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on 5 January 2012
Bought this for my 42VL863B as I couldn't run a network cable in my house. Other reviewers have complained about difficulty in setup and signal problems, which made me nervous, however in my case the tv is quite close to the router (2m max) so no problems with signal.

The instructions in the package aren't worth the bother, just look up your tv model on the Toshiba website [...] get the full manual and find the relevant section. Then follow the instructions from there. You will need to know the full details of your particular network before you start, but from there I didn't have any problems.

Overall had it set-up in under 10 mins and iplayer up 2 minutes later. However get your TV manual before you start!


As you can see on the comments on this review you must check with Toshiba (via their website and if required via direct contact with them) which adapter to use with your relevant TV. My TV manual does not clearly state which one to buy, and I had to do digging to find out that this was the correct one for my model. This is definitely something Tosh. should have sorted before shipping manuals which are vague!
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on 28 December 2010
Bought this to plug into a newly acquired Toshiba 32RV753B TV. Basically, although it seems a flimsy bit of kit - itr actually works. It comes with a flexible mount about 4" long and plugs into a USB type port on the right hand side of the TV. By careful positioning you can hide it from front view - which needs to be done as it has a bright green LED glowing to indicate power and data reception.
I used this with a SKY Netgear router (single band) and was disapointed to discover that even one brick wall away reception was marked weak. Copious amounts of experimenting could not enhance the reception through the wall - though in fairness there are other 2.4Ghz devices in both rooms. The dongle is dual-band, so if I upgraded the router then I think the problem of poor reception could be solved.
Setting up was OK, provided you are at least a little computer savvy, and know something of routers and networks. But basically it does what it says on the tim! I kitted my XP computer out with MEZZMO to make it a media server and the TV recognised it immediately. I was then able to 'see' my computer with its folders and files to stream music/pictures/video clips etc. All was OK apart from occasional glitches - due I think to the weak signal strength.
Basically very pleased with the device - some have written that you might be able to use other devices instead of the specific Toshiba one - but I've not tested this - nor am likely to try!
Not much documentation - but the Toshiba main TV manual is your friend at this point.
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on 21 August 2011
I purchased the WLM-10U2 when I purchased my Toshiba 406L758 LED TV, I had read some poor reviews for this product but decided to buy it as it was a reasonable price. From what I understand and after helping a couple of friends install WLAN type adaptors for their new televisions, you are usually given options when installing these adaptors, this of course varies with different brands. You can in most cases simply plug and play and the software that is already running you television will scan for a local network and install the WLAN adaptor for you very similar to auto tuning for new channels, or if you are having trouble i.e. the television cannot find the local network, you can then input your network system details and install it in a manual fashion.

Fortunately for me I literally plugged it into the TV, switched on and installed it and scanned for local network and within minutes it was working and I was receiving YouTube. The only problem that I had was a weak signal from my network hub, this I cured by moving the hub a small distance, this is a very good plug and play product.

I recently upgraded my broadband to a higher speed and this has significantly improved the speed of my WLAN adaptor, searching
YouTube is much faster and loading takes far less time, I am even more pleased with this product and considering the purchase cost I think it is very good value for money.
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on 17 December 2011
I purchased this last year to go along with the TV I'd just got Toshiba 37RV753B 37-inch Widescreen Digital LCD TV with Full HD 1080p and Freeview HD. I was looking to use the DLNA functionality of the TV and using a wireless rather than cable option sounded great.
Setting up was simple as I followed the instructions in the TV manual, it's all pretty standard stuff for setting up a wireless component. Note my router sits about 10 feet away at the other side of the room so I can't comment on transmitting over longer distances.
The WLM-10U2 supports wireless N which is a much better performer than wireless G. Note that if you intend to purchase this make sure your router is N compatible otherwise you may get patchy performance. My router is BT Home Hub 2.0 And BT Hub Phone 2.1 Set and I was able to connect the TV via the dongle very easily. Sometimes when the TV is first turned on it won't connect to the router wirelessly but a simple power cycle of both bits of kit remedies this every time. Note that this isn't a problem with the TV or dongle as I've had the same issue with other wireless devices.
I stream content to the TV from my PC which is located in a different room and I use this NEW! Tenda W322U 300Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter to send data to my router and from there on to the TV.
The reason I'm spelling out my setup is so that you can make an informed decision on whether it will work for you or not. My experience is that for music and photos it works superbly but for videos it works only about 95% of the time. This is for video that is 720x576 and MPEG 2 encoded (all my TV supports). Note that the manual recommends video clips with a bit rate of less than 20Mbps.
I strongly suspect that the video stutters I experience are due to the environment I operate it in, you see I live in a block of flats, and from my laptop I can at times see around 15 different routers. That's a lot of wireless traffic even for wireless N which is designed to work in noisy environments. Changing wireless channels may work and I've tried it but with limited success. I think pretty much all channels are being used.
I've given this product 4 stars because it is easy to set up and works well for music and photos however I can't recommend it if you live in an environment like mine and you want to use it for video streaming, I'd recommend running a cable instead.
I'd also strongly recommend running it in the 5GHz band rather than 2.4GHz range if you do intend to stream video as this would probably help. I don't have a dual band router so I haven't been able to try this. I'd also follow placement tips for improving your signal strength and quality; these are widely available on line.

In Summary
Recommended for video, music and photos if you live in an area with little wireless traffic.
Handles photos and music well even in noisy wireless areas.
Video has intermittent stuttering in noisy areas, use a cable instead.
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on 23 October 2011
I bought this item so that I could see my computer screen on my television set. Alas I found that despite the "access point" the cable box being only a few feet from the adaptor, and despite me trying all the three different ways to get on to the system, the television was unable to find it.

This may be a problem with my Toshiba TV, I've no idea, and I bow to the other posters here who say the adaptor is wonderful. However, I have to say that this product had by far the worst instruction leaflet I've seen on a piece of technology. It was a small piece of paper in various languages. The English was very poor, as is common on these things, but unforgivably it also was inaccurate. If you buy this product, make sure you download the full Toshiba television manual, which is far more useful. After trying it a number of times, I regrettably had to send the adaptor back for a refund.
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on 23 October 2011
I was unable to get the adapter to work through 2 walls even at 15 feet. Eventually got it working after raising my router on boxes and placing it in a window so that I had direct line of sight to the adapter through 2 windows.

As I have other devices such as IPAD and phones which have no problem accessing my router throughout my house and garden this adapter is clearly not up to scratch.

If you can get it working it is fine but, if my experience is anything to go by, this will be at such short range you may as well run a cable.
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on 8 August 2011
The adaptor works okay, and does what it is supposed to do.
The television only works on a Toshiba adaptor, so I don't know if others would have done the trick,
but it works and I can watch films from my computer (downstairs) on my television (upstairs), good
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on 25 February 2012
I found this excellant and easy to use. Plugged this into my Toshiba TV, went to setup and ther TV recognised my router straight away. I imput the password and was on the internet i.e. YouTube, brilliant!
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on 8 December 2014
Took a long time to arrive from Bulgaria, the package had been opened and also the actual hard plastic packaging around the dongle itself had been cut open and stuck up with selotape. No idea if the item itself is faulty but it has been impossible so far to get it to work, the installation instructions were brief i.e. 'refer to your tv manual' needless to say the Toshiba manual is almost next to useless on this subject. This dongle is supposed to be the only one that can be used for my Regza SL86 series tv so I went with that but now really wish I had stayed with the old HDMI cable across the sitting room floor. A total waste of money.
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on 26 April 2014
This is relatively expensive for a wireless dongle. You can only use this with the Toshiba TV and it is no good for anything else. It works OK if you are close to the wireless access point, but the range is poor and it is slow if the signal is weak. If you can, use an Ethernet cable as the TV (s) also have one. If you can't, this is your only option to connect to your network.
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