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on 31 October 2011
- Casing is solid. The metal could take some knocks and the rubber button seal is nicely done.
- Looks good. Upon really close inspection it can be seen this is not a premium item but from a yard away it looks as good as a £50 product.
- Takes 4x AAA batteries. Many similar lights take 3x AAA. The difference, is you get a brighter light, that lasts longer, and the batteries are easier to charge in 4's!
- Really bright. I have a £20 LED light from Halfords (3x LED, 2xAA batts), a RING headlamp (3x LED, 3xAAA batts) and another cheap light (a fake 'cree' one with cone shaped end with a red ring around the edge, 1x LED, 3xAAA batts) and this is brighter than all of them.
- The light mounts easily on the included handlebar attachment. My Halfords light is a bit fiddly.

- The handlebar attachment does not fit well on all sizes of handlebar. Fortunately mine change shape along their length so I found a section that it mounted well on. You might need to use tape to make your bars a bit bigger to get a good fit.
- The beam (like many cheap bike & LED lights) is fairly focused. If you want to be seen, this is not a problem. However, if you want to illuminate a lot of ground, you might find it better to have two of these to cover a wider area of ground in front of you.
- The insides are obviously cheaply manufactured... This hasn't been a problem at all for me. In fact, I'm ordering a second one.
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on 25 October 2013
Don't understand the references to "cheap product" - very solid feel, batteries perfectly easy to install and their light output is incredible.

I bought two , intending to swap between my 2 bikes, but they are SO good I have just ordered 2 more so that each bike has a pair

Quite brilliant, can see an awfully long way, particularly important when helping to identify the idiots coming the other way with no lights at all, no hi-vis clothing, etc

A superb product at a bargain price - what's not to like ?? ( and arrived 48 hours after ordering )

EDIT : I have revised my review - the 2nd pair of lights arrived, one would not work no matter what I tried with it (the bulb worked if swopped to another battery set, so it had to be the battery mounting ) and the other light had such a poor "mounting" that within the first mile it had flown off the bike and smashed itself beyond use. I sent the first one back, and received a prompt, no-quibble response and an exchange unit. Sadly, although that unit works, it, too, will not sit properly on it's mounting so is not safe to ride with. I can't be bothered to send it back and will just stick with the 2 that DO work and stay in their mounting
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on 11 January 2012
This was purchased for me as a Christmas gift to improve visibility and help me see better when cycling on dark winter lanes. It is cheap, bright and strongly-made externally, and certainly an improvement on the cheap Cat-Eye lamp I already had.
However, the light is just barely bright enough for this purpose, and in terms of making me more visible to drivers its beam is too narrow and constrained from any angle except straight-on.
The mounting is rather large and clumsy, requiring me to move the brake levers on my bike to fit it on, and the metal fittings started rusting after their very first exposure to rain!
Despite claims to the contrary, it is not waterproof, this caused the otherwise tight-fitting end caps to corrode shut, so that when swapping batteries I had to put the unit in a vice and use a plumbers wrench to open it up again! I can't imagine it surviving too many such treatments and it already looks battered as a consequence. I also suspect it will short-out next time it gets properly wet.
It is also essential to undo only the switch end to change the batteries - if you undo the lens end with the battery pack in-situ, the contacts get distorted and the lamp will not work.
This is probably a bit of a bargain if you're an occasional, fair-weather cyclist, but for daily all-seasons commuters I'd look elsewhere. Cycle lights are essential safety equipment, and the lesson learned here is to spend a bit more for something that will be reliable and easy to use - check user reviews carefully, and assume you get what you pay for!

UPDATE, 04/02/2012 - ***Avoid this light!*** Following the problems I've already identified, after another fortnight's use it started randomly switching itself off partway through my commute! Now it no longer works at-all. As it happens my bike's just been stolen so the bracket has gone anyway! PLEASE DON'T BUY - this is an unreliable waste of money!
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on 3 September 2011
I read the other reviews and thought, 'what's the failure rate of these really? It can't be that high surely?' So I bought 2. Both failed within 20 minutes of use - for no apparent reason.

I'm currently awaiting replacements, so on the basis of these replacements working (for longer than 20 minutes) I'll discuss these lights:

The bracket is excellent, you can mount these within seconds without tools. The light can then be angled and also removed easily. All good. The body is made of nice thick metal. Also good.

The light itself is pretty bright, I can't really qualify the '3W' claim, except to say it's not as bright as a GU10 3W LED replacement would be. I can also say that I doubt you could find a brighter bike light for the price, or even twice that.

So to summarise, if you're on a tight budget and willing to take a gamble on the failure rate these are worth a punt.
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on 22 September 2012
Received this light for my bike as my previous one fell to pieces, out of the box it looked good and sturdy so preceded to put batteries in it ( brand new) , i got them in and pressed the button to turn on.......... NOTHING happened! I took the back cover off and wiggled the battery holder while holding the inner button in and got an intermittent flashing, replaced the button cover and again nothing, im thinking there is a bad connection with the small springs which i tried to fix to no avail, I have bought cheaper front AND back lights for my bike for 5 quid and they worked ! I would not recommend this light, im asking for a full refund as i feel if i got a replacement then the same thing would happen, i need a reliable light for cycling at night and i dont feel this light is worth the hassle
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on 11 February 2011
I've bought several lights for my girlfriend and all of which were either not up to the hype and eventually fell off and broke or just fell off and broke early on(roads round here are like a patchwork of potholes not exactly uncommon). This LED light isn't the most expensive on the market but is great value and so far has lived up to it's sales hype it's tough,waterproof,stll attached to the bike and delivers a decent beam you can actually navigate by let alone make you visable. All in all a 5 star purchase for the price I definitely recommend this Light it even doubles up as an LED torch what more do you need?
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on 18 May 2011
At first sight the light seemed quite good quality, a nice strong metal body. Put the batteries in and was impressed with the brightness. Unfortunately the next time i went to use it the problems started. The light only comes on if you fiddle with the screw in battery compartment. Will be returning.
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on 14 March 2012
Super bright light for the price, but I have found it sucks battery juice. X4 AAAs too, when other lights seem to only need two. Also, after only a couple weeks of use, the light flew out of the mounting bracket when I came down off a kerb a little hard... Not sure if a design flaw or just bad luck, but still a bit surprising.
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on 13 September 2013
This lamp is for a Dahon folding 'Jack' bicycle my brother gave me. I purchased it via Amazon and it arrived quick. The lamp arrived in minimum packaging but still got to me unbroken. I was put out to discover that I had to supply the batteries!! (The sellers must be 'tight'!) A big beam spread with a flashing option. Considering the price I cannot moan, a decent purchase and useful off the cycle as a stand alone torch.
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on 21 February 2012
Looked good out of the box but on closer inspection it's obviously a cheapish copy of one of the Electron type lights.

Faults out of the box:
-Rubber cap/seal on the switch lifting up at corner
-Screw holding clamp to torch body had stripped thread and fell out
-When I put batteries in the torch came on and refused to turn off (bit of an electrical burning smell too)

It was very cheap though and had the thing switched on and off properly I would have somehow fixed the other problems.
Quick response from the company for a refund, no problems there.

Interestingly I bought the light as a replacement for the Electron Nano 9 of which I've had 3 go wrong on me in the last few years (all to do with the electronics)so I'm still looking for a reliable, cheap replacement - anybody?
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