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4.3 out of 5 stars47
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 13 September 2011
Have been using this for some time now and think that it is pretty good! I will outline my experience of it:

1) Gr8 to keep the kids occupied - not only on long journeys such as long drives or flights but I've also found it useful in restaurants, especially when you are going out in family groups! Just put the volume low and chuck a movie on and voila! The kids are kept busy!
2) Has a USB port - reads my flash drive like a dream (upto 16GB flash drive) & is easy to navigate. This is also very useful as one can then view the USB drive by plugging the portable DVD player straight into the TV to get the big picture using the A/V leads provided (though sound quality in this case isn't excellent but sufficient)! - if you don't already have a USB port on your telly that is (usually the case if you still have an old CRT TV).
3) Has a remote control - with plenty of functionality.
4) Has a memory card slot - though I haven't tried this yet.
5) Comes with all the leads - A/V lead, power lead, car charger, earphones.
6) Also comes with a simple carry case - with room enough for just the portable player.
7) Is light - under 2 kilos.
8) Picture Quality & Resolution is excellent.
9) Swivel screen.
10) Plays multi-region & multi-format cd's/dvd's/files.

CONS (not many):
1) Looks a bit cheap & 'plasticky' - but I don't particularly mind this
2) Battery only seems to last around 2-2.5 hrs - basically can only watch 1 full movie on it before having to recharge. This may be a pain for some people! Note that on long car journeys though you can keep it plugged in with the car charger.
3) A/V and power leads are a bit short - both only about a metre long - so reach is limited from the mains socket to player and from player to TV.
4) Doesn't seem to play MP4 video format!

In the end I think the advantages far outweigh the cons and is a reasonable price to pay for a mid quality multi-format/multi-region 9" swivel-screen portable DVD player with all the functionality described above. I will give 4 stars instead of the full 5 due to the battery lasting only 2-2.5hrs and the delicate swivel hinge as below!

ADDITION: - After a while of usage now (including a lot of usage by the kids), I have noticed that the TV screen flap has become very shaky and doesn't 'lock' into place once in the closed/down position anymore - leading to the tv screen being able to swivel even in the down position (although it works fine but something has obviously broken in the hinge)! Hence customers/kids need to take extra care when opening/shutting/handling/revolving of tv screen - the swivel hinge seems to be quite delicate.
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on 23 March 2013
I rarely write reviews, but here we go: I am rather impressed, and thought that some additional
information not already mentioned in the other reviews might help people making an informed

I wanted a portable, multi-region, DVD-player with a 9", swivel screen at a good price. So it was
down to this one, and the Orei DVD-P901. I found it very hard to choose: the Orei is cheaper, and
supposedly has a (significantly) longer battery life. However, one thing what swayed me was that
the Orei player can't really be used without its remote, and that (from reviews) it had odd
limitations, like only allowing fast forwarding at 2x.

Anyway, I bought the Premier player, and while I obviously cannot really comment on whether or
not it is the better of the two, I can say that I'm pretty impressed so far. All the basics are
there: plays DVDs, picture quality is very good, and sound perfectly acceptable: it's never going
to be great through the small on-board speakers, but they do the job, and through good quality
headphones, I have no complaints. Cannot comment on the battery life as I have not had it for long
enough, but have no reason to doubt the figures quoted in the other reviews. I guess this is one
of the main weaknesses of the Premier player: would certainly be nice to be able to watch at
least a couple of movies on the go. Also, as others have commented, the overall appearance
is a bit "plastic". In particular, the control buttons do not feel particularly sturdy. But
with a little care, it should last, and for the price, I didn't expect much more.

The supplied carrying case is also useful: again, maybe not stellar quality, but large enough for
the player and all supplied accessories (as well as a few CDs and DVDs without their jewel cases).
The case is designed to allow the player to be operated by remote control inside the case (a little
window for the IR signal and a zip giving access to all connectors and the on-off switch). It
also has straps that I assume are intended for mounting the player in a car (on the back of one
of the front seats), but then the straps holding the DVD player itself in place obscures part of the
screen. Also, maybe the case it a tad to flimsy for that particular application.

Video in and out is a nice touch for a portable player: I connected it to an old 20" Dell LCD,
which happens to have composite video in, and the picture quality blew me away. Video in could
come in handy on the go: effectively a portable screen. I connected it to my Canon camera, which does
have a composite video out, and it worked fine. However, for previewing pictures from the camera, the
easiest would be to just take out its memory card and plug it into the Premier player's SD card slot.
I tried, and that worked fine, as expected, producing a slide show of the pictures on the card. By
contrast, connecting the camera via USB did not work: the player just said "device not supported".
Clearly, it does not have USB drivers for cameras.

What I didn't really expect, and that's why I give the Premier SB-D9020 an excellent rating, despite
some of the drawbacks above, was the extra features related to the SD and USB connectivity. It has
a very nice feature for copying CD tracks to either one of the supported memory card formats
(only tired SD cards) or USB drives in MP3 format. The interface allows quality, speed, and tracks
to be selected in a comprehensive, intuitive, manner. I tried to record directly to one of my
portable media players (a Cowon), and that worked great. (But of course, the Cowon presents
a standard USB flash drive interface to whatever it is connected to, unlike certain popular
devices that require special software to manage the media on the device.)

On top of this, SD cards and USB drives are handled very well. I tried both SD and SDHC cards.
I tried a variety of USB devices, including a hard drive and a USB memory card reader with multiple
cards plugged in (a compact flash card and an SD card). All worked: whenever needed, the player will
ask which of a number of attached storage devices to use. Also, by pressing the copy button on the
remote, it is possible to copy directories and individual files from a USB drive to a connected memory
card or vice versa, and it is possible to delete files. What does not seem possible is to change names
of files, create directories, etc. But even so, the facilities there goes quite far. For example,
one could use the player to back up pictures from a camera SD card onto a portable hard drive while
on the go, which might mean that the laptop can stay at home.

All in all, good to excellent quality for the price, and significantly more versatile than I initially
thought. Will have to wait and see how it holds up long term.
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on 2 November 2010
I had been looking for Multi-region players for some time and took chance to buy this from Amazon. I am now very pleased with my decision as this little player is upto my expectation for all main features such as playing-back all region dvds straight out of the box, fantastic qualities of sound and picture and variety of usb & sd/mmc card slots ports.

Playback duration via battery would be more than 3 hours and it is a bonus that it came well packed and supplied with all you need, i.e. main power plug, car charger, av cable, earphone, carry case and remote.

This is a very practical player at a resonable value.
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on 31 December 2010
This robust little player excels at playing Region 1/NTSC DVDs. It plays Region 2/PAL perfectly well but reduces the picture size slightly. It plays a DVD-R disc OK but ticks like a clock all the way through, which can be distracting at close quarters. The player runs off mains or built-in battery and has a comprehensive range of input and output sockets. A big improvement to the sound can be made by connecting a pair of active (self-powered) speakers to the earphone output socket. A little over-priced, I feel - but the same could be said about the other brands.
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on 21 August 2011
Yes, it really will play R1 dvds for us in the UK frustrated at not being able to get well known old classics.
No codes, no going on internet and trying to follow complicated instructions that never actually work, no risking warrenties.. just put in a R1 disk, and at last I can watch 'Foolish wives', or whatever I can get. Fantastic.
There seemed to be 2 region free players to choose from, this and a Hyundi. This one had very few reviews, but all posative, the hyundi had several, some very posative, some very negative about the quality, so I picked this one. I have only had it a week or so, so no comment on reliability. I It feels ok, .. looks perhaps a little plastic, (well it is, what else should it look like)the instructions are brief, simple and moderatly clear. Set up and operation are very simple, and I am a very 'non tech' person with an aversion to modern electronic devices..
It should be able to feed into my TV for larger screen viewing, but I havn't risked trying that yet!
But above all, this seems the simplest way to view R1 disks I have found. Very glad I bought it.
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on 14 May 2011
Just a quick edit to say that a year + later this product is still going strong in all ways and even with a little accidental abuse from my two year old along the way. Love this product.

This DVD has been a life saver for our long plane trips and road trips with our 2 year old toddler.

It has excellent picture and sound quality. It comes with everything you need, battery, ear plugs, remote, power cord, car charger!

The buttons take some getting used to but read the instructions and you'll get used to it quick enough.

Remote needs to be pointed dead on for it to work which still makes it tricky to turn on or manipulate from the front seat.

There is an indicator light on the front of the player that shows green blinking for it charging and green solid for it being fully charged.

The battery lasts for one full length movie, about 2 hours.

My only complaint about the player is that it seems to take forever to re-charge it.
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on 19 July 2011
As advertised the player would have no issue at all to playback all region DVDs from USA, Far east etc and this is one of the strong good points for this player. The picture quality is crystal clear better than any other branded stuffs and sound via earphone & speaker is quite rich & strong. Flash memory devices thru USB ports/SD card slots are well recognised and even most of the video contents and avi files stored into external Hard Drives have been successfully played. Unknown brand but a good performing and reliable player for the value
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on 30 April 2014
I can't see a reason for not giving this 5 stars. It's light, seems solidly built and easy to use. The screen is bright with reasonably wide angle of view so that two of you can watch it together although you'll need a phono splitter. The screen is also much larger that yer average DVD player so you don't need to use binoculars or have it close to your face.
Comes with a remote control which is easier to use than reaching for the control panel and probably more logical because we're all used to remotes with our televisions. Battery life is easily good enough for the average modern movie of about two hours but I haven't tested it on something madly long like Avatar or the like. Perhaps the instructions could do with an update but the thing is so simple to use that nobody's gonna read them anyway so not worth deducting a star for that. There are slots for adding USB and cards which I haven't used because I just want to watch DVDs when I'm on the move but no reason to suppose that these wouldn't work if you want to watch home movies.
I've had this and used it for three or four weeks now and it shown no signs misbehaving so on performance so far, I'd recommend it.
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on 13 December 2010
PRO: This little machine is very light and easy to use.
CONS: It has no flashing green light that it mentions when it is plugged in for charging. Sooo I don't know if it is working and if it is charging. Has a little user manual and in this little book it mentions that there should be a green flashing charging light???? The cord is very short. Also found the answer to my question about charging!!! problem with charging - the plug does not fit snug and to charge it the plug has to be put into the wall socket carefully so that it is not flush with the socket because the machine won't show a green charging light. Fiddlely thing!!!

Added addition to this item.
The machine has now packed up and it has blown the system. Plug it in and it plays for 2 minutes then it sparks and doesn't go on again. I wouldn't recommend this at all - especially at the price!!!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 18 August 2013
I own a Sony 7" dvd player but I wanted one with Multi Region and this one had a reasonable price and was a 9" screen.

It also has a swivel screen.

We have used the Sony 7" dvd player (opens like a clam shell) in the car but little grandson likes to kick at the part that sticks out towards him like a little shelf.

This 9" one is for me to use at home but we will see how it fits as a flat screen dvd player in the car - nothing sticking out to get kicked. I ordered a headrest set that does not use long straps and buckles.

Car Headrest Mount for Swivel & Flip Style Portable DVD Player-9 Inch

Well how did I get on with the dvd player.

The first discs I put in were from a Region 2 box set BBC History of Scotland - The countryside and castles were magnificent on screen and actually looked 3D. All the discs gave the same wonderful picture though they are just standard dvds. The picture on the screen was stunning.

I then put in some Region 1 discs - a box set bought via Amazon from the United States. Keith Allen in Life and Times of William Palmer (the Rugeley murderer). Despite being made for British Television it is actually sold under a US company's label. The picture was not as good as the BBC set - large areas of black or grey looked slightly mottled but that could be the copying done by the US company.

A DVD with just one film on - I played Bruce Willis playing the Jackal - played wonderfully.

A DVD with several long episodes of something on it - like the History of Scotland dvds I found that in the middle of the last episode the dvd froze but if I watched the first two episodes on the dvd. Stopped the player and then restarted it selecting the third episode it would then work perfectly all through the rest of the disc.

I later watched two dvds from the First Season of The Tudors. Playing the first DVD froze as it had before (three long episodes on each dvd). The second dvd actually played all the way through.

All the rest of the Second Tudor Series dvds worked perfectly so perhaps it was just because the player was new.

Not sure how long the battery lasts from fully charged as I was using the mains adaptor - see my edit at the bottom.

The sound from the dvd player is a little tinny at times to me and even on highest level (20) it is not loud enough to compete with family noise in the rest of the room. Ok for when you are sitting in the back of a car though or sitting close to the player.

Other people have done better reviews than me about what extras the dvd player will do.

But I want to tell you about how much better the sound is using my separate speakers or headphones. The improvement is unbelievable.

I had already bought a couple of black ROKONO speakers - they are bought from Amazon and sold individually. Each is ball shaped and opens upwards with a concertina shape inside. They are powered by plugs pushed in miniUSB sockets. (See my review of these about the cables - I use two black speakers with my laptop).

The first Rokono speaker I bought was ruby red coloured and this one I attached to my mp3 player, my 10" August TV (I found the speaker can actually charge through the USB socket on the TV) or my Sony dvd player and now this new dvd player. With the red ball set on full volume I can use the remote control pointed at the dvd player to control the volume or turn the volume down using the switch on the ball speaker. (I have not found how to control volume on the dvd player without the remote control yet).

The difference in sound on all the above devices is wonderful especially on audio books being read by narrators.

With each ball there's a two part cable - one end is USB (for power) and the other 3.5 for sound to plug in the headphone socket of a device. The two ends meet together in a MiniUSB plug so sound and power enter the ball together. You can attach two balls together using the little cable from the base and a short extension into a hole on the other ball to get stereo sound on your laptop and you can charge both speakers while they both continue to play using USB sockets.

You can unplug one to insert another device in a USB socket if you need to. As the speakers hold a charge for a long time it will work without power when charged.

The Balls have red lights when they are charging and when fully charged the lights becomes blue. They are supposed to last 10 hours on a charge so would be wonderful for use with a portable dvd player.

Each ball has a little cable with a 3.5 jack on the end which is attached to the base and neatly circles the ball's base. In each ball's base is a hole so you can join two speakers together using the little cable and get double the sound.

They really do improve the sound of this dvd player.

I have a set of not very expensive Sony stereo headphones - these plugged in the headphone socket of the dvd player improve the sound no end too AND doubled the volume for individual listening.

Edit - - -

I have bought the Case Logic carry case for this dvd player.

Case Logic WDEC10 10 inch Portable Incar DVD Player Case

The case is in fact too big to use as it is really supposed to fix to the back of a car seat for back seat passengers to watch. I intend merely use it for storage and for transportation. I visualised my dvd player despite being 9" screen would be moving about in the suspended bag when the car was moving. I have therefore bought a different headrest holder for the swivel screen dvd player and this holder fits flat in the case too.

I have now fully charged the dvd player and timed how long it takes to use up the battery's power. The time was 2 hrs and 40 minutes unlike some portable players you don't get a warning that the battery is about to run out, it just stops and you get a sudden black screen.

My daughter likes this model so I have bought another one to use in their car or at their home when I stay and I can keep the first for myself in my own home.
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