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3.0 out of 5 stars92
3.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Limited|Format: Box|Change
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on 9 November 2010
After all the hype a disapointment. The game is linear and lacks a coherent and attention grabbing story. Unlike Battlefield Bad Company 2 one is forced to stay within a very narrow field of play. You cannot, for example, try to flank opponents, moving off the path to find a better vantage point. The game simply will not allow this kind of deviation. Putting that aside there are 10 levels in the single player mode but each, although set in the same geographic location with the same overall purpose, seem to feel disjointed. Opponents do not seem to have a high degree of intelligence, standing waiting to be shot even in the midst of battle.

Again comparing this with Battlefield Bad Company 2, in Medal of Honor you cannot choose your own equipment, it is given by default at the start of each mission. There is very little scope for personal decision making.

All in all a reasonable game but oh so short in single player mode. The graphics are good but it is the flexibility of play and depth of story that lets it down.
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on 21 November 2010
I have just finished the single player campaign (8 hours in total at hard difficulty, including reloading and cutscenes).
I'm really satisfied. The atmosphere and gameplay is great.
The missions are various and allied and enemy AI is good. Maybe sometimes enemies are quite static (such in BiA Hell's Highway) but I'm replaying twice the campaign and I'm still enjoying it.
The single player engine (Unreal) is great and I'm playing at max 1280x720 with stable frame rate (over 40 fps).
Multiplayer is a bit tactical and it reminds BF Bad Company 2 (DICE is the developer !).
The Multiplayer engine is Frostbite (developed by DICE) and I like it. The terrain, colors, sound and voices are rendered well and stable.
All in all, I like this game ! so five stars on five.
In these period I also liked Dragon Rising, ArmA, Ghost Recon. This game (MEdal of Honor 2010) is more scripted than these games, but the experience and the feeling of being on the Afghan mountains is great !
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on 18 October 2010
Had high hopes for this. I completed it in under four hours, which is not good value for money. The ending is dire and abrupt. Also, the PC version ending is buggy, the game basically crashes and cuts to the credits, which are almost as long as the game. Plenty of others have commented on this problem in forums. Avoid this game, it's way too expensive for what it is. Not a patch on COD MW2.
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on 21 October 2010
I am by no means a shoot-em-up pro, but when you can complete a game in under 3 hours, you KNOW its too short... its a great game with so so much potential, it was really hyped up, maybe it was finally a good competitor to COD Modern Warfare... but no, once again a bit of a let down, when those credits started to roll, i was dissapointed to say the least, i just about managed to get into the game, when boom, its finished...

- Graphics are great, even on medium quality with a less than average screen, there pretty good.
- Good game play, easy work everything out
- good VO's and sound effects, quite realistic.
- The request ammo feature is a good little addition, could see this implemented in many games.

- Way too short, could be twice that length and still be considered a little to short.
- Although graphics are good, clipping often occurs with the charachters and scenery
- its almost back to the days where you are run on rails, if you dont follow the exact path EA set out for us, you will either die, or get stuck, or not be able to continue to a checkpoint, we should be past this stage now, i thought set paths were just about history!
- Has a TINY selection of weaponry! compared even with older Medal of Honour games and even old COD games, this selection is nothing in comparison! I think throughout the game i had the option to pick up 4 differant weapons; AK-47, RPG-7, Dragonov and the weapon the enemy use in the final level (forgotten the name).
- too many charachters! how are we supposed to feel for the charachters if we only have one or two levels with them?
- this game is just a failed wannabe, although its about time they moved away from WW2 games, this game isnt the logical step forwards. they have done a poor job of joining the very intense competition that is COD.

This is a game with so, so much potential, but that potential is in no way reached, my main verdict is, its way, way to short.
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on 16 October 2010
Yes if you have AVG anti-virus running, this reports a false positive on one of the game files (dfa.dll) which prevents the game installing unless you disable Resident Shield first. You also need to disable AVG-Resident Shield before launching the game or it won't run, either. Probably not a huge issue in SP but I wouldn't want to go online in MP without a defensive screen.

Once the game was installed and running (which due to the above took about two hours) it is fairly reasonable if nothing ground breaking. The graphics are functional rather than state of the art and like others I have had the flickering and texture tearing on structures. I'm about 2 hours into the SP campaign at present, again the concensus seems that plot is thin on the ground largely consists of moving from one area to another and clearing the bad guys. You will die a bit but on medium level progress is easier than COD and you don't get spammed by grenades if you stay still for more than a few seconds.

It's not all run and gun as one level has you "painting" targets for airstrikes and guiding laser bombs, which is quite fun.

If comments elsewhere are to be believed, at two hours in I'm already halfway through the main campaign. That does indeed make it rather short for a full price game particularly as I have no real interest in MP (anti-virus considerations notwithstanding). There doesn't seem much replay value, no alternative courses of action or dynamic campaign such as Fallout 3 where you can choose how you advance.

True score is probably closer to 2 stars (3 without the AVG concerns) but as I am having a bit of fun from it I'll go with 3 overall.
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on 23 October 2010
I cannot beleive how short this game it. I totally agree with the other people who said this. I started it on Normal and like everyone else had it finnished by 5 hours. For £30 this is an outrage. I think its not only the shortness of the game that count against it. Its also far far far too easy. I played in Normal and thought i had set it to easy mode so I changed the settigns to Hard and was stunned by how easy even that mode was. This easiness and the shortness of the game left me literally stunned.

The graphics- while good- do leave alot to be desired. Explosions especially are very very poor.

By biggest problem though is the linear nature of the game. Its like you are spoon fed everything. Now do this, now do that, now wait for this, now park has the feeling that there is literally no player ability to alter what they are doing. For example- u cannot walk through a door until something happens even if the door is open.

Overall, while i feel its more realistic than say COD 4 and Mod War. I dont think that this game really in anyway builds on these two games. Its very very dissapointing and the multiplayer is veiled with glitches.
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on 24 October 2010
OK so I have been witing for this game to arrive and set asside some quality me and the pc time, sad I know but even took the day off, installed perfectly....on the third attempt!!! Graphics looked great gameplay was straight in no messing about.....but four hours later and not even half the can of redbull drank the credits roll!!! What happened to my game?

The actual game play is OK, yes there are the invisible walls and you have to follow the scripted path of every mission, but it was still a fun game, but why do the developers allow your team mates to walk in front of you when you are blazing away and then you get the friendly fire notice!!!

Also in response to another reviewer about the sounds of the weapons, yes it states that they were recorded on a range but I can confirm they sound nothing like the real thing.

Buy the game it is worth the new lower price but dont pay more....
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on 12 February 2014
Terrible console port!

Why? You can get headache with PC version. Seriously the FOV (field of view) was too close! Your view looks like zooming camera!
This review for single player mode. Don't know about multiplayer. The game story line itself was not good, look like COD rip-off!

I can gave 2 stars because it has nice cinematic. Done.
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on 6 January 2013
Looks good, and there are some good bits, but ultimately it's another tedious shooter. After zipping through the game with no real difficulty I hit on a point (no spoiler here!) that I simply could not get past - I guess I had to be in the right spot at a particular time and no walkthrough helped me at all. Save your pennies. I'm off now to enjoy the gorgeous far Cry 3.
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on 16 October 2010
Medal of honor enters the fps market and doesn't really offer anything new, so far I am yet to say wow at any part of the game. The graphics are fine but nothing great the game play is fine but nothing new, and in all I think EA's previous fps game Battlefield Bad Company 2 has a lot more to offer.

Single player is a bit of a muddle of dialogue that leaves you scratching your head half the time but not for long as a decent player could complete the game in an afternoon which really is not long enough.

Multiplayer is fairly fun and the games are quite fast paced but it just feels a bit flat to be honest. The weapons classes are fairly limited: Assault rifles, sub machine guns, sniper rifles. The game is fairly balanced though and there are no overpowered kill-streaks, or stupid perks like in other games of this genre.

To sum up then this game is a decent fps which you just feel really lacks any imagination and brings nothing new to the fps market. Maybe a good stop gap till another game comes out.

Oh and btw EA said that in 2 years time the MOH franchise would be better then the COD one, which makes me think that they new from the very beginning that this game was going to be inferior to its main rival so why really bother; Hence releasing it 3 weeks earlier then Black Ops.
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