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4.5 out of 5 stars29
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£16.99 - £44.95
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on 13 November 2010
Dragon ball raging blast 2 is not too bad ,this game has a large amount of characters even more than the first raging blast and some of the game modes are decent. In this dragonball z game there is no story mode like in the other dragonball z games instead you have the galaxy mode which is a path of fighters each with there own difficulty and the battle zone where you try and defeat cpu fighters that defend battle zones one by one.

The graphics on this game are incredible and look fantastic in high definition and the backgrounds also look fantastic ,the backgrounds have a large scale of destruction ,the controls are the same as the first raging blast game (the movement of the characters are the analog sticks again) ,the characters when powering up are the same controls (pressing down on the directional pad) ,there is a new raging soul mode after powering up to the max ,all you do is press the R1 button when you're powerup gauge is fully charged (the button must be pressed right away or it wont activate) ,with this activated your character will be fast and powerful but you can't use any special moves during it ,there is also signature moves for each character ,the characters special moves are low in amount as usual ,the characters ultimate attack special effects look nice when it hits the opponent ,a character's transformation can be done during the battle form normal form to super saiyan etc (hold R2 to bring up a box then press either square ,triangle ,x or circle button where you see a picture of the transformation in the box) ,the pursuit attacks from raging blast 1 are back and the camera angles arn't too bad in this game.

Downfalls with this game unfortunately are character speed ,i feel the speed of the characters arn't as fast as the first raging blast but thats just my opinion ,the cpu characters fighting sometimes goes haywire in certain game modes when you activate the raging soul mode making it harder to hit them ,frieza's voice is totally ruined ,he has two different voices (change into his different forms and listen to them) one sounds almost like the supreme kai and kid gohan's voice is also ruined (they're both voiced by different actors not the original actors ,most of the hidden characters voices may also be different).

The modes in this game are...


Galaxy mode - This mode you could say is the main mode of this game and it will take you a long time to complete it ,it's sort of a story mode but it doesn't follow the dragonball z story from start to finish instead it has some battles thrown in from the dragonball z sagas ,this mode is a path of characters that is created for each character of the game ,each battle in this mode has certain conditions ,on some battles there are perfect actions to perform during battle and after each round you are given a rank and some unlockables if theres any to be earned after that battle ,dragonballs are also awarded after boss battles in this mode (both shenron and porunga can be summoned in this game and in this mode all characters that can transform start in they're first form but they're transformations can be unlocked in this mode to use in this mode and moves can be customized).

Battle zone - This mode requires you to defeat the cpu players that defend the battle zones one by one and in this mode all characters that can transform can use they're transformation from the beginning ,items or super attacks can be customised even while challenging a zone ,unlockables are also available in this mode.

Tutorial - Learn the basic controls in this mode ,complete the perfect actions displayed at the top right of the screen.

Training - The training mode with settings that can be changed freely ,up to 5 characters can be selected for this mode.


Single battle - A one on one character battle with 1p vs cpu ,1p vs 2p or you can watch the cpu fight.

Team battle - A team battle with up to 5 characters

Power battle - A special team battle ,build a team of characters without exceeding the given limit ,the limits you can pick are from 20 to 100.


Play online.


Play in the world tournament or the cell games ,tournament participents are 4 to 16 ,you can choose what type of fighters participate and also set some rule arrangements (ring outs and health carry over) ,battle commentary is the world tournament announcer for the world tournament and the cell games have hercule and the play by play announcer (these can be switched off when pausing during any of these modes and unlockables are available in this mode).


This mode lets you create items and super attacks equipped on your characters (you can create 3 custom characters per character).


View the character encyclopedia's where you can view the characters profile and listen to they're voices (listen to frieza's you'll just laugh at it) ,you can also listen to the games background music ,view any saved battle replays you have ,view pictures from dragonball z and dragonball z movies (they have to be unlocked first) and view movies in the game.

"NOTE the dragon ball movie the plan to eradicate the super saiyans is in japanese with english subtitles".


Change your screen settings ,sound and controller settings in this option.

The characters at the start of the game are...

Goku - (normal ,super saiyan ,2 and 3
Vegeta (cell saga version) - normal super saiyan ,super vegeta ,super saiyan 2
Kid gohan
Goten - normal ,super saiyan
Young trunks - normal ,super saiyan
Yamcha (saiyan saga version)
Trunks (battle armor version) - normal ,super saiyan ,super trunks
Cell - 1st form ,2nd ,perfect ,super perfect form
Cell jnr
Majin buu
Super buu - normal ,gotenks absorbed and ultimate gohan absorbed
Broly - normal ,super saiyan ,legendary super saiyan.
Vegito - normal ,super vegito
Frieza - 1st form ,2nd ,3rd ,final form ,100% final form
Captain ginyu
Zarbon - normal ,monster form
Android 16
Android 17
Android 18
Android 19
Dr gero (android 20)

(there are 29 unlockable hidden character's altogether in this game ,each boss you defeat in galaxy mode will give you a dragonball and will also unlock a new character ,there is also a square on the character board called enhanced characters ,these characters are a stronger version of a character and are unlocked through the battle zone).

The unlockable characters are...

Super saiyan 3 broly
Super saiyan 3 vegeta
Gohan (purple clothes ,majin buu saga version)- normal ,super saiyan ,super saiyan 2
Teen gohan - normal ,super saiyan ,super saiyan 2
Ultimate gohan
Tarble (vegeta's little brother)
Kid buu
Bojack - normal ,final form
Vegeta (saiyan saga version)
Majin vegeta
Super gogeta
Gotenks - normal ,super saiyan ,super saiyan 3
Future trunks (capsule corp jacket version) - normal ,super saiyan
Future gohan - normal ,super saiyan
Mecha frieza
Cooler - normal ,final form
Meta cooler
Salza (coolers soldier)
Neizu (coolers soldier)
Dore (coolers soldier)
Super janemba
Android 13 - normal ,fusion
Android 14
Android 15
Hatchiyack (the main boss in this game ,to unlock him watch the plan to eradicate the super saiyan's movie in the museum from start to finish ,you cannot skip any of the movie ,if you do then you won't unlock him.

(when playing the galaxy mode a boss stage is the circle with flames around it ,also you may have to get an S rank or higher to unlock the hidden characters ,im not sure as i usually get an S rank after the battle).

The battle stages in this game are...

Rocky land
Planet namek
Ruined planet namek
Ruined city
Cell game arena
World tournament stage
Supreme kai's world

(more battle stages are unlocked when summoning the dragon)

Overall this game is worth buying ,it's good fun to play and will keep you playing for many hours ,the galaxy mode makes a change from getting the usual dragonball z saga's story.
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on 4 February 2014
This is, with out a doubt, the best dbz game on this gen console (ps3/xbox 360)
Loads of my favourite characters like vegito with each of their unique ability.

One thing I wish they couldn't have added was characters from GT like super saiyan 4, super 17 etc.

Overall great game with good graphics.
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on 30 October 2014
My dream game, fitted to my expectations and even more! I love this game, its not a disappointment one bit. However it would have been good to have somewhat of a story mode like the first raging blast and to include GT characters which would have been absolutely perfect along. Plus you can alter the music if you have installed music in your PS3 to play your own track while running the actual game to make the mood more fitting. It's a very fitting and altering game. Absolutely perfect and is a must for all dragonball fans!
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on 20 October 2013
This is a great game, and unlike UT for PS3, the servers are pretty great, there's a massive range of collectibles and the special character dialogue between specific characters makes the lack of story mode fun, but if I wanted to see the story I'd just watch the Anime again.

The fun can begin to feel a bit repetitive but going online only makes it even more enjoyable, except there are some in-game mechanic issues such as you can lose to a button masher if you aren't careful, but it's a very enjoyable fun fluid game for DBZ.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2010
Oh dear... just when things were looking up for the long suffering, deeply inconsistent Dragonball games series. Raging Blast 1 was a massive step in the right direction from the truly awful Burst Limit that preceded it, taking the excellent Budokai Tenkaichi series of games and updating them for the current generation of consoles worked out incredibly well last year, so with some refinement, this sequel should easily have delivered the definitive Dragonball game... it does not.

Rather than take the usual approach of adapting every bit of the Dragonball Z anime they can lay their hands on for the game's central mode, RB2 utilises the all new "Galaxy mode" instead, which is basically a glorified 'challenge' mode that should appear as an additional extra in the game as opposed to being the central single player element. It basically consists of you picking from any of the game's extensive character list and fighting in a series of battles with bonus goals and/or 'conditions' to meet (eg. inflict as much damage as possible in 120 seconds, carry out the commands that appear on screen in battle, etc) and as you do so you acquire bonuses and 'items' to upgrade characters with. It is a fairly immense mode, true, but it is also utterly tedious after a short while. Playing the same handful of conditional battles hundreds of times is going to be a task of Herculean proportions for even the must ardent DBZ fan, but for me, it took completing it with a dozen characters for the game to outstay it's welcome. That's roughly 15 percent of the mode in case you were wondering. Immense, but boring. There are numerous other modes in here, like versus, survival, and 'Battle Zone', which feels like something tossed in to pad things out because the developers realised that Galaxy Mode alone was not enough to carry the game. It basically again offers a series of challenge battles you work through with bonus conditions, but in far simpler fashion and not divided up by character. More of the same ultimately though. Add to these the usual line up of online multiplayer options from the last game and the addition of a remastered version of one of the old DBZ movies to watch as a bonus in the extras section and you have the full package. I would call it more of the same but to a degree of repetition that ruins it, but the actual combat itself has seen some changes since last time... and none of them for the better.

The fighting does feel mostly the same as RB1, but many of the moves, supers and ultimates have been 'tweaked' to alter their timing, range and outright effectiveness to a degree that renders most of the experience you'll have built up playing the last game fairly meaningless. Dash type specials in particular have had their range and power stripped down heavily from what I could see, with some of the handiest moves from last time now mere shadows of what they were. Charge attacks during combos feel a lot slower to initiate and counter timing is way off. The whole thing is just nowhere near as intuitive to play as last time in my opinion. The combat system they had was fine, they should have focused on making it bigger and more polished rather than overcooking like they have.

The visuals hae also been altered, with the more 'cartoony' animated look replaced with a more subtly cel shaded style that gives the whole thing a more 'action figurey' look. It looks great, especially the new large scale environments. The audio is the same as the last game for the most part, with the 'cutscenes'(What there was of them) gone obviously due to their being no story mode now. It's decent, but largely unchanged in this respect.

So you basically have a game here that is more of the same as before, but with some game spoiling gameplay tweaks and modes that are ultimately a tedious chore to get through. I would sadly have to say this is an inferior product to the original Raging Blast in fact, which had it's flaws, but was a more fun game with more interesting incentives to keep playing.

It's a badly misjudged sequel with far too many minus points in comparison to what has gone before. It's Dragonball GT in game form basically.
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on 13 February 2014
The game is awesome. Dragonball z at its best.
Delivery came in on time. No problems at all.
If you want a dragonballz game that includes nearly all of the series and movie characters then I highly recommend this game.
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on 16 October 2011
Like any Dragon Ball game, you have to play it for quite some length before you can officially call yourself reasonably skillful at the game. Although, the fighting styles from RB1 to RB2 are incredibly different, and me being an A rank player on RB1 found it uncomfortable at the start when playing RB2, but I eventually got into the hang of things, and I'm making my way up to the top!

The only other thing I'd like to mention is... BE WARNED: A few copies of Raging Blast 2 have Tenkaichi 2 music instead of RB2 OST?! I was one of the unfortunate customers who got the Tenkaichi 2 music, I was really looking forward to the OST for RB2 aswell...

Overall I would have given this game a 5 Star if it wasn't for the disappointing music, but hey! It's still a great game, and I hope you all get the OST instead of Tenkaichi 2!
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on 1 March 2011
I am a big dragonballz fan and I don't hate this game although it is a let down from raging blast 1. it has a huge fan base challenges to unlock old footage from the dbz sagas and pictures. the voice on some of the characters is not the same as the original anime on TV and there really is no story to this game it's more like a mortal kombat type of thing. but the graphics are stunning and it looks beautiful on a HD TV, its an improvement on the combat and graphic systems also it loads really fast. online multi-player is challenging and is fun. I don't hate this game it has a lot of fan base stuff on it and great graphics and combat but it just doesn't have a story to it like the previous raging blast.

hope I helped this is just my opinion because im a huge DBZ fan! I think a fan shouldn't miss out on any dbz games I have them all from ps1, ps2, ps3, =)
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on 30 November 2010
This game is overly priced for what you get. The graphics and battlefields are an improvement, however after playing the game for an hour it got increasingly boring. The special attacks mostly cut to a small scene where it wipes out the opponent, but for most of them it seems the same. Transforming takes too long especially when you have to press R2 and then another button in order to choose which form to go to. Galaxy mode is just random battling with characters associated with your character. Once again the ultimates for goku at his different levels doesn't change from a normal kamehameha. Frieza and teen gohans voices are ruined enough for you to mute the game itself. This game is more for fanatics, if someone hasn't got a clue about dragonball then they will not enjoy playing the game. And games are made in order for everyone to play.
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on 14 May 2014
Great game! However, be prepared to spend half your life completeting it! Well worth the play if you are a dragon ball fan as it has nearly all of the characters from the series and the films.
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