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4.6 out of 5 stars32
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 January 2011
This double DVD must be one of the best value for money bargains on Amazon. Whether you're a critic or a supporter of the final analysis this is a must for you. I've been studying and absorbing the JFK assassination for over 30years and some of the footage on this product I have never seen before and the quality of picture is superb, remember between the two discs you have more than five hours viewing which makes it all the more attractive. My advice to anyone with the same interest as myself, snap it up at this ridiculous price !!!!!!!
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on 2 January 2011
This film gives a lot of footage never seen before (by me and I've seen most of the Kennedy films). It gives you a lot more information on how Jackie Kennedy dealt with the event. Gives JFK's last speech and puts you on the spot with the time leading up to the assassination and after. Answers a lot of questions and gives you more to think about. This does not dwell on repetition of the shooting and Kennedy's head being shot, though it does obviously include this, but then moves on quickly to the events following. It gives you a sense of what Jackie was doing at the hospital and more specifically timing of the death. It follows the news broadcasts as the information is gathered and given to the world. You get a sense of the power of the Kennedy family and the feeling of devastation that ensues. This is a film for the Kennedy buff who want to pad out what they already have from other films. This shows moments that you don't get in the other films and adds to the melting pot of the conspiracy. Well worth the £
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on 12 July 2011
With an endless ream of material on JFK's assassination in circulation since the 60s it is a delight to find this DVD. It is expertly put together; three hours of footage from November 22-24, 1963 and select clips from the weeks, months, and years after document the tragedy more clearly than any book I've read about it before. There no talking heads or editorial opinion on the first disc, this approach is the most rewarding. It recounts much of what we already know but tells it more authority than an assassination book ever could. On disc 2 there's also a documentary on the transition of power from JFK to LBJ which is quite interesting but is a more conventional documentary production. Disc 1 of this collection is easily the most accessible and immediately insightful resource on the assassination. Despite the pure approach of the collection it still manages to be emotive, with a subtle background soundtrack and, most poignantly, footage of the charismatic JFK during the hours before his horrible death.

An essential item for fans of JFK and/or the assassination event, and also individuals interested in film making & editing as this collection is a masterstroke.
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I cannot add much to the many comments made as to what the films in this box set contains. While this is a great addition (plus bargain price) to understanding the events, it also ultimately does not add much to one's understanding of whether the conspiracy theory and in what version, is right or wrong.

1. The first DVD breaks into two parts of around 90 minutes each. The first part is an almost hour by hour depiction of events from Kennedy's arrival at Fort Worth to the shooting of Oswald at Dallas Police Station, relying wholly on actual footage (TV and personal) that most of us especially outside the USA will not have seen (the breakfast speech in Fort Worth; the drive to Dallas; the unfolding of events after the shooting within the Dealey Plaza area, the hospital scene and Dallas police station) all give you an as it happened feel that is well worth the purchase price alone.

2.The second part of this DVD is simply a documenting and visual listing in chronological order of all the various subsequent interviews, hearings, findings and theories including inevitably the Jim Garrison claims and the two later assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King. It is of general interest but is so snappily done that all you get is an overview plus some of the more recent findings or disclosures are done so quickly you learn little. This part of the DVD is probably the least rewarding though a useful summary exercise.

3. Together with the first part of the first DVD (under 1.), the second DVD which covers the 24 hours after the fatal shooting largely (but not wholly) from the LBJ perspective is really amazing viewing. This is more the type of "History" channel fare we are used to (though thankfully with all the annoying TV advertisement breaks cut out, which makes for even more powerful viewing) where a mix of documentary film from that time period and recently filmed head shots of historians with different views on these events comment. This DVD delivers a great understanding of the dynamics at play and while most reviewers interpret it as what happened to LBJ across that period a better description is the interaction between the Kennedy camp and the new President. The analysis provided is about equal in showing that the Kennedy camp in Dallas plus Bobby Kennedy who was at home in Virginia, while in a state of shock and reflecting prior antipathy to Johnson as Vice President did not behave in a way that put their country and the new President first. LBJ in turn given his prior poor treatment by the Kennedy camp as VP after many years of political service in Washington was ever the astute political tactician but also knew what had to be done in ensuring closure and hand over at such a critical time so he could secure his assuming the presidency.

So overall an excellent summary of what really happened around the assassination of JFK in showing two key different overviews of events but in terms of resolving the controversy over who killed Kennedy and for what reasons, the DVD will not provide much help.
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on 12 December 2010
For less than a tenner, you get almost 5 hours of DVD. It must be one of the best value historical DVDs on the market.
Its perfect if you do not have access to the History Channel. If you watch the History Channel you may have seen these films already.
Three shots is continous actual historical footage from the US News Channels plus many other amateur sources.
Daytime TV being interrupted by News Bulletins, people being interviewed on the street etc. Its amazing to see people on the streets in New York City listening to the latest news bulletins from Dallas in almost the exact same way they would try to understand and learn of the events of 9/11 in Manhattan. If you enjoyed "102 Minutes That Changed America" you should enjoy this also.
When you witness the chaos of hundreds of reporters crammed into the small corridors of the Dallas Police Headquaters, Oswlads assassination becomes less of a shock.

24 Hours after is more fast paced with narration and an emphasis on LBJ

My only gripe is most of the footage is nearly all black and white though, considering it was 1963 this has to be expected.
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on 22 November 2013
This 3 dvd set really educated me on the JFK shooting. Disc 1 is the best, " The 3 shots that changed America "containing 3 hours of footage from the 24 hours after the shooting !!!

( The full 3 dvd run time is 5 hours 15 mins )


~~~ A word to the wise....I just bought this from " THE WORKS" store (UK) for £4-99 (21/11/2013)~~~~
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on 20 April 2016
Incredible 2 disc set! Both very different approaches to the mystery. I've watched plenty on youtube, and the awesome 7 part series The Men Who Killed Kennedy, and read the book High Treason: The Assassination of J.F.K. and the Case for Conspiracy (superb!) and this collection managed to add more to the whole affair! Buy it!
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on 19 February 2016
The second best documentary I've ever seen. (My favourite is Ken Burns' 'Cicil War). I lent my original copy to a friend and never got it back, so was very pleased to be able to get another copy. This is superb - and all the footage is in proper original 4:3 format.
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on 26 December 2013
I loved disc 1 loved telling it as it happened warts an all . Made we wonder if anyone in america did not smoke , was allowed vertically anywhere and seemed to be no objections at all . The speed with which they brought witness's to the screen was amazing also, very unprofessional which made it all the more realistic . I would watch this again in the future so will not pass it on . Disc 2 was the facts as they happened mainly about l.b. Johnson being sworn in so very quickly all in all good value and very reformative !
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on 23 November 2013
Despite retaining a vivid impression of where I was the day JFK was killed (in the recreation room at my first boarding school), I can't in all honesty say I had much of a view about it till relatively recently. I then found myself soaking up a lot of stuff on the internet about it - a lot of which was clearly way over the top.

But the most intriguing and truthful for me has definitely been this video: B003P9WIAI

Hearing the witnesses' words directly rather than third hand through the subjective views of various writers has had a profound effect on me. I found myself feeling intensely sorry for Oswald who clearly was (in my view now) made out to be the fall guy. Mark you, that doesn't make him innocent of everything either - just not either killing (also in my view).

(Disclosure: when I was older, based purely on instinct, I did feel something wasn't quite right with the 'party line' we were being told. So I suppose you could say I am backing something that fits with *my* partyline. Ah well!)
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