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4.6 out of 5 stars42
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2011
The machine is neat and looks good, the water is hot as long as you make the coffee as soon as the light stops flashing which is good as there's little worse than lukewarm coffee. The single cup setting is a bit stingy, it fills about a third of the mug I normally use so I have to use double pods and 2+1 cup settings. I also own a Dolce Gusto machine and love the Lungo pods they have, not found a comparable pod for the Senseo yet but I'm going to enjoy the search :-) The downside to the DG system is the lack of choice of coffee and the very high price of the pods which is where the Senseo wins easily. The huge range of coffee available for the Senseo meant the Philips 7860 should have scored 5 stars but for the awful chemical taste that others have also reported, after about a dozen flushes it's starting to fade (I hope) it's only been a couple of days so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it goes altogether soon.

/Edit changed the rating to 5 stars, the bad taste comes from the plastic water tank, I put mine through the dishwasher and no more chemical taste! If you experience the same, just give the tank a good wash out.
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on 18 August 2010
I prefer the square Quadrante to the rounded Senso Machines. It seems much quicker and a little hotter. It has the option to adjust the drip tray to three different heights which would be useful when doing a small after dinner coffee.
The water tank is easier to fill as it sits flat on the work surface. I would have liked the water tank to be just a little larger, we were using the large water tank that holds 1.5 litres of water on the old machine and could get four large mugs from the tank before refilling, the tank on this machine only holds 1.2 litres.
We did find we would get some leakage from the old machines but have not had a leakage with this new shape of coffee machine. The water tank on the Quadrante sits within the machine (making for a sleeker look) and not on the exterior.

We have used a Kenco machine (very similar to the Senseo) and two Senseo machines in the past (both still going strong) but when I was sent and email for the Quadrante Coffee pod system from Phillips with a 40% discount off the price several weeks prior to the UK release. I liked the look and decided to get the new machine, it looks very modern and should fit in perfectly with most kitchens.
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on 29 December 2010
I must admit to being a little disappointed with this device. I did some online research before buying and came to the conclusion that this would be not only a good, quick coffee maker but also have readily available and relatively cheap pads/pods. And on most fronts it does deliver: it really is super quick and easy. It doesn't really only take 30 seconds to make coffee when you add in the time it takes for the water to heat up but that time is mostly covered by getting a cup out and putting the pad in so it's not relevant really. Pop in the pad and press the button and some nice looking, foamy coffee results. Need two cups? - use two pads in the large pod holder or put in two pads.

The first disappointing aspect is the amount of coffee you get which is to say not much on the single cup mode. It's about 1/3 of a mug and so you need some small coffee cups for it to make sense. You don't get the cool cube cups pictured on the box by the way. Anyway, there is a 2 cup/1 mug button but that takes two pads and so you can only use this for one person and it's costing you twice as much in coffee.

The second and more fatal negative is the quality of the coffee. It's pretty weak to my taste and lacking a certain something that one looks for in freshly brewed coffee - that richness and depth that you cannot get from instant. This cannot be overcome by buying darker roasts since this just produces a more bitter but not richer cup. The only way to get a really nice cup is to use 2 pods or buy the larger mug pods. In fact the mug pods are the best option because using two pods doesn't produce coffee of twice the strength. The reason behind this, I believe, is that the first pod you put in the double holder doesn't seal properly as its edges are not being pinched by the mechanism. So some water can get around the pod. This effect sometimes happens with a single pod if you don't put it in properly or the edges are screwed up. The mug pods seal just like a single pod but contain twice the coffee and so produce a much stronger cup. Even using the mug pods produces only a nice rather than excellent cup of coffee. It doesn't compare to an espresso machine or cafetierre. However I've tried some 3rd party pods sold online with mixed results. The best coffee so far has been the Senseo Americano mug sized pods but there is huge variety of cheap pods available and some have been pretty nice.


I've owned that machine for a year now so have more experience of it's actual use. I bought this machine as an alternative to instant coffee and as that it's a good buy. This larger machine holds more water and is very convenient. It's much quicker than boiling a kettle and obviously the coffee is much better than instant. It needs no cleaning either. Whilst it might not be up to gourmet coffee made with a Gaggia or whatever, as a way of getting a proper cup of coffee quickly and mess free it cannot be beat. Also Philips guarantee is no joke. My machine developed a fault a year on and one call to Philips, no need to produce receipts or anything and they send a new on out in the post the next day!
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on 7 January 2011
I received the Philips Senseo Quadrante Coffee System as a gift this Christmas. I am a huge latte fan and had spent many hours weighing up the pros and cons of more expensive machines that ground coffee beans and frothed milk. Ultimately, I was put off by the fantastic price of these professional/industrial coffee makers (£200-£400), so I chose this machine for the coffee and a Bodum Milk Frother for the necessary milk. I couldn't be happier! Sure, it probably takes a little while longer (2 minutes to froth and heat the milk) but the results once perfected are sublime! The Senseo Quadrante is compact, well made, and very easy to use. It has a few removable parts which make cleaning easy. The water chamber is huge, so it will easily make 8 drinks from one fill up, but the whole machine is actually very compact. The pods (essentially coffee in a 67mm diameter teabag) are readily available in supermarkets (and indeed are the cheapest pod coffee available in my supermarket, undercutting the Dulce Gusto and Nespresso pods) and can also be purchased online. The price is not prohibitively expensive (£2.60 for 18 pods = 14.4p a coffee), but bear in mind that the machine has a double pod holder for making two drinks, so if you drink a lot of coffee you might be better off investing in a professional machine with bean grinder. Furthermore, no cups are supplied with the machine and it ships with only 4 pods on board = 4 drinks. Also, the machine requires a monthly descale with citric acid and the Senseo brand descaler is VERY expensive. However, citric acid is readily available in powder form for a much cheaper price (I bought 2kgs for £13 and this will be sufficient for over 3 years of descaling!)

In response to some of the criticism levelled at this machine in previous reviews, I have not been able to detect a plastic taste in any of the drinks made (I flushed the machine twice before use) and the coffee is always hot. Add a milk frother for £10 and you have a very professional drink at a reasonable price. This machine is now available for [...] online from Philips (we paid [...] before Christmas - I do not know if January's VAT hike has pushed this price up a bit now!)
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on 6 April 2011
The Senseo arrived nice and quick and was well packaged, etc. It's a nice looking machine, build quality seems good and I like the two cup option. We were replacing a Tassimo after going through three machines in a couple of years (we can't drink that much coffee, surely they must have been faulty?!). Anyway, I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of strength and 'chemically/metallicy' taste of the coffee - I just hope it's because it's still new. Douwe Egberts is our favourite instant/filter coffee, so thought we'd be good with the Senseo. We've tried various blends, including the stronger columbian and morning americano pods and so far, it's just not as satisfying as the Tassimo. I knew the drink varieties were more limited than Tassimo, but can't even find a coffee I'm happy with, which I thought would be the compromise. We've also since gone out and bought a water filter to make sure it's not the freshwater affecting the flavour (it wasn't needed with the Tassimo mind you), and it's made only a very slight difference. Shame.
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on 25 September 2012
We've had one of these before. We got it 3 years ago and it's had a lot of use. Sadly, the boiler recently began leaking, so we decided to get another.
This new one, once flushed as instructions worked perfectly and produced good tasting coffee right away.(The first one we got 3 years ago had a chemical taste -not the water tank, but from inside - fixed by repeated flushing with distilled water).

This one from ShaversUK is UK stock & came very quickly and is fitted with a 3 pin UK plug.

We tried a lot of pods(62mm)mostly Senseo ones, and our favourites are the Senseo Mocca Gourmet by Douwe Egbert. Best way to buy them for us is in boxes of 10x36 bags.

We really like this machine - smart, modern and a great improvement on the original shape Senseo.

Update Dec 2012:Our new machine developed a fault (the pressure stopped working) We contacted Shavers UK and got a very quick response giving a free postage address to return it. Sent back 19th December, and as soon as they re-opened after Christmas a replacement was despatched. Arrived today and working perfectly.
First class service from this company.

We also have another favourite with pods: Senseo Morning Americano. Double pods, full flavoured but not bitter.
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on 27 January 2014
We bought the red one (from Tesco Direct for £29.99 in early Jan !). So far so good ! No taste from the tank at all as per other reviews. The dark roast pods seem fine for us - not much volume on one cup mode, but I tend to froth up milk separately and let the Senseo add coffee into the mug, prefilled with milk. You can get the pods online cheaper (although we now have a 14 day wait from our supplier). I've also taken delivery of a coffee duck today. First use seems OK, although more mess as you'd expect. Still need to experiment with the duck. It seems to drip coffee for a bit after the main flow is through which the pods don't. But then again, there is a drip tray, or waiting longer would help I guess. Will try the duck again tomorrow on two cup mode to see what difference this makes. Also have pods coming in our Sainsburys order tomorrow. If we decide to stick with pods, it's still a good value cup of coffee - and easier than my old stove top expresso maker. Not sure I would have bought one at £40+ though !
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on 5 July 2011
Got the machine quickly and immediately noticed a nasty plasticy taste. Had a check on the web and plenty of people complaining about this very problem tried all the solutions like boiling the holder and putting it through the dishwasher, no real improvement was noted.

So I contacted Philips to see if there was anything I could do to the holder to stop the taste, it's the holder that is tainting the water, it's quite a horrible smell/taste. Philips said that it's probably due to the chlorine and minerals in the water - body swerve - and I should only use freshly drawn water for each cup! The thing is I live in an area where the water comes straight from a fresh source (Northern Scotland) it couldn't be softer and without chlorine. I told them this but in all honesty they didn't give the impression of being a company that cared, hardly unusual these days.
I have persisted but after 3 weeks of use I still have a nasty tainted taste but it's not as bad, so if I persist it will probably improve. So at the moment I'm drawing water for every cup which makes the water holder totally useless. I'm in two minds as to whether or not I should go through the RMA process or just stick with it.

On the plus side, if you buy a Coffeeduck adapter for it you can use whichever coffee you want in the machine, it makes significantly better coffee than the pods particularly if you use dark roasted fine coffees. If you must buy one, get a coffeeduck as well, it's essential.

At the moment, I really feel that I wish I had bought a Nespresso machine. I may still do this once I get the value out of the Philips.
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on 17 May 2011
As a coffee lover, I never would have considered any artificial/gadget type coffee maker such as the Nesspresso range (I mean they make nasty instant coffee for god's sake!). Traditionally I stick with filter machines, espresso machines or a cafetiere.
One day on holiday in Germany I booked an apartment which had one of the Senseo range machines and nothing else (I was dreading it). I soon found out that there is nothing unnatural about the coffee pods. In fact it is simply coffee wrapped up in a filter pod and the senseo is a glorified espresso machine... But that is the great thing! It's nothing like to gadget-like machines that produce artificial coffee.
The only difference here (when compared to an espresso machine) is that it is much easier to use and requires no maintenance. Everything is done quickly and cleanly. Perfect for a quick cup of coffee (less than 1 minute preparation time). The coffee is quite good too. I must admit I had to try various pods until I found the one I like and the UK does not stock more than the Senseo range which is unfortunate. There are so many brands in Germany including fair trade and organic varieties. The Senseo dark roast is okay if you are going to stick to their range though...
This machine is a must have addition to your other coffee machines. You should always have a filter machine or cafetiere in case feel like something else (without foam).
I did not detect any plastic taste but I did clean out the machine properly and went through a draining cycle before drinking my first cup... maybe there was a bad batch for people that did taste it?
My only problem here is the limited pod range available in the UK and the lack of other brands which leaves me importing coffee from Germany. If they get them here than this machine is a must have just for convenience alone.
Again, this is real coffee unlike what the Nesspresso machines produce. The coffee is the right temperature too provided you don't add cold milk. Add a bit of cream instead (this way your coffee still stays hot and tastes good). If you want to froth milk then that is good to but it does defeat the purpose of a quick cup of coffee...
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on 15 September 2013
I ordered this one as I thought my old machine had ran its course, however before it arrived i found the old machine had only failed due to a coffee grind being stuck in the pod holder, but i started using the new machine and now cant stop i love it, coffee appears warmer and i can make 4 cups at same time (2only with previous) great machine love it
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