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on 16 November 2010
I purchased this radio due to it having usb mp3 playback and Wi Fi internet radio. It's fiddly to get it to connect to your home network but manualy o.k. It will not look at any shared music folders on your network, only what you share in windows media player! Useless with any network drive (I do have a Roberts Wi Fi radio which has no problems) The internet radio (called vTuner) does not connect and the website given in the box does not appear to exist! If you try over 2 days as I have done it may connect. When it does it takes absolutely forever to to scroll through the radio list as after about 5 names it has to rescan for the next 5! useless! The is also no BBC podcasts availiable. You cannot store any internet radio channels as presets come up as not availiable! there is something on the Sony website about this not working. I'm afraid that as far as WiFi radio goes this product is useless. Very dissapointed as it does not do what the Sony man said it does. I'm hoping that Sony attend to these problems and use a normal internet radio site for webcast information. I feel this unit will be going back! Very dissapointed.
Towards the end of 2011 Sony have done an upgrade/download to this unit which is now much improved. First of all the WiFi Station presets now work, which makes the unit much more usable (stopped using it for 8 months). Before the new download it took me 24mins to tune in Radio Caroline before I got the first note out of it, Now it takes about 2-3mins using the alphabetical search in both cases so again much improved, with the presets its quick when connected. It now wakes up the DLNA server when it is in sleep mode without having to reboot the server and finds it so 100% there. The scroll/search function is now faster than what it used to be but still a bit slow and there are still no podcasts availiable. I think the search and lack of podcasts is down to the vTunner service they use which does not let you setup a personal favorites page as other providers do. Now a usable item
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on 13 November 2010
The main reason why I bought this radio is because of the internetradio option. That is the main sellingpoint of this model compared to the dozens of other Sony radios. But, but, the only way to connect to internetradio stations is via a so called vTuner. This vTuner connects with a Sony portal. Sony filters and selects the internetradio stations AND this musicservices is for 20% of the time I have this radio OFFLINE! You can't enter an internetaddress to listen to a podcast. Also the website where you have to manage the presets and other settings hasn't been launched, except for the US. Check for yourself if this service is now available at [...]. I didn't know this before I bought the radio that internetradio is 100% dependend of the Sony portal!
Neither is the radio compatible with iTunes or Mac.
DAB reception in NL is bad but I knew that before I bought the item.
Ipod/Iphone handling is fine. Internetradio is possible via an internetradio app at the iPhone (like with every other iPhone speakerdock...)
Nice speakers and sound. No equilizer presets.
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on 1 November 2011
As I say I have read all the reviews good and bad, so off to the local Sony shop to have a look at it. They wanted well over £300 so I placed the order with Amazon. Turned up today as I was told. I have set it up and the only things I thought would improve it would be longer power lead, longer speaker leads and audio-in sockets at the back (it is at the front). Apart from that I love it. The DAB radio works perfectly as does the CD and Ipod with crystal clear sound quality for the price. Wireless connected to my home network via a linksys router without a problem. I was going to connect it via a network cable but I won't bother now. All my music is stored on a linksys media hub with 1TB of storage and it detected it straight away. It also detected my desktop pc and my sons laptop. It didn't have any problems streaming the music from the network and the internet radio worked perfectly. To say I found it easy to set up would be an understatement as I haven't looked at the manual yet.

Would I recommend it? Yes I would. I would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the power leads, etc.
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on 22 May 2012
I just bought it recently, and I was simply stunned by the quality of sound. Before, I was always using Home Cinema Surround system to listen to music, but now, I can't simply stop using this one.
Sound clarity and dynamic is simply stunning, especially when listening to CDs, with high sound fidelity. MP3s are being played very well, though I don't have any low quality music to test on (min 128kbps).

I connected it to the net with Ethernet cable over 200MBps Power-line adapter, and apart from setting up the clock, everything worked out of the box. System tuned itself automatically to available DAB stations, at the first run. It also detected my RND2000 NAS box with DLNA enabled (media streaming), and I was able to listen to all my music, with no effort on my side.

I also tested USB, and it seems that standard flash drives work, but devices like Android phone, mounted in flash-disk mode, are not being detected. I didn't test iPhone dock though, as I recently got rid of iPhone.
The look of it is better that on most pictures, chrome effect is a nice touch. Sony really did a great job with this one.

Would highly recommend it.
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on 10 April 2011
I bought this as Sony usually make a good product. but this has left me in doubt.
the main feature I was interested in was the network function, as I have all my music stored in MP3 format on a hard drive. it works, but it doesn't make life easy.

+ the sound quality is pretty good for the size, but you would expect more that for the price

- The menu system is slow an cumbersome, and takes a long time to find the album I am looking for.
- It takes a long time to start up, does not hold the last place it turned off from. and we are unable to set presets for the online radio, which means that we must scroll through the international directory every time we want to change the station.
- The wi-fi is slow on the uptake, and often requires resetting.
- The network functions in general are slow.
- It keeps losing the presets for the FM and DAB radio
- It wont update it's firmware.
- The salesman in selfridges told me that it would stream direct from the PC, as a wireless set of speakers, however this is not the case, (but I can't take it back to him as I bought it online from someone else)
- for some reason I expected it to work with It doesn't,

If I was to buy again I'd consider a built in hard drive system instead of the network option.
If I was to redesign it, a decent display or at least a video out where you can surf the menu on a screen, a faster processor, and you might as well throw in a hard drive while you at it

all in all; there are better systems on the market for the price. don't bother with this one
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on 19 January 2011
Having reads all the reviews I was a little reluctant to buy this product due to the internet problem some reviewers were having.

I purchased this HiFi and can not praise it enough.

Everything works well. I get a good signal on both DAB and FM (even though I live in a small rural village).

I had no issues with setting up the WIFI internet radio - it connect first time.

The Iphone/ipod dock is great and you can also control the music with the remote control.

The 100 watt speakers sound terrific at both high and low volume.

CD sound excellent as well.

My only problem is that you can not store internet radio stations under presets for some reason even though the option is there, it does not work. This really is not too much of a problem as it only takes few seconds to find what your looking for either by genre or typing in the name of the station and searching for it using the remote.

Great sounding and great looking product!!!!
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on 9 June 2011
I was looking for an audio system which included CD, DAB and internet radio when I purchased this model back in September 2010. This system has both wired and wireless network connectivity unlike several competing products which only provide wireless. If you have read the other reviews, you will see that it was impossible to store internet radio stations as favourites or presets. This badly let down what is otherwise an excellent system. Once you have discovered internet radio, you quickly realize what an amazing choice it offers compared to DAB or FM and a convenient way of storing and accessing selected stations soon becomes a necessity. This was impossible until the recent fix but now up to 20 internet radio stations can be preset in the same way as DAB and FM stations. The only reason I am not awarding this system a full 5 stars is because the remote control, although fully functional, could be better designed, and the sturdy metallic looking volume knob is in reality plastic, warm to the touch and gives a bit.
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on 11 October 2013
Overall it is good HIFI system with, nice sound quality.
I use it for internet radio mainly: german, polish and english stations - main reason of purchase.
stream music from server directly.
Plays music from usb port - just plug usb dongle.
Sound quality very good and decent amount of radio station - for me absolutely sufficient.
Ipod function - not used very much as you can play directly from usb/server.

keeps to lose from time to time wifi connection - lets say 3-7 times per week (this could be a problem with connection to my router)
whole internet service is unavailable - lets say once per week.
booting & logging time - approx up to 1 minute.

Overall I would but it again - you will struggle to find better HIFI system with internet radio for this money (maybe because there is not to many hifi systems with this function).
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on 3 January 2012
Ordered the Sony WiFi system from Amazon on Sunday at 3pm and it arrived the next day at 0935 hrs, wow,that's service.

The system sounds very good, in fact for the price it's damn good. plays USB, iPod and CD's very well, its also easy to understand. It connected to internet radio very quickly (we live in the country, miles from anywhere) and sounds very good, it does have Preset ability for internet radio, which others seem to have difficulty finding, but this was simple.

Connects to my laptop immediately and picks up stored music with no problem.

A very good system, which is highly recommended.
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on 29 December 2011
I bought this as a birthday treat last year as I was particularly interested in accessing all the music stored on my PC when others were using it. Firstly it's quite slow to connect despite being nearby, and occasionally it plays up when trying to access the menus. However my main gripe is that there is no headphone socket (when you're being asked to turn that rubbish down) to continue your listening pleasure. Come on Sony, it's 2011 and while the sound is great sometimes you need privacy. Apparently this has been brought to Sony's attention but nothing is being done to address this. Wouldn't have bought it if I'd realised. That will teach me to make assumptions.
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