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3.7 out of 5 stars88
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 July 2011
I ordered my Pulse 8GB pen several months ago and have been using the pen regularly from that time. Starting one month ago my Echo stopped synchronizing notes with the desktop software (the software crashed at the end of the synchronization process). I was able to keep taking notes but not to synchronize o manage them, which is basically the purpose of the product.

I reported this problem to LiveScribe Support and discovered in their web forums other customers having the very same issue. The support personnel in the forums indicated that this was a known issue and would be fixed in the next software release.

Some weeks later the new software released was launched and you guessed it, the problem was still there.

I have sent several e-mails to their support personnel, who send me vague response and repeatedly asked me to collect the same log files for analysis. It is important to note that I only got updates and responses about my problem *after* sending several e-mails; this has lasted for a month and I am still waiting for an answer to my latest e-mail. The last update received was a single line e-mail letting me know that the problem will be fixed on a future release, which seems to be the standard answer for every customer problem.

During this time I am working on my wife's Macintosh where the software is not reporting the same issue. By the way, I work in the IT industry and consider myself an advanced computer user.

If you keep interested in this, I'd recommend you to look elsewhere (Oxford EasyBook implementation is another option). If you finally decide to spend your money on this be aware that you will be on your own when problems happen. That's a shame, because the idea had a great potential.
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on 1 May 2013
Received this a few days ago after trying one of those cheap Chinese pens available from Maplin on the high street. This thing is light years ahead. No clips to put on the top of the pad, no general fiddling about trying to find refills etc.

A few days in, my review won't be too detailed so I will try to update this at a later stage. Initial thoughts are that it really is best in its class. It is a little complex to get your head around all of the software connectors and the difference between pencast PDFs and normal PDFs. I'm still learning about what the best audio settings are vs file storage size on evernote etc. Not to mention that the current Amazon price (£79) is almost £100 cheaper than anywhere else I've seen online or on the high street.

I have 3 "gripes":-

1: I contacted Livescribe support 4 days ago and have not even had an acknowledgement of the ticket raised (also tried the twitter route to no avail) - so this supports other peoples reviews in that the device is awesome, but the customer engagement is currently faulty.

2: No iOS 6x support despite there being an app available. This hasn't been updated in months and people on the app store are getting understandably irritated.

3: The packaging stated that there was 12 months free evernote premium, however, the offer expired at the end of 2012. Not sure if this is Amazon selling through old stock or a mistake on Livescribes part. Have raised a query with Amazon, and as per item 1: not holding out much hope hearing back from Livescribe themselves anytime soon!

***Updated edit*** 08th May 2013

Concerning my gripes above:-

1: I received contact back from Livescribe and I have to say, it has been consistent, concise and all in all very good. I'll put the original glitch down as just that. A Glitch. Having worked in an industry where there are helpdesks involved, invariably, some things DO get missed or get delayed in their response times.
So, support 10/10 !

2: Still no iOS 6 support, but they ARE working towards getting this resolved. To be honest, the MAC desktop based software is sufficient for my needs at the moment so I can only comment on how convenient or inconvenient that is from a personal perspective. Having never had the use of the pencast app on iOS 5, its not like I feel as if I'm missing out on anything.

3: After some back and forth between Amazon, Livescribe and myself, this has been resolved to a mutually agreeable solution. The packaging IS quite clear as to when the offer ended.

So, If you're considering getting one of these, go ahead and buy one now. They are simply amazing and have saved me a lot of time and effort duplicating work. Grab one now before Amazon realise they are selling them so cheap!

As a former Moleskine user, I was concerned at first about having to use Livescribes own paper. There is an option to print your own, but you will need a fairly capable printer. As an inkjet owner, this was a no go for me. However, on costing it out, there is no financial reason to print your own. The Livescribe books, both A5 and A4 sized are of excellent quality - not up to moleskine standard, but this is a totally different beast. This is not designed for creating pen and ink graphics etc on beautiful 150 + GSM grade paper. (Thats not to say you can't, but I am not of the artistic persuasion anyway!) I was wasting a lot of money just to have a nice looking notebook in the office rather than something practical!

I hope this has been helpful review, and if you have any questions, please ask!
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on 16 April 2013
I bought this pen following the refund of Wi-fi Livescribe smart pen. I returned the pen on Sunday, got money refunded on Monday and this pen arrived on Tuesday. Very happy with the service.

This pen does exactly what I needed to. Easy to set up, lot of features including handwriting to text(cost £20). Will recommend this pen( and buying it through amazon) to all my colleagues.
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on 6 March 2013
This is a fantastic product for ones like myself you listen to lectures. I now have oven one year of lectures on my pen and stored in the book. Love it and use it every Sunday and at conventions. Very expensive and this I am sure puts many off. But for me I am glad that we could save up and buy it. Better than any other recording devise and I have tried many.
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on 17 October 2011
When I received my pen I was very impressed. It is comfortable to use, can record audio (very handy for lectures when you can't keep up), and even do some fancy things like playing a piano. But after the novelty wears away you still want a great product and unfortunately when you buy electronic products like these, the software is a big part of that too.

Livescribe Desktop, the software which comes with the pen is truly awful, and I have stated as much to Livescribe without receiving a reply. And I have no idea why!!! It has all the abilities already built in but does not want to share those with any other programmes. First of all, there is optical character recognition (OCR) - this means the software can read your handwriting and you can search (within Livescribe Desktop) your notes by typing in words into a search bar. HOWEVER, surely that means that if you wanted, you could digitize your scrawly notes into a nice clean text document... nope! The best you can do is produce a PDF page of your handwriting.

Secondly, the pen's actions on the paper are recorded as a vector image, which means you can even see your doodles (in Livescribe Desktop). HOWEVER, this could be such a useful tool for an artist or designer if one was able to export that vector image to say Photoshop or Illustrator... nope! I really think Livescribe dropped the ball here - this could have been a real challenger to graphics tablets and what is even better is that the artist would have the ability to see there sketches on the very paper they're using too (unlike most graphics pads).

I'm tired of asking Livescribe for these functions (which they already have the ability to do) and looking for hacks. My advice - vote with your feet and until they've got their act together and hired some decent software developers, don't buy one. I've stopped using mine for some time now and am finding it very easy to live without.

Oh, and a final note on the paper - I am not able to print it (just like many users I have found out) and do not want to pay the extortionate prices for Livescribe's own notepads.
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on 21 May 2013
The SDK was killed roughly 2 years ago, overnight, with no warning. All downloads removed and developer forums take down.

There's no innovation here, there never will be now. There are only a handful of custom apps available and no more will ever be released.

All effort has been moved to the overpriced and flawed Livescribe Sky (appropriately named, given that its SDK is vapour-ware). A lovely device that you can only sync to your computer via an active wifi connection to the cloud. This stunning design choice was clearly motivated by the overwhelming positive response to SimCity 5...

It works well enough for all *basic* stated functionality, but I cannot in good conscience rate it above one star. Not after the way the device had all future potential neutered by castrating the developer community and thoroughly shafting anyone both willing and able to create a custom app.
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on 15 January 2013
I used to have a Logitech IO2 pen but the battery was no longer holding a charge (after almost 5 years heavy use!) so I decided to upgrade. I always found the digitial pen useful as I write a lot of notes for work and the Livescribe has not disappointed. The addition of sound recording is a useful bonus - I can now take less detailed notes and be more involved in discussion but still capture everything.
As others have noted, you will hear some scratching as you write - but this is not too bad. And if you rely more on the recordings with shorter notes then this is not overly distracting.
The reason for only four stars is the software. Within the IO2 I could group pages and rename to the title/date of meeting (e.g. To group a meeting which covered 3 or 4 pages of notes into one document). I cannot find a way to do this with the Livescribe.
But not a major problem.
Great product and, so far (two months of use), reliable.
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on 10 May 2013
I have read a few reviews which state that you need a conversion application to change your notes to typed notes. If you have microsoft office this is not correct as you have an application called OneNote and this will take care of the conversion and do a very good job of it. Subscribe should state more clearly that to print your own paper you require a postscript printer although if your company has a laser printer there is a good chance this would have a postscript driver.

I have been very impressed so far with the results I have had from this pen and intend to use it as I start using GTD as my project management methodology.
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on 11 October 2015
This is such a great product.
Having the ability to record written notes and reproduce them as PDF is invaluable and so time-saving for a whole host of occasions.
Added to this the ability to make notes and record conversations as they happen means that for structured, formal meetings - such as due diligence or investigations - I am able to play the recording and check my notes, then share them with other people as I need to.
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on 15 November 2011
I have used the 8gb version for the last 2 months at university.
I've found that the earbuds are really essential as the pen microphone isn't sensitive enough to pick up the lecturers voice across the room. The pen itself is quite a bit wider than a normal pen so its uncomfortable to use for a whole day of classes but, if you have a large hand, this wont be a problem.

One of the reasons I bought the pen was to share notes with other students. Unfortunately, the shortcuts which are used to do this in the desktop software disappear every time I close the program down....hmmm :-(

Quite honestly, its an expensive toy and, if I had to make the decision again, I'd probably put the money towards a tablet pc
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