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on 23 August 2012
I bought this product to replace my ageing infrared transmitter + headphones and simply use my bluetooth headset that I have for my phone anyway. I also welcomed the flexibility of being able to use this anywhere. This way I can listen to my laptop, tablet, mp3-player and other devices anywhere.

It arrived this morning. It paired/connected flawlessly with my 7dayshop R7 Premium Foldable Bluetooth Stereo Headphones / Handsfree Headset With Touch Button - Piano Black - Travel Case Included!

Findings so far:
1. The sound quality is much better than my old infrared headphones. Not as good as high-end wired headphones, but good. The sound is also louder than through infrared. Infrared can be shared with many, though. Bleutooth allows only one connection at a time.
2. There is a small delay (lips are slightly out of sync etc.).
3. The unit can be used plugged in (i.e. charging) or unplugged. If you unplug it while using it it just plays on, but if you plug it in while using it, it will re-set and re-connect.
4. When using the unit unplugged the sound quality is crisp and clear, when using it while charging there may be interference audible. I'll need to experiment with different powersources.
5. The range is about 10m through several walls. Great.

Despite the tiny delay I prefer this setup over the infrared one. The sound quality is better, the device can be used with other devices and away from home (and can be charged in the car or anywhere from any USB source).
I should have bought one earlier...
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on 26 September 2011
The device arrived a few days ago. I recharged the device as instructed and then paired it with a sony ericsson bluetooth stereo headset. I connected the adapter to the TV and watched/ listented to the TV whilst doing other chores. There is sufficient range to go to a different floor on the completely other end of the house. The battery life is great. It does exactly what it says on the box.
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on 9 September 2011
I bought this the other day and did as was asked to charge it for at least 4 hrs initially. I turned it on and it paired without fuss to my Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headset. The sound quality is excellent. It's small and inconspiq... inconspicui...incompspi... hardly noticable when attached to the TV. The feel of the device is good too, not the cheap plastic I was expecting but a neoprene feel to it. It does nothing more or less than I was expecting or needing, I love it.
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on 6 July 2012
I am surprised to see several transmitters all described similarly and at quite different prices.
However,the transmitter I purchased has worked straight out of the box and has been attached to several devices with perfect results.
There is a good range for reception over 15M in line of sight and 15M radius with 3 walls in between me and the device.
I purchased this primarily to attach to the TV for wireless headphone use.This pleased my wife because the volume could be turned down (my hearing is poor)on the TV.
The transmitter sends a good signal that when translated by my wireless headphones is very acceptable.The sound is crisp and clear but not hifi.
When reaching the extent of reception there appears a very slight mushy sound behind the audio.
This is an outstanding product at a very good price.
I will be buying another so that these can be left in position.
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I am a nightowl. I have been using a traditional and not very good wired headset on an extension cable, plugged into my TV, to watch TV late without disturbing the family. It works OK but is not very comfortable, and it is difficult to get away from snagging the lead and dislodging the headphones off my head every now and again.

I recently invested in bluetooth headphones Moor Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Headset for use with my Blackberry Bold -and I have been very impressed with them. I wistfully wished they could connect to my TV -and then I found this transmitter. Now they do and I am very happy with the relative freedom and great sound quality.

The instructions are written in a quirky English only found in electronic goods imported from China. (I wonder if there is one translator working manically for all companies across that giant country? -the style seems very consistent across all Chinese imports). It is however possible to figure out how to set up the transmitter, and it works flawlessly. I followed the instructions for the initial 4-hour charge, and on first connection to my Moor headphones, the set up process worked perfecly. I now have the Freedom of the City in my own lounge, able to move about unencumbered by a 5-meter cable, unsnagged by a caught headset lead, and enjoying great sound quality. Transmission has not broken up in several hours' use, with the connection remaining reliable.

I have yet to get to the point of having to recharge -and it will be a pain, I am sure, to have to end use in the middle of a session, or find that 21 days has gone by since I used it and that I need to recharge instead of using it -but there doesn't seem to be a transformer-powered version of this gadget out there. I am not sure about leaving it permanently plugged into the charger. I don't know if that would be OK or damage the battery -so will not try that.

Overall, a great buy, very inexpensive, does the job it is billed as doing.

Highly recommended,

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on 29 August 2014
This amazing useful little device turns any audio source with a headphone or av jack into a Bluetooth transmitter. It converts the output to Bluetooth and transmits it ready for any Bluetooth receiver, say Bluetooth Headphones, to receive.

So with this gadget, your Ipod, your Laptop, your MP3 player, and my favourite, your TV, are now capable of transmitting sound via Bluetooth for you to listen to on your wireless Bluetooth headphones.

So far, my top two favourite uses for the TT-BA01 are firstly having it plugged into my non-bluetooth laptop’s earphone socket so I can listen to music on my Bluetooth headphones,, but my top use is to have it plugged into our widescreen TV, which then transmits again, to my Bluetooth wireless headphones. I love being able to watch a movie and have the music blasting out as loud as I like without bothering the rest of the family or the neighbours next door.

You could use the Tautronics Bluetooth transmitter to send audio to Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth car stereo or a Bluetooth Sound bar or a Bluetooth enabled home stereo system.

One use that will be of interest to photographers and videoographers out here is that with the TT-BA01 you can plug it into the earphone socket of a mobile sound recorder, like the Zoom H1 or Tascam DR07, or even the headphone jack of your dSLR - pair it with your bluetooth Headphones, and you’ve got a wireless monitoring solution that is incredibly cheap and effective.

This is a great solution for anyone who’s recording video or audio because you always must check to see what the actual audio being recorded sounds like - otherwise you can record hours of beautiful video only to find that the audio sounds terrible because the batteries were low, the talent was fiddling with the microphone or it was too windy. This is an even better solution for if you’re working by yourself, you can set up your kit and as long as you’ve got the bluetooth transmitter plugged in you can check all is ok with any sound you’re recording.

In the box you get the transmitting, USB charging cable, AV to headphone jack adapter and instructions. Charging time is about 2 hours, and you could expect to get about 7 hours continuous use out of the transmitter, but of course you could always plug it into a charger at the same time and still use it.

Going for about £20 on at the moment, it’s a real bargain.

I’ve got to say that I’ve been really impressed with the Taotronics TT-BA01 Bluetooth Transmitter, and I'm so pleased I was sent it to review. These days it tricky to come across a really useful gadget - but the TT-BA01 definitely fits into that category. It’s so great to be able to plug the transmitter into our TV, put on my wireless Bluetooth Headphones then kick back and enjoy a movie with the sound blasting away.
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on 22 November 2011
I was initially impressed with this device. I actually bought two to use with two Sony MW600 receivers. Both connected fine and were working. However, as I tired to connect both to each of the MW600's so that it wouldn't matter which combination I used, the problems started. Firstly, they refused to connect to the second device. Then they refused to work with the first device. I reset both MW600's and tried again but both failed to connect at all. Now after many, many attempts, both devices refuse to connect. The MW600's are not to blame as I've since connected both to other devices without a problem. Perhaps these units need to be reset somehow but I can't find any way to do that. If I find a way I will repost but, as of this moment, they are both useless, hence to 1 star rating. Shame because things seemed great to start with.

*** UPDATE ***

Well, after another couple of hours pressing the single button in various ways, I managed to pair the unit back with one of the MW600's and it's been great since. I don't know if my button mashing made any difference but it now works. I won't attempt to pair it with the other MW600. 4 stars now rather than 5 because, although it works well, it's not going to be as flexible as I hoped.
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on 18 August 2014
I got this with the idea in mind to listen to music on my headphones and play music on my speakers.

When it arrived (and after charging) I paired it up to my bluetooth headphones with no issues at all. Using the provided cabling I was also able to connect to the just a standard set of 2.1 speakers.

Things I have noticed:
- The sound quality is fantastic compared to cheaper alternatives. Though of course it doesn't match being plugged directly in, its fantastic for what it is.
- When watching videos, I did notice there was a slight lag between video and audio. Though of course this isn't noticed when listening to music.
- The device can be used charging and not charging. Though if its plugged in and then you unplug it while listening to music, there is no problem. But when you plug it in while listening then the device stops and re-connects.
- When plugged in there is a slight disturbance in the music, compared to the crisp quality when unplugged.
- When using it through walls, I managed to get about 10m before having any problems.

When using this for unplugged music listening, then this is the best crisp device I have used. But the slight issue with video viewing can be an issue.
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on 1 September 2014
I have just received the receiver recently so I decide to give it some tests. I can say that the receiver is quite neat, light and easy to use. I just need to plug my headphone/speaker into the unit, then use my iPhone to connect to it though bluetooth. In details, I just need go to Setting/ Bluetooth/ then tap to the device to connect one time only, no password needed. There is no extra application required to operate the device as well. I just need to use the Airplay feature which is right on my phone to stream the sound. Voilà. I now can play music from my phone to my speaker wirelessly. In addition, the device also has itself battery so I can use my headphone with it alone. To charge the device, I just need to plug it into any USB port.

I tested the device by playing music on my phone and watching some music video on Youtube. I did not really see any delay like other reviews said, even when I tried to stay far away from it. The sound quality is quite good.

Overall, the receiver does its job well. Hence, I would recommend this product due to its good-quality and reasonable price.
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on 24 May 2014
If you have a cd player or anything that is not bluetooth this is a great way of turning it into a bluetooth device first thing i tried it on was a bluetooth speaker feeding music from my Bose wave 3 works perfect plus it is a lot cheaper than buying the Bose bluetooth kit just remember it only transmtts bluetooth.
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