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on 13 November 2010
I have been looking for a netbook to replace my Compaq TC1100 tablet (very easy to use fairly light to carry but useless battery life compared to new computers, but getting on bit now) this computer is worth its weight in gold regular battery life of 6hrs plus,(thats with wireless on and a reasonably bright screen) nice and light to carry and reasonably fast. On the outside (I have the white and silver model) it has a dimple textured finish non slippery and NO fingerprints, open it up and the first thing you see is a bright screen and well laid out keyboard (the screen has a shiny finish that I would prefer matte but you cant have everything). The keyboard is as perfect as it gets, it is an island type i.e. it has each key separated by metal so it good for easy typing. The USB3 is superb for quick backups, as is the USB charge when the computer is off, (charged my phone overnight and didn't notice any difference to battery life the next day). A memory upgrade is a good idea, helps move things along a little faster, (be careful though early models had ddr2 memory, latter models with USB 3 and Bluetooth 3 use DDR3) both Amazon and Crucial got this wrong when asked, I even spoke to an advisor at Crucial to check, I think they are both up to speed now !!!!!) The power supply is quite small if you do need to take with you, (a shame nobody supplies one of the new fold flat plugs, it would make the power supply even easier to take with you). Would I recommend it, you bet I would, I have had the Compaq listed earlier, a Samsung Q1 and A Sony PCG-1J1L 5" screen with slide out keyboard, and I would choose the Asus every time.
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I ordered the 'White' (i.e. aluminum and silver) version of this computer and upon opening the box I was immediately conscious of feeling that this netbook, though up to ASUS's usual good build quality standards, isn't quite as end-user friendly as some of the earlier incarnations of the eee PC.

The outside is a dimpled surface aluminium and plastic that I don't particularly look forward to cleaning (it won't show fingerprints like some of the glossy earlier models did... but all those nooks and crannies for dirt!), but apart from that everything feels robust as usual. The monitor cleaning cloth and neoprene slipcover included with early versions of the eee PC have been jetisoned from this pack, so until you've bought a case you can't really take it with you unless you're willing to get the outside of your new computer all scratched. Fortunately there are some reasonably-priced cases to be had at the moment.

Duronic LS06 10.2" Premium Neoprene Laptop Pouch Sleeve for Notebooks upto 10.2 inch
Trust 10 Inch Compact And Light Weight Netbook Carry Bag 16580

The 1018P is the slimmest eee PC I've encountered to date and between its radical diet and the aluminium casing, it's pretty clear to see that ASUS have been looking to the MacBook Pro for inspiration. Fine by me: I love my MacBook, but there are times when it isn't the kind of machine I want to take with me.

Turning the 1018P on to use it for the first time takes a little while - there's a rather long-winded Windows 7 startup process and the inevitable yards of EULA to agree to before anything becomes useable. And then, after an MS-mandated restart, the fingerprint reader setup kicks in. I'm really unimpressed by the fingerprint reader. It's small and awkward to use (it's sort of inset into the user surface of the machine and doesn't accommodate your whole fingerprint). After MANY tries I can't get a decent set of readings on my righthand index finger... which doesn't fill me full of confidence in the idea of using fingerprint data instead of passwords to access confidential website material. If it's taking this long to get it to work at setup, what are my chances of ever being able to actually use this for its intended purpose? I give up on the idea - a shame, as it was one of the main motivating factors for selecting this model over a 1015PEM.

Next, the software. Star Office, the excellent MS-compatible suite of Office Programs which has appeared on many earlier incarnations of the eee PC has been replaced with a truncated version of Microsoft Office (Word and Excel in Starter versions only complete with advertising), leaving you light on Office tools functionality. A quick visit to Open Office sorts out the immediate problem of restricted Word Processing/Spreadsheets and NO presentation software. There is an included anti-virus package - but only on a 1-month trial - and a plethora of unwanted applications including a rather random ereader for the New York Times. Control Panel and add/remove programs, here I come!

And then there's Windows 7. Big, clunky, slow AND as the machine comes with only the Starter version bundled has some major restrictions. For instance, don't like the dull as ditchwater Windows wallpaper? Shame, because there's no native way to change it. Worse, if you make use of third party software to allow changes to be made you are, apparently, breaching the license agreement. Want DVD playback through MediaPlayer and an external DVD drive? Tough. Switch between users without logging out? Not going to happen. Backup to a network device such as a wi-fi hard drive? Nada. Microsoft have held these features back for the premium version.

Salvation is, apparently, at hand as even the start menu helpfully pushes you towards 'Windows Anytime Upgrade'... but the upgrade to home premium offered online from Microsoft comes in at roughly a third more expensive than the version available for sale on Amazon, so if you've got an external DVD drive then avoid this easy-seeming fix like the plague.

Overall, this is generally a nice enough, well-built netbook. It isn't quite as immediately all-round useable as some of the earlier eee PC models, has the atrocious Win 7 Starter and far too much unnecessary bundled software. But it's really on the fingerprint reader that ASUS have shot themselves in the foot.

OK, but could be so much better.
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on 12 September 2010
I brought this asus last week and must say i am very pleased with its performace,
It boots up quickly and has a very good battery life, (at least6 hours) hoping it will inprove on this with a couple more battery charges,
The body is very sturdy but weigh's very little so it ticks all my boxes so far,
I have increased the ram to 2gb and intend to fit a 500gb hardrive sometime soon,
In a word! A great bit of kit,

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on 17 October 2010
This is the most stylish and compact netbook I have seen on the market. I am so glad I decided to buy this one over the others i had on my list, as i cant recommend it enough. I find the battery life really good for what i use it for, the screen is very clear, the aluminium styling just sets it off, it makes it stand out from the crowd, and the fingerprint scanner is very useful indeed!
Excellent value for money!
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on 8 September 2010
glad i chose this premium netbook over the others for its build quality, very sturdy with the metal casing, flush bezel and chiclet keys,, i love it but i did have a few initial disappointments, firstly the box was very bland and there was no sleeve for the netbook which you would expect at the price but no major thing, secondly BLOATWARE!!! ive never seen so much crap installed on a laptop before let alone a netbook, there were about 38 programs i had to remove and god knows how many running services to be able to get this netbook up to scratch, for teh unexperienced thius could be a problem but once youve got all that crap removed it is a fast netbook and not as limiting asyou might imagine even with windows starter and only 1gb ram, ive upgraded mine to ddr3 2gb and used a fast sd card reader dedicated to readyboost and put home premium on it and it works fast enough for me to run multiple apps and edit images and large documenst without slowdown which is much better than i managed on an acer netbook last year, as long as you know your limits and can get rid of the bloatware then this is a great netbook, solid built and some good extra features like ddr3, usb 3 and fingerprint reader, i do recommened switching the mouse gestures off on it tho for it to scroll smoothly, another thing i found a bit annoying is how bright the status lights are placed right under the screen but overall im glad i bought this overany other netbook
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on 29 August 2010
Where to start, the 1018p is the best looking gadget I've ever seen! Its tiny! I opted for the brushed black metal version which looks ace and isnt a finger print magnet. The finger print reader works great and can log you into your websites with ease as it asks you if you would prefer to swipe rather than type passwords, which is a handy way to get around key loggers I might add.
Boots and operates quickly, windows 7 starter is a lighter and in my opinion better version as its not resource hungry at all. Bundled Asus software is intuitive and easy to use and you get office starter 2010 with it which is handy. It has a hidden 15GB partition with your win 7 source files should you mess up your install.
Its light, very light, an will be coming on the train with me every day. Video play back is fine as its not a HD machine. If you are wanting HD playback get the Asus 1200 something, its very nice but the power comes at the cost of your battery. Battery life on the 1018p is brilliant, up to 10 hours and it has a button on it to switch between super speed and super battery, no going into windows power modes :)

All in all I rate this netbook 5 out of 5 for its looks, battery, finger print reader for us security geeks and 1.83GHz N475 Atom.

There is one improvement that could be made to this netbook and thats to have the full 2GB of RAM. I'll order mine today, apart from that its hard to fault it. Currently dual booting mine with Win7 Starter and Backtrack 4 R1.
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on 5 September 2011
I love netbooks and already have another asus netbook which Ive had for a few years which has been great and the battery lasted about 8 hours. The reason I go for them rather than laptops are for the longer battery lives which is an important feature for me. Netbooks are also very portable and less cumbersome than laptops and I dont find the smaller screen size an issue, in fact I actually prefer the smaller size as the picture is crisper when watching films. I also find them to be give or take, just as powerful as laptops and with an external hard drive and DVD drive, there is no difference in functionality.

This netbook was as slow as hell when I first used it and I had to uninstall a lot of pre-installed programmes and also upgrade the 1gb ram to 2gb. It now operates a lot more smoothly and quicker. I am however very disappointed with the battery life. It is advertised as having up to 10 hrs battery life, however Im getting nowhere near that. Even with normal use i.e not watching movies or downloading anything and also having the battery mode on power save with the brightness fairly low Im still only getting a maximum of 4.5 - 5 hours. I know up to 10 hours doesnt mean you will get 10 but simply using the internet with battery setting on power save, you would expect to get at least 8 hours use. Also the netbook seems to switch off when there is still 10% power left.

Very nice keyboard and nice screen. Would have given 5 stars if it wasnt for the battery life issue.
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on 20 January 2011
Arrived swiftly and well packed. It looks amazing and was easyish to set up. Netbook is slow and full of bloat ware. The touchpad buttons are ultra stiff and when you hold the left one down and scroll, the curser goes the other way. I tried updating the drivers but still no change. I used the netbook no more than 18 hours in total and the finger print sensor packed in, same message cannot detect sensor. Again tried updating drivers gave up and returned to Amazon. I am re ordering one without fingerprint sensor but not sure which one yet.
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on 30 December 2010
It's a great little netbook to fit in your backback or handbag. Perfect for travel, as the battery life is magnificent. Fingerprint reader is a good feature, keyboard is convenient to use. The only downturns for me are the processor speed and the finger prints that are seen, due to the glossy finish. You should upgrade to 2 GB RAM to speed it up a bit. All in all, it's one of the best netbooks out there.
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on 29 March 2011
This Netbook is very light and well designed, making it reasonably thin. Great advance in technology from the old Asus Netbooks. The graphics card and speed is reasonable. It is nice to see USB3 ports. I would only use this for basic usage, like watching movies, playing music, internet, etc. but I would not use it for games or any designing.
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