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on 17 September 2010
If you are looking for a netbook this one is stylish, lightweight and an excellent all round choice. I looked at several other models but none of them inspired me to impulse buy. Lucky for me cus my other love found this extra special little gem and bought it for me. total winner Both for Him indoors and my new netbook.

Surprised and excited I opened the beautifully gift wrapped,by Amazon, box. I'm ordering all my Christmas goodies from here and using the gift wrap service as my skills are lacking in this.

Slow to get everything installed but by Windows standards less annoying to install than XP. Select Language, set time zone , date and time and just wait for a bit.

Sound quality is good but speaker settings could be higher - Older going deaf person setting would be useful as i'm not a headset lover - small niggle though.
Graphics quality excellent. Wi-fi connection speeds much better than my work laptop which is higher spec but Dell quality.
Struggling with keyboard in a single aspect I keep hitting / instead of shift but i guess 3 hours of playtime does not make me a maestro. otherwise it is almost the same size as my work laptop.
Pinch feature on mouse pad is wonderful and after finding it this is really instinctive. No fan noise and after 3 hours there is a slight warmth through the case back left (guess thats where the processor is) which is much better than I expected given the size of this notepad.
sleep USB for recharging my phone is great and much faster battery fill than on either of my laptops.
Love the web cam application installed which includes a demo of how to connect with Windows Live and loads of on screen toys to play with. I always resisted web cams before but the avatar feature will allow me to interact without revealling myself warts and all (yup I am fugly).

I was initially interested in e-reader but felt the kindle was over priced and looked at a netbook as an alternative. I would recommend this over e-readers as the e-readers have no back light and perform badly in low light. I read in bed and this is poorly lit, by adjusting the brightness I can read e-books with no discomfort, no screen flicker and have a multitude of other options as well.

Any lady geeks top choice for christmas - go ahead she will love it (and you)
Top toy for boys as well, 3 x 20 ish sons are green with envy not a gaming machine but a useful toy for the console user.
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on 27 August 2010
This is my first Netbook, but have had a series of laptops and desktop PCs. This is so small, but with pretty much a full size keyboard. I have only had it for a few days, but it seems great. The first start up is a bit slow, but after that it is fine. I have read the information about 2GB of RAM, but 1GB seems fine for my useage, spreadsheets, word and the internet. Word & Excel were downloaded from the internet. I have used Sype on it with great results. Wifi is good. I cannot find any problems so far. I plan to buy a protective bag for it, but at the moment it even fits into my handbag.
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on 12 November 2010
This hasn't got the fastest processor, but what the heck when you can look forward to 10 hours plus of mixed use between charges. As a business traveller I appreciate the ultra low weight, compact size and rapid boot up - but the clincher is the battery life. This is the first laptop where I've genuinely felt a days work is feasible between charges. Bought as a business device I immediately updated to 2Gb RAM and loaded on a pile of industrial strength software (Visual Studio etc), performance when multi-tasking is slow and the more intensive calculations/operations can drag, but it is a small price to pay for the outstanding battery life. You will get the job done, eventually, but get used to finishing a couple of hours use and seeing >6 hours of battery life remaining - stunning.

Build quality seems fine, I opened my unit up to remove the camera which was easy to do and it went together again fine. Keyboard is crisp and seems easy to use. Screen is more crampled but still very usable - I played about with resolutions, which are easy to change, until I got the right compromize.

- get the extra RAM
- buy external DVD drive - Samsung unit works seemlessly
- be careful about updating the graphics driver. The Microsoft installed new one will stop you being able to adjust down the screen brightness - reduces batt life. Fix is to re-install the older driver from Samsung website.

Processor is slow but battery life more than makes up for this. I liked it so much I bought my wife one of her own as she's travelling quite a bit at the moment and this netbook is brilliant when you are on the move.
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on 12 October 2010
Originally I wanted an iPad until I realised that an iPad still needs a pc to sync to just like the iPhone, so I still needed a home pc. I also wanted to store my digital media (music, photos, videos and tv/film downloads) and playback on my TV, which this small device hooks up to easily. Looking at the prices, a NetBook gives me that home pc, digital media hub plus all of the portability and at a little over £300. A great looking little machine, very light and well made. Lots of pro's to talk about but to get to the cons, beware this NetBook is advertised at having 13+hrs battery life - it does not - it has 7-8hrs. Having done some Googling, to get this extended battery life you need the larger 6-cell battery pack which this item seems to ship with the smaller 3-cell battery pack. The second gripe is I was unaware Windows 7 Starter edition had a few features disabled, even small things like changing your desktop background is disabled and seems positioned to get you to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium which I'm not going to do! I guess that's the result of keeping the price low. Finally, in reviewing the models, it appears Samsung release new models very frequently, so very soon I expect this to follow the N220 and to be superceded with a 'Plus' model and then soon after that replaced with a 'Plus Premium' model! All in all a great little machine.
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on 20 October 2010
I have nothing but praise for this excellent bit of kit. It does almost everything a larger laptop or PC can do but in a small package. Battery life and the screen quality are both very good. Fitting 2GB RAM is straightforward as well as the low cost upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium. All in all great value for money.
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on 24 November 2010
I bought this product after reading positive reviews and rejecting the iPad (a nice toy but unable to print from it and, of course, incompatible with my Windows laptop). The Samsung is a neat machine although disappointingly slow to boot up and comes with a lot of Samsumg 'crapware' which needs removing. However, it has a good battery life - not the 11 hours I've seen reported, but at least 8 hours. The keys on the keyboard are positive and well-spaced, although the touchpad is sometimes a bit temperamental (I've used better). In spite of the boot time and the touchpad I would recommend this as a good value netbook.
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on 6 October 2010
Superb, wanted this for my music, browsing the net,and on the go. It does the lot and its just as fast as my 2yr old lap top, what a great little animal and its very light, I cyle to work and will have no problem with this in my rucksack. Havn't tested the battery life to any extent yet but I have been working on it for almost 4 hours and its only 1/4 down. I dont feel the need to buy a mouse either the mouse pad is fine just practice with it a bit.I would buy this again like a shot!
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on 11 February 2013
It's alright when you don't do anything computationally intensive on it. But as soon as you open up MS Word or Excel.. BOOM! Netbook CPU takes a hit and slows down so much you think it's crashed. Basically the single core 1.66GHz with 1GB RAM just doesn't cut it! I've upgraded to 2GB RAM now bu still, it only helps very very little! You'd be better off purchasing an ultrabook if small is what you want!
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on 13 May 2011
A good piece of kit, nice screen, great sleek design, lovely keyboard with seperate keys, but the most staggering thing about it is the battery life - I can use mine for two days without having to charge.. this has to be the majr major selling point.. the cables and wires are compact too..

The only bad thing is that the shine off the trackpad has worn off (probs to be expected) and the covering for one of the silver hinges has snapped off.. purely cosmetic, but a little wear and tear is too be exppected considering it's been lugged around the world in my backpack for 6 months..

Windows 7 is a shame, but sadly that's the way things are, if your buying a notebook, chances are it's for light use anyway so I doubt it will bother you too much.. the only irritation is that Mcrosoft hijack the power options for closing the lid which you can only unlock if you by Windows 7.. bah.

All together a great piece of kit though, and it looks the muts nuts - recommended!

Ps - buy an extra GB of ram...
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on 19 August 2010
The Samsung N230 is my new favorite netbook.

It has a very high build quality with an excellent finish and superb keyboard.

It is also noticeably lighter and thinner than the previous N210 / N220 netbooks.
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