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4.8 out of 5 stars45
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2009
Forget the name, forget Hannah Montana, and forget the 'scandals'.
Just imagine this is the debut album of a 16-year old girl coming from Nashville, and you may just be in for a nice surprise.

1. Breakout - As the title track of the album, although most agree that this song is one of the weakest, it works extremely well in terms of bridging the gap from Hannah Montana music to this album. With upbeat lyrics about school and homework, this is perfect for younger fans, but also gives all fans a taste of what's to come. It should also be noted that this song was originally sung by one Katy Perry, who provides backup vocals throughout this record.

2. 7 Things - This was released as the first single from Breakout, and rightly so. With the smooth, melodic versus that suddenly switch to the rough, rockier chorus', this song surprises you both with it's tune and it's lyrics. Without looking too much into the story behind the song, it's clear just from the lyrics that the message is - sometimes you truly want to hate a person for both important and stupid reasons, but at the end of the day, you still can't help but love them. This is the true definition of a love/hate relationship, and is the perfect anthem for anyone who's ever felt like they hate their current or ex partners.

3. The Driveway - The transitions feels very much complete by this point. We're no longer listening to Disney's blonde bombshell, and this song really proves that. Although the lyrics are still about a teen romance (or the end of one), the lyrics are clever and we really get to Miley's wide vocal range. This song is one of my personal favourites on the album, and I'd recommend anyone who wants to hear it at it's best to type into youtube [Miley Cyrus - The Driveway live in Berlin]

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Covers are very rarely as good as the original, even less are actually better. When it comes to this particular cover, it's a lot like Marmite. You will either love it or hate it.
One thing is unarguably true - Miley has made this song her own, giving the well-known song a thoroughly modern feel, as well as speeding up the tempo - the result is that even if you hate this version, you cannot deny that it isn't a carbon copy of the original.

5. Full Circle - Undeniably catchy, with playful lyrics, this song isn't necessarily a stand out, but blends in nicely with the feel of the album, and brings back the hidden genre that keeps appearing on Breakout - country. In between the previous song and the next, Full Circle aims to keep the overall feel of the album fresh in your memory.

6. Fly On The Wall - One of my favourite tracks, this song puts a twist on the album, taking you in a different direction than you were expecting. With it's punk/rock influences, incredibly catchy tune and spunky, fresh lyrics, Fly On The Wall was completely the right choice for the second single off Breakout.

7. Bottom Of The Ocean - Now we're being taken in yet another direction. The first slow song on the album, Bottom Of The Ocean was supposedly written after the demise of a pet fish. The style of the song is simplistic, yet it speaks volumes. Just beautiful.

8. Wake Up America - You have to admire someone so young for trying to use their influence on youngsters to encourage them to be more 'green', and the tune works very well as an anthem. Unfortunately, the lyrics don't match, as many find this song either comes off as preaching, or just annoying. Still, they say you should write about subjects close to your heart.

9. Four Walls - One of the standout song on Breakout, Four Walls is another cover. It has to be said, although there are four songs on this album that are covers, Miley makes each of them different to the original somehow. In Four Walls, we truly see her as the country artist she naturally is. Her powerhouse voice bursts through the speakers with pure emotion and sincerity.

10. Simple Song - Another standout song. A cover of Jeffrey Steele's Simple Song about getting away from the sheer noise of everyday life, this song works perfectly with Miley's voice - it's the right blend of rock and country, allowing her to showcase her vocal talents whilst keeping that edginess.

11. Goodbye - A fan favourite, Goodbye is another slow song, about love lost, and the later regrets. The lyrics aren't as mature as those of some other songs on the album, but the message still rings loud and clear.

12. See You Again Remix - This is the version of See You Again that was released as a single in the UK. Though not as good as the original, this song still has instant hit written all over it, with it's electronic poppy beats, and the ridiculously addictive chorus.

This is a brief review of Breakout - the only way to really tell if you'll like it or not is to listen to it. However, the main problem I have with Breakout is that it's not a live album. Most Disney stars very much sound best when they're in the studio, where their voices can be altered to be as smooth as silk, but in Miley's case, even though there's very little editing to her voice on Breakout, it just doesn't compare to hearing/seeing her live performances. This girl was born to perform, and stands out a mile from most other musicians her age. Her voice is unique (sounding more like a 60-year old smoker, but in a good way), her performances jump out and grab you, and although 'Breakout' is mostly songs about the trials of being a teenager in and out of love, there are already hints of an exciting career as both a performer and song-writer.

So, I'd recommend this album to anyone who enjoys real Pop music, Country music, and those of you who just want to try something new.
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on 9 October 2008
Being a 19 year old female some may say I'm too old to be a Hannah/Miley fan, but I don't care !! She's amazing and so's her music too. I would recommend this album to any pop fan. It's funky and catchy. My favourite songs would have to be "7 things", "Girls just wanna have fun", "full circle", "fly on the wall" and "see you again". Although these are my personal faves all the songs are easily 10/10 and I could listen to this album all day and night it's just amazing.
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on 6 November 2008
From being introduced to Miley Cyrus when she was just a 14 year old girl in Hannah Montana, this really is a 'breakout' from her alter-ego. Although some tracks do have the ensence of the teen-pop sensation Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus shines through with individuality.

1-Breakout - The beat to this song is awesome, however i find the lyrics quite 'tweeny' at the beginning but as you get through the song, Miley Cyrus pulls the song back! - 4/5
2-7 things - a great rock song, a song that you could really get into. what makes it more interesting is its possible association with nick jonas. either way, excellent song that everyone can relate to. 5/5
3-The driveway - Excels in her singing ability, excellent song, very pop/rock 5/5
4-Girls just wanna have fun - a Cyndi Lauper remake, i personally dislike the orginal song, due to it being overplayed and i always skip this version of it too. Takes Miley Cyrus back to a Hannah Montana persona, although her voice is still excellent on the track. 2/5
5-Full circle - One of my favourites, really shows what she has to give lyric/vocal wise, very catchy tune! 5/5
6-Fly on the wall - This is quite an electrionic track, so i suppose it depends on your opinion of that genre. good lyrics, very entertaining. after listening to it a couple of times, it really grew on me 3/5
7-Bottom of the ocean - a really good ballad, excellent lyrics and tune 5/5
8 - Wake up America - It has been said that this song is very 'hannah montana-esque, but i think that can be used with a pinch of salt. this song really shows Miley's love for America and making the most of her ability to teach the younger generation about global warming. 'i know you don't want to hear it coming from someone so young'- very clever, she is taking into account the adults in the from seat rolling their eyes, 'but in the back seat, yeah, they wanna hear it'- kids in the back, want to hear it and understand. 5/5 miley
9-These four walls - good ballad, lyrics and tune 4/5
10-Simple song - another good song, similar to most on the cd, still good beat and lyrics
11-Goodbye - really nice ballad with excellent lyrics, very touching song with a good story behind it. 5/5
12-See you again - probably going to be the most popular in clubs so will introduce a wider audience range. rock mafia remix really brought it up to speed 4/5
all in all, this is a great mix of rock and pop with some excellent ballads thrown in for good measure. really establishes miley cyrus as her own person away from hannah montana.
buyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy it!!!
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Well, well, well.
Who'd have thought it.

Just at the point when The Wolf was losing the will to live
with respect to the plethora of young and dumb female performers
currently flooding the airwaves along comes a little bit of fresh air.

Ms Cyrus' new album, pitched up in The Wolfcave, courtesy of
Scatty and Gritz (The Cubs), on Wednesday evening after school.

It was satchels down and red bandanas on within eight bars of title track 'Breakout's calamitous opening chords.
Air guitars aflame and four pairs of Vans bouncing off the walls and furniture.

Mrs Wolf was, as you can imagine, not amused.

Boys will be boys I guess.

This is cheerleader rock of a very high order.
Redolent in some ways of Ms Lavigne's 2007 release
'The Best Damn Thing' - and nothing wrong with that.

The twelve tracks are a largely uptempo set of strong
melodies and mouthwatering singalong hooks.
I defy you not to join in with the la-la-las of 'Simple Song'.

Single '7 Things' is a five star howl.

'The Drivaway' delivers proof (if proof were needed)
that this young lady can indeed sing and sing very well.

There are those (and I cannot count myself among them)
who might believe that a song as iconic as Ms Lauper's
'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' should be sacrosanct and
left well alone.
Ms Cyrus is brave to have dragged this old karaoke warhorse
out of mothballs and kicked some life and real energy back
into it. It really is a cracker!
Love those barking synthstrings and Mr Laboriel Jnr's delicious skittering high-hat.

'Bottom Of The Ocean', 'These Four Walls' and 'Goodbye' are
all worthy mid-tempo ballads.

'Full Circle', 'Wake Up America' and dancefloor friendly
'See You Again' are all strong rockers.
Cliched ? Sure - but with cliches of this quality who gives a hoot?

'Fly On The Wall' is perhaps the one fly in an otherwise Michelin-worthy soup.
The riffs and vocal effects were just a little too contrived for me to swallow.

A cracking little album. Cracks have in fact started to appear
in the ceiling due to the cubs' high volume replays.

They are, after all, their father's children.

Highly recommended.
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on 8 September 2009
I LOVE this album. NOt a fan of the music from HANNAH MONTANA SERIES but this is such a great cd. It really takes her away from the HAnnah Montana stuff and has a nice COuntry/POP twist to it. Every song is great and catchy and memorable in a good way. Im 28 and its on my mp3 player all the time.

Don't be put off by her Hannah Montana stuff,this is so different and really worth a try.

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on 26 April 2009
wow miley has defintly changed Her sound From Hannah Montana In this Cd.
She Has totally Broken Out.. Its One Awesome Cd you Can totally See the side Of Miley that hannah Doesnt show. you will See the Real Miley When She performs Her Own Songs.

I Defintly would Recommened This......

Also Her New Song the Climb thats one of the Best songs I have heard In Such A long Time I cannot Wait to get That.
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on 12 February 2009
It's a shame that Miley's recent personal and career mistakes have overshadowed the release of Breakout in Britain, because with racism and nudity aside, she successfully manages to break through from Disney star to credible artist on this catchy record. Granted she is still suffering from a Hannah Montana hangover, clearly demonstrated on some of the cheesier tracks, but she knows what her young and loyal and fan base want so this is nothing to be criticised for, and it makes the album much more fun and easy on the ears.

Obvious highlights are 7 Things with its slight rock edge and great chorus, and the catchy Hannah Montana classic See You Again, tagged on as a bonus track for the UK release. The Driveway and Full Circle are my favourite tracks though; great upbeat tracks with powerful choruses and great singing on behalf of Miss Cyrus. Bottom of the Ocean is understated and beautiful, whilst Fly on the Wall is very modern and current, bringing the listener back into the crazy world of Hannah Montana and being a teenager again.

My only real criticism of this album would be the general theme of heartbreak, which feels slightly disingenuous considering her tender age of fifteen during recording. Yet this is avoided on most of the tracks, such as The Driveway, which reflects the kind of relationship problems experienced by young people, such as being dropped back home by their boyfriend after the uncomfortable break up. My other main criticism would be the awful attempt of covering Girls Just Wanna Have Fun which doesn't gel with the other tracks. To her credit Miley does make the track her own, adding a modern twist and her own stamp, whilst encompassing the general message of the album - so put on this CD, grab your hairbrush and start dancing!
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on 6 December 2008
Well i was obsessed with her 'meet miley cyrus' cd so i guess its gonna be the same for this cd too!
1. Breakout - The title track, great girly pop/rock and it gets better every time you listen to it 'oo all over again' - 8/10
2. 7 Things - Great choice for the first single, very catchy upbeat country/rock feel - 10/10
3. The Driveway - Dont worry this is just miley singing on this one! Very addictive you will putting this one on repeat - 10/10
4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - I was a little worried about her covering this but shes really 'mileyfied' this classic - 8/10
5. Full Circle - Not my favourate but still a good track and nice to sing too - 7/10
6. Fly On The Wall - Love this one, probably my favourate on the album (well, at the moment) miley shows us a different side to her and its awesome - 10/10
7. Bottom Of The Ocean - Lovely soft ballad although the message is very sad - 10/10
8. Wake Up America - Miley expresses her feelings about issues ongoing in america, inspirational but sometimes kind of cheesy but i gotta say i love it! - 10/10
9. These Four Walls - Her vocals in this are very good, nice song - 9/10
10. Simple Song - This will relate to a lot of people, another that will probably be on repeat. Love it! - 10/10
11. Goodbye - Great way to end the album. Nice soothing tune and vocals - 10/10
12. See You Again (Rock Mafia Remix) - It was brilliant the first time round and its an okay remix but still sounds like the original too much - 10/10
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on 2 August 2008
Well like it says in the title Miley Cyrus has done it again with another fantastic album.
1)BREAKOUT-a fantastic example of what Miley is all about Rock/Pop with a Country twang.
2)7 Things-one of my favorite songs with beautiful pop verses and a rather heavy rock chorus. Fanyastic.
3)DRIVEWAY-a beautiful power ballad.
4)GIRL'S JUST WANNA HAVE FUN-better than the first version as insted of a computerised pop backing track it has a fantastic rock backing.
5)FULL CIRCLE-another great song from Miley the only problem with it is there isn't realy a big impact with it.
6)FLY ON THE WALL-probably my favorite upbeat song on the album as it has a great techno/rock backing track.
7)BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN-a beautiful song that could easily tack the place of Celene Dione's MY HEART WILL GO ON in Titanic.
8)WAKE UP AMERICA-a catchy upbeat song with a really good meaning behind it.
9)THESE FOUR WALLS-this is also a better remake of the song and Miley has improved it yet again. This song really shows off Miley's vocal tallent.
10)SIMPLE SONG-this is an interesting song as instead of haveing slow verses and a fast chorus it has a fast verse and a slow chorus very cleverly put together.
11)GOODBYE-another great slow song from Miley.
12)SEE YOU AGAIN REMIX-not such a fan of this one as i believe they should have left this classic song alone but still a great song.
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on 15 July 2008
Don't worry fans, Hannah Montana is still alive. Here Miley introduces her more personal side and shows us how she can relate to teenagers around the world.

1. Breakout- Awesome title track it's Miley's signature Pop Rock style with a sprinkle of catchiness (Particularly in the chorus). The rock track of the summer.

2. 7 Things- the first single, a catchy yet angry Country-tinged song about Miley's hatred for her ex.

3. The Driveway- If u've heard this and u have doubts about Noah singing then don't fret because this is the official (Miley only version) it's a very catchy rocky tune about losing somebody.

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- If u don't recognise the name of this song, hang ur head in shame. Miley has definately rocked up this classic in a good way!

5. Full Circle- Probably my least favourite track on the album, it's lively enough but the Country pop sound is rather forgettable.

6. Fly On The Wall- Now this is what i'm talkin about, a new side to Miley showing the darker side to her music, the intro sounds like a swarm of flies buzzing (Which is quite creative). Definately single material.

7. Bottom Of The Ocean- This is also single material, it's got a depressing message but it's a very soothing ballad.

8. Wake Up America- This is the kinda song that makes Miley a role model, expressing her beliefs of taking care of ur home. A very cool, very insiprational song!

9. Four Walls- A cover of Cheyenne Kimball's ballad on her debut album 'The Day Has Come', very smooth song.

10. Simple Song- At first the title says it all, but after a few listens it may become a song on replay. A rather sweet bluesy/rock sound.

11. Goodbye- Miley's new 'I Miss You', sweet vocals, nice tune brilliant way of ending the album (Originally anyway).

12. See You Again Rock Mafia Remix- not sure what this is doin on here, it's a catchy, but better for the clubs.
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