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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars666
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2012
This one integrates the real pirate 'blackbeard' into the storyline. The real blackbeard was a very fearsome and bloody pirate who got his head cut off in battle with the british navy off the coast of america. He was a american pirate for sure , although americans were really mainly british at this time. But this version is a good one , he's a truly nasty piece of work and that's a good thing. THe plot is easier to understand than the third one too. The action is very good the story is acceptable. There hasn't been a bad pirates of the carribean movie yet though. People expect too much from sequels usually. THe first is always going to be the freshest. The 3d version is the one to get as that is how it was shown at the theaters. And it is a good showcase of 3d. I must say I am tired of getting dvd's and digital copies in my package though because it drives up the price. I don't NEED a dvd copy.. They are wasting money doing that. The blu ray looks stunning and the extras are nice. Obviously if you don't have a 3d tv then only need the standard blu ray. Either version looks stunning on disc and is worth owning if you like the series. This is a fun movie and the acting is as good as the other versions with penelope cruz doing a fine job as the lead actress. Get it if you like the series, it's got plenty of action and humour in it.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 September 2013
The film starts out with ominous music. An old sailor is discovered who was once on a ship that was looking for the Fountain of Youth...200 years ago! This sets off a frenzy to look for the Fountain. You would think without Orlando and Keira, the movie would be a bust. What I missed more than those two stars were the minor actors who played the crew. They were colorful characters who we have come to know. Alas, except for a few, they're gone. The action is the same: sword fights, impossible escapes, humorous dialouge, and unexpected turns. We get to meet Jack's father and Angelica Malon (Penélope Cruz) the later of which Jack supposedly deflowered right before she was getting ready to take her vowels in a Spanish convent. No surprise there.

Now in order to use the Fountain of Youth, there must be a ritual. We discover early on the ritual requires two silver chalices and a mermaid's tear. We also discover that the Black Pearl has been sunk and Hector is working for the crown. Through a series of events, Jack becomes Shanghaied on Black Beard's (Ian McShane) ship. We have 3 groups after the Fountain, the Spanish, the English who have Gibbs who has memorized the map, and Blackbeard. While Jack is in the hold, Angelica is Black Beard's first mate having convinced him she is his long lost daughter. As always in these movies everyone has their own ideas, desires, and shifting alliances.

The group must go on these quests to gather the items before going to the Fountain. (I see an RPG in the making.)

The silver chalices are not just any 2 silver chalices but the ones that belonged to Ponce De Leon.

The mermaids have the beauty and allure of a Siren, but when they attack they have super-human strength and vampire teeth, making their capture a bit tricky and deadly. I fell in love with the doll face of the first mermaid (Gemma Ward who actually plays a character called Dollface in "The Strangers".) I know this is a Disney movie and this should go without saying...The mermaids are indeed topless, but the camera angles, hair and arm placements prevent any kind of "R" view. There might be a parent or two concerned due to some of the photos that are out there.

One piece of dialouge:

Jack: "You lied to me by telling me the truth?"

Angelica: "Yes."

Jack: "That's very good. I'll have to use that."

Good View on the big screen. Lacks the ornate special effects of the other 3 movies as well as many of the characters. It appears they did this on less of a budget in order to get a larger net return. 4 1/2 stars.
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on 8 October 2015
Overall I enjoyed it as much as the others, I didn't expect it to be as good because of the time lapse but it was very polished. It was nice to see Stephen Graham in it. For me it seemed that there was less emphasis of the gently mysterious, supernatural was prevalent but it was more predictable but some of those moments were really beautiful. Again the choreography was good. Something was lacking, maybe Depps enthusiasm wasn't as raw and fresh.
Blackbeard in real life was a small man, despite his big reputation, his house still stands in Robin Hoods Bay, you'd have to stoop to get in the door. edit: have just been informed that that about the house is a fib told me by my dad when I was little, but my dad came from Nottingham and apparently Robin Hood was a pirate too and it was his house, please ignore most of this, I am now as confused as you are.
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on 15 January 2012
Honestly, I thought that this film would be nothing but slapstick with a vague undertone of storyline. However, a whole new storyline arose and it was fairly intense and dark. I was happy to see this because it feels like the writers have given it their all once again. It shows that Captain Jack still has a heck of a lot to endure, despite all that he's already been through. His past, once again, has caught up with him, and he finds himself on another adventure that is sure to carry on for another couple of films.
I loved the mermaids in this. I think that they were well written and very unusual and interesting. One in particular definitely added to the storyline.
Overall, I am so pleased that this film wasn't a half effort and that the writers managed to create an original story based on real legend. I'm looking forward to the next one :3
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on 11 October 2011
Erm, yea....!
I'm not sure what to say.
I actually enjoyed it, and I thought it was quite good, but it was a bit wet-mop-ish in places. Very slow to get going in my opinion, however that was one of the only parts where we saw the side of Jack the we all love.. his elaborate and cranky escape plans... So I did enjoy it, but wished it had gone a bit quicker..
It could have been racier in places, I think at times it didnt manage to get me excited and wrapped up in the film.
But I didnt miss the other charactors, and I liked the new ones, they were all quite fitting.
I think with P.O.T.C. you have to comletely leave your logic and sense behind, and just go with it.. otherwise you sit there the whole time sayin ''yeah right!!''. Its best enjoyed if you just give in to fantasy, and go with it!!

I will watch this again, its not going to be one of those films I've bought, watched, and never thought of again. It was good, and I had a few tears, and I was left craving the next film (I assume there will be one!?!)

So in summary, it's not a film I will rave about, and it was a bit unneccessarily lengthy for me, but I did enjoy it, and I will do next time I watch it too. And honestly, it's another installment of the brilliance of Cptn Jack Sparrow. What more do we need??
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 October 2011
I bought this DVD as I have recently purchased a 3D TV. Having reviewed 3D titles on the internet, it is fair to say there are not that many to choose from. Hence why this one seemed a good buy.

I have to say at the outset that I am not a particular fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. However, I thought the story on this occasion was good. Johnny Depp reprises his role as Jack Sparrow, along with several other actors from the previous films. There was a notable exception - Kiera Knightly. Without giving too much away, Jack Sparrow goes in search of the Fountain of Youth, and along the way seems to have one mishap after another! The film is part action and part comedy.

The 3D special effects were good - lots of things coming towards you and literally jumping out on to the screen. It was worth it just for these alone.

As I have said, 3D films are very few and far between, so the cost can be prohibitive. At £17, these types of films are much more expensive than the traditional 2D - albeit you do get a bonus DVD in this collection which allows you to transfer the film on to your computer or iPad.

Strongly Recommended.
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on 28 September 2011
I was brought this film as a gift and had eagerly anticipated its release on 3D Blu-Ray as I didn't get to see it in the cinema. I wasn't disappointed with the film, the story was enjoyable and funny like the rest of the films and it was in my view a significant improvement on the storyline of the the third film. However, the 3D was very understated apart from a few scenes here and there, this wasn't helped by the aspect ratio which is just 2.40:1 which means it is letterbox format leaving black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. If the ratio was higher allowing the film to fill the screen then maybe the 3D would have been more impressive but as it is its pretty disappointing especially when you consider how good other Disney 3D films are such as Tangled and Tron Legacy. Still I would say its worth buying and if you have a 3D TV it is still worth getting the 3D version as although it wasn't amazing it did add to the viewing experience.
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on 21 November 2011
I really looked forward to see this movie with new adventures of Jack Sparrow and his pirates, I was unsure of director Rob Marshall, just know him from the musical Chicago, but he did a good product with this. But just to say it, I could take the right feelings - oh yes, much for the money, I don`t regret for buying the DVD, here is much fun the first part, but out on the sea with wind in the sails, it all slow down. On shore it`s very lively, the plot is okay, the visually pictures is marvelous, special effects very good, og all is going round with breaknecking stunts. But I thought Johnny Depp looked a bit tired, I really liked Ian McShane as Blackbeard, he mede the nerve and the exitement and evil into the story. A tear from a mermaid, and they seems to be vampires from the deep. Effective entertainment, great adventure - but there is a but... I will give the movie 7 out out 10, no more...
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on 30 January 2012
If you ever needed proof why you shouldn't listen to critics, the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, part 4 in the series, is it. Part 2 and part 3 received quite a thrashing from critics despite still cashing in pretty big at the box office. So, there's no reason why they would treat part 4 any different. But that's just it. It is different. Without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, whom you won't even miss having in this film, you should expect a new storyline and new characters and that's exactly what you get. Barbossa and Gibbs are back, but other than Captain Jack, Jack the Monkey, and even a cameo from Jack's father (Keith Richards), you have a whole new cast of characters.

The film picks up with the same plot where the last one left off, with the Fountain of Youth being the focus. Captain Jack escapes the gallows with Gibbs only to discover someone is impersonating him and getting a crew together to go find the fountain. The imposter turns out to be Angelica Teach (Penelope Cruz), the daughter of Blackbeard (Ian McShane) who wants to find the fountain to save her father from a doomed prophecy.

Angelica and Jack apparently have a past love interest together and she tricks him into joining the crew because she knows he has the map and that he's been to the fountain. But to get the spell of the fountain to work, they'll have to collect certain items that are needed, including the tear of a mermaid. So, the movie becomes a race for Blackbeard's crew, the Spanish, and the English, to collect the items needed and get to the fountain first!

Blackbeard is a colorful and well played evil pirate. You can expect the same entertainment that you got from Davy Jones and Barbossa in the previous films. Cruz definitely holds her own in the cast of men. Depp is Jack through and through, prancing about and always cleverly escaping trouble. And Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa again is up to his old conniving tricks, undercover on the English side, despite having a peg leg now.

The movie provides lots of fast paced action mainly in the form of sword fights and doesn't rely heavily on special effects like the last film. And then there are the mermaids! The intense and evil beauties which provide a large part of entertainment in the middle of the film, and even a small romantic subplot that grabs your attention.

There's an equal amount of time spent on land and at sea, and although the movie had a slow start as it set up the plot, I would almost say this one was better than the last one. If you are a fan of the other films, you will definitely be entertained and think that this film is a great addition to the series.
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VINE VOICEon 20 August 2011
well its the 4th in the series and that usually means bad things to start. I hated the 3rd one as it was oh so over the top stunt wise it took away from the film and I found myself concentrating on the stunts rather than the plot. I believed I would be living this experience again and I did for about the first twenty minutes, but then it settled down and got on with it. if not very slowly. the good thing bout this film is depp. he is basically staring in the jack sparrow show and is great as jack as usual. the jokes are great and the character is still allowed to grow. sadly no one else really does. the rest of the cast are like extras to jack. the plot is slow moving, the stunts over the top and take too long. its better than the 3rd in that it is more coherent however you find your mind wandering in large sections until it tightens up again and the ending is probably the best half hour of the film.

in short its ok and worth a watch as a throw away film that you will chuckle at jacks antics and the story is ok if not slow moving. could have been worse but could have been better had it been paced like the first with more interesting ancillary characters
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