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on 12 March 2011
First a little background.

I'm a gamer and a musician. So I'm always on the look out for gear that performs well in both areas. From the gaming side of things, the most important aspect to me is voice communication for MMO play over programs like Ventrilo and Mumble. At the same time, I do use sound queue's in game to help my awareness and performance. From a musical perspective, I just want good quality. So really, that encompasses the need to have quality in the mic and the ear cup speakers.

After searching around a bit and reading/watching many many reviews of head-sets, it was clear that the Logitech G930's were consistently getting great write-ups. So these are the head set I've gone for and I'm not disappointed at all. The build quality is superb - made from what seems to be a high impact plastic with wonderful comfy cushioning around the ear cup. What also really impresses is the size of the ear cups. My ears sit in them without touching any part of the inner cup, allowing room for the sound rather than having your ear press up against the speaker. Wireless range is adequate at about the stated 40 ft range, perfect for anywhere in my house. The buttons on the head set all have a great feel - almost a rubber texture, with an infinite volume wheel.

Speach quality in both directions is superb being extreamly clear and defined. The mic auto mutes when moved in to its up position which I really like. The mic arm is also flexible for for accurate mouth placement. Last of note is that I am a lager guy with a large head, yet this head-set sits easily and comfortably on the head with the set adjusted to 5 out of a possible 16!

The supplied soft ware has everything you could need, including stuff you don't. There's the rather gimmicky voice modulation which just adds various FX to your voice, and I'm not really sure what this is for. Full EQ control via a software pre-amp. basic EQ controls using high and low filters, and a rather nice piece of software that redirects your voice back to you, to do away with that muffled, talking with your fingers in your ear type sound. Try and you'll see what I mean. Where these head phones come in to their own though, is through the use of the G button control. You can assign media player control to any of the 3 buttons, as well as control VoIP programs if the VoIP program allows for it. You can also download or create your own plugins to further add to the G buttons abilities. I have mine set to control Ventrilo's PPT key by emulating my keyboard PPT key (via a plug-in), as well as controlling iTunes (via defaults).

Sound quality for music isn't what this head-set was made for , yet they do a great job. I will say they aren't as good as the best audiophile phones out there, but they are certainly good enough for pottering around the house without disturbing my wifes TV time. These do require a little burning in time to sound their best, but then, I've yet to hear equipment that doesn't sound better after a little run-in time.

Overall, a great wireless gaming head-set. Highly recommend.
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on 6 February 2012
I bought these as I have the Roccat Kave 5.1 headset but I am fed up of the wires.
They are quite expensive but they are very worth it, The base can go up too twelve (erm decibels) and you can barely hear what's going on.
The surround sound is crystal clear, I play battlefield (badly) and you can hear every bullet flying over your head and know where it came from.
Oh and they are very light and incredibly comfortable massivly adjustable.

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on 19 April 2014
Before buying, I read reviews on this headset. A fair number of people complained about a problem whereby the headset would cut out frequently. I bought the headset, however, hoping I wouldn't be one of the people who suffered this problem.
Unfortunately, I did find that if the headset had been on for a few hours, it would start cutting out for a second or two every couple of minutes. I was really annoyed, and couldn't seem to fix it.

However! I found what the problem is!
The problem lies in the charging device. The headset comes with a USB charger, which has both another USB port (for use with the headset wireless receiver) as well as another cable for charging, which neatly keeps both out of the way on your desk, but still easy to get to, as the charging wire wraps around the disk shaped USB port on the end (look on YouTube or something if this doesn't make sense).

It occurred to me that I could try plugging the wireless receiver straight into my computer - I did so, and it hasnt cut out once since! I did this about a week ago, and regularly run the battery all the way down. Not a single cutting out, where previously it would do it everyday.

Unfortunately, this will take up 2 USB ports on your computer rather than only 1, as well as potentially meaning your wireless receiver is less "out in the open" depending on where your computer is. However, if the headset is just for use at your computer, having it that half-metre or so extra distance away makes no difference. In fact, for me, having it in my computer rather than on my desk seemed to also increase the distance I could go away from the receiver and still have the headset functioning, for some odd reason.

I don't think this should impact your decision to buy, as this is a FANTASTIC headset. I wear it all the time, and I absolutely love it. The profile switching when in-game works well, but I don't find myself using the headset buttons when in-game that often anyway. Use for music (such as play/pause, skip track etc) is definitely a useful G-key set up when wondering around the house.
The sound quality is amazing, and there is no lag at all. I could just listen to music all day on this headset. My friend bought an Astro A50 headset (yeah, that £250 really awesome one) but I notice no difference at all!

The mic quality has been reported to be a little bit tinny, but I don't notice this. The mic is flexible, but I find moving it more towards my mouth makes sound quality worse, and like to leave it a hands-width away from my mouth (ie. hold my hand out, and be able to position it with the pinky at my mouth and index finger at the mic position). I find this generates good quality audio.
The mic button is very easy to feel on the side of the headset, and the volume slider is great as well.

I have a WiFi router literally about 30cm away from the receiver, as well as a Logitech G700s wireless mouse and there is absolutely no interference at all, if you are worried about that. The only thing I have noticed that has caused interference is a microwave oven.
The multi-channel feature is also great, meaning if you are a long way away from your computer, such that the headset can't connect too well, it will automatically try connecting to a different frequency to find the most stable connection.

All together, a fantastic product from Logitech!
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on 16 January 2012
As a keen gamer and occasional music listener I wanted a pair of surround sound headphones that would add to my gaming experience but not embarrass themselves when I listened to music. I have a pair of Sennheiser stereo headphones that cost about £40 a couple of years ago. Their sound was very good but only stereo.

The build quality of the G930s is very good. Solid, durable plastic and metal headband. It seems heavy to hold but not so when wearing. I need to use specs; that has not been a problem. In use they're pretty comfortable for hours at a time.
Being wireless they need to be recharged about every nine hours - a nice lead is supplied.

The supplied drivers would not work on my Windows 7 64 machine so I downloaded the latest from Logitech's site. The control panel is straightforward to use.

The earcups are sound-deadening such that I've missed several phone calls even though the phone is on the wall next to my head. That feature works very well indeed.

Controls on the headset are easily found without looking and responsive.

Sound is okay and I won't go much further than that. They lack a bit of bass punch but I've not yet done much tweaking of the control panel.
In stereo mode everthing is fine but when you switch to surround sound the game sounds and music appear to be angled down from above, as if you were wearing a halo with little speakers attached. Sound from in front comes from the very top of your head.

The mic is good and delivers clear sound (so I'm told).

There is no really good surround sound effect. I've tried it in MW3 and BF3 as well as World of Tanks. Surround sound is there, but not especially distinct. I do have a set of Altec Lansing 5.1 speakers but I can't use those in the evening because of the volume - hence my need for headphones to begin with. The speakers beat the G930 for surround sound effects 100%.

If you fancy buying these thinking they'll be the answer to your 7.1 sound prayers, then you'll be disappointed.

For this I paid over £130 and frankly, it's _way_ too expensive for what is very much a compromise device.

Three stars. Lost one because of the lack of clear 7.1 sound and the second because of the price.
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on 21 February 2012
I have always been a fan of Logitech products because of their innovation and quality and this headset is no different.

Logitech's innovation to create a completely wireless headset does not fall short of this goal but goes beyond. Not only is this headset completely wireless it produces some of the best quality sound I have heard from a headset.

Wireless range peaks at around 20-30 feet depending on how many walls you have between you and the little transceiver dongle in the computer.

7.1 Surround sound experience is amazing and great for gamer and movie fans alike but is switch-able to stereo for music or general VOIP chit chat, just nice to have the choice.

They are light and comfortable to wear and I personally have gone hours wearing them with very little or no discomfort at all.

Friends and family have all commented that the microphone quality is excellent. The programmable buttons are not just a fad for me as they allow me to program a button for push-to-talk when I am away from keyboard for use with programs like Teamspeak.

Very good product and highly recommended for those wanting to escape the confines of a wired headset while adding some premium features make the G930 experience unlike any other.
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on 9 May 2013
Previously owned: Razer Barracuda HP-1, Razer Carcharias, Roccat Kave - in that order. Every single one of those broke mechanically - the headband broke for the Barracuda, the cable broke at the volume control for the Carcharias and the earcup literally broke off for the Kave - all within about a year and with paranoiac good care.
The G930 stands out as the most robust one by far, at least till now. The audio quality is the best among the company as well, though this also is clearly the most expensive headset of the ones mentioned. The audio quality both while listening to music and while gaming is superb, especially the bass. Directional sound in noticably better than the previous headsets as well.

The fact that this headset is wireless makes it an even better deal. I didn't image it would make such a difference but it really does improve your "quality of life" during daily tasks at the PC. I definitely recommend it.
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on 16 October 2014
My son uses these continuously and loves them. We have tried many other cheaper makes and anything with a cable seems to be destroyed within days so we decided on wireless. He now rarely takes them off and has even been known to visit the toilet wearing them but then he is a strange child!
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on 14 June 2016
Absolutely amazing headset. Had mine now for over 2.5 years. Only repair work done is replacing the ear cushions, which only cost £2 so barely worth mentioning.
Pros: Microphone quality
Sound quality
Battery life (lasts ages)
Flip up mic (auto mute)
Heavier than some Headsets
Can make you feel warmer (not so bad if its a cold day)
Software (Has some great features but causes my headset to fail so cannot use it)
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on 21 April 2013
I want to give this product 5 stars so bad! But 2 points let it down for me so for the price (£100) I cannot justify 5 stars.

I want to start with the positives:
OH MY GOD THESE ARE SO COMFORTABLE. I used to wear on-ear earphones but I got concious of them pressing against my head after a while. These fit around your eat and though they're quite hefty, it barely feels like you're wearing anything at all.

Related to this, build quality is excellent. And with with these two factors combined I was almost willing to give it those 5 stars. The buttons are placed really well and the volume scroll wheel is a fantastic edition. Charging is also easy, and can be charged whilst still in use. The 'dongle dock' that comes with it allows for wires to be wound up securely after use, eliminating those nasty wires! Though it may not be apparent in the picture,but the earcups can also 'tilt' allowing for an even better fit. The fit is great but they're slightly on the larger size for me (and I have a small head) so women /may/ find it slightly too large as well.

Realistically though the sound is good but it's not fantastic. Stereo is fine (don't listen to all those haters), and surround is fine, but it still lacks that punch in the lower frequencies where modern gaming sounds can really immerse you in the game play. Two scenes that come to mind are the airplane scene in crysis 1 and any point in bf3 :P The sound is what made those games more immersive than graphics alone. I played those games with my bookshelf Aiwa twin duct speakers/hi-fi amp combo on 40% (but full bass boost) and though I was just playing on my laptop I would get so lost in those games. The boundary between reality and gaming would meld at the points my speakers would play the sound. Whilst I still feel involved in the game it's not too difficult to slide back to reality when I take these off (which may well be a good thing :P but if you're looking for gaming as an escape and you have a descent sound system, including wired audiophile headphones, don't switch).

Right, other smaller factors.You need to take the usb/dongle out in order for the pc to recognise that headphones aren't plugged in any more (and thus play sound out through speakers). This may not seem like that big a thing, and it isn't, but it can still be pretty annoying. Range is also about 8m with walls, which is ok - not brilliant but you can cook/clean/do housework with music on and not wake up the entire house.

Sum up:

Comfort/build quality: 10/10
Music quality: 7/10 (best you can expect with wireless headphones)
Gaming quality: 8/10
Convenience: 8/10

If sound AND convenience is import to you, as they were for me, buy these. You're not going to get much better sound without spending double the amount. If only convenience, you can sway for a cheaper alternative. Make sure you go for around the ear headphones as opposed to on ear for better comfort.
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on 29 February 2016
Had this headset almost 2 years... And it's just starting to throw in the towel :( Using it everyday for about 4-12 hours for 'hardcore gaming' use and general stuff. I really can't complain for the actual use I've had for the £90 I paid. Amazing at everything until very recently, it's had a tough life though and lasted longer then I thought. £90 for 1 year amazing use and 1 year starting to die use. Would buy again in a heartbeat.
- Excellent 7.1 surround sound quality headset, really helped in games like Counter Strike where footstep precision is a must!
- No issues with Microphone quality. The only issue is that with the recording software I use the microphone does very very slightly pick up my mechanical keyboard if there is 0 input from any other sound source.
- Long battery life when charged properly, would last for 10 hour gaming 'wireless' sessions, but general wear and tear dropping it A million times and when forgetting it was plugged in running over the charger countless times I am surprised at how durable it was... I mean I'm a clumsy gamer...
- Amazing comfort, as I said, I could easily pull 10 hour gaming sessions and still be keen for more, never had a headache from the headset or discomfort.
- Being wireless has been an amazing change when needed, it's weird how much you use it wireless just for ease and comfort.
CONS... (slight and understandable to be honest....)
- After a year of long gruelling use it started showing some wear and tear, but that really has been some very bad treatment on my part.
- Doesn't charge properly anymore with the charger supplied with the headset, but charges fine with a normal micro usb ( again this is due to my wear and tear).
- Broadcast's a 'beep' into the Microphone when the headset dies, I don't like this personally and i'm sure people who are conversing with me don't like it either ( I forget to charge it a lot :P)
- Software provided is pretty dire and could use updating...

I'm sure the headset would still be working perfectly fine still if I looked after it more... Spending £90 for amazing use for almost 2 years is a lot better then any cheap thing I've bought for £30 and dieing after 6 months with horrible quality and so many issues.....
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