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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2012
Before I bought this mouse I read a lot of reviews and obviously had concerns about the battery life - I bought it regardless. I then read on the logitech forums that it is not the battery life that is bad, it is the battery life indicator on the mouse that is wrong, if you google something like logitech g700 battery indicator wrong, you will find the thread I am referring to. In the thread somebody plotted a graph etc. and the problem is that the indicator seems to be calibrated to normal alkaline batteries. Normal batteries start at 1.5v and as they deplete the voltage drops, the type of battery in the g700 (sanyo eneloop) starts at 1.2 and doesn't drop much until it is nearly depleted, this makes it appear like the battery is nearly dead pretty early on, but it has loads more charge left.

So, I put it to the test and didn't charge the mouse from opening the box until it died, it lasted 2 and a half days, most of this was on one green indicator light and I have been playing games all day pretty much so the mouse was in maximum gaming mode for a lot of the time. Bearing in mind that the battery could have been charged a long time ago so may have lost charge from the factory/warehouse to my house. If your motherboard still powers the usb ports when it is turned off then the battery isn't a problem, it will last all day then just charge it at night. This type of battery doesn't have to be depleted before you charge it, however they do have a limit on how many times they can be charged.

So onto the mouse itself, my best mouse, out of my previous mouses, was a cyber snipa silencer. I will be comparing to this mouse mainly. One thing I noticed straight away was the feel of the mouse, the outer shell is entirely made of plastic, with a textured, rougher feel on the sides. I do not really like this, I prefer rubber on the sides, not just for the feel and better grip, but also they tend to have grooves cut into them which means your hands don't get as sweaty. A thing I just really noticed as my hand gets sweaty with this mouse.

Another thing is your ring and pinky finger will scrape across your gaming surface/mouse mat, my previous mouse had 2 channels for your fingers to rest on and underneath was the mouse feet so your fingers never touched your gaming surface/mouse mat. This is obviously something I will get used to but it is my main dislike with this mouse. The scroll-wheel feels a little wobbly, maybes due to the ratchet/free wheel system - not a major problem but annoying again. These few things just make it feel a tad cheap to me, especially comparing it to a mouse which costs half the price.

The software is very easy to use, the pre-set commands are great, although I don't really use many of them it is great to have copy and paste as 2 of the four side buttons. I did have a problem in that I couldn't get it to auto-switch profiles for various games, this could be that all the games I play use a launcher, steam etc. and it is more-than-likely a user error. Instead I simply press the g11 button which swaps my profile from maximum gaming to productivity (I don't bother with general gaming), this is my preferred method of profile switching anyway, mainly due to laziness setting up auto-switch and ease as you just press a button.

In game the mouse feels great, the lack of a cord is obviously great, the mouse has no lag that any human could notice, the buttons are well located and very easy to press, the most difficult probably being the g8 button (the bottom one of the 3 little ones on the top), the 4 buttons on the side are easy to distinguish and easy to press (hardest thing is just getting used to there being 4). The LMB and RMB are very satisfying to click, something I never thought I would notice on a mouse, but they feel very mechanical and give a good click, the buttons are sturdy and have no wobble (says something about my old mouse).

If your battery did die during a game and you have to use the charging cable you will not be happy, it is horrible, so very thick, not flexible, heavy, just so awful especially from going from beautiful wireless to the worst wired. If you charge it overnight you will be fine everyday. If your motherboard does not power the usb ports you can just plug it into an iphone charger, it works but obviously do it own risk etc. but really it will be fine. Or you could just buy a battery charger and batteries and you will be good to go.

I would give it a 4 but the things wrong with it are just things I am not used to having, after using my previous mouse for over 2 years daily, bar the slightly wobbly scroll wheel.

After using this mouse for a month I can say: The battery lasts about 3 days before it has been on critical too long and I should charge it; I got the auto-switch profiles to work (user-error); I bought a rechargeable battery from ebay for £1.30, if a battery runs out during a game, change it fast and then recharge the dead one over night.

This is a 5* mouse.
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on 27 November 2010
Probably the best mouse I've ever bought!
Nothing i could really say that's bad about it to be honest, i could moan that the usb charging cable that comes with it can sometimes feel a little thick and influence the mouse ever so slightly, but then im just nit-picking at a very beautifully designed, and well tested mouse.
This mouse replaced a Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse that i had before, and when i tried that old mouse on my laptop, i was amazed how this G700 fits so well into your hand. I almost think that its too comfortable that your hand is not used to it, so it feels weird at first.

I would undoubtedly recommend this product to anybody that was looking for a new mouse. Definitely worth the price tag.
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on 6 January 2013
I've had 4 of these mice come through my hands now.

For a balanced mouse, decent for gaming, nice feeling for general use, well thought out buttons and features and for general comfort you really cannot go wrong. The included micro USB cable is much too stiff (feels like you could beat someone to death with it) but add your choice of flexible charge/connect cable (any micro USB) and that's fine.

The problem is the reason I've handled 4 of these.

Expect about a years solid use from it for the average person (I go through them a bit quicker) then there's a VERY well known issue with the longevity of the left+right mouse buttons microswitches.

My first mouse developed the issue with right mouse. It was impossible to keep right mouse button hold down, it would constantly register a "double click" etc when the button was held. I bought a replacement mouse from new to continue using while I had the mouse RMA'd. The replacement (3rd one) I sold.
I've bought the mouse again for my girlfriend as she took "quite a shine" (read, stole) mine and this one is (touch wood) still going strong. The new replacement I bought for my last issue is now having issues with the left mouse button. Not being able to click and drag with the left is... a pretty major flaw tbh. Reading around the issue with the switches dying pretty quickly are rather well known so worth considering. My latest RMA to logitech has a plea that someone "on high" looks at the issue. It's a massive shame they have the problem as it's otherwise a nigh on perfect mouse.

As such even with the huge button issue, still a 4 star.
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on 6 April 2014
It has a lot of programmable buttons and thanks to the ability to switch between profiles really quickly, I can assign them for whatever I'm doing (gaming, programming, web browsing, etc.).

Really nice rough surface on sides, although it does wear out after a while (same as on G500), but that doesn't really matter all that much, it still feels pretty okay. The mouse itself feels really solid and well-build but the 3 buttons on top left of the mouse not so much as they wiggle around a bit.

The button on top (closest one to the scroll wheel) toggles the fast scroll wheel function that lets you to just sort of fling it and it'll be keep on scrolling instead of just snapping into place like every other scroll wheel. I feel like It's just a gimmick, nothing too useful. I don't really like the feeling of it when it scrolls smoothly like that and i can't think of any real use of that (it's easier and more accurate to browse large text files by simply using the scroll bar or even pg up/down keys).

By default, the 3 buttons on top left of the mouse are set to DPI up, DPI down and check battery level. All of those buttons will indicate DPI setting/battery level on the 3 LEDs on the side of the mouse. I don't really use the DPI up/down so I changed these but because this is a wireless mouse, I need to have one of those buttons reserved to check the battery level. The software that comes with it does show a warning when the battery is low but it's not really that convenient, especially when playing games. Same thing goes for the 2 top buttons located below the scroll wheel - as mentioned previously, the top one is mechanical and it cannot be changed to do anything else, it's there to only toggle the fast scrolling function. The second button changes profiles and it is possible to assign that one to something else but it's still a must-have function so you'll probably leave that one as it is too. Other than main left/right click, that's already 3 - 5 buttons on there that you won't customize. All you have left is the 4 buttons on the side of the mouse and scroll wheel clicks.

The 4 buttons on side are conveniently placed near the top of the mouse so you can rest your thumb on the surface of the mouse rather than on the buttons. I do have to say that these buttons are a little bit too delicate and I do tend to accidentally press them when taking my hand off the mouse.

The mouse is wireless and it does have that cable to plug in and charge the mouse while using it, which really is a convenient feature, however the mouse-end of the cable is a bit too stiff so it's a bit annoying to use the mouse while charging (I personally try to avoid this by plugging the mouse in for the night, when I'm afk or when I'm only browsing the internet).

There are no weight adjustments for this mouse as most of the space is occupied by the battery itself, which does add a lot of weight to the mouse, so that's never a good thing if you're not the biggest fan of heavy mice or if you tend to lift your mouse up to reposition it. That being said, you can make the mouse wired by plugging in the cable and removing the battery to significantly reduce its weight, but as previously mentioned, the cable is pretty stiff so it's not the best idea to do that.

USB extension (single USB hub kind of a thing) that comes with the mouse is a good idea if your PC is not anywhere near you or under your desk to have the receiver closer to your mouse, however it's extremely light weight and it doesn't have anything to hold it in place so I had to take some double-sided tape to mount it in place so it wouldn't slide around and off my desk.

I bought this mouse at the beginning of 2012 (February). Overall, I'm satisfied and it did its job but I'm soon to buy some other mouse. I really like all the features that come with it but there are some things that I do not like about this mouse and that I do not wish to deal with anymore (I've mentioned pretty much all of them above).
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on 7 January 2011
For this price it's hard to go wrong. The performance of the device and ease of use of the software are top notch.

The mouse is smooth, responsive and highly configurable. Whatever type of gaming suits you, you're bound to find a customisation or setting that works. Each button can be assigned a function and these can be profile specific to an individual game.

I was disappointed to find there wasn't a pouch for the USB lead as there is with some other wireless mice by Logitech but this is small niggle.

Battery life is very disappointing if you persist with the stock battery. I replaced it with a duracell high quality rechargable battery and it made an immense difference from having to charge it almost daily, to lasting around a week.

Around £60 isn't at all a bad price for a wireless gaming mouse of this quality, it's features and build quality easy justify it as a purchase. Highly recommended.
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on 27 September 2015
In my opinion Logitech make the best mice on the planet. I always find it amusing that when people discuss the differences between razer and logitech (the two best manufacturers of gaming mice), the razer fans always go on about how great their mouse looks whereas with logitech fans its all about performance.

performance in my opinion is all that matters and so logitech wins hands down.

This mouse was the best on the planet when I bought it. It is still going strong now. There are better on the market now but its still a great mouse.
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on 26 August 2013
This mouse is definitely one of the best I've used and definitely the best wireless gaming mouse (even opposite some of my previous mice from Razer).
I've decided to replace my Razer Deathadder USB mouse while at the same time trying to get rid of the cable. I was reluctant at first after reading many reviews criticizing the performance of wireless gaming mice but eventually I decided I don't really care for microseconds as I'm not exactly a pro.

Now I'm using the G700 in Battlefield 3 and it does feel like a major improvement over my previous Deathadder as well as my backup Razer Naga. IT doesn't have many buttons but those that exist, are perfectly placed to serve as fast shortcuts for throwing grenades, quick weapon switch or melee.

The best feature is that the scroll wheel can worked either in "blocked" mode (where it scrolls only a limited distance with precision) or "unblocked" or "free" mode where it scrolls very fast with minimal friction.

The only problem I found (and the reason for 4/5 instead of 5/5) is that the rechargable battery doesn't last very long. The main issue is that when you're left with two yellow dots on the battery indicator, performance starts to degrade rapidly (problem can be mitigated by the fact that the mouse works just as well while wired and recharging, but still ... I'd expected better).

Some people pointed out the lack of adjustable weight: this is a matter of preference. For me, the mouse fits perfectly in hand and it's very well balanced as it is.
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on 11 November 2014
This mouse is so good that I gave it away.
Yes, is this madness?
I think it is a fantastic mouse, I used it for years with pleasure up until the new G700s came out.
Then, I thought to myself, what i`ll do is get the new model and keep the 700 as a back-up which I did.
Very happy with that then my mate had two problems, a broken mouse and no money.
He is an avid hard core gamer, the mouse is still working, and it is years old.
If you are after a great mouse long lasting, and is a joy to use this is it.
PS, I have not found a lot of difference to the G700s.
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on 16 May 2012
This is a fantastically well designed mouse. The finish is amazing, the buttons are very well placed, the mouse glides over any surface you try it on. The mouse is extremely comfortable to use and you could realistically use this all day without any comfort issues*. You can just tell the engineers spent a lot of time with this mouse getting it right - until of course the battery runs flat (which it will rather quickly). It then becomes apparent 2 things were clearly not tested: battery life and the charging cable.

Firstly they should have considered using 2 batteries if they were going to drain so quickly. The issue is that you need to remember to plug in the mouse at the end of each evening (and that is assuming you don't use the mouse during the day, in which case you will need an afternoon charge as well). Secondly, don't be conned by Logitech's marketing garbage about being able to play with this mouse plugged in to charge - because while you can, you certainly wont want to. Rather than supply you with a flexible lightweight micro usb cable, they have managed to find the thickest most inflexible cable possible. While at first this might not seem an issue, when you try and play an FPS you will quickly find this to be a major problem as it becomes really hard to push the mouse around (the cable is so thick that when you push the mouse forward and let go, the mouse will push back almost to its original position).

Having used previous wireless Logitech mouse's where the battery has lasted months, I find this battery a complete disappointment. However if you get yourself a good quality AA rechargeable battery and a thinner micro usb cable - the mouse is amazing. I would have given this mouse a 5* review if Logitech had included a better quality battery and charging cable. So would I recommend or buy this product again? Certainly - I just wished they had tested it a bit more.

* Until you plug the supplied charging cable in, at which point it becomes one of the least comfortable mouse's to use.
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on 3 January 2015
I bought this mouse over 18 months and it is still in perfect shapes. I am generally happy with my purchase with only couple of grudges others have already expressed.

+ sturdy with very good build quality
+ good weight and grip
+ it has all the buttons I will ever need and in right places
+ you can program the mouse depending on games that you play with many games having own pre-sets in the software

- very heavy and stiff cable causing that sometimes the mouse will move slightly when you let go. This may cause issues in some games.
- it only uses 1 AA size battery while my office grade Logitech mouse uses 2. I am not mouse designer but using 2 AA batteries would add to the weight (imo good for gaming) and the charge would last longer limiting the need to use the "wireless" mouse wired almost all the time.
- this is probably my biggest problem: glitchy Logitech software. It tends to have problem recognizing settings it has to use and even when I set my favourite as persistent it sometimes looses it anyway and buttons do all crazy stuff like opening a new browser screen while in the middle of a game. This is on 2 machines.
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