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on 13 December 2010
I was looking for a picture frame that could stream photographs from my PC where I already have my entire photo catalogue organised and stored. I also wanted to be able to do this via Wireless so no messing with moving photos onto memory cards. After much reading and research I settled onto this Frame as the closest option to what I was looking for. So here are my thoughts on the good and bad points of this frame
+ Strong picture quality, not the best I've seen but up there with the best.
+ Excellent touch screen. I was woried about messy finger prints on screen , but this is not a problem.
+ Very simple and easy to setup. You do need to register on Kodak web site, but all very clear and easy
+ Ability to email photos to be displayed on the screen is fantastic. I use this to send photo's from my PC, and from mobile phone to the frame. My wife also really likes this as this makes putting photo's on to the frame simple for her.

On the downside.
- I was very disappointed that I cannot see the frame as a storage device on my local network (Not even a web interface). The only way to use the wireless connection or manage the frame remotely is via the Kodak Pulse website. The more I have used this, the less of an issue this has become, but it still bothers me I need the kodak web site to make this work (What happens if site goes down, or one day will Kodak start charging to use the
- While Frame allows you to set a timer for on/off to save energy, the timer only allows a single day on/off time. Ideally this would allow for Weekend / Weekday settings.
- Price is high to get the wireless capability (but this was worth it for me.)

Overall I would happily recommend this unit, and plan to buy one for my mother for Christmas as the ability to email photos to the picture frame is just so good for anyone that is technically challenged.
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on 29 December 2010
The frame in general looks nice, it has a shiny black border with a silver bezel. The stand is built on to the frame and only allows it to be in horizontal position unlike other frames that let you have it for portrait images. There is also a panel that you flip to give you access to the memory card slots and the usb drive.

The frame has 512mb internal memory so I just the the internal memory but I have tried it with memory cards. All you do is insert the card and the pictures appear on your frame.

The main new features of this frame is its wireless ability, using the touchscreen you have the frame scan for your wireless network which after entering your network password it will connect and provide you with a pin number and also instructions to go to the kodak pulse website.

At the website you create a new account and enter the pin number the frame provided you and then that is it, your account is linked to the frame.

From the account you can set up an email address so that you or others can just email photos to the frame, you can set it to link with facebook galleries which was pretty straight forward as well.

There are also more advanced control features for the frame that you do not find on the touch screen frame menu such as energy savings modes i.e. mine is programmed to come on at 9 in the morning and switch itself off at 11 at night.

You can also load the photos from your computer via this online panel. A screen comes up asking for the location of the photos and after selecting them it uploads wirelessly to the frame. The online programme is uses automatically resizes the photos you select for the frame so it makes good use of the memory. I had selected about 500mb worth of photos and after it resized and uploaded them I have actually only used about 2% of the memory (it lets you know the frame memory as well).

One small point is that the frame does not play movies like others can do... but hey this is a photo frame after all.

Having looked at other pictures frames I would say that the picture quality is up there with the best of them but at 800 x 600 resolution if you look at the frame up close the pictures do look a bit fussy due to resolution. Looking at the frame about half a meter away you will not notice this though.

The 7 inch frame also is an 800 x 600 resolution so I would have thought they would have increased the resolution for the larger frame, it is not a big deal but this is why I reduced the stars to 4.
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on 22 December 2010
A great frame. Easily configured out of the box and connected straight the way to my home wifi router.

The picture frame is very sleek and stylish. There is a great cover that hides the many card slots. The frame is only 800 x 600 resolution which seems to be the normal. I must admit I was very impressed with how my pictures displayed on it.

Absolutely LOVE the multi pic option with its random fades.

You can configure the frame to have its own email address so you/friends can send pictures direct to the frame from anywhere in the World. You can also gain access to the frame via a Kodak login which allows you to quickly upload pictures from your PC. You can also grant permissions to friends to access also. When logged in online you can also configure the power management of the frame... very swish!!
The frame has onboard memory but this is easily expanded with the external memory. I have 1600 pictures saved on just over 100mb so you may not even need to buy any extra as it does have 512mb as standard.

Well worth an investment. I did struggle to find reviews for the frame prior to purchase. The best thing to do is view the 7" versions which is exactly the same except for the bigger screen. The frame has many accolades in the gadget press.... Ticked all the boxes for me.
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VINE VOICEon 8 September 2011
I have now purchased five of these frames as, once they are working (see end of review for issues and solutions), they are brilliant. One of them went on the fritz the day I received it (showing random static instead of photos), three of them are gifts and the last one I bought recently for our household as I got so entranced with watching photos at my parents and my parents-in-law (two of the gift recipients).

The frame has a large, clear display which really does justice to quality photographs and has a good viewing angle and depth of colour. You can manually load photos up to the frame by inserting an SD card but this is really missing the point, you will get the most benefit if you:

1) have a Facebook account and want to see photos you and your friends post
2) have a reliable, always-on wireless internet connection

In this case, you can set up an account with the Kodak Pulse website, connect it to your Facebook account and select which friends and which albums of those friends (including yourself of course) you wish to display. The killer app is that you can select "show new albums and photos from friends" at which point your photo frame becomes a constantly updating stream of new photos from you and your friends - very addictive viewing indeed. It works brilliantly and automagically and once it is running I've had no issues in leaving it plugged in for days at a time (you can set it up so that it switches itself on and off automatically at specific times or you can just turn it off, when turned back on it takes 20-30 seconds to reboot and start showing photos again).

So, why not five stars?

It took me longer than it should have to get the first 2-3 frames set up, by the fourth (which unfortunately was faulty) and fifth I was an expert so I wanted to share thoughts and tips in this review.

1) the firmware that was supplied on all my frames refused to connect to all four wi-fi networks I tried it with. You don't get any very helpful messages and it wasted several hours of my time figuring out the solution. You need to *turn off* security on your wireless router and then connect the frame which should work with no issues. The first time the frame connects, it will tell you it wants to update itself which you should allow. Once this is done *turn on* security and your frame will still be able to connect when you enter the password. This does mean you require access to your wireless router, need to be confident enough to disable and re-enable security and not be worried that you will leave your network open for twenty minutes or so. It is a shame the frames have not got the newer firmware installed on them yet (as of August 2011 when I ordered my last one).

2) don't buy an SD card assuming that this will mean the frame will download and store more photos, the SD card is only for transferring photos from a PC, in "Facebook mode" it only downloads to internal storage and the SD card will sit unused in the frame. This is not a major deal as the frame still holds about 4000 photos but I must admit that for the first two frames I did buy an SD card thinking it would increase storage capacity.

3) the frame does, in fact, have a couple of buttons at the back which you might not notice. One is the power button. The other is a very useful "network check" button which shows you the status of your current wireless connection and allows you to connect to a different network if you need to. This may come in very useful.

4) the frame does require a good wireless signal. The one at my parents is currently sitting idle as they have a large house and a rubbish router. This is not really an issue with the frame but do think about where you want to put your frame and what the signal strength is like...there is no wired connection option.

All in all a very good product which could so easily have been an excellent one.
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on 7 August 2011
Good functionality; I bought this frame for my parents (technophobes) and once I had set it up for them they enjoyed it a lot. We distributed the e-mail address to family and people were able to send photos to the frame for my parents to see without them having to worry about complex transfers. They got lots of regular updates and got some fun out of them. I think that Kodak's online gallery is a very well thought-out system.

Sadly the frame failed after about 4 months; it wouldn't turn on at all. No attempts to get the unit to recover were successful - unplugging and the like didn't solve whatever was the problem. We returned it through Amazon with no problem (my parents did the return without having to send the item back to me, which is good) and I have now ordered a new one. Hopefully we'll have more luck with the second one; if not then I'll update the review.
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on 19 March 2011
Bought this for my mother who is a not good with technology (at 86 who can blame her) - all the family are able to email her photos and she has to do nothing for them to pop up which is perfect. Rest of the family loved it and no one had seen anything like it before which got me brownie points!

Picture quality is good, nice bright reasonable sized screen, touchscreen controls make it very easy to use and setup.

So good I'll be buying a least one more for me and maybe a few others for presents
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on 8 January 2011
Bought this in the UK to send to my Mum in Australia. I opened the box and registerered the unit myself and tested I could send pictures to it. The whole process only took about 20minutes. So when my Mum recieved it she was able to simply plug it in and enter her home wifi network details and it was ready.

She loves it. She is now geting photo updates from myself with pics of her youngest Grand Daughter while my sisters kids are sending their own pics from their smartphones all the time. Magic stuff.

Technically the frame is just "good" resolution without being startling. The colours are nice and the touchscreen menu system is very easy to navigate. The frame itself is a smart looking unit. I bought the 10 inch frame.

So it's a 2 thumbs up recommended from me.
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on 11 February 2011
It seems to me that Kodak have pretty much nailed it with this frame.
It was very easy to set up an configure using Kodak's website.

The website provides tools which allow you to upload your photos to the frame, and since the tools seem to compress your photos to the optimal size before uploading, the uploading process was quick and painless, even though the file sizes for my original photos were large.

I was particularly impressed that I could set this up and upload photos in advance using the frame identity code on the box, without having to actually unwrap the frame. Since the frame was a gift, this made a big difference - because as soon as the frame was unwrapped, powered up and connected to our wireless network, it synced to the photos uploaded previously. My other half was very impressed to see our last holiday pics suddenly pop up onscreen, within a minute of taking the screen out of shrinkwrap.

The feature to email photos to the frame is very good too.

Note however, Amazon is advertising an energy saving feature whereby this screen turns on/off when you get near it. I can't find that on my unit, and I don't believe it is supported.

Also, I don't see any fixings to wall mount the frame - it looks like you have to stand it up using the stand provided. (Although if wall mounted, you'd probably have a trailing power cable, anyway)

Altogether, four out of five at present. A very good start. If they add more options and improve the website, could easily become a five star product.
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on 9 December 2010
...horribly frustrating when it didn't.

The frame worked just fine for the first couple of days. After that I experienced my first "white screen of death". I found this term (relating to multiple different Kodak devices) when searching the web to find out how to fix my completely hung frame. Basically, the frame shows only white and the touchscreen & power switch are both unresponsive. The only way to reboot is to pull the power cable, wait five minutes, and put the power cable back in.

My first "white screen of death" was followed by many more over the following week - at least one a day.

Returning the frame to Amazon.
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on 6 January 2011
We absolutely love this frame - it is big enough to see the pictures and its so easy to upload and email photos to it. It addresses all the issues with older frames that made them undersirable. A great buy
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