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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2012
There are plenty of reviews here quite rightly explaining how great these earphones are but I just wanted to comment on Shure's customer service. My SE535 developed a slight fault (after 22 months of solid use). I thought I would just put a call in to see if they was a repair service available. However, I learned that the earphones come with a two year warranty so I posted just the eaphones back in a Jiffy pack as requested and forty hours later I was woken by a courier who had a brand new retail package of SE535 headphones for me. That was most welcome and clearly great service but I should also point out that the process was painless. A simple call to the customer service number on the website, No holding, and the phone was answered immediately by the person who could help me. He was also very knowledgeable, understanding and professional. For me the quality of customer service is as important as the product itself and Shure score 10/10 on both counts.

One final comment - Shure did ask me for proof of purchase which normally would have stumped me but because I had bought these on Amazon I was able to go back through my order history and print of my original order details which did the trick. So thanks also to Amazon.
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on 18 October 2012
I bought these to replace my Shure SE425 headphones, as they had suffered spilt wires.

The step up to the Shure SE535 is like night and day in terms of sound quality. If you can afford these headphones go for it, the difference in sound stage is amazing. Given the are closed it is very deep.

The biggest thing you will notice is a jump in the bass quality, very tight and lots of it very deep without being over blown.

Very detailed sound and highly recommended ... wish I had bought them sooner.
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on 30 April 2012
Was something of an impulse purchase. Wanted to treat myself to something vaguely luxurious but useful.

First the negative points:
> Putting them in my ears is a major faff. The cable is clumsy and gets in the way, and the buds need pushing in hard and held in position for a wee while; otherwise they fall out easily. With practice, I hope this gets easier. I expect I'll be using these 'phones in a confined space (on a plane or on a train when on business trips) so I don't really want to battle with them when putting them on.
> Wearing them can hurt the ear canal. Fortunately, included in the package I received were many different types of bud, and after a fair bit of experimentation I found a painless pair for my ears (consisting of soft yellow foam, which is a bit fragile and easily torn).
> They are expensive.

Now the positive points:
> Many different earbuds to choose from.
> Cable is a useful length.
> Cable is detachable (so can be replaced if damaged).
> Comes with an optional volume control and an optional adapter for 6mm audio jack connections (I was not expecting either of these things).
> The world becomes eerily quiet when wearing them, and others around me cannot hear any noise pollution from them. Their sound isolation quality is excellent.
> Above all, they sound sublime. When I am listening to music, I forget I am wearing the phones because the music takes over and demands my attention. This is what listening to music should be like. I have a half-decent hifi set up properly at home (high-def uncompressed digital audio source; Music Fidelity DAC and power supply; Quad power amp; top-end cabling; and Monitor Audio floor standing speakers) and I am hearing details with these headphones that I have not heard before. Am very impressed by this.
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on 21 August 2010
I own both Triple Fi 10 vi from Ultimate ears and the new Shure SE535. The SE535 utilizes Triple High Definition MicroDrivers - a dedicated tweeter and dual woofers for incredibly spacious sound and rich bass. Shure has Incredible sound quality and are Comfortable. The earlier version of Shure 530 was missing with Replaceable cable but they fixed this in SE535 which makes replacing the cables dead simple. The optional CBL-M+-K Music Phone Adapter Cable turns the Shure earphone SE535 into a headset for the iPhone4, iPhone 3GS and iPods of the latest generation.

I am extremely satisfied with this product and would definitely recommend if you can afford to buy one:).
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on 26 May 2013
Having had numerous earphones over the years of varying quality, I had a very firm idea of the type of product I was after. As a drummer I often use headphones when practicing at my electronic kit and I wanted a set of in ear monitors that could faithfully reproduce the stunning sound palette of the Roland TD20KX. I also enjoy listening to music through headphones when relaxing and often find that in ear buds can irritate if left in for prolonged periods. So my requirements were to have some noise isolating buds that could handle the frequency range of an instrument like the drums and would also be practical enough for daily use.

With the price tag I was naturally sceptical of whether they would be worth the investment or not but after a few days of reading reviews I decided to take the plunge and order a set. I'm glad I did. As in ear monitors for drumming, they are nothing short of stunning. Every component of the drums sounds incredible. From the canon like kick drum through to the cut of the hi hat and cymbals, they are beautifully reproduced in every respect. A truly epic experience. As earphones for music they are nothing short of sublime. I'm not joking. The dynamic range of these tiny little earphones cannot be adequately described. They need to be heard to be believed. If like me you enjoy a very neutral and faithful reproduction of a recording, these really are the ticket. Be warned though, to really put these through their paces the input source needs to be top flight stuff. Forget about feeding these low quality MP3's. They show up poor recordings in a heartbeat. However, feed these things high quality input and they will blow you away. Truly.

A word of caution though. If you enjoy overpowering bass in a set of earphones these are not for you. They are far more subtle than that. You will hear aspects of your music you never knew was there. These are all about faithful reproduction and range. Right now I'm listening to Daft Punk's Random Access and it sounds dizzying through these earphones. Put on something classical or a technically adept recording like Def Leppard's Hysteria, R&B, or anything else you care to throw at them, these do it all with equal mastery.

They can be fiddly to put in at first, but live with them for a few hours and they will feel like the most natural thing in the world. With a decent array of ear adapters that come with them you will definitely be able to find something that works for you and they will happily sit in my ears for many hours without even a hint of irritation. As for the isolating properties, you can pretty much kiss the world goodbye when you have these in.

If you are serious about your music and prefer in ear monitors to over ear options, these are difficult to beat. I consider myself a stickler for detail and I have had these for well over a year now and marvel at just how good they are every time I put them on.
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on 21 June 2013
Have to be used to be believed. Try once and wander around with a smile on your face while looking at the easily influence with their Beats on. Sound quality is second to none, the process of putting them on takes a little getting used to but it becomes automatic after a few days. The noise isolation is perfect, reducing ambient noise to a whisper and also eliminated the annoying rubbing noise typical of other in ear phones. While at the top end in terms of price, if you take sound seriously there is no alternative. Additionally, the modular cable allows for replacement, a common fault in previous Shures was fraying of the cable, essentially killing the headphone. The solution was a heavy duty Kevlar cable with the capability for replacement. The headphones come a variety of buds so you can find the ones suitable for you. My preference is the black soft foam variety which seem to provided an excellent seal with the ear canal.
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on 15 May 2015
A little harsh out of the box - sound signature is analytical and quite bass-shy, but then these ARE studio-standard monitors after all.
Given a couple of hundred hours burn-in, they loosen up appreciably and sound like a different earphone entirely.
The passive sound isolation with the triple-flange buds is exceptional - sound levels can be dramatically reduced on tubes, planes, etc, saving your hearing and without having to sacrifice fidelity as you do with the disappointing Bose range for example.
On my third pair now (trod on the last pair), and having now changed the acoustic filters for aftermarket ones, no longer need to EQ my devices to get the smooth lower frequencies some might miss - these even make a galaxy note 4 sound great..
These are highly recommended, IMO only surpassed by the se846.

FYI - orange, white and brown (my favourite), filters by Knowles, supplied by Mouser Electronics, Texas.
Flacs on rockboxed vintage H340.
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on 26 September 2015
They are difficult to fault - but I will anyway.

The praise first - they are the most neutral earphones I have ever heard. They reveal exactly what your player is feeding into them and demonstrate very clearly the difference between a mediocre, good or outstanding source. My best source is a Benchmark DAC2 and with that you get deeply into the music hearing every instrument in the orchestra and you can form a mental image of the room the music is being played in. Wonderfully revealing but they also reveal engineers manipulations; if he does it badly you hear it.

They are criticised by some for weak bass. No, they don't have weak bass. The bass, like the rest of the spectrum is as natural as you could hope for. They exaggerate nothing - so if you like an exaggerated bass or treble, maybe they are not for you. I do happen to prefer a slightly elevated treble and would have preferred a little lift but that is just my foible (as an example I love the slight top end lift of Beyerdynamic DT990s but some people hate them). The 535's treble is in fact just as it should be and very easy to live with. That naturalness makes them a very easy long-term listen. I have only made two flights with them so far but I suffered no listener fatigue at all. Interestingly, I often found myself listening intently to the music rather than just treating it as background music and them as ear-plugs.

As ear-plugs, they are pretty effective. They cut out enough 'noise' that I missed the pilot's announcements and my wife had to prod me in the ribs to get me to put my seat-belt on. They also cut out the squealing children which is more to the point. Just as an experiment I cut the grass with a petrol mower whilst wearing them and although I could still hear the motor, the noise was reduced enough that I could not only hear the music, I could hear it well enough to be able to appreciate that it was coming from a good source into good earphones.

Do you need a good source? Not especially. They will reward you well if you do though. A Fiio X5 is perfectly adequate, a lovely combination in fact, but an iPod nano is shown up too much to be enjoyable. A little Sansa Clip Zip on the other hand is made to sound as good as it probably can sound - so they are not difficult to drive, just revealing of rubbish. If they don't sound good with your player, try another player before rejecting them. For example, my Fiio X1 was shown to be seriously inferior to the X5; not as good as the Sansa Clip Zip in fact.

A few problems: 1. I still find them fiddly to get in my ears. 2. One side is very comfortable, the other side less so. I obviously have different ear-lobes on each side but that isn't a problem with 'normal' IEMs etc. 3. The ear-canal 'seal' is broken if I alter my face by smiling, screwing my eyes up, yawning etc. Those are acceptable as they are transitory, I hardly ever smile. 4. A much bigger, related problem comes if you want to doze whilst resting your cheek on your hand or fist, which is a very common air-plane position for most of us (try it at your desk!). That distortion of my face breaks the ear-canal seal and obviously lets in noise as well as losing all the bass. You need a good seal to get proper bass performance.

I bought these because I was fed up with buying cheaper ear-phones and being disappointed with them. It would be unfair to 'rubbish' the highly recommended ear-phones that I bought and immediately hated but I have wasted more than the price of these trying to get some that I truly like. These I will keep as I simply can't imagine anything more neutral and revealing. Even if I could find some, what am I going to drive them with whilst travelling? These demonstrate very clearly the gulf between the Fiio X5 (a very good player) and the Benchmark DAC2 (a great DAC/headphone amp). I have no intention of travelling with a hi-fi system in my hand luggage so this is it, the end of the ear-phone search for me - as it will be for most people.

Why only 4 stars? Simply because at that price I want perfection and they are not perfect - for me. They may well be perfect for some people though.
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on 21 February 2016
Okay ladies and gentlemen I thought I'd post a review of these little beauties. I'm not keen on writing up many reviews tbh but seeing as I did take a bit of a punt myself when purchasing these, I'd make an effort.
As portable players become more advanced and can play lossless flac files, I find myself increasingly using them than the huge amp and cd player at home, there are certain albums that demand decent gear to listen too imo, that's why I continued down the cd/amp route. A few months ago I bought myself a Sony High Definition Walkman, and realised that even a pair of Sony £100 earphones were perhaps not up too scratch if I wanted to use the device at its full potential. After quite a bit of homework I plumped for these, I pushed my budget really to the limit but I spend a lot of time listening to music so I felt the price tag was justified. I do not regret it for a moment, they are (at least to me) perfect.
The only gripe I have with them is they are a fiddle to put them in, once they are in they are firm and fine, but I'm a bit cack handed at the best of times so it takes a few moments to get them sorted out, I guess though because they don't just plonk easy into the ears they are more tightly secured when fitted.
All in all I love 'em.
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on 13 February 2015
Epic quality. These were an expensive but so worth it purchase! The sound is truly amazing. So clear and defined. Never again will I wear regular headphones.

I also had some custom molds (ear sleeves) made by ACS which have just made this product so much more than I was expecting.

Would buy again and again.
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