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on 13 September 2011
I bought this little device while trying to determine my blood sugar levels at regular intervals during the day. I was doing this as part of a study to see how blood sugar levels were related to weight loss/gain. So anyway, I don't have diabetes or problems with my blood sugar, I simply bought this product to experiment with.

After thoroughly reading the instruction and determining that these were safe to use for non-diabetics I loaded up the lancets to the pricker pen/gun. The pricker is amazing! The design makes for very safe way to access blood from the capillaries just in the dermal layer of skin. What that means is a less painful way to draw blood. I like how its spring loaded and pricks lightening fast. Its adjustable depth is very handy for different areas of skin. Its replaceable lance thing is a great health, safety, and environmental consideration. What loved about it is how painless it is to get an adequate sample.

The blood sugar monitor itself is very small and quite an attractive looking device. It almost looks like a small polished black stone, almost. Glancing through the instructions its relatively straight forward to use. It also comes with its own travel pouch to store it all in.

The strips that come with it are also incredible! It only requires a very small droplet of blood sample to make a measurement. I often find that I have drawn too much blood for the sample. Its measurements it take are also very quick, and displays it on its large and very readable display.

It also has a memory function so you can scan through your previous readings and transfer them to your PC or log book.

Overall, I found this product to be outstanding and great value for money. The only downside is that the test strips are quite expensive and you really got to shop around to find the best deal. But otherwise they're excellent.
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on 3 May 2010
I have type 2 diabetes and up until now I have only controlled my diabetes through diet and exercise. However, I decided that I wanted to monitor my blood glucose levels more accurately so I purchased this device because of its compact size. I read through the manual (which is very comprehensive so I thought it was going to be very complicated!) but once you have followed the instructions once it is easy peasy to use.

The lancets are easy to load into the multiclix machine and are virtually pain-free to obtain the blood sample required to get a reading. Because the lancets are in a drum you don't see the needles so this is a bonus if you are scared of needles! Each drum has six needles in it but as long as you don't twist the device to the next needle you can use the same needle more than once - just make sure you read the instructions because I broker my first device by trying to twist it when it was locked (it is recommended that you use a new needle for each test but since they are expensive most diabetics use the same needle for a week before changing to a new one).

Once you've got your blood sample you just need to insert a chip (that comes with each new pack of test strips)into the machine and you're ready to go - insert a test strip into the machine, allow your blood sample to absorb into the strip and there you have it - a glucose reading. You can then store the reading labelled as a general reading, before food or after food and the machine will then give you an average reading for various timescales. (I did read that there are different types of readings so do cross reference your readings with the info on the two main diabetes websites).

This pack comes with a good supply of test strips but only 12 lancets so you will need to stock up on these. Overall, I'm very happy I went for this machine, especially since some reviews of other machines indicate that they are fiddly, bulky or more painful than this machine. Does what you want it to and in a handbag friendly size!
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on 13 June 2011
I bought this for my elderly and infirm relative. They sent the device promptly and it appears to one of the best available, but it included the updated FAST CLIX finger sticker, not the multi clix as suggested. I had bought the multiclixx replacement lancets but they will not fit the device.
Overall an excellent device spoiled by a combination of Amazon, the reseller and the manufacturer making a mess of things.

Amazon need to do two things:
Stop advertising the multiclix replacement lancets as suitable.
Start selling, and correctly advertising, the fastclix replacement lancets.

if you buy an aviva nano meter from amazon at present(June 12th 2011) you will need to buy replacement lancets (fast clix) elswhere, do not buy the multiclix replacement lancets that are currently recommended by Amazon.

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on 15 March 2013
I was looking for an inexpensive blood glucose meter because I had recently been told I had got type II diabetes. Although it is not a requirement of type II to take blood samples at home, because the medical world tends to be vague and won't classify a condition as borderline, severe or whatever, I wanted to have a means of knowing myself how I was progressing.

The kit comes in a small pouch with the meter (like a small mp3 player), a finger pricking device which consists of something about the size of a fountain pen containing small sterile replaceable lancets (6) and a 10 strips to be inserted in the meter for reading the results of the small drop of blood which touches the strip end for testing. There is a NHS prescription pack if you can persuade your GP to let you have refills free of charge. I imagine the response will range from "not necessary" to "yes." I haven't asked mine yet. Be aware that refills for strips and lancets (they are once only use) are not cheap, but cautious use of eBay and other sources may allow cheaper replacements.

The process consists of a prick of the finger (surprisingly quite painless), a drop of blood transferred to the strip inserted into the device and a reading displayed almost immediately. In addition, the readings are captured against time and date and can be further classified by an optional symbol (before mean, 2 hours after, fasting, general): time is useful for quick review by medical advisors to see progress etc. The meter shuts down to preserve battery as soon as you withdraw the sample strip.

There is a means of transferring the data by infra-red transmission to dedicated software to draw charts, tabulate results etc but this appears to require an expensive lead and infra-red reader plus the software itself. It isn't necessary for domestic purposes and the fact one can review past results by pressing a button on the meter is more than enough. Other models in the Accu-Chek series use USB rather than old-fashioned infra-red, I believe.

Using this device is an effective and inexpensive method of watching blood sugar readings for home use and fairly foolproof. I have read other reviews about short life battery and errors. So far I have not come across such problems except once when I applied a blood sample too soon (before the flashing symbol) and quite properly got an error reading.

Overall, not expensive, safe and invaluable. It gives me peace of mind that I know what progress I am making.
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on 27 March 2011
I was looking for a simple product to test glucose occasionally for a friend. Essentially i wanted something that wasnt too expensive and was simple to use. Most of the reviews indicated the latter and it was about right in price and so i went for it.

the product itself is very small/cute and comes with 10 strips + 2 x 6 lances + pen ...all with a neat little case to carry it all in. very handy and was easy to use. there was a MASSIVE instruction manual which actually you dont need and has a quick guide. we were up and running within 5mins max and had our first glucose reading.

the only tricky thing about this one (which actually ends up being an advantage as it requires less blood) is that you dont drop the blood onto the strip itself but onto the side (i.e. 1-2mm thick). I was told the lancing pen was relatively painless -there are settings for how far it penetrates/comes out depending on how think your skin is.

I am a medic and would recommend it even for myself or my own family. Only thing I havent done is check how much strips were too diligently compared with others. I think this is a fairly standard brand (remembered it from my hospital medicine days) so I suspect getting hold ofit wonnt be too much of a problem - but may be more expensive .....who knows ...moot point for me! (at least for the time being) ;-)
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on 30 March 2010
Following a recent visit to my GP is was told I had a high blood sugar level (luckily not diabetic!). I decided then that along with a change of diet (less sugar etc) I would make sure that I monitored my blood sugar levels myself. I searched the web for a suitable device and opted for the Accu Check Aviva NANO. Being a first time user I followed the instructions and found the NANO extremely easy to use and indeed the lancet device that came with it was exactly as described - virtually painless. I could recommend the Aviva Nano to anyone. Cheap to b uy, easy to use and painless into the bargain.Accu Check Aviva Nano
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on 4 February 2011
Like everybody else have already said, this is a great little device. Two things I like most is the little revolver-type lancet pen with six lancets in it so you only need to change the head once a day or so. Even less often, if what the user Miss B. says is right and you don't need to change lancets every time.

The other thing I love about Accu-Check Aviva Nano is the design: it's sleek and classy, really looking more like a posh electronic toy than a medical appliance! One word of warning: being electronic, it stops functioning at low temperatures. The book says, it stops working and sends an error message under 8 degrees Celsius, but on a few occasions it malfunctioned on me at slightly higher temperatures, too. So be warned if you want to carry it around with you in cool weather: chances are, it'll be too cold to use it.

But that's a small inconvenience, so I give it five stars and wish its developers every success with their future models. Just think how some people can invent and produce such clever and complicated machines -- the mind boggles!
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on 8 January 2013
Accuchek in their wisdom sell the monitor, the finger-pricker, some lancets and some test strips. When you open the tub of test strips you find a microchip inside which must be plugged into the monitor or it won't work. There's a code number on each tub of strips, which is supposed to match the code in the microchip. Guess what - the 'expiry-date' of the strips is embedded in the chip so if you are just past the expiry date you get an error code on the monitor and it simply won't work. I'm type 2 and my diabetes is very well controlled. I'm always around 4 to 5 m/mol before breakfast. That means I don't need to check my blood glucose level very often. Today I really NEEDED to know and it's just past the expiry. My moan is that because Accuchek programme their microchip to stop the meter working after an arbitrary date, if you really need to know your BG level you simply can't!!!! Why didn't they programme it to work and give you a reading, alongside which they could insert a warning about the expiry. Tomorrow I've got to have a CT scan for suspected bowel cancer, so I've had to take a very strong laxative (2 doses today) and from lunchtime I can't eat ANY solid food until after the scan which isn't until nearly mid-day. All I can do is put sugar in my drinking water, or my tea without milk, in the hope of staving off hypoglycaemia.
I've been caught on the hop twice now and had to buy a tub of 10 strips with a new chip to make my monitor work. NOT ANY MORE. It is still possible to buy the old-fashioned colour-comparison strips which are good enough and don't need a microchip.
Don't buy it - it's a bottomless pit you will continue to throw money down.
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on 11 November 2011
I'm not diabetic, but I have Metabolic Syndrome, otherwise known as 'pre diabetes'. As I am trying very hard to avoid developing full blown Type 2 diabetes, I want to monitor my blood sugar levels periodically and try to get the numbers down. I previously had a One Touch meter, but for me it was fiddly and complicated. This little Aviva Nano is a beauty though! It's very small and easily fits discreetly in my bag. The tests are easy to perform and the results easy to store. The meter is a cinch to use. The finger pricker is brilliant, and as there's only me using it, I've taken the advice of another reviewer about re-using the lancets to save cash.
I ordered the wrong lancets from another seller though, even though I'd read the warning from another reviewer and thought I'd got it sorted in my head. It's the FastClix lancets you need for this device. Fortunately I was able to contact the seller prior to dispatch and they exchanged them for me.
Over all, I'm delighted with this purchase.
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on 26 December 2010
excellent piece of equipment easy to use and even easier to carry around great value for money, even the directions are easy to follow thanks
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