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4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 September 2013
My ice-cream maker arrived last week, so I've only had time to make two recipes (Dark chocolate sorbet and Salted caramel ice cream), but both have been absolutely outstanding! Smooth, creamy, and a fraction of the price of buying shop-bought equivalents despite being far superior.

Having read some of the single star reviews on here, I suspect it's probably worth adding a couple of points so that people understand what they're actually buying though...

Firstly, I suspect that the people claiming that the bowl doesn't fit in a "normal" freezer actually have a freezer compartment in a fridge - an icebox, as they are sometimes referred to. It certainly fits fine in the freezer part of our fridge/freezer. The instructions do clearly say you need to chill the bowl to at least -18 degrees C. This does mean a "proper" freezer, so I doubt an icebox would work even if it could take it. The bowl dimensions are included in the description, so not difficult to check.

Secondly, don't expect this to give you fully frozen ice cream straight out of the mixer. That's simply not going to happen without a built in freezer element. What you will get is a very think, very cold mixture similar to ice cream which has started to melt, and which will then solidify (and indeed go rock solid) when you put it in the freezer.

So, at this point, you might be wondering what the point is, when you could just put the mixture in the freezer to start with? The point is that the machine ensures it is close enough to frozen that the freezer can take it the rest of the way to frozen without forming ice crystals in the mixture. That's effectively what you're buying here. The ability to make perfect ice cream without ice crystals. Just view that hour or so in the freezer as the final stage of the process (rather than the point where it comes out of the machine), and you'll be delighted.

Finally, for the people complaining that the ice cream goes rock solid in the freezer, I'm sure there's an ingredient in commercially made ice cream to help minimize this, should you wish to add some - although even then, a freezer will turn commercially made ice cream rock solid too - but to let them into a secret, it doesn't turn it solid permanently! All you need to do is take the ice cream out of the fridge 10 minutes before you want to scoop it out and it's the ideal consistency.

As a last little tip, if you put your bowl into the freezer when you take the ice cream out, that'll keep it from melting the ice cream too quickly when you serve it.
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on 16 December 2012
Oh. My. Word. I've just made the coffee and walnut icecream (minus the walnuts) from the Andrew James recipe book supplied with the icecream maker, and it was most definitely on a par with the haagen daaz coffee icecream. Absolutely dreamy and out of this world. I did have a bad start with my first attempt though. On the second attempt, I hid the inner bowl in the middle of the freezer and on the middle shelf, surrounded (and filled) with bags of peas and frozen foods to ensure the bowl got really really cold. (It didn't seem to get that cold on first attempt, even though it was in the freezer overnight). I'm definitely going to keep the inner bowl in the freezer permanently, then I know it's always ready to go. I also don't think my 'coffee' mixture cooled down sufficiently in the fridge within 30 mins (as the book had suggested), even though it was cool before I even put it in the fridge for the 30 mins. Again, on second attempt, I pre-made the mixture and left it at the back of the fridge overnight to ensure it really was cold. Once the mixture was in the machine, the consistency thickened up fairly quickly and I took the icecream out (with a wooden spoon - you shouldn't use metal utensils inside it) within about 25 minutes thinking it looked thick enough but it was still really quite 'soft scoop', so I popped it into another container and then into the freezer. When we came to eat it, about 3 hrs later, it was firmer but still softer than I personally like. Because of this, I would probably freeze it overnight to ensure a really firm consistency. But then it's all down to personal preference isn't it. My personal preference would be to have this coffee icecream for breakfast, lunch and dinner ....... Seriously though, the icecream maker is a fantastic buy, at a fantastic price, and was a rather delicious birthday present for me! BUY BUY BUY
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on 7 April 2012
In order to use this machine you need to store the inner container in the freezer, however the container is too large to fit in the draws of the unit that I own which in my opinion is a standard size. I did try to keep it in the fridge before using it but the temperature was not adequate to make decent ice-cream. I urge all people to think of this matter prior to purchase.
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on 21 June 2013
I was planning on making my own ice cream and I wanted an ice cream machine. The Andrew James had a good deal and I got the device.

It is simple to use and clean. The recipe book is useful and the ice cream I made so far is smooth and creamy - absolutely delicious.

The bowl fits in the freezer easily and I don't have a huge freezer. Just a regular one.

- easy to use; just an on/off button
- easy to clean because the bowl and paddle are removable
- comes with a recipe book
- the ice cream tastes great
- the price
- if you need to make a lot of ice cream extra fast freezing insulated bowls can be purchased separately

- a little noisy

Overall is a good investment. I made the math and homemade ice cream taste better and it is way cheaper than commercial bought, so the device will pay for itself in few months.
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on 3 March 2015
I purchased the above after much reading and searching especially the reviews. So far I have made three lots of ice-cream, I have only had the machine a week and it is fantastic. II followed the instructions and the results were fantastic, I will never buy ice-cream again. The freezer part of the machine lives in the freezer so it is ready to use all the time. I tend to make the mixture the night before and then pour it into the ice-cream maker the next evening 15-20 minutes later the machine either stops because it has reached the right consistency or I have felt the contents are ready. Not had a bad batch yet. I am really pleased with the machine and the recipes are easy to follow. so far I have made chocolate and vanilla. The chocolate flavour I had run out of custard so topped up the recipe with condensed milk, the result even creamier ice-cream which last a mere 24 hours in our house. Would highly recommend this machine.
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on 10 February 2014
I have owned an icecream maker before (a kenwood) - It was fine, did the job but wasn't perfect, and this product also falls into that category.

Many of the reviews seem to be reviewing the concept of ice cream making rather than the product!

Key Points;
+Big freezing bowl which is good if you have a freezer big enough (more coolant).
+Does what it says on the tin (freezes custard!).

-Small pouring hole in the lid which results in some of the mixture running around the rim of the bowl rather than straight into it. Not a disaster but makes a bit of a mess.
-Quite noisy (I'm pretty sure I am using it correctly but it doesn't sound like it!).
-I think the stirring paddle doesn't have big enough gaps! It may depend on the consistency of the mixture you're using but when the mixture started to thicken up (become grainy) the paddle just turns the mixture around in circles, rather than churning it up.
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on 12 June 2014
Know what you're getting, and have sensible expectations of this product, and I think you'll be well satisfied. So what does it do? Basically, it's a big ice bucket and a slowly churning blender. If you're expecting instant cone-ready ice cream, you'll be sorely disappointed. However, if you've made ice cream by hand, and know what a long and laborious job this is, then using this maker will seem easy and fun by comparison. Patience is definitely required: first you have to freeze the inner bowl (and make sure it'll fit in your freezer! Check other comments and questions for dimensions of the bowl), preferably overnight. Then hurl in the ingredients from one of the recipes in the nice free book, or make up your own, and churn away for around 40 minutes. VERY soft ice cream will be made, which will then require further freezing before it's ready to eat, and will probably then be a lot harder than modern soft-scoop. So it's not a great activity to do with kids who'll be expecting to scoff the results instantly.
If you're still reading, then this is probably for you. For those who can wait, it's absolutely worth it. Particularly good if, like me, you adore ice cream, but want to make much healthier alternatives with yogurt and fresh fruit (said recipe book also has a section on frozen yogurts, sorbets and granitas, and you can pick up lots of good tips to help make your own recipes a success). Fantastic results for minimum hassle.
If you like instant gratification, on the other hand, buy a Magnum!
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on 30 April 2012
I bought this machine mainly to make home made 'low fat' frozen yoghurt and to use up fruit that is going past its use by date, but I must admit we haven't made any of that yet!! We have however made delicious coconut, coffee & summer berry ice creams. It doesn't work out much cheaper than buying branded ones, especially the coconut one, but it is much more tasty & somewhat more satisfying knowing you have made it yourself!

We now always keep cream in the fridge & the bowl in the bottom of the freezer so that it is ready to go! Individual quantities only take about 10 minutes in the machine and are ready to eat. We find that larger quantites however need to go in the freezer for up to an hour afterwards.

The free recipe book gives some good ideas but can be tweaked for what ingredients you have in the house. I will try some frozen yoghurts soon!
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on 22 June 2015
Just used it this afternoon with some home grown fruit. A couple of things to keep in mind. Check the depth of your freezer drawers; mine were too shallow but i have access to a chest freezer. This is why I have given it four stars; you would otherwise be stumped for freezing the bowl. If you have a large freezer without drawers, that really shouldn't be a problem.Yes, freeze the bowl, and refrigerate your ingredients. This does help. The two books that came with it, are very useful. I tried one of the simple recipes and so far it's a success. Not complicated at all. Took a matter of 12 minutes to get a nice creamy soft ice cream; which is being kept in the freezer to be a firmer. I liked it, a simple process and the initial taste test suggests a really nice end product. My only dilemma is whether we shall eat it quickly enough for the next batch. Definitely worth the investment.
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on 1 June 2012
I haven't had an icecream maker before, and wanted to buy something relatively cheaply so I could try it out. This machine is a great little starter machine, I've found.

The motor is in the lid of the machine, and you store the bowl in the freezer. This means that you can only make one batch / flavour of icecream at a time, because the bowl needs to be refrozen each time. It also means cleaning it is a bit more tricky (which is really important considering how easy it is to get food poisoning from icecream!) because you need to be careful about getting it wet since the motor is near the arm/ rudder.

I've made three batches of icecream so far, Strawberry Balsamic Vinegar & Marscapone, Mango & Frangelico, Clotted Vanilla Cream & Vodka. They were all amazing!

When the machine goes, I've found after 30 minutes that the icecream is still quite soft, and need to be put in the freezer to harden a bit more. This isn't a problem for me, I quite like making it in the morning to eat later. The process of putting it in the icecream maker ensures that the ingredients are well mixed, frozen slowly and evenly, and also puts lots of air into the mixture, so it's much better than just blending the ingredients and putting them straight into the freezer.

I've found that adding a dash of alcohol stops it from freezing too solid. Most good quality icecreams are quite solid I find and need some softening straight out of the freezer before you can eat them anyway. Alcohol, or a teaspoon of glucose syrup or a bit of gelatine helps a great deal with this!

Also, the mixture expands a lot when it's in the machine, so watch out that you don't overfill the machine or you can break it!

All in all, a good little investment for the price! It comes with a handy booklet with instructions and amazing recipes!

When this one breaks, I think I'll invest in one with the motor in the bottom of the machine not in the lid, but having said that, I'm more than happy with this little machine for now.
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