2012
Just got the blu-ray - what amazing picture quality for a 70's tv show! Yes sometimes the acting is a bit ropy and it could be a bit slow but that doesn't matter. In my opinion the best theme tune and credit sequence to a tv show ever. Loved this when I was a kid and I think it still holds up now especially the model work. Loads of extras on the blu-rays and a great informative hefty little booklet inside too. Highly highly recommended especially at the current price (I paid 3 times more for the DVD set about 2 years ago).
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on 13 October 2013
I remember first watching this show as a kid back in the 80s but was too young to understand the storylines.So I decided to buy the blueray box set now that I can have an adult prospective of the show.

First off the picture quality is brilliant.Considering Space 1999 was made nearly 40 years ago, this new HD digital picture transfer looks as if the show was made recently.Only the 1970s costumes and special effects give it's age away.

Secondly the new 5.1 sound upgrade is also great.You can hear the full experience of the mission control sounds, the pulsating power and computer readouts in the background.Also who can forget the amazing title theme tune which sounds even better than before here.

The storys are well written and each episode features a special guest actor.You get to see a young Ian Mcshane,Brian Blessed, Christopher Lee, Roy Dotrice and Joan Collins put in some good perfomances here.

My only gripe of the show is the somewhat unlimited amount of Eagle space craft Moonbase Alpha seems to have.By the end of the first series well over 20 of the Eagles have either been destroyed or wrecked on the moons surface but they never seem to run out them or the pilots for that matter.
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on 13 September 2014
As a teenager living in Northern France I would watch this series dubbed in French in 1975. Soon my father installed an aerial on the roof of our little house so that we might receive the TV programmes from our nearby neighbour, Belgium. Belgium broadcasted both in French and Flemish, so every wednesday at 6pm I coud watch season one and two of Space 1999 in English and subtitled in Flemish. This made me learn the English language faster than my schoolmates.
Later as a student I spent time in Britain and I had the opportunity to visit in London late "Comet Miniatures" on their opening day. Gerry Anderson himself was signing the merchandising people were buying. As a poor student I could afford nothing but two postcards I wanted him to sign for me. While doing so, I dared tell my idol: "Thank you so much Mr Anderson for making me dream as a child". He looked at me with a smile, he stopped signing and he invited me to step aside and we had a private chat. He told me that was the best compliment about his work he had ever heard.
This boxset pays tribute to the best series ever. It is just a pity that the only language available is English. French people would have enjoyed it too and so would the British BluRay economy too.
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on 26 July 2012
I have seen many works both on DVD and on Blu-ray. And this one is so far superior to them all. The sound quality goes far above anything I had expected. The beauty and colour of the video is likewise very impressive. If you are a fan of Space: 1999 and purchase this set, you will definitely not be sorry. This will have been the best buy you will ever have made for increased quality's sake. I live in the US, but have loved every second of Space: 1999. Lots of us fans over here. We are especially looking forward to season 2 of the series in Blu-ray. It's been so long, they've got me wondering if it will even come out. But let's keep hoping. Greetings from across the pond and do yourself a favour! Buy this set.
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on 13 October 2011
i have now bought Space 1999 the complete first series on blu ray and it is a vast improvement on the carlton dvds which said were digitally remastered but they were'nt. the episodes look really good on blu ray even though on the eagle craft you can see the wires. the uniforms of the alphans are the colour they should be. if someone has a red sleeve it is a red sleeve. even the orange spacesuits look good as well. i like that you have the option to watch the episodes in 5.1 surround sound or the original mono track. i'm also glad network have decided to keep with the 4:3 ratio this series doesn't need to be in widescreen anyway. i watched every episode in it's 4:3 ratio even though i have an option on the blu ray player to cut the left and right hand sides and make the picture widescreen. overall i am really pleased with the blu ray set of Space 1999. hope series 2 comes out on blu ray. if they can remaster The Metamorph (first episode of series 2) into HD then surely Network can remaster the rest of the series.Space 1999 - The Complete First Series [Blu-ray]
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