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3.5 out of 5 stars73
3.5 out of 5 stars
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In this 2009 crime drama Terence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) is a New Orleans Cop and a loose cannon with attitude but suffers a serious back injury, resulting in him becoming addicted to painkillers, cocaine and cannabis. Assigned to investigate a murder where five illegal immigrants from Senegal were executed, but it soon becomes apparent that they were involved in the drugs trade. With his own supply drying up and a host of other issues, how will he deal with it all?
McDonagh is rapidly descending into his own personal hell, becoming more unhinged and evil at each turn as his reality becomes even more blurred and his world crashes in on him. Superb acting, good dialogue, a steady pace and plenty of suspense as events close in on him and well aided by the support cast.
The single disc plays 3 trailers before offering play, scene selection, special features [interviews, making of] and English hard of hearing [click to turn on]. The film focuses on a corrupt cop who gambles, takes drugs, steals and habitually threatens people, swears profusely and uses extortion and violence, yep it’s a definite 18 rating but the only nudity is bare bottom or inexplicit ‘glamour’ type photos and the violence is mainly after the fact. Highly entertaining and with a dark humour throughout, this is easily recommended.
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on 30 August 2012
Werner Herzog: director of The Enigma of Kasper Hauser, Nosferatu the Vampyre and other gothic central European works working on a rethink of a miserable and pretentious 90s film set in contemporary America. It could have been a recipe for disaster.

Yet this is a masterpiece: hilarious, moving and exhilarating. Whilst the original had tedious misanthropy masquerading as dark sophisticated humour this has genuinely hilarious scenes, such as when the drug addicted cop sees a dead man break-dancing/ threatens two elderly ladies with a magnum. It's also a surprisingly moving film about love and friendship as well as an exciting thriller.
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on 3 August 2010
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans' is a crime drama that released in 2009 to critical acclaim. It's a loose remake of 'Bad Lieutenant' that released in 1992 and starred Harvey Keitel. Unfortunately the movie struggled to get a wide release in the cinemas due to distributors not being interested for some reason. The movie ended up getting a limited release, which sadly resulted in poor box-office returns.

The movie centres around the life of a corrupt Police Lieutenant (Bad Lieutenant) Terrence McDonagh (Nicolas Cage) who is also a drug addict. The movie shows how he starts to get into trouble as he utilizes untoward methods whilst investigating a murder incident and at the same time struggles with his drug addiction.

Now, where do I start on this surprise gem of a movie, it's basically compulsive viewing. Before watching this, I had my doubts due to Cage's not so great previous efforts combined with his below par performances and the trailer of the movie, which didn't generate any kind of excitement. I guess my low expectations ended up making the movie more than likeable. The movie starts off in a dark setting as we get a taste of McDonagh's erratic behaviour and his corrupt world. It then progresses with a series of disjointed but unpredictable events, which don't make sense at the time as to what direction the movies heading in. During these events we witness a successful combination of humor, a love story, emotional drama and corruption. The movie then has a climax, which ties up all loose ends making sense of all the events in the movie. This is done in about sixty seconds, which I thought was short but sweet. The end is simply satisfying.

The movie works brilliantly as you don't know exactly what to expect and look forward to every scene. I was guessing all the way through as to how the movie was going to end and which characters were going to die or survive, exciting isn't it. In one word, the movie was GRIPPING. It mainly contains effective drama with a hint of action.

The flaws are the slow pace at times and the series of erratic events, which may test the patience of the audience. But as I said, the mess makes sense in the end. Just be patient and you'll be rewarded. Another flaw is a couple of scenes where the viewer is shown what McDonagh is experiencing mentally as a result of his drug use, it just got a bit weird for me.

The movie is a Nicolas Cage show from beginning to end as he's nearly in all the scenes. Cage performs superbly after a long time, this is an award winning performance. His charisma and bursts of energy sets the screen on fire. His portrayal of a corrupt, emotionally troubled, drug addict Officer with a sense of humor and a conscience is GREAT. Throughout the movie, you can't make your mind up on Cage's character, do you like him or hate him, is a good guy or a bad guy. This uncertainty is only caused by Cage's bravura performance. Without him the movie is pointless. For me, Cage is an anti-hero with attitude.

Eva Mendes (Frankie Donnenfeld) who plays the role of Cages love interest is first rate. Xzibit (Big Fate) is competent as a gang leader. Val Kilmer (Stevie Pruit) who plays McDonagh's partner doesn't get much screen time, when he does, the performance is poor. The rest of the cast perform well.

The direction provided by Werner Herzog is top notch. He manages to extract a flawless performance from Cage and keeps the audience interested. There are a few scenes in the movie that have been executed with finesse. Hope to see Herzog and Cage team up again, it'll be good for cinema.

The background music score by Mark Isham perfectly compliments the mood of the movie.

The movie succeeds due to a tight script, engrossing drama and an in-form Cage. However, it's one of those features, which you'll either love or hate.

'Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call: New Orleans' is one helluva Cage show.
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on 23 December 2014
Did not like this , I do like cage & i have a few of his films but i think its the way it was told maybe if you watch it you will see what i mean but like with most films you will watch it & say whats he talking about it was great , but like with all films we all have opinions .
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on 3 July 2015
This is one "cookie movie" - just totally off the wall in my view. However well done Nicholas Cage for playing his part so well. Certainly an eye opener for me and yes it made me wonder how many "untrustworthy" cops there are. If you are looking to watch something very different then this is the movie.
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on 16 June 2011
Having seen the original `Bad Lieutenant' I have the image of Harvey Keitel chasing the dragon and appearing in the nude forever engraved on my brain. Therapy has helped me back into society, only to discover eclectic director Werner Herzog has gone and made a remake with the increasingly bizarre actor Nic Cage. Would my fragile mind be able to take it? Luckily, this time there is no full frontal male nudity and instead Cage's Terence McDonagh is a detective fighting back pain with a cocktail of prescription and non-prescription drugs. He is given the job of finding the killers of a family found shot to death; his tactics may be strange, but they have a way of working.

`Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans' is more of a dark comedy than cop thriller, but not played for laughs. Cage is always at his best when playing off the wall and McDonagh allows him to go to town. Whilst the majority of the cast play it straight (only Val Kilmer is goofy, but he is an actor who is now a parody of his former self), Cage is able to ham it up to perfection, either tripping or looking for a fix. Due to his back problem there is an underlining sympathy with the character missing from the previous version. Story wise, the film is actually a pretty straight forward police procedural film. It is the characters that make it stand out. The BluRay version is great at highlighting some of Herzog's more interesting directorial choices, but is not a must.

A film for people looking for something a little different.
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on 20 February 2013
I know it's often said with Nicolas Cage,he can be very hit and miss,big hit this time.
His acting is top notch here as the heavily corrupt and drugged up cop. This is the story of a murder case,but when the main cop in charge could be argued as being more of a malefactor than those he's trying to catch,you do wonder what's going on in the world.
His charcter is on a downward spiral,clealry messed up and not caring. He goes from bad to worse,stealing drugs from miscreants and acting oddly,getting more and more out of it.
This won't be for everyone,is any film? But if a lot of strong language and drug use doesn't offend you,it's most definitely one to watch.
I does get very odd at times,when Cage's character is clealry influenced by the drugs in what he's seeing,but great performances by all make this one of the best corrupt cop films i've ever seen.
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on 17 October 2013
I bought this film because I thought it would be interesting in new orleans.
It was but the story was not gripping and the humour not laugh out loud.
However it says something of nicholas cage that he kept me watching
from beginning to end.Hope new orleans isnt this tough in real life.
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on 29 November 2012
This is one wild ride: the most engaging, thrilling, original take on contemporary Noir.

Whether you care less about catching something that Cineasts might refer to as an auteur masterpiece of contemporary American cinema or not, just sit back and be transported by this wonderfully fresh, darkly atmospheric vision. It's the bad-cop movie remodelled as a fever dream --and what a trip.

The artistry evident in every aspect of the production that makes this thing such a joy to experience from beginning to end is unsurprising if you know director Werner Herzog's track record, of course. There can't be a finer director anywhere on the planet surely? In Cinema the words 'artist' and 'poet' are bandied about willy-nilly, but this man surely is genuinely one of the great artists of our period in any medium. No mere stylist or aesthete, his taste is nevertheless impeccable and the intelligent poetic sensibility which informs all his work is as evident in this particular film as any. In a re-make project that might easily have been merely another arty piece of genre-manipulation, what's emerged here is much more. In broad terms, it's a stylish but cliche-free, visionary slice of contemporary Western culture --albeit an expressionistic outsider perspective thereof.

I never really expected to see Herzog be given the opportunity to make a full-on, polished, commercial U.S. feature film. It comes as no surprise to see the panache and originality of what he's done with the opportunity, though. I can't imagine a U.S. director doing anything like it, so it amounts to a remarkably fresh addition to the American canon and interesting twist on a familiar genre favourite. Peter Zeitlinger's striking cinematography, the uniformly compelling performances and the director's original stylistic strokes combine to create a distinctively stylish contemporary feel unseen elsewhere and one totally right for the piece.

The perfectly paced story doesn't moralise on the view from the heart of delirium it presents as we follow the central character's arc of amoral, existential excess. As always, Herzog's profoundly humanistic camera is essentially non-judgemental, so it's free to find humour and surprising romantic tenderness in the most unexpected places --and irony free too. So refreshing that and fun, fun, fun.

What a fantastic treat: a mesmerising, totally cool, instant classic.
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on 22 May 2015
After Katrina, police sergeant Terence McDonagh rescues a prisoner, hurts his back in the process and earns a promotion to lieutenant plus an addiction to cocaine and painkillers.

Six months later, a family is murdered over drugs; Terence runs the investigation. His drug-using prostitute girlfriend, his alcoholic father's dog, run-ins with two old women and a well-connected john, gambling losses, a nervous young witness, and thefts of police property put Terence's job and then his life in danger.

He starts seeing things. He wants a big score to get out from under mounting debts, so he joins forces with drug dealers.

After a few years in the wilderness of decidedly dodgy movies, Cage is back in his full blown, over the top best (he probably hasn't been this maniacal since face/off)under the supervision of genius Herzog.

any similarities to the Ferrera movie is in title alone, as this really has nothing to do with that film. It appears that the titular character is on the road to redemption in this film, doing something good in the beginning, and being punished for it throughout the film.

We meet some bizarre characters throughout the movie, and ironically the only 'normal' characters in the film are the perpetrators of the film. Cages accent changes almost halfway through the film for some bizarre reason, and his limp and gait becomes more prominent toward the third act.

Connotations toward hallucinations and drug taking are rife throughout, and sometimes we are viewing the world through Neils eyes, rather than that of the viewer.

Herzog makes brilliant use of camera work and the sets, and the cinematography is sometimes very psychedelic.

For a film that is so downbeat at times, the ending is surprisingly uplifting and happy, Neils path to redemption appears complete, despite the strange ending.

With nods to Lynch and DePalma, this is one of those movies, that will become depressingly more popular as time goes on, rather than when initially released.

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