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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2011
The bracket is absolutely superb for the price. It is sturdy and provides adjustment in all directions. I have used the same bracket for two different projectors, having the lense on opposite sides from each other. I was concerned that the mounting bracket would need to be removed and re-positioned, however there is more than enough adjustment to accomodate the positions of the projectors.

It is extremely sturdy being attached to the ceiling joist using two large coach bolts. The nuts allow you to tighten them enough to allow any movement that you do require, but still to have the projector remain tightly in position.

If you are looking for a well made product - look no further than this. One word of caution - ensure that when the bracket and the projector are mounted there will be nothing obstructing the light from the projector (ceiling lights for example). The stem of the bracket is short. Make sure that you measure everything and ensure that the top of your projection screen will be in line with the top of the lense with no obstructions.

All in all - an excellent product for the price, giving excellent adjustment.
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on 29 April 2013
It is a good mounting however requires some DIY skills to use it.

Firstly it will take some time to attach it to your projector. Screws and gaskets I had to buy separetly for my Optopa HD600. Then when you are done you have to make sure that the central tube is at the centre of mass, it will help to avoid tilting.

The counterpart that is attached to the ceiling, well i didnt like the fact that there are just 2 holes there, I have a plaster ceiling and i wasnt comfortable that 2 screws will hold the thing. I used long peices and screwed them to the counterpart across, the length of these peices is enough to screw them to the ceiling using 4 screws. Will upload a picture later.

The fixation of the projector to the counterpart is also not very good, it is very wobly and wires tilt the projector, I had to use a plain bandage to wrap around the counterpart to reduce the gap between two tubes.

Result is good, but it isnt straightforward aspecially taking into account that there is no userguide.

Three stars it is.
review image
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on 27 June 2011
Very Good Bracket.
I've a Optoma HD65 projector and like others say, I needed a pack of M3 bolts and small washers to attach the two together. Got mine from Halfords.

One thing I really did like is that the centre of the bracket plate is hollow (see picture). This allows you (if you want) to drop the HDMI cable through your ceiling, through the bracket itself, into the back of your projector. Also you can thread the power supply lead (kettle style) through too it too. Once all fitted, the power lead and HDMI cable are hidden from coming through the ceiling - Brilliant!
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on 9 June 2012
you want to ceiling mount an Optoma HD230X. The latter has 3 x 3mm mounting sockets arranged in an unequal triangle. The ceiling bracket comes with screws, extra bracket extensions, spacers and allen keys, but not 3mm screws. It was damned awkward to fit to the Optoma HD230X after I bought 3mm x 20mm screws and I had to use spacers. I only used two 'legs' of the bracket, the last mounting socket being secured through the circular bracket. Not good.
The bracket is solidly made but adjusting the projector's axes is problematic. You need to tighten the bolts sufficiently to prevent slipping while adjusting but when you turn the bolts up for the final tightening you move the projector. Most fustrating especially as a little movement at the projector becomes a large movement at the screen - the further away the worse this is. And because of those tiny 3mm screws you do not feel inclined to use much force on the projector body itself. Also, adjusting one axis moved another axis.
There needs to be a fine adjustment mechanism.
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on 24 August 2013
Its a good solid and robust build and it does come with a pack of bolts and washers to mostly help with the bracket (not the screws required to fit to your projector as you need to check the manual of your projector to find the correct screws). Installation to the projector is time consuming and can be awkward and fiddly. Talk about the Krypton Factor!. However the installation of the mounting brackets is mostly fiddly due to the projector as the underneath of the projector has raised plastic segments instead of a flush finish and it depends on where the mounting holes are located. On the Optoma HD131X there are 3 mounting holes which form in a triangle shape. 1 mounting screw at the top whilst the other 2 mounting holes are at the bottom. The tricky aspect is working out the best way to mount the bracket using the supplied metal pieces as they need to run underneath the space between the mount and the base of the projector. The positive aspect to this product is that the holes and slits around the base of the mount allows you many possible ways to secure the metal pieces to match up with the holes on the underneath of the projector. Eventually after quite some time where the metal washers kept slipping (double sided tape to hold them in place does the job!) I managed to secure the ceiling mount to the projector.

Once installed in place I found the ceiling mount adjustments are equally quite fiddly to get the projector to perfectly fit the image within my projector screen. after about half an hour of constant tightning and adjusting the various pivot points I got the projected image dead centre although I did notice that you have to be careful how much you tighten the various pivot points as over tightening them seems to cause that pivot point to slip. The horizontal pivot point to slide the projector left or right was the most troublesome as the weight of the projector despite the screws being fully tightened still cause the roll pivot point to tilt so the only remedy was to place the projector back to the most centre point within the horizontal glide. another problem i found was that where the top of the bracket tube which meets the mounting plate was slightly loose despite the screw holding this was tightened to its full extent.

For Optoma HD131X customers:

This works with the Optoma HD131X although the mounting bracket does not come supplied with the threee required M3 10mm length machine screws which are needed to fix this to the underside of the projector. You can purchase these M3 10mm machine screws from the web or from B&Q. A captured image of the installation along with notes can be found within the customer review photos associated with this product.
review image
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on 3 December 2015
Excellent and well-constructed bracket for the price. Easy to set arms up so it fits my projector (BenQ W1070) which needed three of the four arms.

It is absolutely worth taking the time to get the bracked mounted in the perfect position using a horizontal plumb line to get it dead centre in the room, but the bracket does offer enough micro adjustment if you're very slightly out in terms of direction - it swivels and twists giving three degrees of movement. A reasonably sturdy set of screws then allow you to lock it pretty much in place.

There is a little bit of give afterwards in the degrees of freedom, even with the adjustment screws locked down, but that's only going to affect you if you're plugging connections in and out at the back of your projector.
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on 29 May 2011
The product is spot-on, looks the part and feels solid, looking at other ceiling mounts available this seemed to be the best vfm and I wasn't wrong, you can adjust it quite a lot and the solid bolts and nuts allow you to do this without worrying that the projector will move of its own accord (as seen with some other brands).
Definitely recommended, for the price this is awesome and wouldn't look out of place priced at double, I cannot fault this product as it just shows what can be done with a little bit of thought and intellect as opposed to just churning out any old crap just to make money.
Buy it!
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on 3 August 2011
I purchased the projector mount for use with a BenQ W1200. It fits the bill (and the projector) and was simple enough to install. The mount comes with a good selection of the bolts and brackets but the 4mm bolts supplied were too long for the projector to accomodate, rather than padding out with extra spacers, I purchased some shorter 4mm bolds from B&Q which worked fine.

There is a central hole in the base plate that screws to the ceiling. This hole is large enough to thread through an HDMI plug so I was able and this makes for a very neat installation.

If I have any criticism (and it is only very minor) it would that the pedestal design means the mount is not very rigid so only the lightest of fingertip force will cause the project to wobble a little. This is not a problem if nothing is tugging at any of the cables.

The distance between the ceiling and top of projector is about 5"

Over all a great product and saved significant amount of money from the own brand alternatives that ship from the projector manufacturers.
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on 22 May 2012
Dosent come with the screws needed for the 'Optoma HD600X-LV Widescreen HD Ready Home Entertainmnent Projecter'

other than that not to bad, a bit fiddly..

You will need these or similar
Brimal Pan Slot Stainless Screws M3 X 10mm (50 Pack) (HW151)
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on 19 July 2015
The mount seems very sturdy. All the screws tighten up well and it doesn't appear to be moving like other customers have noted. I'll keep an eye on it for a few weeks and report back if anything changes.
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