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on 1 January 2011
I wanted a 15" tv that would fit into my small caravan, to have low power consumption, Freeview, DVD. LCD. HD Ready, Lightweight, with power leads for both 12 volt and 240 volt supplies. This tv ticked all my boxes; its wide screen and high gloss black finish, the automatic tuning and ease of setting up, a very detailed instruction book were added bonuses. Picture quality is sharp and clear, sound volume just right for 2 / 3 days.....very satisfied....hence 5 stars.
Hope this review helps ........ strongly recommended.
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on 24 January 2012
Needing a TV for our first motor home, I selected the Akura as looking like the best for the job. I am delighted with the choice as it performs well.

A few pointers to others, it has a resolution of 1366 x 768, this was not stated in the details. This provides a good picture for the size of screen.

I set it up on the mains adapter at home first, this was reasonably quick, about 3 minutes to tune in the local stations. I found that the default picture settings were a bit dark, so I went to adjust these. The menu system has improved from the printed user guide and it took a little while to find where the brightness and contrast were. (They are not now in the main menu, you have to go up and then along to another menu set). I set these to my liking, easy to do as the picture is visible while changing these.

I took the TV with me when collecting the Motor Home and the supplier fitted the TV to the bracket that was already installed. They supplied the screws which were not included with the TV. The 12v lead is a cigar lighter type, we had to buy an adapter to go from the van 12v socket to this as I did not want to cut the supplied lead. If you are buying this TV you might want to get an adapter at the same time. You also will need a couple of AAA batteries for the controller as these are not provided.

Tuning the TV on site is a matter of pointing the aerial approximately in the right direction by looking at nearby aerials and then doing an auto-tune. Once you have some stations the aerial direction can be fine adjusted using the signal quality feature of the TV menu. The sound is adequate for our small van. The EPG is a bit basic, now and next, so you might want to have a printed TV guide to see what is on later.

We have also used it with DVDs. We found that the picture settings for the TV reception are different for watching a DVD, again the picture standard defaults were much too dark and contrasty. One has to set it up again. However, both new settings are remembered individually for the TV and DVD so this does not have to be done again. Playing DVDs is fine but had difficulty with identifying the correct control buttons on the remote, pause and resume are tricky and still not found fast forward and back.

We have not used any other features yet so I cannot say what type of stored video files it will play from a USB drive.

While on site, we met a couple who had just purchased the exact same model and were having difficulty, it seems that theirs was DOA as they got a blank white screen when switching on. They had not had time to try it out at home before putting it in their van! So always test before going on the road and allow time, just in case a replacement is needed.

With the Motor Home in my drive and using its aerial I actually get more channels than on my home set up which has a loft aerial so I am very pleased with this overall and 4 star rating reflects the minor niggles which are easily overcome.
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on 7 June 2011
Have just returned from a 5 week cruise on our narrow boat on BW canals and rivers. My wife and I are delighted with our new AKURA T.V. Picture and sound excellent and east-to-follow instructions to re-tune wherever we moored.
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I really wanted the Cello 16" 12v tv/dvd as I had painstakingly researched all the available options, and the Cello had the best all-round reviews (and no reports of the dreaded "tinny" sound). Having said that, the cheapest new version Cello tv (with the essential 12v power stabiliser) was £170 elsewhere...
Humm, £170 is a lot of money, thought I... I'll give this other very similar item a whirl, although the seller has not specified what make it actually is.... Some reviewers had said that they had received an "Akura" version, but I could find few reviews about that make.
When it arrived (next day) imagine my suprise to find out that it was in fact the Cello tv I had been unable to afford in the first place!!! I did ring up the seller to make sure that he had actually dispatched the correct one (I expected an Akura model). He confirmed that it was the correct item, in addition to telling me that all items in this technology bracket are pretty much the same in specifications (just differently branded).
The seller just dispatches the particular make he has in stock at the time, so the buyer will end up with a very good quality TV of exactly the same specification. There is therefore no guarantee of the exact make you receive (he buys in bulk & sells at a rock-bottom price, making just £10 clear profit per sale)...
Now that sounds like fair business ethics to me...
So, in addition to the £30 I had just saved, what is it like for my caravan?

1) Weight: The TV weighs only 1.7kgs (I weighed it on accurate salter electronic scales)!!! I have no qualms about fitting it permanently to the wall of my caravan as it so light it will not effect towing stability.

2) Size & looks: Dimensions are as stated in the ad, apart from its thickness. It is only 5cms thick at its thickest point (DVD player inclusive)! Looks great quality & unobtrusive on the caravan wall.

3) LED picture: The LED screen does seem to throw out a better quality picture than an LCD equivalent. The picture is somehow more "luminous" (if that makes sense). The possible viewing angle is definitely no worse than LCD tvs, in that it can still be viewed at up to 45 degrees angle from dead centre horizontal viewing.
It does seem to be more limited as concerns vertical viewing angle than an LCD. This is easily catered for by buying a tiltable wall viewing mount (if wall mounting). The stand does have some tilt in it if using that.

4) Sound. Maybe other makes are different, but the Cello set I received has a much better sound quality than I expected (the reports of "tinny" sound did put me off a little). For me the sound is excellent considering the tiny size of the set, and more than adequate. Some bigger sets (in my experience) are not loud enough at full volume... This one is fine, and there is no discernible sound distortion at full volume.
I have tried the set with decent earphones (via earphone socket), and the sound quality is divine (especially the digital radio).

5) Setup: Absolute doddle. On first use the set prompts you to search for channels (skip the analogue search) & Bob's your uncle.
I haven't tried the USB record function yet, but will update my review if it doesn't do what it's supposed to.

6) DVD: Excellent. Plays all formats & is multiregion. Home burned/produced dvd & CD plays NO problemn (CD/DVD-/+R/RW... the lot). It takes some getting used to inserting your DVD's so the shiny playable side faces you (other dvd combis need the disc inserting the other way round). I did initially panic that it would not accept my homemade discs, as it just spits them back at you if you insert one the wrong way around.

Conclusion: This TV is an good buy from an good seller. 43 buyers giving a collective score of around 4.7 cannot be wrong on average (it's an extremely good score & well deserved).

NB: I have now noted that the audio output on the Cello version is 2x3 watts. Other makes appear to have 2x2 watts. This might explain the "tinny" sound reported for these small TV's elsewhere. If important to you, it might be worth emailing the seller to ask him if he actually has the Cello 16" in stock before ordering.

PS...: May be of interest for those on a budget: I recently also purchased the same technology as this 12v tv/dvd, but in 19" format & by Kogan (direct) for around £100. There are no differences I can tell either in specs or quality to the Cello excepting the obviously larger screen & slightly heavier weight, and the fact that you have to buy the 12v voltage stabiliser seperately (around £12 from a four letter word auction site). Why do I mention a 19" in a review for a 16" 12v tv/DVD???
I now note that the Kogan internet site currently sells a 16" 12v dvd/tv (in the same 12v range as the 19" one) for just £86 AND free delivery.... I do now think in retrospect that the £34 (once accounting for the extra voltage stabiliser cost) that I would have potentially saved would have swung me to buy that one... Check it out before it reverts to £99 (which is still a very good deal)...
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on 6 April 2011
I bought this for the Caravan as it is both 12v & 240v and at lot less than others such as 'Avtex'

Viewing angles are good as is the picture (once adjusted as the defaults are no use).

It comes with all the plugs, adapters & leads you need for both voltages.

The built in DVD works well as does the USB feature.

Very pleased with it!
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on 3 April 2011
The tv is great good picture easy to set up and although previous reviews mentioned a tinny sound I didnt find that as it is adjustable.
More importantly was the fantastic service from the 12volt shop. The true test of service is not when things go well but when they don't and i had a slight problem with my tv. After sending a message my old unit was quickly picked up and exchanged for a new one. Awesome service which is probably the best reason for buying from this company.
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on 6 March 2011
I bought this t.v. after reading other reviews and was not disappointed. Setting up was child's play and even on my boat in a poor reception area using a multi directional ariel there was sufficient signal to get most channels. Picture quality was great, the only reason that I did not give it 5 stars was the sound quality which was a bit on the tinny side.
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on 23 October 2010
Apart from the low price I bought this as i wanted a TV with a 12 & 24 Volt power supply so that i could use it when at work in my HGV (24 Volt) and at weekends in the motor home (12 Volt). It has a nice bright sharp picture, easy to navigate menus and is very easy to tune. Not used the USB record function yet but it is nice to know i have the option. Overall i am very happy with purchase, recommended to all.
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on 20 January 2014
My narrowboat has only 12v power, supplied by its own engine and solar panels. I need therefore to be careful about power use. This piece of kit provides TV, DVD and media at a very low level of consumption indeed and I am very pleased with it. It’s a Cello, was delivered very quickly, and was sensibly and securely packaged. Like most other reviewers I find the picture quality in all modes excellent. Setup was very easy, taking only a few minutes. The only problem I encountered at this stage was with the subtitles and how to get rid of them. This is possibly the only non-obvious bit of the job. Eventually, by the time-honoured method of randomly clicking on stuff, I found the word, ‘subtitles’, lurking about 3 words from the left on the information strap line at the bottom of the screen. I navigated to it using the arrow keys and was able to knock it out. It’s nice looking and unobtrusive when not in use. The one downer, which is noted by many other reviewers, is sound quality. It really is tinny. Not too important when watching most stuff, but not up to it where sound is important, as with music. In such cases, I plug in my X Mini MP3 speaker, and it’s brilliant. Pity though, hence only 4 stars.
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on 2 March 2012
The TV is easy to set up and the options are easy to adjust. The picture has been fairly good but the screen contrast varies considerably with the viewing angle, especially in the vertical plane. For a good picture this angle has to be set rather critically but the stand allows very little adjustment.
The main problem is that the sound is very tinny. There was an improvement after I set the bass to 100% and the treble to 0% but both medium and low bass are still very lacking. Programme sound peaks distort badly when the volume is set more than 50%.
At this low price you should not expect perfection. I reckon this TV is still good value if you can accept its limitations.
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