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4.6 out of 5 stars901
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 December 2015
Okay, so I have owned this shaver for a little over two years so have had a good opportunity to now test it and how it functions on a daily basis and the value proposition when you factor in the cartridges and refresh system.

To provide some context I am part Asian and as a result have very dark hair that is also coarse yet very fair skin, so missed hairs are very noticeable. Also as a result 5 o'clock shadow is pretty much a given unless I get very close in and with this product I do. Also off the bat I would like to say I normally use a double edge blade, specifically the merkur 39c with some feather blades, with this being the go to item when I have time. I often use this when time is not available, but that's not to say this is any less effective.

Off the bat I owned the Braun 5895, part of the 5000 series family before moving up to this machine and have been delighted with the difference. The system itself arrives well packaged as typical of Braun and for added security. In the box you get the shaver of course, the clean and renew system, Travel pouch, Mains charger (2 pin shaver type), Clean and renew system and a refill cartridge.

The unit itself is pretty sleek, with a nice silver and black finish with some silver elements for the buttons. On the bottom of the shaver and at an angle which makes it unobtrusive while using is a gauge which show the battery and hygiene levels. The hygiene level will relate to how much you have used it and how intense the clean and renew system will clean the shaver. Both are easily readable but not backlit yet always remain constantly on.

The shaver itself will fit well into your hands with a rear rubber texture giving you further control parts such as the trimmer built in has a texture open and close latch to further help with this, useful if you are using the product with wet hands. The unique selling point, or at least at the time of release was the fact it can be used in both wet and dry conditions. Therefore the unit has been sealed as required. Lastly the shaver has built in Micropulses that send out tiny vibrations. In my opinion it's hard to quantify if this work’s or not but it's not caused any adverse effect to the shave quality.

Now in regards to performance, I generally need to go over the same area a few times to get a close enough shave due to aforementioned reason of having dark coarse hair. I can happily report that the shave is actually very close. Infact it's often close enough that even after doing a wet shave with my double edge blade, I do a quick run over my skin with this machine and can hear a few hairs getting cut. It does get a tad difficult to cut around the area where your nose meets mouth so for that you can use the built in trimmer. Another great feature of this is the sensitivity levels. The small buttons to the left and right of the power will increase or decrease the sensitivity with the blue light on the said power button becoming a darker or lighter shade of blue. For myself the most intense level is used on my face and cheeks while I often use the lower sensitivity level on my neck which is very prone to getting spots. Lastly I often use a bit of oil such as the kings of shave oil after splashing on some warm water. The unit has worked fine with such a process 2 years in and this for myself at least provided a very close shave. Finally in regards to the shaver itself a nice touch is the pivoting head feature. This is a useful function and can be locked as required.

In regards to the clean and renew system. It's a great aspect of the overall experience of using this item. The system harmonises great with the shavers hygiene level and picking a cleaning level based on the use. The shaver does certainly feel a lot cleaner after using the system and the lovely lemon smell does give a new shaver experience. The clean and clear system is pretty straightforward in this regard by automatically picking the cleaning level. However Braun have added a small blue button which does a rapid clean, nice if you need to use the shaver sooner rather than later. Lastly the same clean and renew base doubles up as a charging dock, so all you ever have to do is plug the system into a wall outlet once and pop in the shaver for a clean and charge as needed. There is of course a caveat to this system in that you need to buy the clean and renew kits every so often which adds to the overall cost of owning this product. On average a pack of 3 renew kits come in at £15. Your milage may very but I get about 4-6 weeks of use. So in all lets say £5 a month for daily use. It is somewhat pricy, but at the same time, getting a very well cleaned machine is a pretty good proposition.

So in all, I am very delighted with this buy. After two years of using it it's been a great long lasting machine that I often rely upon. The clean and clear system is of course an ongoing expense, but when you look at the price of other products this machine can replace, it's a fair cost. I am also delighted with the quality of the shave you get with this machine. It rivals the quality of shaves I could get with some cartridge based razors, and while not as close as say double edges shaves the pick up and go aspect more than makes up for it. A great buy, more so considering the price it has dropped to.
review image review image review image
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on 25 May 2011
I thought I'd wait a few months before writing this - just so that I could speak from some kind of perspective!

Firstly, I am a BLACK CARIBBEAN male! I think that's HIGHLY important to mention in this review because our skin is different! Historically I have had a wet shave using one of those Gillette Mach 3 razors (that you put the AAA battery into - and it vibrates). But I was getting fed up of the inconvenience of this - and the occasional cuts - and wanted something a bit more 'stylistic'. Enter the Braun!

Flip!!! What a shaver - and yes! You can call it the Rolls Royce of shavers; it's expensive but it will blow you away when you use it.

First shave was not bad; not as close as my wet shaves - but then I didn't expect it to be, because the manual said it needs time/you need time for you skin to adjust to this type of shave. But it was good; more than passable. So I stuck with it!

Second shave... Better!

Third shave onwards... Skin felt exactly the same as after a wet shave!!! No joke! This thing shaves as close as a blade - but you need to give your skin time to adjust; I cannot emphasise that enough! And the convenience of shaving fully clothed and whilst rushing (in my case!) cannot be matched. Absolutely superb - and worth every penny. Been using almost 6 months now and haven't been back to a wet shave since - not even once. Now that's saying something!
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on 26 January 2016
This razor is very misses hairs and the central cutters that are supposed to pick up longer hairs simply do not work.basically foil electric shavers all offer similar levels of performance-adequate on easy to shave area like cheek and very bad on areas with different directional hair growth so you may as well buy the cheapest you can find-all the claims of 10000 microvibrations on this shaver make no difference to the performance.this shaver is infact worse than my first electric Remington shaver i had 20 years ago.if i wish to use this shaver i have to go over all the hairs it misses with a blade-thus defeating the whole point of using an electric shaver.complete waste of money.
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on 28 January 2015
This a good shaver. I have tried it a few times and it is good and leaves my skin with no much irritation. I much prefer this system to the Phillipshave, which I have previously.

It is easy to carry around as the changer is not necessary. The shaver can charge straigh from the plug. The only inconvenience is that while plugged it doesn't work. You will need to wait to get some charge.

The biggest inconvenient I have found so far is the cleaning. This shaver is not like the other Baun I had that under the foil had some sort of 'blades' (I know they were not proper blades but lets leave it there) that cut the hair. Then just brushing everything was easy and enough. Not anymore. The system is very different and is not possible to brush clean the foil casset. Washing under running water is ok but eventually you will need to use the cleaning-charging station, which is a real pity if you have to travel for long periods.

The cleaning (and charging) station is bulky and a bit inconvenient due to the space it takes. In my case the station doesn't switch off after 10 min of finishing the cleaning as it is claimed. It takes quite longer to get off, but it finally does. It leaves the shaver very clean. I would recomend anyone to brush it and blow it before putting it in the station. I even rinse it under the tap beforehand to get rid of as much debri as possible. This is because the station will end up accumulating all the dirt you don't remove and you will need to clean it. The cleaning station also need cleaning, mate.

The need of new cleaning solution every couple of months is an extra expense to think about. I am not sure if there will be alternative fluids. The liquid smells very alcoholic, but I presume it also has some sort of lubricant oils that keep the casset running smoother.

Said all this, for those who need to travel for long periods it might be inconvenient. The cleaning station is not possible to carry around because of the size and because the cleaning solution inside will spill. I presume you might be abe to lock it with the lid it comes with but I am not sure how tight it will hold after a few uses. If you fly, and given that it is likely to be flammable, you won't be allowed to have it in your hand luggage.. Washing it under the tap can be good but I have not got a reall good clean yet. You will need to shake it repeatedly under the water don't just leave it under running water.

It is a good shaver and I like it. If you are a traveller think about the cleaning before buy it. On the traveller's advantage you do not need to carry a charger with you like it happens with others and particularly with Phillipshave. You only need the cable to plug it to the mains. As a traveller you will need to balance both and decide.
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VINE VOICEon 18 April 2013
The quality of Braun products has diminished a little since they were bought by Proctor & Gamble but they are still a worthy contender for the 'best electric shaver' crown. Panasonic give them a run for their money these days when previously Braun couldn't be touched but the top of the range products are still made in Germany. This Series 7 shaver is no exception and the quality appears to be fantastic.

Having owned the previous generation Series 7 I can say that this one looks better and feels better in the hand. It also has a digital display and different shaving modes, even a vibration feature. Does it shave any closer though?

The answer to that question is no, it doesn't. The shave is more than acceptable and it does get close but it isn't as close as my old Braun. I develop a shadow a few hours later when previously I didn't and looking at the foil & cutter block, it appears to be the reason. The new foil design has a more basic pattern of holes and the cutting block is integrated now, you can't separate the block from the foil. No amount of modes and vibrating can change the fact that the foil and cutting block determine the closeness of the shave.

As the foil and block don't come apart, you can't brush and blow the hairs out so have to use the supplied cleaning station after every shave. This means the cost of replacing the cleaning fluid will be much higher than it was with my old Braun because I used to manually clean it for three or four shaves and then use the cleaning station. Having said that, the shaver is so clean and fresh once you have used the cleaning station that it seriously feels like a new shaver every time you use it.

There is a leather pouch included but sadly no foil guard. Every shaver I have ever purchased, even the cheap ones, came with a plastic foil guard. Sure you get the leather pouch but it isn't rigid so a knock could still damage the foil. I think this is a lousy cost cutting exercise on such an expensive item. The fact of the matter is that you can't buy the older Braun shavers any more and besides that, the replacement foils for those have been changed to the new style is this new Braun Series 7 shaver still worth a look? Undoubtedly yes it is. The build quality is still impressive and the shave it delivers is more than acceptable. It's a shame Braun have taken somewhat of a step backwards but they were once so far ahead of the competition that they can afford to do so and still be competitive.
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on 24 June 2011
I bought this shaver a few months ago to replace my previous Braun 7505. The previous shaver had lasted a long time but the battery was failing to hold charge and to be honest the shave was not good. I read a number of reviews for the Series 7 and bought it when the price was highly discounted.

Noise: One of the biggest criticisms was that the Series 7 was very noisy. I don't think that statement is quite correct, side by side with my old shaver there is no apparent difference to the volume of noise, but there is a difference in tone and frequency, the Series 7 is relatively high pitched. I adapted to it quite quickly, but I am also over 65 so my detection of higher frequencies may be a little impaired compared with younger users.

Shave: On my face, the comfort and closeness of the shave is brilliant. Even if I skip a shave or two the shaver works very well. There is a comfort adjustment but my skin tolerates the normal shave so I used it once - life on the edge and all that!

Cleaning: The clean and renew bath is good. I do not use it after every shave, more like after every 6 shaves. I tend to clean the excess hair out of the shaving head before putting it through the bath and on that basis the cleaning fluid (propanol [propyl alcohol] with a bit of blue dye in it) lasted about 3 months. The cleaning cycle is quite long, but you are recharging the battery at the same time. Braun charge a lot for the cleaning fluid and the plastic container but I guess this how they make money.

Price: I don't mind paying for quality kit. I have had 2 previous Braun shavers and they have lasted well, the main problem on both of them was the death of the rechargeable batteries. The Series 7 seems to be very high quality and should see out a decade of use.

Overall: I like my new shaver. It is convenient, suits my skin, and does a very good job of shaving. The clean and renew bath costs a lot to run, especially if you use it on a daily basis.
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VINE VOICEon 30 March 2013
Style Name: 799|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is Braun's top of the range shaver. It's expensive, but it's worth it. I previously had Braun 5 series with the cleaning station. The 7 series isn't just a small upgrade, it's a completely different shaver. It feels like a premium product. It's not too light & not too heavy; perfect balance. It comes with a premium leather pouch & the cleaning station.

The cleaning station is more or less the same size as the other cleaning stations Braun offers. This one shows you if your cleaning cartridge is low on fluid & how clean your shaver is. You can clean your shaver under the tap, use the brush that comes with it or use the cleaning station. Depending on the hygiene status of the shaver, it'll perform a standard clean or a heavy duty clean. If you don't have time to wait around for the clean to complete, you can also perform a quick clean which will last a couple of minutes, after which you can use the shaver straight away. Braun does recommend that you change the cartridge every 8 weeks even if there's still fluid left.

On the bottom of the shaver, there's a LED display. It's not back-lit but there's no need for that as you can't really shave in the dark anyway. It shows you the battery level & the hygiene status of the shaver. Fully charged, the battery lasts about 50 minutes. It takes 1h to charge it fully. The shave is very close, probably not as close as a razor shave, but it's really good. After shaving with the 5 series, my skin was irritated, but that's not the case with the 7 series. I'd also say it's much easier to shave with the 7 series.

The 7 series uses sonic technology. You have 3 sonic modes on the shaver. All controlled with the + & - buttons below the power button. The power button light will change from white, light blue to dark blue depending on the setting. It's a very useful feature and helps to cut the flat hairs with ease.

The main feature of this shaver, over the other 7 series, is that you can dry and wet shave. Other 7 series will probably stop working after a wet shave.

As this is a wet shaver, I was surprised and relieved to see that you don't have to carry the cleaning station with you wherever you go. You can unplug the power cable from the cleaning station and plug it directly into the back of the shaver. There are a lot of manufactures who don't offer this with wet shavers. This is a major plus for Braun as you don't have to worry about running low on battery while on holiday.

Overall, this is an excellent, top of the range shaver which is definitely worth the price. However if you're not going to use it for wet shaves, you should get the 790 model (which is for dry shaves only) as it's usually a bit cheaper and offers most of the same benefits & features.
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Style Name: 790cc-4|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I decided to use this for a week or so before reviewing, as it always takes a few shaves with a new razor for your face to become accustomed to it. I've noticed one or two of the reviewers haven't really given it a chance.

The first time I used it, I admit I was a little disappointed with the results. It seemed rather "patchy", and no matter how often I went over these areas, it just wouldn't get rid of these last few bristles. However, I have now used the unit seven or eight times, and the results are much better now, certainly better than my Phillips Coolskin rotary shaver, or a wet Gillette shave.

It is fast; I found it to be just the right size, shape, and weight; it doesn't overheat like many electric shavers do; and it charges quickly - one charge should be enough to last a week. The charging dock has a built-in cleaning mechanism, which appears to be powered by magic. It uses a cleaning liquid to cleanse the shaver while it is in the dock. It's a rather noisy, and lengthy process, and there are disposable cleaning cartridges to buy, but, these small minuses apart, it's a real boon to have your unit properly cleaned, and it should prolong the life of the shaver.

It is not a simple piece of equipment - it's certainly not Occam's Razor (sorry, but I had to get that one in). There are various settings and indicators dealing with skin sensitivity, charging levels, hygeine levels, etc, but I would imagine that most users will just choose their settings once and stick with them, and clean or charge the unit as and when necessary.

Before this arrived, I must admit I was intrigued to see just what a three hundred quid shaver would be like. It's certainly the best electric shave I have ever had in thirty five years of shaving, but even at Amazon's generously discounted price, I'm not sure I could justify the outlay. There is also the added expense of the cleaning cartridges, which would come in at around fifty pounds a year, if you clean the unit as often as the makers suggest - although I don't suppose anyone willing to pay this amount for a shaver will have any problem with that. Overall, I'm very happy to own it, just not sure that I would ever have bought it.
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2013
Style Name: 799|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Before I start, I have used Braun shavers for more years than I care to disclose in polite company so I have been able to see the progression they've made over time.

This unit is the brand new top of the line model, replace the previous 790 model. It is exceptionally well built (losing the plasticky feeling of it's predecessor) and sits in the hand comfortably. It may be slightly heavy to some, but for a few minutes of shaving a day it's not going to be an issue. Also included is a nice pleather carry case, much better than previous itterations.

It has three power settings depending on the level of attack you need for your stubble. I get by on the medium setting, maybe dropping to the lowest if I've had a tad too much sun. Unlike the previous model I find the top setting to be far too harsh for my skin day to day. There is a little pop out precision trimmer for sideburns etc. that is useful as the main foil won't get a straight line.

You can use this model in the shower, seems to be a good feature. I personally don't get anywhere near a good shave using electric with wet skin than I do dry, so can't comment too much.

On the bottom is a display showing how much battery life is remaining (around a months use on a full charge) and the 'hygene' factor. This essentially tells you when you need to use the cleaning dock, although I put it through once a week regardless. It will also tell you when you need to replace the foil.

The clean and renew dock is excellent, you plug it in the top and about 40-50 minutes later it comes out sparkly and clean. The instructions state that a cleaner cartidge will last up to 3 months with weekly usage. I suppose that you could probably get this, but I think that 2 months would likely be the most you'd get. They are a tad expensive (£12-15 for 3), but they really do work! You may need to factor this in your running costs, plus the head will need to be replaced every 12-18 months. The foil and blade are all in one unit, you pop it off and stick on a new one, very easy.

Overall this is an excellent day to day shaver. You will never get as good a finish as a wet shave, but this does nearly the same trick. It only looses points for the running costs (they will be higher than Braun would like you to think) and the fact it makes an absolute racket in use.
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on 4 December 2014

First I'm going to share with you a recent discovery for probably the
closest shave you've ever had from your current shaver. It works for
any shaver, but better shavers will give you even better results so
you still might need to upgrade!

I challenge you to try it now and leave me a YES helpful review
immediately when you find it works.

In the morning before washing, take a clean tea-towel and aggravate
your mustache/beard area by firmly pushing against the grain. This
will heat your skin up, raise your bristles and remove obstacles to a
clean shave such as excess skin/oil.

BEFORE! And all this without special chemical heavy exfoliating gels!

Finally, after washing, wake your face up and bring moisture back to
the surface by tapping your face all over with your clean fingertips
and then brushing over your with clean hands. You can get more
moisturisation by drinking more water during the day!

As above but after using the tea-towel, apply shaving gel with a
bristle brush against the grain, shave (electric or manual) and wash
face afterwards. Then continue with tapping skin.


Shave was no better or worse than my 10 year old Braun 3 series it
replaced. This was disappointing but I got the shave results I'm used
to. Wet shave aspects were ok, but chamber gets clogged up quickly and
is a hassle to rinse out. Unlike the PHILIPS AT890 which flips up for
rinsing during wet shaving. The Philips AT890 is a much better choice
for wet shaving, as it handles several days growth with ease when wet
shaving with it. It also has a larger chamber so rinsing is less
frequent. The other problem for me with the Braun 3 series is that the
Trimmer is too close to the foil, so anyone with a nose can catch it
when shaving the mustache!

BRAUN 5030
This was the closest shave I've ever had. Much better than the 3
Series it replaced. And closer than all Philips shavers I've tried,
for my face). With the proviso that you occasionally have to go over
areas a few times to achieve it. This is worth it for the end results.
It starts to strain the motor if you have more than 1 or 2 days growth
to deal with. The battery lasts a week or so of heavy use, more for
light use. Trimmer is easy to use and out of the way for shaving
unlike the 3 Series. Seems built to last. Until I tried the Braun
Series 7 790, I didn't think I could get better.

Not only is the shave better than all previous Brauns, consistently
feeling like the results of a wet shave, the pulsating action also
give a mild self massage to my skin AT THE SAME TIME! I've noticed
that my face starts looks younger, due to the improvement in blood
circulation this technology promotes.

The 3 shaving power modes seem like a gimmick, but they work and are a
bit of high tech fun. On the most intense setting, the effortlessly
deals with 3 day growth, unlike the 5 series. The sensitive setting is
kinder to sensitive areas, but also seems to cut additional fine hairs
in areas already shaved by the intensive setting. The normal mode is a
compromise between the two. Personally I use all 3, but mainly the
intense and then sensitive for the closest shave I've ever had.

The Cleaning Station isn't essential but a nice to have. The shaver
cleans very easily under the tap. But I use the cleaning station once
every week or two because I like the freshening effect it has. TOP
TIP: to avoid excessive evaporation in warmer environments, I simply
remove the cartridge and replace the lid seal until I use it next.
THIS IS HOW TO BEAT THE SYSTEM! Its also a handy stand, doesn't take
up too much room, charges and has lovely flashy lights.

Battery life is a week or two depending on my much you use it, trimmer
works well, info display is useful. Seems built to last. Its worth the
money (especially on sale) without a doubt, considering how much you'd
spend on blades and time taken on self massage.
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