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3.2 out of 5 stars41
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2013
I think all the cast were suffering from amnesia: they had forgotten how to act; the screenplay appeared to be computer generated; all the characters were single cell life forms and the costume designer appeared to think that fetching little fur gilets and cropped cardigans were appropriate items to wear 2000 ft under the ice!
I could go on, but have more important things to do.
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on 5 September 2010
I think far too many people are focusing on picking mistakes in the technical side of things in this show, in so many of the reviews all I hear is such criticism.

Maybe people should just relax, enjoy and remember that this is fiction. And with fiction, a writer can do as they wish.

Indeed, there are a few holes in the plot, which only really can be picked up if the whole thing is incredibly over-thought. But at the end of each episode I was on the edge of my seat to watch more, and that's how I know I'm entertained by TV shows.

Interesting setting and story, I'd reccommend this to a friend. My girlfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed this, regardless of everyone else.
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on 3 April 2013
I've seen a lot worse so this was ok but I kept losing interest. James Nesbit is a brilliant actor but I felt that he was wasted in this, although he was probably it's saving grace. I can't even remember what it was all about but it was better than watching the dire rubbish that was on the TV at the time
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on 8 March 2015
Oddly I had seen James Nesbitt ages ago in something but the recent TV show Babylon brought him back on my radar here in theU.S.
The reviews of The Deep were right, this is really very good. Interesting cast of well-known faces that make the story believable. I was reminded of James Cameron's Abyss, but that's just a part of it--under water in moon pools with the unknown lurking outside. I won't spoil anything you have to see it, it will keep you on the edge of your seat with plenty of unexpected surprises. There are five episodes and a making of along with cast interviews and a trailer on the second disk. I'm soooo glad I have a multi-region DVD player otherwise I would have missed this.
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on 28 December 2013
I must say, that being a sci-fi fanatic, I can sit through pretty much any movie of the genre, and I've seen a lot. I even enjoy B-movies and take them for what they are, but The Deep was simply to BAD to watch. I watched the first episode and I knew, this isn't getting better. I'm not going to rant, so let me sum it up and say that I am only writing this review to re-enforce the other 1 star reviews. 1. VERY BAD ACTING!!!!!!! 2. VERY BAD SCRIPT!!!!!! 3. LOW BUDGET SPECIAL EFFECTS!!!!!!! 4. INCOMPATIBLE CAST!!!!!! I'm not British so I'm new to BBC stuff, was told that it's of good quality and rates up there with the US shows, I honestly hope that this was just a dud as I bought Outcasts and Torchwood blindly as well. Oh well.
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VINE VOICEon 17 September 2010
The Deep starts well enough, with the crew of an explorer submarine heading beneath the Antarctic ice to find out what happened to a previous expedition as well as conduct research. Things quickly go wrong and by the second episode, our intrepid heroes are in a sticky situation.

And then it hits a creative wall and spends the rest of the series with very little happening until the final episode. Characterisation and motivation of those involved is at a premium. In fact, most of the characters featured are just annoying, and over and over again make bad decisions (I'm thinking of Minnie Driver's Frankie here, possibly the worst captain in the history of marine expedition). There are a few twists, but then some of them make no sense whatsoever and are only surprising because by any standards they are just dumbfounding.

The performances are a bit wooden, although in fairness to the actors they are not always served by a great script. Halfway through episode two it also becomes clear that the budget only really extends to three or four sets, and the CGI effects work is very poor in places.

I stuck with The Deep through to the final episode as I had already committed five hours to it so thought I might as well. It's not easy as the very slow pace can test your patience. That is, until the end when it inexplicably ratchets up to the point that the whole thing ceases to make much sense at all. I don't want to spoil the plot (such as it is), so if you do decide to give The Deep a go I will leave you to discover it for yourself (you lucky thing). I felt it was all so ridiculous and riddled with illogic by the end it was unintentionally funny.

The Deep is a decent idea, with a good start which quickly gets bogged down in thinking it's all far more dramatic than it really is. The slow pace doesn't help it one bit and the nonsensical finale just left me with a feeling of that's six hours of my life I'm never getting back.
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on 26 March 2013
if you like a thiller with a bit of a sci fi environment to it then you'll probably like this. Each episode builds a little more on the characters to keep the story intesting. The story is clever and well thought out, the writers obviously knew the ending when they began to writing unlike some series that go on and on and on without any real ending.
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on 8 October 2010
I had to watch it ,I couldnt stop it was mesmerising . How many chances could the BBC miss to produce what should have been a great drama ?Big name actors ,a reasonable plot and a decent budget ,what could go wrong ? How about everything ! Poor acting and casting , crass dialogue and in the end a totally confusing final scene.Please do not buy this if you are an Abyss fan . I was so looking forward to some TV that actually required a brain to watch, sadly Im still waiting.Think I might get that special edition Abyss dvd out .........
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on 30 October 2010
I think that this may well be the most dire BBC production I have ever seen. So much promise, and a decent premise, but an awful script has ruined it.

Dull. Should have been done over 2 hours or so. Five hours was far, far too long.
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on 8 September 2010
What I found so disappointing about this series is that it had the recipe to be brilliant - a rescue mission going down to the ocean depths and things going wrong / evil Russians trying to thwart them. Unfortunately it only takes one to sit through half of the first episode to realise that a) its miscast and AWFULLY acted b) all of the crew of the Orpheus sub are totally useless and c) the director is obviously blind / going through some kind of mid life crisis. And the worst thing is, IT GETS WORSE with each episode until you just end up with Minnie Driver prancing round in her North Face fur lined gillet and the rest of the cast just looking a though they really would like to be trapped under the ice if only to not be able to see the series ever again! It really is that bad - the effects are poor, the story line is AWFUL and predictable, the acting is really shoddy and you are just left with the bitter thought of HOW MUCH DID THIS COST!!!!! It must have cost the BBC a ruddy fortune and for what? It didnt actually go anywhere!! Seriously dont waste your money.
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