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4.4 out of 5 stars22
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2011
McKinney casts his net further with this novel. He throws in vastly different characters and it is clear he has the ability to get into the minds of those he writes about, we see and hear from their perspective as the world slowly comes to terms with the fact that the hardest thing to do is to survive in the world of the dead.

The pace doesn't stop in this novel, it has it all, suspense, horror and humanity all thrown into the mix. This novel is a thousand kilometre an hour ride that you just don't want to stop, as the wind whips your hair and the violence seems never ending, real emotions and people are popped into the equation, loss and suffering is never far from the mix.

We meet retired US Marshall Ed Moore attempting to lead survivors to safety. Whilst with the ability McKinney has to explore different people, on the flipside a preacher who has found more than just god after the rising. A fantastic array of characters, realism and just the right amount of suspense, horror and gore, make this novel a worthy addition to any horror fans bookshelf.

Look out for his other novels Flesh Eaters and Dead City.

Dead City Flesh Eaters
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on 9 June 2014
Going on the title alone, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this book was yet another generic entry in the zombie subgenre. However, you’d be very, very wrong...

Apocalypse of the Dead is the second in the ‘Dead World’ series from award winning author Joe McKinney and sees not only McKinney’s home state of Texas fighting the walking dead but the remainder of the United States succumbing to the zombie menace.

The events of AOTD are not exactly a direct sequel to Dead City but set two years later when Texan cities have been quarantined and those alive within are left to fend for themselves against the increasingly intelligent zombies. However, the quarantine is unsuccessful, leading to the events foretold in the book’s title...

AOTD is far from standard zombie fodder. McKinney develops his story well, populating it with an array of diverse characters including some truly deplorable individuals who you just know are going to come to a grisly end. The plot is fairly straightforward but McKinney brings it to life admirably with subplots concerning not only attempting to survive but efforts to find a cure and one man perverting the faith of others to meet his own ends.

On a negative note, AOTD is incredibly busy. From the outset, there are a number of different threads to the story to follow and with such a frenetic pace, it was difficult at times to keep track of it all.

The real strength of AOTD comes from the author, drawing on his own experience as a time served law enforcement officer and thus, imbuing many of his characters and situations with a sense of realism which is often absent in contemporary stories.
Although part of the Dead World series, AOTD stands perfectly well alone and the uninitiated reader will not be left feeling adrift if choosing to begin their journey into McKinney’s work here with an action filled zombie tale that leaves America in ruins...
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on 2 March 2013
I came across Joe McKinney in American when I was on holiday in Chicago, and in a Barnes and Nobles bookstore I came across two of his novels; Apocalypse of The Dead, and Flesh Eaters. In fact I bought Apocalypse of the Dead first, and after reading just the first five pages I ran in and bought the only copy in the store of his other novel Flesh Eaters. I was struck simply of how easy it was to get into McKinney's novels, even though at the time I was unaware of Apocalypse of The Dead was in fact his second novel, and Flesh Eaters was his third. It was easy to jump right into Apocalypse of The Dead, and get to know the characters as the nightmare of the dead rising effected them all.

All of Joe McKinney's novels are very well written and easy to understand, there's nothing in his novels that would alienate his readers over something some readers would understand, and the other half having to research it. He explains everything in detail, from how the zombies interact and how they respond to survivors as well as the overall effect of the zombie apocalypse in mainland USA. As Brit reading this book, I can't fault it and I enjoyed every page of it imagining certain scenes played out in The Walking Dead style.

Again if you've read one of Joe McKinney's other zombie novels, there are four of them in total you need to read Apocalypse of The Dead as it simply expands on the situation perfectly. Since finishing Apocalypse of the Dead, I've read Flesh Eaters and now I have ordered from Amazon the first novel of the series; Dead City, and his fourth and latest installment Mutated and I cannot wait to get started on these two novels next. Joe McKinney I would recommend to any horror fan, and especially fans of zombie literature.
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on 24 September 2013
The action was frantic from the start and introduced some interesting and complex characters. The story had a strong religious theme with a preacher (Jasper) who was able to walk among the dead without threat, he was also able to arrange transport, building supplies etc in a world that was devastated. He was unconvincing - he had a strong cult following and they set up a village away from the cities. My favourite character Michael Barnes was strong, ruthless and efficient. Nate was immune to a zombie bite and cast as a possible cure for the infection. Ed and Billy's relationship was a highlight of the story.

Several groups make their way to the safety of the Grasslands, each progressing through a series of near misses and losses. Some of the coincidences in the story were less believable than a Zombie Apocalypse but I'll let the reader work those out.

Without trying to spoil the book, the last 100 pages were a let down. Michael Barnes who struck me as independent and sceptical was brainwashed in a sentence. It sort of lost its way a bit.

Overall it was better than Dead City and hopefully Flesheaters will improve the story again. Not great but not bad either.
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on 22 December 2010
This novel was recomended to me by Amazon as a bargin buy for £4, so i thought what the hell, i'll give it a go. I am so glad i did, it is an a belter of a zombie story. Usually when i read a good horror i charge through the book as quick as possible, after the first chapter i forced myself to read no more than a couple at a time in order to prolong the book, it is that good.
The author introduces characters throughout the story and he really gets you rooting for some, and others you can't wait to see if they get tore apart as they are absolute swine's.
The premise of the story is that San Antonia was hit by a huricane and flooding and the resulting pollution caused mutation and an outbreak of a virus that lead to victims becoming zombies. The U.S government locks off the city and uses its forces to ensure the virus does not escape. Eventually there is a massive outbreak and the story kicks up a gear, i am not writing anymore as i will let you find out for yourself.
All zombie fans treat yourself and get this book, it is brill....
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on 25 September 2011
I was pleasantly surprised by this engaging book. I haven't read the first book in the series but this isn't a problem as the scenario is easily understood and you quickly catch up with what has happened. The story follows groups of survivors as they indivually and collectively battle their way through a nation in the turmoil of a Zombie outbreak. This could have been quite formulaic but it throws in religous cult for good measure which sets the story up with a focus for the survivors and acts as a catalyst to flip character loyalties and motivations at the concluson. I will definitely try to get hold of the first book now and look forward to seeing more work by the author.
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on 29 December 2012
Sequel to dead city is excellent. Loved the wider story arc with the various characters. Reading mutated which is next in series chronologically.
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on 25 September 2011
Wonderful take on a zombie apocolypse.

I enjoyed this book very much. Non stop from start to finish !!!

More like this please !!!!
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on 26 December 2010
After reading the first book Dead City this book didn't come as a surprise to find it a decent read.
In the first book it was mainly about one main character where this one centres around numerous groups who are all trying to get to the same zombie free place. It wasn't as fast paced as Dead City but I did find it more interesting having different groups of characters to focus on.
Another 3 stars for Joe McKinney.
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on 6 March 2015
Well written book. It kept me entertained throughout. I would recommend reading it.
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