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3.0 out of 5 stars207
3.0 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2012
So, some crazy German fella who used to operate on Siamese twins now has a thing for putting dogs and people together mouth-to-butt and making them like a centipede (As you do).

When I first heard about this, I thought 'How do they drag this out for an hour and a half?'
Well, the director (Tom Six) does an alright job to be fair.
There's the usual dumb-american-girls-get-lost-and-knock-on-random-crazy-dude's-door along with the chances of escape.

I watched this a second time tonight, with my girlfriend and her Mum.
Not a family film, this one.

The good though:

- Crazy German guy is cast well. Scary, creepy and everything a horror lead needs.
- A fair bit of action to keep the pace going
- Pretty epic (though grim) ending
- Could provide a decent night with friends. You wouldn't want to be watching this type of film by yourself, would you!

The bad of this film:

- Dialogue and acting between the girls at the start of the film is pretty tragic
- Japanese guy is the only one of the three victims who can talk. He's pretty bloody annoying.
- Makes you wonder why you're watching such a soul-destroying film
- Because the girls have their mouths attached to bums, they can't talk, so even the bad dialogue is missed
- The ending, though grande, is left sort of open. Does the girl just stay in that position until death? If so, poor thing.

That's pretty much all I can say.
Not a great film, but watchable.
Like many have pointed out, it's not in good taste. It makes you wonder what the director gets up to in his spare time, and you also wonder about his mental health.
It's basically torture porn and I'm sure many would find it vulgar and offensive.
Since I'm in the new generation, I'm pretty laid back by this kind of rubbish.

With all that said, I have ordered the second film, if only out of pure curiousity.
This one was actually a present for my Mother's 50th Birthday!
She asked for it, too!

Thanks for reading my review.

Hope it helps,

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on 26 August 2013
Its an original film but boring in places. Also its a sick and twisted film, (but what would you expect from a horror movie?!)

The German surgeon who the women meet is the best actor in the film. He really does seem like a psychopath and send a shiver down your spine! When we actually hear from the two American actresses, (since later they simply can't talk) its poor acting. (In fact in one scene Dr Joseph is shown sleeping in some sort of God like position at home, which is quite comical!)

It starts with two American girls in Germany who are looking for the Bunker nightclub, (a real nightclub as it happens) - They get lost in their hire car get a flat tyre and conveniently for the plot of the film, there is no phone signal.

After encountering a pervert in another car they get out and walk trying to find someone. - They find perhaps the worst neighbour they could in the forest, (Dr Joseph).

Just as you yell at the screen don't drink the water that the Doctor has given them, they both do and later wake up tied to beds in a make shift hospital in his basement. (Why do these horror baddies always have the best resources?!)

'My friend you do not match. Don't take it personally.' - A trucker who we see at the start of the film is murdered downstairs in the hospital.

As the plot develops we learn that Dr Joseph is retired and during his years of practice undid siamese twins. (So I guess he enjoyed his work so much that he then wanted to join humans up).

As the film progresses there is some action around the indoor pool after one of the Americans nearly escapes, (she is told she will become the middle piece), the human centipede is developed and told to bring Dr Joseph his newspaper in the garden, (quite a funny scene) and then everything comes to a head.
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on 23 February 2014
This film has received quite a few, negative, 1-star reviews. I'm not one to spend my time writing reviews, but on this occasion I felt I just had to add my opinion, too!

Yes, The Human Centipede is disturbing, unsettling, sickening at times...showing characters on a horrible, nightmarish other words, it's a true HORROR film!

I feel people who didn't like this film are too used to the usual hollywood "horror" films: full of cliches, reassuringly predictable and, most of all, fun to watch. "Horror" films, in short, that you can enjoy eating popcorn while the body count goes up, and have a few laughs with your mates.

The Human Centipede offers something altogether bleaker and unpleasant. But I don't think it's just a mean-spirited, "sick" cheap film - note the close ups of both girls holding hands, or the Japanese final speech. The director/ writer treats the victims as human beings, even if the villain doesn't. Which is more than can be said of most modern horror films.

And finally - the film actually could have been more graphic and gory. The fact it isn't, and still shocks, is another proof that this film is quite unique and strong...
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on 23 February 2015
Rather a sick concept that's far more shocking in the imagining than in the portrayal. You see the tittle; what's this all about, you read the out line of the plot and find the concept repugnant yet strangely interesting in a sick sort of way. So out of morbid curiosity you watch it and that's when it all collapses. Oh the concept is still repugnant and sick but to get it past any censor it's all reduced to before and after and the after is not that convincing. Yes the victims are attached to one another, mouth to anus, but the joining is so wrapped and taped up with surgical tape as to hide and disguise any sense there is any real contact or signs of surgery. Now obviously they can't do it for real and in the bonus extras they show how they used prosthetics to separate the actors, but the bandaging over the prosthetics destroys the elution of a surgical join and it just looks like the characters are tide together and that once the mad scientist turns his back they could rip the bindings off. It's all done in a clean surgical environment with no signs of any blood or gore or even bruising to the thighs or faces, to the extent it could all be just some perverse party charades and so loses most of it's impact. When the story steps up a gear and it all starts to go wrong for everyone, you hardly notice because you have become accustomed to ludicrous sight of these three people attached together in this way and it is reduced to three people tide together trapped in the surgeons house. Shocking if it's you that's trapped but for the audience no more threatening than any other hostage movie. You have to do the directors job for him and keep reminding yourself of the implications of the situation the victims are supposed to be in; because otherwise it's not very convincing.
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on 29 January 2015
Curiosity drove me to take a look at this film as I am sure it did many others against their better judgement. To save others so curious let me say that it has no artistic merit at all. Why anyone would seek to produce or act in such a feature is beyond me. I really feel sorry for the three actors who form the 'centipede', its humiliating to see even when you know its all pretend, how did their respective agents sell this film to them and they in tune decide to go ahead? Must look great on their acting CV. So while not a video nasty per see it still soils the soul nevertheless if you watch it. Avoid.
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on 8 March 2011
I, if you have read any of my other reviews, will know that I love my Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy films and have a large collecion. I'm also a fan of Exploitation and B-Movies.

I had heard & read quite a bit about this film and was interested to see the final result. I'm a bit perplexed. I'm disturbed because there was no real reason or backstory as to why The Doctor does what he does, I wanted a real story behind it. On the other hand the film was certainly not as stomach churning as I was expecting.

Gore isn't everything but I was expecting a more psychological terror. It didn't happen and as a result just felt like the filmakers were just trying to take the 'we are going to gross you out' one notch up from other films. It must take a very weird mind to come up with this without having a reason.

The acting wasn't brilliant, and the film is quite slow in places. Normally I like that approach but, and at the risk of saying it again, because there is no reason for why this is happening it just didn't seem to go anywhere.

Perhaps I've become a little less shockable over the years but had this been released in the 80's it would have immediately been refused a release. Like most of the films that were banned though it doesn't really stand up to all the hype and I only say that in respect that times must have changed because I watched it at 10pm on TV.

If you think this review sounds a little confused, you're right. Yes it's gross but not in the way I was expecting. I'm certainly not sure where the film makers are going to go with the second part other than I've read that there will be more than 3 people attached together. It just sounds like they are going to try and take it further.

This could have been so much 'more' with a better story/ script or had it possibly been taken in a different direction i.e. with a some black humour injected. In the end it just feels like a wasted opportunity.
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on 19 August 2015
If you enjoy sick disgusting and disturbing films you will like this. Personally I hated it and didn't watch it to the end. I certainly won't be watching the other 2 films in the series.
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Amongst my Christmas goodies Santa brought me this, something which I had been wanting to see for a long time. Firstly I should warn anyone that there are some scenes of a surgical nature which may be disturbing for some, and also don't expect anything fast moving here, this is quite a slow paced movie.

With a surgeon who has spent his life with separating conjoined twins, he has a dream, joining people together. We follow him as he tries to find the people for his truly bizarre experiment, and then with him putting theory into practice.

I really quite enjoyed this but I think it is a bit of a Marmite film, you're either love it or hate it. It is good to see a film though that isn't just about how much blood and gore you can fill a film with. Admittedly there are some unsolved pieces that this film leaves you with, but you can in some ways look upon this as a modern Dr Moreau.
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on 29 April 2016
Blimey! What’s all that about then, a human centipede? Well, most of those who have already seen it, along with those who are looking forward to seeing it, know the answer to that. It’s all about curiosity surely, because we all know the basic premise and are wondering: what will we see? And how can that be possible?

Thinking about it afterwards, there wasn’t very much that we could have seen and in any case anatomical detail is thankfully largely obscured. While the idea of a line of humans connected top to bottom may be seen as pretty revolting to some, it certainly does not make this ‘the most horrific and sickening film ever made’.

I listened to an interview with Dutch director Tom Six and was pleasantly surprised by his demeanour; he seemed a decent enough chap. He explained that this film, the first of three, was purposely not too excessive and served to prepare his audience for the horrors to come in the sequels. My feeling is that perhaps he should have gone for broke in this one and moved on. Still, financially, three is better than one.
Six is not a very good film maker if that even matters, because his aim here is to shock. I’d found the overall concept too ridiculous to satisfy that aim but then it occurred to me that some of the atrocities which were carried out at Unit 731 and by Joseph Mengele during World War II were far more outrageous, disgusting and totally inhumane although the surgery depicted in this film could well have been on their ‘to do’ lists. In addition, Six himself was informed by a medical friend that an arrangement such as that shown here was in fact viable and humans connected thus could survive for longer than we might expect, although under the circumstances survival might not be uppermost in their minds.
Beyond the concept of disgust there is little going on here.

The two female victims allow themselves to be hosted by mad scientist Deiter Laser (convincingly frightening), but if I was greeted at the door by such a figure, I’d be out of there before you could say ‘human centipede’. Not so the girls, who allow themselves to be drugged in preparation for the Big Op. There’s a Japanese guy too and he’s at the front of the line (lucky him), and he gets to spout a little philosophy at the end. Then we have two dumb cops whose disregard for procedure and common sense leads to the final showdown.

There’s a certain compelling nature to the film and Six states that it is, at least in part, to be a reflection on those Nazi atrocities committed during World War 2. Maybe, but to me a reflection presented like this is something of an insult to the victims.
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on 24 June 2016
I rented this from Amazon for 99p and am still wondering if it was a good thing to do! No point repeating what others have said - this is a proper, old-style horror film where the terrible things happen OFF camera but the threat and menace is always there, both seen and unseen. I saw part of this on one of the cable channels the other day so wanted to see the full version.
Can't say I am "glad" that I did, but it's one of those things you have to do I suppose.
Holes in the plot? Plenty, obviously, plus events when you can't help shouting at the screen.
When one of the girls gets free of her shackles, for example - why didn't they both do that the night before?
When she makes it outside, why not just keep running, to get help?
When the three are joined, how on earth does the mad doctor get them out onto the lawn? For one thing their knees will be in absolute agony (having been cut open) and another, how does he get them up the steps from the basement? Actually, how does he get them off the operating table in the first place??
But I am over-analysing I suppose. It was a shocking film - possibly one of the most disturbing I have ever seen. Now, the question I rent parts two and three as well??
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