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on 24 April 2012
An excellent easy to use product with every golf course we could think of included. The accompanying strap and clip is good for attaching it to the golf trolley. Use with rechargeable batteries.
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on 27 May 2011
I bought one mainly because I play regularly with other people who have similar devices. Not wanting the hassle of a subscription and downloading course information the Garmin G3 seemed ideal. I was at first a little disappointed at how quickly it got through Duracell batteries, but now I've changed to rechargeables it's much better. Interestingly, I find I don't refer to it as much as I thought I would. On the tee I might occasionally check the distance to a bunker or water, but mostly use it only for second shots on par fours and approach shots on par fives, where club selection is important. So probably only about 18 or so times in a round - hence the "luxury" class I mentioned. Having said that, however, I find it really useful. In particular the ability to re-position the flag is very significant - our course has just introduced different coloured flags - white at the back, yellow mid-green and red at the front, so it's an easy adjustment that can make the difference between a long way to putt and a birdie chance. I rarely use its other features - keeping score, measuring how far I've hit my drive and so on - I like to keep the game moving. A good tool though - I wouldn't be without it now.
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on 21 June 2014
I took all the jibes from the family when I announced I was buying one of these. I got remarks like "does it till you that was a rubbish shot?". Well they are laughing on the other side of their faces now after seeing it at work, its great. There are thousands of courses (12,000) I am told. It is ready for use and captures a satellite link in less than a minute. It then suggests which courses you may like to choose from once its found your location. I have found that in use the more sunshine on the screen, the clearer the image. It does have a backlight function for poor lighting conditions. Its not a hi-resolution screen, but it is in colour. The detail is good, not fantastic. It is clear enough to read off the distances to the centre of the green, obstacles, like water or bunkers and you are able to zoom in quite easily if you find the need, Sometimes at out local course we may have to start on the 3rd or 10th tee. That does not present a problem, just step the device forward and off you go. Its possible to measure the distance of your shot by selecting 'measure', reset the distance and as you walk to your ball the G3 measures the distance. It will keep the score for up to four players and keeps the names which I find quite handy as I play in a regular four ball. Each round score is kept and its a simple task to connect the G3 to a PC and use the built in software to review all of the games played. I am not sure how many rounds it will store in the 1Gb of on board storage, typically a round takes about 1Kb and after deducting the G3 operating system and inbuilt course system, it leaves around 800 Mb free, that's a lot of golf rounds before the space gets used up. I presume, it will start to overwrite them or you may have to reset it, it will be many years before I get to that point so it does not concern me at the moment. Its a very rugged design, waterproof and comes with a handy fastening device that can clip to you golf bag or trouser belt or loop. I choose to buy a locking strap for a cart mount which means I can see it whilst walking with my golf cart. One thing I did not mention is the batteries. Ordinary alkaline batteries will give you a couple of rounds. Garmin suggest at least 2400 mah rechargeable. I bought some 2700 nimh, they work very well. Whilst connected to the PC no batteries are required. There is no annual fee for uploading later versions of courses. A colleague of mine has another make, that only has one course in it and to get more courses, there is an extra fee. Overall I can well recommend the Garmin G3.
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on 17 November 2013
I have been using the Garmin Approach G3 for about a month. I wanted it mainly for playing away courses to tell me distances to green and to obstacles. It does this. I can also touch the screen to indicate somewhere on the fairway and it will tell me distances to and from this point, which is excellent.
You can move the position of the flag on the green but I have not used this facility.
I have been using it to measure the distance of my shots, which has been very useful. Especially now the conditions are muddier and my shots don't travel as far as I thought they were, this has helped me with club selection.
It can also be used for keeping a scorecard for 4 players but I have not used this facility.
I have used the device abroad (Portugal) and it has found the courses quickly and with no problems.
The screen is quite small and the image is not as good as the picture shown in the sales pitch, but it is good enough to see well, even in bright sunlight. Those who need reading glasses might find it a bit small.
I have played 2 rounds before recharging the batteries, though the device did not indicate that they required changing.
On the whole I am very pleased with the device and it does exactly what I wanted it for, and it is excellent value for the price. The watches cost considerably more to give you the same in info.
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on 18 September 2013
Exactly what I was after. A golf GPS preloaded with multiple (thousands) of courses giving distance to hole, to hazards and the ability to zoom in on greens and reposition location of flags.
Another positive is that the G3 runs on A2 rechargeable batteries which can be changed (quickly) mid round without loosing details of your round.
I have to wear glasses to read anything these days and I now wear my glasses on the course as well but find the G3 easy to read even in sunlight. All information is clear and accurate.
You can also keep score during your round but once cleared you cannot recall previous rounds on the G3 but you can download them onto your PC and check your history in Excel format.
A great simple to operate golf GPS with no subscription charges to worry about.
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on 7 July 2012
My husband treated me to this early Christmas present and I cannot imagine now playing without it. I wear distance lenses for golf to replace my usual progressive glasses and find visual estimation of distance quite difficult particularly when elevations are involved. My Garmin G3 has removed all the guesswork, particularly in my short game where I can pitch much more accurately. Also in giving distances to hazards, course management and club selection are far easier. Friends have bought simple distance GPS systems but ask me for more detailed information so it is clearly a better piece of equipment. It fits easily onto the front of my bag using just the clip provided. I have found it difficult read on a few occasions due to bright sunlight but this is easily remedied by shading with the hand.
I agree with other owners that removing and recharging batteries is a bit of a pain as battery life is very short and you do have to be careful when removing the back of the Garmin. Today I downloaded updates after playing a new course where they had renumbered several of the holes and am looking forward to seeing if they have been successful.
I would not be without it.
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on 20 January 2012
At Christmas 2011, I purchased a Garmin G3 Approach GPS for my son (who is a 3 handicap) My wife asked if I would also like one for Christmas and so we ended up ordering two.
On Boxing Day my son had to spend considerable time negotiating Garmin's difficult to use web site in order to register our products and to download the free latest update of European courses, including the Channel Islands, which is where we live.
Over the following days my son played and tried to use the Garmin at our local course. which is La Moye (and was until recently played by the European Seniors Tour). I also played with friends over that time and tried to use my Garmin for distances. My son came home, as I did, feeling frustrated at the wrong information that was being given.
We decided to go to the course together, which we have both played for many years, armed with both Garmins and with fully charged batteries. We did not go to play but just to walk the course to see if we could make any sense of the information given.
The distances were so far out, up to 20 yards, sometimes too short and then too long.Our course has tee markers with distances, as with most courses and then on par 4 and par 5 holes, distance plates from 200yds,150yds and 100yds to the centre of the greens, some of these plates even give front ,middle and back yardages to the green.
Interestingly we even held the two Garmins side by side and had up to 5 yds difference between the two!!.
However my son went and played at another local course, The Royal Jersey and the distances were spot on?.
We even phoned Garmin as we really have wanted to give these GPS systems the best chance we could, as they did have good reviews.
We felt that they were not that helpful and did not seem that interested in our complaint, we were told that their had been an update in January so we downloaded that and have both been back to our course to try again, frustratingly still the same misreadings, 15 to 20 yards out !!.
Therefore we have decided to return these products because we feel that if we went away to try any new courses, as we often do, then we do not feel that we could have confidence or trust in the information that was given out,however we do feel that we have tried our best to give these products a fair test.
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on 24 March 2015
Love it. Great piece of kit. I'm already saving shots from having accurate yardages & planning my route from tee to green & around hazards. Maybe a bit bulky to carry in your pocket but it attaches perfectly to my Powakaddy, albeit with a little extra engineering (see other reviews). The GPS technology & course mapping functionality are the same as the G5, so if you're not fussed about the stats functions this is a far cheaper option & a snip at £99 while stocks last! Be aware that the USB cable supplied only supports data transfer & will not charge your batteries while they are in the unit. It took me a couple of weeks to sus this out. There are Garmin compatible cables available to do this, but a better option for NiMH battery life & performance is to invest in a smart charger unit. Maybe at full original price I might take off 1 star for lack of clarity regarding battery charging requirements - both in the manual & from contact with customer service. But at this price defo 5 star.
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on 21 February 2015
Great piece of kit. Gives all the information you need on the course. Distance to hazards , edge of the green, back of the green , Infact , anywhere you care to touch the screen. You can zoom to the green and move the pin position to recalculate correct distance, ask it to measure your shot length and record what club you used, as well as keeping your score and your playing partners, having entered their handicap. I've never had a problem with signal drop out even on obscure locations .
I have one criticism however. Power! Why didn't they make it rechargeable instead of having to put in batteries!!! It's just a nuisance even if you use rechargeable batteries . But let's end on a positive note ... It's perfect performance in every other function and came pre loaded with all the courses I play and it doesn't cost to update them!! Well done Garmin, excellent piece of kit 😃
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on 29 June 2014
This is the first GPS handset I have bought. Easy to get started and I was surprised at the comprehensive list of local courses that were preloaded on the handset. Once you have read the instructions and used it for the first time on the course it is a useful tool. It has the facility to measure your tee shot from teeing position to where it finishes - a little sobering at times. No it was not a 250 yard drive! However it also shows the distance left to the green which definitely helps club selection. Very useful and I would recommend it especially at the special offer price if still available.
A point to note. I found heavy duty batteries did not work well in it. I use rechargeable NiMH batteries with a capacity equal to or greater than 2500mAh. They always last the round and recharging is fairly quick. I also carry 2 spare batteries in the golf bag just in case.
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