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4.7 out of 5 stars89
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is arguably the best album from Bob Marley - it contains many of his most famous tracks such as the groove-packed 'Jamming', the romantic classic 'Waiting in Vain', the humble and optimistic 'Three Little Birds', the philanthropic masterpiece 'One Love - People Get Ready', and of course the unmistakeable opening track that sets the the bar high and the tone of tracks to follow, 'Natural Mystic'.

The remastering is fantastic - the bass is ripe and pure, while the detail of the drumwork and horns is a treat for the ears. For those of you who are like me, CD1 has some real collectors' tracks: two extra versions of 'Jammin' - an instrumental and an extended, as well as an instrumental of 'Exodus', and an alternative version of 'Waiting in Vain', which is very interesting.

The great news is that CD2 is more than just a thrown-in add-on, there's 5 live tracks, taken from his gig at The Rainbow, London, in June 1977. The tempo seems to fluctuate slightlyat times, especially on 'Jammin'. But the real good stuff are the 4 tracks from the 1977 Lee Perry sessions - I'm so pleased to have them: 'Keep on Moving' and 'Punky Reggae Party' with dub versions of the two as well. They'll raise a few eyebrows at any muso parties for sure.

Finally, there's a brief audio commercial for the CD, featuring Bob cackling "Hi, This is Bob Marley..." doing a nice little cameo over Exodus, seguing into "Waiting in Vain".

This CD is THE DEFINITVE version of the album - now that summer is here, make it something special and get this album. Give it a spin at a barbecue in the garden and you can't go wrong.

IF you want an album to start your Reggae or Bob Marley collection going, you couldn't find a better starting place than here.

Have a great summer, everyone.
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This is where it all came together.
After the lucid delights of Catch A Fire, the feisty Burnin` and Natty Dread, the intensity of the live album, and the more languid Rastaman Vibration, Exodus is a bona fide masterpiece. And it`s all here, with two superb extra tracks, in glorious
sharp-as-a-diamond remastered sound.
Some of Marley & the Wailers` most winning songs are here, and not just the `hits` either, but other great tracks like Natural Mystic, So Much Things To Say, and Turn Your Lights Down Low. Sometimes it`s the lesser known songs that tell you more about an artist. Listen to the incredible second side of Kaya for example...
I guarantee if you put this album on at any kind of party, most of the people will put down their drinks and get dancing. They`d just have to move about to this jubilant music.
I admit I took Bob Marley a little for granted when he was alive and making records like this, but I can now see he was one of his era`s greatest artists, on a par with Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield or Stevie Wonder as a creative singer, and catalyst for the talents with which he surrounded himself. And boy, did he have soul.
Exodus is an essential album of the eclectic 70s, which should adorn any collection
of music from that time.
Mind you, the magically wondrous Kaya was to come next, containing my all-time favourite Wailers track, Misty Morning. But that was some months away, and we had Exodus. More than enough to go on with.
These days, Bob`s voice sounds as natural as breathing.
What a loss.
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on 22 December 2001
To have any kind of a great record collection, you MUST have either or both Exodus and Burnin' both by Bob Marley and the Wailers.
Exodus is the pinnacle of what Bob was trying to do in bringing Reggae to the masses and keep the political edge to his music and this is put in no finer detail than the title song from this magnificent album.
As well as that you have, One love, waiting in vain,Jamming, natural mystic and what I feel is one of the greatest love songs of all time, turn your lights down low.
This album is a must for anyone serious about there music, but don't take my word for it, PLEASE go and buy it for yourself, you'll thank me one day.
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on 2 September 2007
if you like bob this is a great cd the bonus live stuff is real will not be disapointed bob was always at his best live. one of those rare artists.outstanding a must have for any reggae fan
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on 14 August 2007
Everything that needs to be said or written about this 20th century musical masterpiece has already been said and written, so here's a personal perspective that I sometimes share with myself when listening to Exodus. I'm not a huge reggae fan, in fact this is the only reggae album in my collection, which has be growing steadily for the last 36 years.
There's a sort of paradox with Exodus, on the one hand the music is so tight that you couldn't get a proverbial cigarette paper between the bass, percussion, guitars, keyboards, and vocals. On the other hand here's a group of musicians who are so talented and confident about their music that the notes seems to drip off them with very little effort. You get the impression that they had a great deal of fun making this album, no pressure no deadlines. Island records had a reputation for giving their artists time and space to develop their craft in those days.
For the purists out there this 30th anniversary edition has no extras, just 37 minutes of original perfection. No need to clutter it with stuff that wasn't deemed worthy of inclusion 30 years ago.
Sometimes when groups of like minded talented people get together, their mood, skill and enthusiasm produce great things, a moment in time never to be repeated in their life time. England won the world cup in 1966. Nirvana recorded Nevermind in 1991. Exodus was one of those moments. If you've not heard it give it a try I'm sure it will be in your collection for many years to come and who knows, your might one day replace it with the 50th anniversary edition!!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 February 2011
A couple of things to note.

I rated LEGEND and THE HARDER THEY COME as the #1 and #2 greatest reggae albums of all time, largely but not entirely because of their historical precedence. Their creation led to other breakthroughs for other artists and the genre as a whole.

Any album in the Top 5 could easily have been voted as Best Reggae album of all time because of merit alone. And, it's not an exclusively Bob Marley domain. Before we reach album #20, we will have undoubtedly covered all of Bob's studio albums from the Island years, but also the first five albums from STEEL PULSE, and a couple from BURNING SPEAR.

But in truth, the way music critics have debated who is the Best Rock Group of all time, it's always narrowed down to THE BEATLES or THE ROLLING STONES. These lists are subjective, I know that but I submit my imperfect ranking to the same consideration.

Just as TIME MAGAZINE rated EXODUS as the "GREATEST ALBUM OF THE CENTURY," there seems no debate as another better. Maybe a few equal, but none better. I weighed what is my favorite and at times it is TRUE DEMOCRACY (by Steel Pulse) at other times, it's KAYA or UPRISING or any number of albums that I'll repeat-play just because it brings me to euphoria. What about albums that are no longer in print, but are very well known? I'm at a loss.

In addition to this Deluxe edition, I highly recommend the highest fidelity recording of Exodus (and Catch a Fire) by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab or "MoFi" for short. These pressings are the best that you'll hear. If one is available privately, it is well worth the expense of owning a copy.

**** ***** *****
The Deluxe edition of Exodus is a masterpiece.

The original studio album is remastered and you have the entire album live. I'm playing the album as I type this out and it still give me goosebumps as Junior Marvin strums in the background as Bob lazily singing "I don't wanna...I don't wanna... I don't wanna.. I don't wanna... I don't wanna wait in vain!"

What about "Let get together and feel all right...give thanks and praise to The Lord and I will feel all right."

Has there ever, ever I said, been an intro to album like that first :27 seconds of "Natural Mystic"?

As I mentioned a moment ago, if you get your hands on the MoFi version of Exodus, the sound reproduction is unreal: not only is the hissing almost eliminated but the lower register is clearly amplified, resulting in about 5 seconds more of music.

EXODUS (1977)--THE #3 GREATEST REGGAE ALBUM OF ALL TIME. And, the Album of The Century.
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on 19 April 2001
As well as containing some vital hit singles like 'Jamming' and 'Three Little Birds' this is the most complete album I have heard by Mr. Marley. It is inventive reggae dealing with many issues from the deeply religious (without sounding sanctimonious) in 'The Heathen' and 'So Much Things To Say', through to political with 'Exodus', prophetic ('Natural Mystic') and simply humanitarian (One Love/People Get Ready). This music engages the brain and relaxes the body and strengthens the soul - not any easy feat, but here performed expertly.
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on 17 November 2015
♪♪♪♪♪ for the music
♪♪♪ for the sound quality

This album is ingrained into my grey cells (well I do have a few left); it brings back many good memories. Every track is simply incredible, and the message is powerful and profound. It's such an iconic album and in all the years of playing it I have never tired of listening. And I would like to add that this music should be considered a 'whole album' expererience. I mean that the joy and brilliance of this album is only realised when playing from beginning to end.

Note: Whilst I'm extremely glad to have this album on CD the sound quality of this partcular CD is 'average' at best. The dynamic range of this CD only just scrapes in (official DR of 9). It's been compressed in other words, so clearly crushed a bit for MP3 listening. There is a better release of this I've learned with a DR of 14+ so I'll look out for that.
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on 9 February 2011
99,9% of reggae music lovers will agree with me that Robert Nesta Marley Booker, better known as Bob Marley, is the most influencial and best reggae musician has ever lived. His band, Bob Marley and the Wailers, have made lots of hits, of which Exodus is just one good example. The singles One Love and Jamming will be familiar to anyone who only know a bit of classics, without being such a rastaman. Although, as vital are the love song Waiting In Vain, the title track, and the brilliant one Guiltiness. This was the first album to feature Junior Murvin on guitar, while the expressive use of horns adds new texture to the established quality of the the band's backing. Other songs of this album are, for example, Natural Mystic or Much Things to Say, two great songs that are essential to enjoy and understand Bob's music. I really recommend this album to you, because it's very relaxing. In addition, you can buy it very cheap (7-10 euros more or less), so you should buy it!
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on 23 January 2013
What can I say, but ten stars, not just five! I have three copies of this - one vinyl, one CD, and now the Best of the Best!

A GREAT album, with loads of extras, and beautiful packaging...just get it; you WON'T regret it!

(Jah Rastafari, Mon!)
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