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4.4 out of 5 stars77
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 April 2010
This is one of the most amazing girls feel good movies of all time, the cast, characters, music everything is so fun and feel good, no real girlyness its all alternative fun, is really fun and touching and I dare you to not watch with a smaile on your face this movie deserves so much more credit and air play anyone who is tired of the old girly chick flicks will love this very refreshing that you will want to watch time and time again.
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on 28 December 2010
I wanted to see this as I've just learned to skate, not actually giving much thought to the plot. However it was fantastic! My partner and I grinned throughout (almost - you'll understand where not when you see it) and I am grinning still. A film about girls made by women for everyone! Hurrah. It's funny, empowering, warm hearted and feels like real life. The teenage clash with parents happens, but they are not so bad, just parents, there is a great love story, best friend relationship, and loads of really cool roller derby, which involves women zooming round on roller skates and bashing each other out of the way. All teenage girls should see this and so should everyone else.
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on 28 January 2010
OK, so look, I cannot say that this is my usual genre of movies, but it is quite nice to take a break from all the Aliens, Monsters and general Bad Maniacal Slashers causing havoc in the universe and I have to say that I quite enjoyed it for what it was - a story of a young girl growing in a dead-beat town, with all the usual teen urges that come with the blossoming of true adolescence. We've all been there - must be more to the world, first sexual experience and betrayal, and parents that want us to live our lives exactly the way that they had planned it for us.

My only real issue with this movie is that although Ellen Page plays our young hero superbly, I cannot say that I was overly impressed with her skating ability ! Yeah, it's a silly issue - but with a movie about a girl joining a skating team it may have helped to have a better skater, for at times she did not look as confident on her wheels as the rest of the cast and she was a little bit to `strained' going around the track.

Anyhow, Ellen Page is by far the star of this movie, plays it well and is going to go much further than just a few teenie movies. So - for me - a thoroughly enjoyable break from my norm, the sort of movie you would watch on a plane and not tell anyone after that you enjoyed it !!So, 4 out of 5 - would give it more but I am sure my heavy action / sci-fi friends would laugh at me !
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Ever since her breakthrough on "Juno" Ellen Page has made smart choices with her movies and the uplifting "Whip It" is yet another.

However if you're a British fan please note that no matter how enticing the price may be - the American BLU RAY on 20th Century Fox is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which few are).

Luckily it was given a BLU RAY release on this side of the pond (Region B) and it's fallen to a dirt-cheap cost since.

Take a chance on this one...
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I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed `Whip It'. I was expecting a fairly innocuous comedy film, but this is laugh out loud funny, a feel good film that is also kind of endearing and it has a kick ass soundtrack, not bad for Barrymore's directional debut.

Bliss is a seventeen year old girl who lives in a quiet Texan town, she works at a local diner, she likes rock music and her mum encourages her to enter beauty pageants. Then everything gets turned upside down when she finds and joins a roller derby team and a love interest in the guise of a guitarist in a local band. Before long she is breaking out of her shell, as well as breaking some heads as she whips her way round the derby ring. She finds an alternative, outlandish family in her team mates and has to balance her mums aspirations for her and her own dreams in life.

Ellen Page is excellent as Bliss and all of her team mates are superb as alternative, fun loving girls with heart. Barrymore is hilarious in the side role she plays, as is the feisty Juliette Lewis and all of the `stage names' the girls take on will crack you up. The crashes and bashes on the track will make you laugh and wince in equal measures. You'll come away from this with a warm glow and feeling good and will have had some real solid laughs throughout, what more can you ask for.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 25 June 2014
this film is a little different to others i dont know how many roller derby films are out there but i enjoyed this manly because i had no idea about roller derby before i watched it - i now know someone who plays roller derby for our local film and she likes the film so i think thats a good thing.

I enjoyed the story, i enjoyed the actors and i enjoyed the overall good fun of the film - it wasnt too serious but still had a good storyline

Good film, good delivery, good buy
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on 30 November 2011
Sports films have been around for years and the big hitters are pretty much covered; boxing - done, athletics - done, baseketball - done. It's up to the modern film maker to scrape the sport barrel dry and look for the one or two pastimes that are stuck to the sticky yeasty bit at the bottom. How about female roller derby, is that obscure enough for you?

Bliss is a small town girl with large town aspirations. Her hopes come in the form of the all-female roller derby that meets regularly in the city nearby. `Whip It' is a coming of age story about growing apart from your family and making something of yourself - even if that something happens to wear roller skates and spends time knocking people over. As the film directional debut of Hollywood veteran Drew Barrymore (she may only be 36, but she has been working most of her life), her quirky sense of humour and interesting take on life is apparent on the screen. `Whip It' is a coming of age story told through the prism of films such as `Donnie Darko' or `The Royal Tenenbaums'. It has a dark nature to its humour, but is actually very sweet.

One of the best things about `Whip It' is the stellar female performances. This is a female ensemble piece and the likes of Ellen Page shine. Kirsten Wiig is also excellent and shows why she has gone on since this film to make her own way in Hollywood. The story itself is incredibly generic and the setting is some weird idiom of anywhere between 1990-2005. What the film lacks in narrative imagination, it makes up for in its goofy nature. Barrymore's personality is all over the film and you cannot help becoming involved in Bliss' story and overjoyed when she does well. However, this does not stop the film from lacking real drive or direction. As a debut there is real promise for Barrymore as a director, next time she just needs a little more vision and story.

The film benefits from High Definition and the extras are great fun, highlighting the good time that the cast had and why the onscreen chemistry worked so well.
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I was expecting something funnier, but it's a pleasant enough film about a teenage girl with a pushy mother in a small town who finds her niche in rollerskating derbys. I don't know if it's a real sport, but it looked like fun, although the heroine seemed too tiny to be a physical threat on the park.

There are a few vaguely famous faces in it, but it has a low-budget albeit well-intentioned feel to it. It reminded me a lot of Adventureland, if you like that kind of film.

It has plenty of predictable moments in it, but that doesn't detract from the overall pleasantness of the film. Definitely one for a rainy day when you just want to take it easy and don't want to think too hard.
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on 3 October 2011
so clever on so many levels. great pace and characters. Very funny in places and a fabulous soundtrack. The blu-ray transfer is good but not great but the sound mix makes up for this in HD. This film has a charming feel to it the whole way through and its just one of those films, it really should not be as entertaining as it is, but something about it just grabs you. recommend highly.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 March 2011
Whip It is directed by Drew Barrymore and adapted for the screen by Shauna Cross from her own novel, Derby Girl. Barrymore also co-stars alongside Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, Marcia Gay Harden, Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, Jimmy Fallon, Daniel Stern and Landon Pigg.

Bliss Cavendar (Page), is a bored teenage girl stuck in a rut in Bodeen, Texas. Her life consists of working at the "Oink Joint" restaurant and entering beauty contests to please her mother (Harden). Along with her friend Pash (Shawkat), she dreams of escaping to a better life. Then one day during a trip out to Austin, the girls get wind of Roller Derby, a sport for girls played on rollerskates. Intrigued they go and take in a match and Bliss is hooked straight away, it`s tough, competitive and even edgy. Telling a lie about her age, Bliss decides to try out for the "Hurl Scouts" and gets a place on the team as "Babe Ruthless". Thanks to her ability the "Scouts" start to turn around their season, however, with a new boyfriend on the scene and her parents unaware of her secret life, Bliss` new found happiness could come crashing down around her.

In spite of some favourable critical assessments, Drew Barrymore`s directing debut barely made a dent at the box office. Just about making its money back on World gross, the figures would lend you to believe that the film simply isn`t very good. Plot synopsis doesn`t suggest anything out of the ordinary, yet another coming-of-age teenager picture, and one that is sports based, and even more formulaic than that, the sports team at the centre of proceedings is an underdog too! Throw into the equation that it`s a female based movie and it`s not really a film crying out for all demographics: or is it?

Barrymore herself was very disappointed with the marketing for her movie, the general feeling being that it was sold as a girls sports love story type picture. She`s absolutely right, it was marketed badly, and it barely had a run on the big screen in most countries. Which is a shame because Whip It is a smashing film, a picture that`s vibrant, funny and not without dramatic worth; and yes, it`s accessible for any age, sex or gender persuasion. Cross` script is fresh and free of filler and the cast all turn in jolly good shows; ranging from the excellent (Page/Gay Harden) to the engaging (Shawkat/Lewis/Wiig) and the funny (Stern/Fallon). Ok, so it`s not perfect, Barrymore is no Tony Scott when it comes to shooting action (some of the actual derby matches are confusing and not flowing), and maybe a bit more backstory flesh for the other "Hurl Scouts" wouldn`t have gone amiss? But these are minor itches at the beginning of what is hoped to be a long career in directing for Madame Barrymore.

With names like Jabba the Slut, Smashley Simpson and Iron Maven, it`s evidently a film full of fun vim and vigor. But as great as that is (girls in skirts on skates belting each other around a track), the coming-of-age drama at its core should not be understated either. 8/10
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