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on 5 March 2011
I had a pair of Philips headphones exactly the same style of neckband 10 years back and I used them for years and dragged these poor things everywhere. I have never ever found a replacement till now!!! I have tried every type of headphone possible neckband collapsible, in ear, in ear with hooks etc. Nothing ever fitted they just kept falling out or rolling down to my shoulders. The sound quality was never anything to rave about either! When I got the Sennheiser PMX 60 II in I was estatic I can go jogging, dancing, walking and they do not move from my ears I would never have any other make other than Sennheiser now not only is there design perfection but the sound quality is also fantastic. If you compare price, quality and design with any other company in the market they wont beat this model of headphones & trust me I have tried them all! I hope this helps all the other people who have weird ears like myself :$
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on 7 August 2011
These are exactly what I was searching for - a pair of earphones that sit comfortably over my ears without falling off whilst I run. They are not focused on keeping external sound completely out so are sfae in that they allow me to hear approaching cars. Really long wire is ideal. Great for the price
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on 20 November 2012
Buying headphones is all about compromise. Of course, you can spend hundreds of pounds on audiophile quality gear, but would you regularly wear these out and about? Would you really want to go about sweating into your prized Grados?

On the other hand, most of us carry portable devices that are capable of delivering fantastic quality sound, if the output permits. If you are still using the earphones that came with your iDevice - do yourself a favor and get an upgrade.

Form factor
I have been a fan of 'neckband' style headphones for years - usually opting for Sony. The advantage of the neckband design is that they won't fall off your head - like large headphones - or out of your ears - like earphones. They are also just about small enough to fit under most warm hats. When you are not using them, they can rest around your neck. They are very light, and you won't notice you have them on.
One downside is that they do put some pressure on the top of your ear. This has never been a problem for me, but some people may find them slightly uncomfortable if wearing them for extended periods of time. I'm surprised this style of headphone isn't more popular. Perhaps an endorsement by a famous rapper would help?

These Sennheisers really have a great sound for the price - the bass is warm without 'boomy'. Highs come through nicely without being too tinny. Mids are great for speech. Of course, a sound review is always going to be somewhat subjective. I listen to a wide variety of music and speech (talk radio/comedy) - I haven't found these headphones lacking yet.

These headphones are great for cycling - they won't fall off, and they will fit under most cycle helmets. Of course, it is dangerous to cycle on the road with headphones on, these will allow enough ambient sound in for use on a cycle path.
I haven't tried them for running yet, but I see no reason why they wouldn't be great for some motivation there too.

A great choice for daily active use. Good sound for the price, and they seem robust enough. My only real criticism would be of the jack - I believe that this will wear out particularly quickly on these headphones. However, it is a relatively easy fix if it does.
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on 7 March 2011
This is my favourite format for earphones - behind-the-neck, but not earbuds. I've tried a bunch of different products of this format from various manufacturers (Philips, Sony etc.), and the PMX60 is the best I've found so far. The sound quality is good, and the earphone parts themselves are thin - a significant advantage over other models, which can be bulky. If you're looking for affordable behind-the-neck earphones, this is the best product on the market.
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on 18 November 2011
These headphones are so good for the gym. They have good sound quality and stay on my head when on the running machine and cross trainer. I can even do sit ups wearing them as they sit at the very bottom of my head, close to my neck. I much prefer this type of headphone for working out in as I find the ones that sit in your ears become loose or start to irritate after a while.
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on 25 May 2011
This product replaces a number of more expensive ( X 2 this price ) senns which stopped working because the cables at the connection jack would deteriorate and stop working.

A very good size and fit around the ears, especially if you are going to be mobile while using these. very comfortable. The sound quality is remarkable, especially with the ipod that I use all the time.

No complaints !

Have tried senn headphones that cost much more than these beauties, and these are far, far superior for listening to portable digital music at a much lower cost of ownership.

Buy them
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on 19 December 2013
This is now the 3rd time I've bought a pair of these same headphones; not because they are badly made, but because they are worth buying again at the end of their life.

Fit: Just plain comfortable. Your mileage may vary, but for me, these are the first neckband/over-ear headphones that don't squeeze, pinch, rub or make my ears uncomfortably hot, and yet they don't fall off during exercise. They're very light and you really don't notice the weight.

Sound: For music, these headphones have a rich, mellow tone that's happy at both ends of the scale. For spoken word, they are crisp and sharp and leave you confident that the voice you're hearing is the voice that got recorded, rather than a pitch-shifted variant. I won't doubt that a set of £100 closed cups would be better, but they'd also be heavier, hotter and... well, a lot more expensive.

Resilience: I said I'd been through three pairs, and that's primarily because I brutalise mine by wearing them for walking or running. They survive rain, snow, and sweat without complaint, but the (one) weakness I find with this model is that the cable weight hangs on the soldered connections inside the earpiece, and will eventually pull loose due to the constant tug with each step. I get about 12-18 months out of each pair however, which I consider acceptable for the price.

Obviously these are open-cup headphones, and you will hear noise from around you as well as leak sound if you have your volume high, so choose right for your purpose. As a runner, I really like the ability to hear traffic when I'm crossing roads with these on, and I find them sensible in-office wear (assuming your office permits this). As long as you keep the volume reasonable, you'll be able to hear your phone and colleagues without disturbing anyone.
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I purchased these headphones just over one year ago now.

I bought them specifically for running because in ear headphones simply don't stay put for me when running.

After 12 months, the main pros for me:
Stays put on my ears
Very comfortable, don't ever ache even after a couple of hours of wear
Long cable, doesn't get in the way or feel too restrictive when running
Sound quality is adequate

A couple of cons that have knocked a star off:

After 12 months of heavy use, these headphones are now starting to become slightly intermittent, which is a little frustrating
If you have your mp3 player at full pelt, people around you can very much hear your music, but as these aren't `in ear' phones I guess you can't have it all

All in all these headphones have been absolutely excellent for running and I would highly recommend them for this. I would not recommend them however if you are looking for sound quality and personal / private use, instead I also own a pair of SoundMAGIC E10 Earphones - Silver/Black which are perfect for listening to music at work or on your phone, with far superior sound quality.
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on 18 October 2013
As the title states: best headset I've ever worn on bike and to gym. Superb, clear but sufficient bass, sound for this price-range, extremely lightweight and very comfortable, you wouldn't notice it's there if it wasn't for the great music following you whereever you go. Top product (purchased with spare earpads 'cause these tend to wear off after couple of months). On bike you'll notice little disturbing wind-sounds despite the open format, still it lets sufficient environment sounds through to remain aware of surrounding traffic.
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on 5 November 2011
Fantastic - excellent sound quality and very comfortable to wear. Wish I'd bought some ages ago. Packaging robust so the headphones arrived in perfect condition.
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