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4.6 out of 5 stars141
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 February 2011
I can't give this game enough praise. Good graphics and tunes. The dance moves can be learned peice meal step by step in "Break It Down" with the option to slow down the dancer until yuo get the move.
In "Perform It" you get to dance witht he dancer as the Kinect tracks yuor move and you get scored according to how accurate the move is. I got the game a month ago and i've lost 9 pounds without dieting.
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on 16 December 2010
well I received my copy of Dance Central and from the moment I put it in I was EXCITED!! first and foremost if your quite a lazy person,you prefer games where you can play half heartedly and or cheat... LIKE MYSELF!! then you need to snap out of that ASAP! you'll need full energy, concentraition & patience to really get the most out of this game, as some of the moves are quite complex.

So back to Dance Central - It is very important you set up your Kinect Camera in the correct place to allow you as much room and also to be the most responsive, once you have done this you're ready to play.
The dance central game can be high impact or just a warm up but it definetely gets my heart pumpin and me moving every part of my body tryin to master the moves "Sports bras at the ready ladies". I thought i'd be a pro and went straight to HARD! and came running back to Easy with my tail between my; That being said though I love it... and being the impatient type, I get fed up easily with getting the moves wrong, then I simply, take a break and come back and the fun starts all over again.
I think the game was very well thought out, there are various options that help make it easier to learn the dance moves such as Break it down, the mode where you complete short sections of the song, you can also Slow it down, in this mode to really understand the move, or if you feel like you're ready to jump straight in you can. As you play more, additional Difficutly levels, Venues, Outfits and settings become available, and the Music choices and graphic are really engaging.

I give this game 5/5 and the XBOX KINECT a 5/5.
Im the owner of a Wii, Wii Fit Board & Band hero on the WII, and aside from the Band Hero which is literally TONNES of fun the WII does not even COME CLOSE!! to the KINECT - JUST DANCE in comparison on the WII in my oppinion seems like an imitation mared with limitations.
I was so amazed when I realised how the Kinect worked and how responsive it is, No Wands, No Control Pad just "ME"

And i hope you found this helpful ;o)
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on 11 November 2010
This is an extremely fun game, even if like me you are hopeless at dancing. There is a good range of tracks to choose from and the difficulty levels range well. Unfortunately for me my wife is extremely good at dancing and totally dominates on dance battles even when she is playing hard difficulty and I am on easy. The freestyle dance is funny, where you can bust your own moves and these are played back at high speed. If you are wanting a game to show off the capabilities of Kinect I would recommend this as the tracking is excellent and jumping in and out of the game is quick and easy.
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on 13 February 2011
I bought this when I got my xbox+kinect as part of a bundle.

I'd been using the Wii and Just Dance/ The Michael Jackson experience so had some experience with dance games, plus I do a few regular dance classes so not a complete newbie to dancing.

Dance central is a SUPERB game. It completely blows the wii games out of the water. The MJ experience on the Wii is a good game but the Kinect brings these games to another level. Dance central uses the Kinect technology very, very well. It tracks movement very accurately and it all works in a very slick way.

The in game dance "tutors" are well animated, and the backgrounds and the way the game responds to how you move is very good - it really is like having your own personal dance tutor. The Kinect can tell exactly what you're doing with your body and it really works very well. If you're not moving your legs correctly it'll show you with a red highlight around the area's that aren't going right.

It's easy to get points on the easier songs/levels but still a very good challenge to master the more complicated routines. The practise mode is superb and really helps you learn your moves.

The only thing is that the two player mode still only allows one of you at a time to play but taking it in turns. For me this isn't too much of a problem though as limited space makes two players at the same time quite difficult to do anyway.

I LOVE this game so much and am very impressed as it's an early game on the Kinect technology. Definitely a good dance game to chose .

I just can't WAIT until the Michael Jackson game comes out on kinect... just hope it's implemented as well as Dance Central which surely must be the benchmark for this type of game now.
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on 14 November 2010
If I start this review by saying I have not actually played it, don't for a minute think anything bad. It's simply I'm a bit old and the bones don't work well, BUT my wife and kids have played it to death since launch and loved it to bits. I will get round to it when my legs don't ache so much from playing Kinnect Adventures!

The main fact is that we had the Xbox last Christmas and my wife resolutely has refused to play on it, until we got the Kinect and Dance Central. She's walking a bit funny today, but that's down to a few aches, which shows what a very good workout this is as well.

A simple menu system guides you through, you choose a track, you choose Break it Down and learn the moves you need. Get each one right first time and you move on to the next, otherwise you have to 'nail' it three times to go on, or until you obviously cannot get it. The only niggle here is the Slow it Down, Speed it Up and Retry options that come up at the end so you have to stand still. Jiggle about and you might inadvertantly affect it.

Once you are ready you can dance the track through.

What no one tells you is that the Kinect has its own camera and in the middle of the song you get a Freestyle section where a photo is taken every half second, and if you are well prepared you can create some hysterical footage.

Plenty of songs but some new ones already available as DLC.

This is a must for Kinect owners, and should stay the course beyond a simple launch title.
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on 4 January 2011
This is an awesome game! Its very energetic but lots of fun. It breaks down each dance move for you to learn and if your struggling it even talks the move to you! There are about 20 if not more songs to dance to and the chamnce to unlock medium and hard levels. If your into dancing i would highly recommend this product!
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on 7 February 2011
I have played this game with family and friends, from 4 to 67 year old, male and female alike. I also like to play this game on my own to keep fit, there is a mode that tells you how many calories that you have burned in your session, I am always trying to keep the high score from my husband!

There are allot of skill levels and tunes (old and new) to chose from, you can also buy new tunes with routines on the xbox with new titles appearing all the time.

The easy is easy enough for everyone to have fun but if you fancy a challenge then hard is for you. You can have fun with the 'dance off' as well, I like to challenge my husband, it's always good to see him try and grab some air whilst shaking his hips, I have never laughed so much!

Get this, you won't regret it...
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on 29 December 2010
Oh how I love the Kinect! this game is great, although probably wouldn't be much of a challenge to a trained dancer, to someone like me it's hilarious trying to keep up with the dancing. I'd have liked some more mainstream music but there are enough tracks that i recognise to make this worthwhile.

I've taken off one star because the videos before and after you perform the actual dance are really irritating and would love to be able to skip/turn them off (if someone knows how to do that please tell me and I'll give the other star back!!).

This is definitely a game for your kinect library....just remember to dodge out the way of the sensor when the freestyle bit comes up if you are camera shy ;)
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on 12 November 2010
Bought this game to be delivered at the same time as my pre-ordered Xbox Kinect and I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun Dance Central is! Its very entertaining and with so much to do I can't imagine anyone getting bored with this anytime soon. This is real dance game experience that is fun, social and for absolutely everyone! Whether you've been dancing your entire life or this is your first time hitting the floor, this game will have you dancing like a pro in no time. As you go through the songs and master your dance moves, you earn Achievements, unlock new character outfits and venues, and progress through the dance ranks. Another awesome feature is it tracks the calories you burn so you can turn some dancing fun into your daily workout routine! Brilliant and highly recommended!
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on 3 January 2011
This was the first game I bought for the Kinect and I am so glad I did!!! I hate to compare like everyone is with the Wii but I own just dance 1 & 2, and when 2 came out I was amazed but the xbox just completely blew my mind, tracks every movement I have purposely done things wrong to see how reactive it was and it went red where I had gone wrong and made me re-do the move.

This is actually really good at burning calories too, I can play this non-stop for about an hour and not even realise im exercising then by the end I'm sweating like I'd gone for a run.

This is a really good game and I would recommend it. 5 Stars!
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