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4.9 out of 5 stars229
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2001
This is yet another fabulous book from Dave Pelzer. I read his first book 'a child called it' and had to read the follow up which in my opinion is better, although less horrific than the first. This is definitely a book to read if you liked the first. It shows the courage and bravery of a teenager who has gone through the worst childhood a person could not even imagine going through. I say 'BUY IT'
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on 18 May 2006
Dave's is an incredible story, but this is not the most shocking part of it. It needed to be told because after reading the prequel you want to know what happened, and that's its role really - filling in the gap.

It follows him from his rescue through foster homes and in his search to find his place in life. He tells it honestly and you get a sense of the confusion and hopes to find acceptance. It's a sad story, but not in the same league as 'Child Called It'.

Some of it, although a part of the story, perhaps isn't so relevant to today. For example, there is far less suspicion of foster kids, and although things are way off ideal, the system works a bit better. The tales of Miss Gold, his counsellor, are great and he makes her sound a wonderful person. SOme of the childish awe is recollected well.

I wonder what the objective of the story is. If it's to continue the story so you find out what happened - 4 stars. If it's as a social document to instigate change - 2 or 3 because it's seen as old hat now. Entertainment? It's very readable and quite revealing about Pelzer himself. 4 stars.

The jaw-dropping, shocking, tear jerking tales have gone, and he's moved on. Now it's just grim, but if you read the first one, you'll want to read this one, won't you?
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on 11 August 2001
Having read 'A Child Called It' in just one sitting I was eager to progress on to the second of Dave Peltzer's trilogy. And yet again, upon finishing 'The Lost Boy' was left with mixed feelings. I found Dave Peltzer's use of child-like style and diction slightly grating and the Americanisms (of course, to be expected) often irritating. Also, the lack of structure which was so apparent in 'A Child Called It' is present again, particularly in beginning of the novel which takes us back to Peltzer living in the family home. Yet in spite of the fact that Peltzer is not a great writer, 'The Lost Boy' is still completely addictive. Shining through the poor structure and repetition is Peltzer's ability to tell a story with heartfelt honesty. This book made me cry much more than the first and I was impressed that 'The Lost Boy' is so much more than Peltzer dragging out his story. There is a point to this novel after all. I cannot wait to read the final part of the trilogy - all the negative qualities cannot deflect the amazing strength and determination of Peltzer. It is not enough that he adjusted to living a normal life - he goes on to achieve things that most of us can only dream of. He is to be congratulated once again. Is there anything this man cannot do?
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on 24 June 2004
Heather Young, A reviewer,
In reading 'lost Boy' and 'A Child Called It'. The reader learns of the struggles,horror and unsurmountable pain that a child of abuse must live with. David Pelzer lived through much more than any child should have ever had too. 'Lost Boy' is the continuation of his story, remarkably done and just as well written as his first book 'It'. I was a child of abuse, sexual in nature. Several books have helped me along the way to learn how to cope with my own mind-altering struggles. A few of them are Nightmares Echo, She's Come Undone,Dry and Courage To Heal. But, If you want to get the full story of what child abuse is and does-If you want to see the triump and defeat of the monster then you have to read the aforementioned books, and be sure to include ALL of the David Pelzer Books.
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on 6 December 2000
Being in an abusive situation myself, It is absolutley fantastic that some one like Dave came forward with the feeling and emotions that are felt as an abused, neglected child. As Dave grew into a young man, he was still tortured by it all. I think it should be mandatory that everyone that is planning to go into the child psych. or in any field where children are involved to read these books, including "A Man Named Dave". Thank You, David for your inspiration. When I read "A Child Called It", I wanted to take little David in my arms and love him, caress him, put him under a warm blanket by a fireplace,and sing to him. I had tears coming down my face, rememering how it felt to be unwanted and completly alone.
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on 22 June 2001
I have read the hard backed version of this book and it horrified me. To think someone who wasn't even an adolescent had to experience so much pain and misery in their life. This is a magnificent story of tryuph based on David Pelzers life as an adolescent. It will fill your eyes with tears but then let you open them to be thankful that you never had to experience such pain in any point in your life. One bit of advise i will give though is to read the first part (a child called it) first because it will make a lot more sense. With me being the age Dave Pelzer is in this book i have earned a new found respect for my mother and father which i never knew possible.
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HALL OF FAMEon 30 April 2002
This book continues where "A Child Called It" left off and we enter a new stage of Dave Pelzer's life. I was continuously surprised by the attitudes and lack of support for a boy with a history such as Dave's. It does seem that children who are put in care get a label that is impossible to shed, no matter how little they are to blame for their circumstances. I admire Dave Pelzer for telling this story as he comes off much less as a victim in this book than in the first one, but it's nevertheless an important story to tell. And I applaud him for the fact that he does not cast any blame on society. He humbly accepts his destiny.
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on 22 March 1999
I think the trilogy idea is a sales gimmick. Why not one book? Or even no books? There are many inconsistencies in the book. For example, can someone retire from the armed forces in 13 years?
Who possibly could have nominated a book written so poorly for a Pulitzer Prize -- except the publisher.
And what is this about "Wait to the next book to have it all explained?" Why not all in one book. $30 for the trilogy as it now exists or will when the third book is printed-- it could have been one book for maybe $10-14 and without all the "teasers" and the repetitions of the previous books it could have been much more concise. It could also show what the author now feels looking back. And why is what is mother said to him -- her dark secret -- saved for the third book if not just to sell the third book?!
Supposedly the first book was written as a 12 year old would yet it is really more than a 12 year old in some respects. But no insight that I could detect.
Where do all the 5 star ratings come from is what my reaction is.
I had a very strong negative reaction to the first book, I was somewhat interested in the 2nd book. My stong negative reaction to the first was not because of the subject of the first-- it was because of the writing and inconsistencies that I am complaining.
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on 3 May 2003
I have read both 'child called it' and 'lost boy' and i found them simply heart-breaking, althougth the first one was more horrific and i was in tears at nearly every page and the second was both happy and unsetting .Both books are brilliant and it gives you a sense of what can really happen to children all-over the world and you dont really acknowledge it until you read something like this.Dave Pelzer really puts things into perspective for you.Once you've started reading it you simply cannot put it down and i definitely recommend it.
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on 5 November 2004
In order to read "Lost Boy" you must also read "A Child Called It" first. Within the context of the two books you will read about the harrowing ordeals this child went through, the unsurmountable spirit he held with in himself to endure such devastation and the inspiration of getting beyond the pain. David pelzer deserves all the kudo's imaginable for his work. As well as respect for his courage and determination.
Along with david Pelzer's works, I also recommend Nightmares Echo by Katlyn Stewart and A Paper Life by Tatum O'Neil
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