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on 19 April 2011
I had to choose between this one and the Philips and this one eventually won owing to the difference in price. When I purchased mine the price difference was £20. I work with both on a daily basis (we have the Philips at work) and have been able to make a fair comparison between the two. In terms of build quality, structure and functions, they are both almost identical.
Out of the two, the Philips is superior in juicing in that the remaining pulp is a little dryer than that of this one. But in saying that, I never feel that I'm being hard done by with my juicer when I juice my fruit and veg. I get plenty of juice out of my juicer and I've never had one item get lodged or mangled in the process. I also find the Philips quieter than this one. But the difference in sound is not a deal breaker. This one has suction cups on the feet so the juicer stays planted when you're working with it. The Philips does not and when you turn the thing on, it can do a 180 if you're not careful. This does not continue though when it's switched on and you're juicing. It's just a little jump when the motor gets going.
As for cleaning, they're both the same in that department. I find this one slightly easier to pull apart than the Philips but not much else. If you run a sink of hot soapy water before you start juicing and you wash up your juicer before you sit down to enjoy your produce, cleaning is quick and easy.
Overall, I really recommend this product. Also, put a bag into the pulp dispenser so you just pull it out and throw it away instead of having to scoop it all out first and then cleaning up afterwards.
If you want a good product but just can't afford the Philips, this is a very worthwhile alternative and will give you the desired finish.
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on 8 September 2015
Be warned do not buy this juicer. I wish I had looked at the 1 star reviews and not being convinced by the #1 best seller tag before purchasing. We bought this a few months ago and used it regularly but generally only once a day. Last week, we heard a sound that honestly sounded like a chainsaw, we ran into our kitchen and the juicer which was set at 0 but on at the plug started spouting lots of smoke and the motor was going crazy. My husband quickly switched the plug off. Had we not been in the house I am absolutely certain this would have caught fire. The smell of burnt plastic surrounded the house for hours afterwards. We contacted Andrew James LTD straight away and were told that the juicer should only be used for 1 min then rested for 5 mins. Considering we prepared all our produce beforehand the juicer was never on for longer than a minute. No refund would be offered because we apparently had the juicer too long?! PLEASE DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE 2 YEAR WARRANTY. This juicer should be recalled as so many other reviews repeat our experience. This is a VERY dangerous machine and Andrew James Ltd customer service is appalling.
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on 27 April 2015
EDIT 16/5/2015: I had previously given this juicer a 4 star rating, but exactly one month in from using it (used once every day), part of the clear plastic top housing has broken off in 2 places where it meets the base (see attached photos). This is caused by the high forces associated with the high rpm & vibrations through the unit: it's a poor design and/or poorly manufactured. Don't buy this juicer, buy something that is more robust. I can still use the juicer, but it does spray out of the hole where part of the clear plastic has cracked off, but I'll use a bag to cover it to stop the spray, if it gets any worse I'll try to get a refund, actually I'll look into a refund right now I think, definitely won't accept a replacement, this item is not fit for purpose!

Following is my initial review a couple of days after purchase, but this is no longer valid really!:
I've had this juicer about one week now, and been using it everyday (once a day for breakfast). Excellent bargain price. It makes some tasty juice, with seemingly good juice extraction levels - I've used it on carrots, beets, apples, ginger, oranges & lemons so far. Carrots are the hardest of those vegetables & they get through eventually, take a bit longer than the other veg - but works fine with carrots. I have down graded from a 5 star review for following 2 reasons:

1) The lever mechanism for locking the clear plastic top of the juicer into place, it uses 2 black hard plastic washers/spacers that need to be manually moved into the right position each so that when you close the lever those spacers can sit on top of of the clear plastic top - this is required to create enough pressure to avoid leakages. I believe the one star reviews citing fires have been caused by leakages into the motor housing of the device, which has probably been caused by not making sure these black plastic washers/spacers are in the correct position when closing the lever.

2) Instructions say that you should operate the juicer for no longer than continuous 1 minute bursts. This works out fine for a person making enough juice for one person, but if you're making juice for the whole family, then this could be a royal pain in the butt as you wait inbetween the 1 minute bursts. I also think that the one star ratings are due to people also operating this continuously for longer than the 1 minute period. I've operated it for a bit longer than the 1 minute without ill effects so far, but I'm pretty good at not going too much over this time frame.

All in all it's a good bargain juicer if you're making juice for one or maybe 2 people, but if you want to supply a whole family I'd get a more resilient juicer. If you do buy it make sure the black plastic spacers/washers on the lever are in the right place each time you close it up before using! (The instructions that come with the item aren't that clear on this aspect!).

EDIT: I'll be sure to update this review in the future if anything changes or anything goes wrong with it!
review image review image
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on 25 November 2013
Great just what I ordered and easy to use, just remember to put a plastic bag in the holder to make it easier to clean all the pulp
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on 19 August 2014
I am happy with my purchase. This unit is easy to use and more importantly easy to clean. Takes few minutes to clean. Minimum hassle compare to other juicers.
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on 8 September 2015
I bought this juicer as the price was very good and it had a lot of favourable reviews, however after using it for a short time it stopped working with smoke coming out. When I contacted the company I was told that it has to be used only for 1 minute then given a 5 minutes break! However as it was within the first month of purchase they sent a replacement for me. The same happened with the next one and that was also replaced, obviously not forgetting the bother of having to call the company being told by the person that you are incapable of using a basic gadget and then having to
convince them that that is not the case and it is their machine which is faulty, having to package the old item, print the labels etc....which is you not what you need.
When I used it again last week and I was careful not to go over 1 minute , but again smoke came out and even though it did not stop working but the juice smelled strongly of smoke I finally gave up. I called Andrew James for a refund and after the usual arguments ( refer to above) I finally asked for a refund.
I will now spend a lot more and buy a Phillips model that I know will work properly. I my belief this machine should be withdrawn as it is faulty and a waste of time.
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on 30 April 2014
Easy to use and love that it can be put in the dishwasher. Would definitely recommend this product for juicing
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on 12 July 2015
This is quite possibly the worst juicer ever, DO NOT BUY THIS! We bought one a few months ago and it burned out after a few weeks. AndrewJames sent us a brand new one, and it burned out in the same time as the first one. It is incredibly disappointing that this product is made so poorly, but I guess you get what you pay for.
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on 22 January 2014
Unit Broke on very first use - 3 small apples, 1cm cude ginger & 1/3 of a parsnip.

Waited for 30 minutes, does state in the instructions that the motor can over heat & require a small amount of time too cool "although this should be only 5minutes". However I was concerned at this point as I had literally blended only couple bits of fruit.

Unit never worked again. Contacted Andrew James Customer services, return was organised after attempts to solve issue. Recognised as a faulty unit.

Upon return I had to chase for update on the unit, told that replacement was being dispatched however 12 days later and not recieved the replacement. Cancelled the replacement & asked for a refund.

I might simply of been unlucky in this instance, but already doubting potential replacement based on first unit recieved and failure to deliver replacement made my mind up.

shall be ordering the Philips Alternative.
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on 13 August 2013
Just started my juicing journey and choosing the right machine was key to success. This unit is easy to use and more importantly easy to clean. It takes literally 2 minutes after juicing.
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