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5.0 out of 5 stars Woo Who!
How could I not love it? After all the angst about "Who is this young upstart?", "Who decided to have an incredibly 'young' Doctor?" and most of all "Who was the idiot who decided that Matt Smith would be the perfect follow up to David Tennant?" this first series (in my mind) proved all the naysayers to be completely wrong.

This young man, under Mr Moffit's...
Published on 19 May 2011 by Hedge Witch

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3.0 out of 5 stars Foreigners beware!
If you live outside the U.K., pay extra attention to the advice in this product's page ("Please note that this product will not play on US spec 60i Blu-ray players as the Blu-ray discs are authored to UK 50i specs"), as it won't play on most Bluray Players sold in America (as the PlayStation 3 or any Sony player).

Not all is lost, as some Bluray Players...
Published on 16 May 2012 by Marcelo C. Salinas Vega

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4.0 out of 5 stars A strong start for the 11th Doctor, 23 Nov 2010
If you would like a brief bit of advice before you purchase then here it is: buy it and keep an open mind. If you enjoyed the humour, fun and darkness of previous series then be happy, as it is all still here. Though I think that it is perhaps more subtle than in the past, due to Steven Moffat taking over head-writing duties.

Right. To the new cast. I have to admit, sometimes I imagined David Tennant speaking at certain lines and I couldn't help but think Matt Smith was just trying to imitate him. However, Smith does bring his own characteristics to his Doctor: the tapping of his left hand against his leg, the way he tries to look cool in his own mind, more gadget obsessed then previous incarnations, and others bits of personality that you should enjoy looking out for.

However, what is really prominent, and the main strength of the series, this time around is the rest of the ensemble. Karen Gillan's Amy Pond is now my joint favourite of sidekicks along with Billie Piper's Rose. Amy is the ultimate combination of the 3 previous Companions: the awestruck, "girliness" and adoration of the Doctor of Rose, the independence and fearlessness of Martha and the boldness/banter of Donna.

Alex Kingston's River Song makes a welcome return and enjoys a far more prominent role in this series, adding to the fun and teamwork. Though Rory, Amy's boyfriend, did take a while to grow on me. Still not completely won over.

The chemistry between these four characters means that it feels less of a one man show than it has in the past, which is not a bad thing, a very good thing in my opinion and is what makes this series so good. That and the consistent writing. Be warned, it is a lot darker and scarier for kids and the story lines more complex.

The negatives? I wish more episodes took place away from Earth. The universe in this series feels a lot smaller, despite the bigger landscapes. The Dalek's image took a beating also. The series doesn't have as much cheesiness as previous ones, but when it does come up, I couldn't help but feel it shouldn't have been there.

Summary: buy it if you liked previous series. But if you go in looking for things to hate, you probably won't enjoy it and it might put you off future episodes. For me, I just can't wait until the next series.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Programme, Disappointing Extras, 22 Nov 2010
MissMarj (Edinburgh, Scotland) - See all my reviews
I'm not going to say anything on the quality of this programme, it's excellent and many others will have said that much more eloquently than me. The reason I'm only giving this 2 stars is because I was sorely disappointed by the extras. The previous series of new Doctor Who had a commentary for almost every single episode (the last few David Tennant specials didn't) and this one includes commentaries for only 6 of them. Worse than that, they're for episodes that you wouldn't necessarily think are the most interesting. For example, Amy's Choice would have been a brilliant one to know more about but it's not one of the ones with a commentary and the Cut Down Confidential barely contains any information for rabid geeks like me.

Further, the commentaries that are there are in-vision commentaries. What twisted mind came up with this notion? They're horribly distracting as your eye can't decide to watch what's happening on the main screen or in the tiny little box in the corner. There were a few on the previous series of Doctor Who but I didn't mind them so much because they weren't on all of them.

The two extra 'Meanwhile in the TARDIS' scenes are lovely and add a hell of a lot to the relationship between Amy and The Doctor but they weren't good enough to make up for the lack commentaries for me.

I'd been looking forward to this set coming out and was positively quivering with geeky anticipation of the commentaries because the previous ones had been so good. I was so disappointed when I finally found out how few commentaries there were that it kind of ruined the whole excitement of the series for me. I imagine it's a bit like how little Amelia Pond felt when she realised the Raggedy Doctor wasn't coming back for her :o(
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5.0 out of 5 stars Budget-cuts= down in quality? Hell NO!, 29 July 2010
Even as we saw the end of an era, with David tennants departure as the doctor and RTD's leaving as
the amazing series's executive producer and writer, A new and better future for doctor who is, and you all know
it, assured. Series 5 in my, and a lot of other fans, opinion has been the best yet. Even though the BBC has slashed the budget of the show. In my view, I don't think Russle T. Davies could of coped under the pressure of having to pull together a 13-part series, with a new doctor. What the very few who are sceptical about the new series are missing, is that they don't see the enormous pressure the team have been under, due to the budget-cuts and the Flesh hungry David tennant fans waiting outside their front doors. RTD had it easy, but the new production team have had it hard, and I'm sure that's toned the production team's creative juices for future series's (as they have had to work over time, and satisfy millions upon millions of doctor who fans eagerly awaiting an amazing series, which S5 obviously was).

Moving on to the story/characters/monsters side of things.

1. I love the new dalek's
What the old production team were not able to do, was bring the classic feel back to the show, but making it seem fresh and fit the public's expectations. In doing this they brought back the Previous dalek race, the 'true' dalek race. And I am loving the colour coded ranking system they have for each dalek.

2. I (of course) Love matt smith
I applaud matt smith on Almost beating David tennant in the 'who's better' department. His doctor who mad, bonkers, amazing and just, well, brilliant. And isn't that what the doctors about? Yes, that's what every doctor should, and has been so far. Except William hartnel's doctor, who was, rather grumpy and times, But he still had a slight crazy side to him when he got excited.

3.Fantastic Story arc (The cracks in time)
I just think the idea of the TARDIS exploding in the time vortex, causing cracks in time to appear all across time
and space. Is just great. But even better is that if you go anywhere near the light, it will consume you and erase every moment of your exsistance from time and space. But its not all bad, those times when you regret something ever happening, something embarrassing? Well step near one of these cracks and BAM! That moment is erased, unfortunately, you were never born so, how could you...? Oh never mind, its not worth thinking about at 12am, Yes this is the time I'm writing this review.

4.Amy and Rory, what a great couple!
Unfortunately for Rory, I don't think being married to the very sexy Amy, is going to be a smooth, quiet life. As
she's tied to her raggedy doctor, the mad man with a blue box, who took her away the night before her wedding. Time and space awaited Amy and the doctor, but later on in the series, Rory joins the TARDIS. Not that that's a bad thing, but well, at first I didn't really like him, but you kind of get used to him, and feel sorry for him once he's absorbed by one of the cracks, awww' poor ro...What was I taking about again? Ah cake, that't it. (see what I did their?)

5. Finally, the story's, the amazing finally and the new look!
The story's this year have been fantastic. When I first heard Steven moffat was in charge of the new series, I had No doubts what so ever. One of my favourites from past series is the girl in the fireplace (S204). And one of my favourites from series 5 has to be the pandorica opens/the big bang (S512/13) (I'm classing those two as one episode). The finally this series has been the best yet, and without the use of CGI and special effects every 2 minuets, Steven moffat still kept it entertaining, as he, and many writers, have done this series. And finally I love the new look the new series shows. If you look on the cover art of this DVD box set, you will see the vortex behind the doctor and Amy, that 'new-look' time vortex is on almost every new doctor who Item out today (DVD's, books etc...). I also Prefer the new title sequence to the old one, as the old one felt very rushed and it was all abit of a blur. Where as the new one, is slower but still has that dramatic edge to it. The time energy (lightning) striking the TARDIS is a nice touch. Its as if the time vortex is trying to stop the doctor landing anywhere, as everywhere he goes chaos and destruction follows.

This series has been absolutely amazing, and I have enjoyed every second of it. S5 has been packed full of emotion, great acting (most of the time), scary monsters, great writing and has just been brilliant.
Roll on series 6!

Dylan whitty
AGE: 15
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who The Complete Series 5, 31 Mar 2013
Adventures in time and space with the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond.

The Eleventh Hour: The new Doctor has 20 minutes to save the world, and only Amy Pond can help him.
The Beast Below: The Doctor takes Amy to the distant future, where she finds all of Britain in a spaceship!
Victory of the Daleks: Winston Churchill summons the Doctor to Blitz-torn London, but the Daleks are waiting.
The Time of Angels: The Doctor hunts the last of the Weeping Angels through the terrifying Maze of the Dead.
Flesh and Stone: Surrounded by an army of Weeping Angels, the Doctor must escape through the forest vault.
The Vampires of Venice: Corpses and terror fill the canals as the Doctor, Amy and Rory visit 16th century Venice.
Amy's Choice: A pregnant Amy Pond faces a terrible choice. Or does she? All is not as it seems...
The Hungry Earth: The reptilian Silurians are the former rulers of Earth - and they want their planet back!
Cold Blood: Mankind and the Silurians teeter on the brink of all-out war.
Vincent and the Doctor: The Doctor and Amy Pond meet Vincent van Gogh... And an ancient, terrifying monster.
The Lodger: The Doctor must solve the mystery of a staircase that people go up but never go down.
The Pandorica Opens: The Doctor confronts an army of old enemies, and the Pandorica opens...
The Big Bang: Reality's last hope is a little girl who still believes in stars.

03 April - 26 June 2010
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 15 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
My grandson loved it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars What a great series: ) I love the doctor and, 14 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
What a great series :) I love the doctor and amy
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5.0 out of 5 stars the parcel was easy to open, 3 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Doctor who boxset arrived safely, and was posted through my door. the parcel was easy to open. The boxset was clearly brand new and it was sealed, Good price, My son loves it .
Thank you would definitely use this seller again A***
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 2 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As described
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5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars, 30 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
fab item
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who Series 5(DVD), 27 Jun 2014
ArumLily (High Wycombe (UK)) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
As with series 6 I lost all the episodes of series 5 too due to a useless Sony DVD recorder. I will catch up on these before Peter Capaldi ( I`m a great fan of his!) takes on the role. I saw a couple of episode of Matt Smith in the role but wasn`t impressed so I`ll return to Doctor Who with the next Doctor after I`v watched these DVDs. I want to seee what happens to Colin Tennant as the Doctor.
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