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4.0 out of 5 stars The Doctor and Donna meet Gandhi in India, 16 Oct 2014
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I enjoyed listening to this audiobook of a Doctor and Donna story.

This is a 2-disc CD audiobook based on the BBC `Doctor Who' new series novel by writer Mark Morris. It's an abridged reading of the full-length novel which makes this a 2 by 75 minute story (2 hours and 30 minutes in total). There aren't any sound effects or music to accompany this audiobook unfortunately as it's just a reading of a 'Doctor Who' story.

The audiobook of `Ghosts of India' is read by David Troughton. I've had the pleasure of meeting David Troughton at a convention in Newcastle last year. David is the son of Second Doctor Patrick Troughton. David has appeared in `Doctor Who' before in the classic series in the stories `The Enemy of the World' and `The War Games' with his father; and `The Curse of Peladon' with Jon Pertwee. He's recently appeared in the new series with David Tennant's Doctor in the episode called 'Midnight'.

When I asked David Troughton to sign the CD cover of this audiobook for me, he said he wasn't sure whether he'd done a good job on capturing David Tennant's Doctor. But after listening to this recently, I found David makes the Tenth Doctor really sound authentic and captures David Tennant's essence when reading the character, getting the mannerisms and quirkiness absolutely right. Especially since David Troughton worked with David Tennant in the TV series, it's no surprise he's got the Tenth Doctor right.

The actual story of `Ghosts of India' is about the Doctor and Donna visiting Calcutta in 1947. They hope to get a curry there. Instead, they're caught up in a swirl of violent events with people being abducted by half-made men with faces white as salt. The Doctor knows something's amiss and is determined to solve the mystery and whether aliens are involved. During this adventure, the Doctor and Donna get to meet Mohandas Gandhi, an influential political and spiritual leader for India. Soon Gandhi's role in history is under threat and the Doctor has to see Gandhi lives to fulfil his role and avoid damaging the timelines.

Mark Morris has written a number of `Doctor Who' novels plus a `Torchwood' novel called `Bay of the Dead', and has written some Big Finish audios including two Fifth Doctor and Nyssa adventures - `Plague of the Daleks' and `Moonflesh'. Here we writes a splendid adventure with the Doctor and Donna during Series 4 of the David Tennant era. Not only that, but he writes an atmospheric tale set in India with mysterious proportions involving ghost-like creatures. I like how Mark writes the India setting of 1947, making it all sound familiar and down to Earth and the feeling of exoticness about it.

This isn't the first time the Doctor's been to India. Oh no! In the Big Finish audio realm, the Fifth Doctor visited Calcutta in 1926 with his companions Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough in the story 'The Emerald Tiger'.

Listening to this audiobook has brought home a sense of nostalgia for me as I remember watching Series 4 of `Doctor Who' in 2008 with David Tennant and Catherine Tate as the Doctor and Donna. I enjoyed that series so much, and I bought this audiobook along with a number of other Doctor and Donna audios from BBC audiobooks to celebrate the 50th anniversary of `Doctor Who'. Listening to this audiobook adds more to the enjoyment I felt from watching Series 4.

As I mentioned David Troughton does a really good (or `mean' according to another Amazon review) Tenth Doctor. But he also does a really great job in capturing Donna Noble's voice as well. He captures the essence of Donna that's derived from both the writing in the story and also from Catherine Tate's performance. Listening to Donna almost feels like Catherine Tate is in the story along with David Tennant. Troughton captures Donna's rough manner that is balanced with a compassionate caring side as well which I like in Donna. Also we have more of Donna exploring her relationship with the Doctor and that she does deeply care for him despite being rough with him at times.

I really like how David Troughton's captured the Indian voices of some of the characters, including that of Gandhi. I knew who Gandhi was before this, but never have I seen a proper depiction of him as a person in a historical drama or documentary. It was nice to learn more about him as a person in this `Doctor Who' story and hearing how he interacts with the Doctor and Donna. I like how the Doctor and Donna are delighted to meet him and how he makes them feel good about themselves. They're surprised and astonished by his wisdom and how he employs peaceful methods to political situations and is not violent. His belief in God is strong throughout, which I found very pleasing. I like how Donna compares the Doctor to Gandhi at the end and him saying, "He's more forgiving than me!"

`Ghosts of India' as an audiobook is really good. I enjoyed listening to David Troughton reading the story and I'm glad to have met him and have the CD cover signed by him. It's a lovely listen with the Doctor and Donna and definitely brought back home the sense of nostalgia that I've missed from watching Series 4 of `Doctor Who' that I enjoyed watching in 2008.

The next story with the Doctor and Donna is 'The Doctor Trap'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Full of Eastern Promise - a review of hardback AND audiobook as Amazon have listed them as the same item, 4 Jan 2009
Mark Morris has delivered another cracking story for the BBC range of original Tenth Doctor novels. Along with his companion Donna Noble, the Timelord finds himself at the centre of a series of mysterious events in post-war India.

This adventure is one of the slower ones in the series; however, Morris gradually builds up a sense of foreboding and intrigue which pays dividends once the forces behind the mystery are finally revealed. Although it is not as action-packed as some of its predecessors, Ghosts of India is a thoughtful and intelligent portrayal of life in a war-torn British colony which is about to be abandoned by its masters; add a famous historical figure, sinister alien interlopers and The Doctor and Donna's feisty relationship, and you have a gripping story for all ages.

Now that The Eleventh Doctor - to be played by Matt Smith - has been unveiled, it will be fascinating to see how he is portrayed in the BBC books, and exciting that Doctor Who will most definitely return...

The audiobook, read by David Troughton (son of Second Doctor Patrick), is abridged but still cohesive; Troughton does a mean David Tennant/Tenth Doctor impression and the story flows well.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Best so far, 28 Oct 2009
Fran Ohmsford (Cannock, Staffordshire) - See all my reviews
I've been a massive fan of Doctor Who for almost thirty years now and have enjoyed many of the myriad of novels since the original series ended though definitely not all.
Of the novels following the new series I sincerely believe this to be the best I've come across. I cannot give it 5 stars as like all the new series novels it's a bit too simplistic but it definitely rates a high 4.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Aliens in Calcutta, 14 Jun 2011
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
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A Doctor Who novel. Featuring the Tenth Doctor and his companion Donna. It tells an all new story never before presented in any other medium.

It runs for two hundred and forty eight pages, and is divided into fourteen chapters plus a prologue.

It's suitable for readers of all ages.

And the two main characters are perfectly recreated on the printed page, giving you no trouble in imagining the actors who played them saying their dialogue as presented here.

The story sees the TARDIS arrive in India in 1947. With the British empire about to go home, civil unrest is tearing the place apart. Some of the remaining British shelter on their family estates. Others befriend locals. Others try to make a difference by working in medicine.

But there are also strange ghost like creatures to be seen. That roam the streets and that spirit people away.

The Doctor and Donna, plus various British and Indian people, are caught up in the middle of things. As is Gandhi himself. Can the Doctor find what's really going on here, and keep history on track?

This does have the usual aliens on earth plot style of many of this range. But even that part is quite original, and does manage to have a bit more to it than might meet the eye.

The novel does though offer a myriad of delights that make that part of it almost incidental. The setting and the history are fascinating. Gandhi is perfectly described and interacts with other characters exceptionally well. And he offers the Doctor and the reader a lot of moral food for thought.

The latter does make this a far above average entry in the range. Whilst the alien plotline isn't quite as good and just prevents this from being a five star piece of work, it's a very good book and well worth a read.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who: Ghosts of India, 9 April 2013
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This review is from: Doctor Who: Ghosts of India (Kindle Edition)
Good book which my son seems to be reading well. It is a download and I only read paper books, so I simply judge it from his satisfaction.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A good adventure, placed within a historical context., 20 May 2011
Mr. M. Jones "Jonesmz" (Chester, England) - See all my reviews
A good adventure, placed within a historical context. The action isn't as intense or menacing as in other books in the series but the pace of the story and its sensitive portrayal of the politics and cultures in India in the mid-twentieth century make the adventure something of an education. The characters are likeable (even one of the monsters!) and the writing fun and atmospheric.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who Ghosts of India, 5 April 2009
I really enjoyed reading this book, it was funny, you felt the same witt as you do with the Doctor and Donna on TV. Anyone that likes Doctor Who will love this book.
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