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4.7 out of 5 stars650
4.7 out of 5 stars
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This is a good film but... we ordered it in December 2014. The UV offer expired on 19/11/14 - you only find out when you receive the film! It is not declared on this website.

This is a good film. I am only telling you to save you the disappointment of finding out that you will only receive half of what you paid for.
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on 24 March 2014
Yes, this was a well made movie, just rather souless. The best and certainly the most endearing character was Arthur himself, the rest of his family were weird. Arthur's elder brother was particularly horrid, selfish, vain, bossy, self serving - in short, nasty. Not a movie I would watch over and over.
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on 4 February 2016
Arrived quickly and in good condition, we love this film as a family and is a firm favourite within our family, this film is about Arthur Christmas who is the son of Santa, who is overlooked by his father due to his overbearing older brother, however as the film goes on you see that Arthur has more christmas spirit than his whole family put together, he is the one who answers all the letters that are sent to santa, when he realises that a child is overlooked and not going to get her wished for christmas present of a bike, him and his grandad (retired santa) go off on the old sleigh and have a comedy of errors trying to get the bike to her, i wont ruin it by telling you if he manages to get the bike to her all i will say is watch the film, great for any age and definitely brings the christmas spirit into you, will make you believe in Santa regardless of your age!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 December 2012
Arthur Christmas is one of those rare computer generated films which is lucky enough to have things in common with such greats as Toy Story and Shrek, i.e. it can be watched on many levels and therefore enjoyed by both adults and children.

It tells the (very British) story of Father Christmas' operation and how he, and his family, plus an army of highly-trained elves, delivers presents to all the boys and girls on one night. However, his family-run business hits a rocky patch when one little girl is accidentally missed out, threatening to ruin Father Christmas' good name in the process. Step up Arthur (youngest son of Father) Christmas, who with the help of an elf with an obsession of wrapping things in pretty paper and bows, plus his aging (and slightly senile) Grandfather (aka `Grand Santa') set about making the one last drop on Christmas Eve in which to get the present to the girl before she wakes up and thinks Father Christmas has forgotten about her.

It's not a particularly complicated story and, on hearing about it, I first wondered how much mileage could be made out of it. The trailer looks impressive, but sometimes they squeeze all the best gags into the ninety second trailer and there's nothing left for the film itself. Luckily, this is not the case. The story is truly charming. It highlights the best of British (vocal) acting talent and weaves it into a heartfelt story about family at Christmas with jokes that will make children chuckle, while others will go straight over their heads for `parents only' to enjoy.

I'm no fan of Christmas. I think it's overhyped, expensive and too commercial. Many a Christmas ever I've locked out the three well-meaning ghosts, but Arthur Christmas even managed to make me feel almost festive - an emotion that Dudley Moore couldn't even manage in his Father Christmas movie. That's how good Arthur Christmas really is (unless I'm experiencing a mid life crisis a few years early).
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Santa has scored another perfect Christmas Eve and is back at the North Pole to rest. But wait! A toy has been overlooked and not delivered! Who will save the day? Can Arthur, Santa's sweet but bumbling son, do it?

I loved everything about this movie. The animation is bright and beautiful, the script is witty, the pacing is quick, and it all ends happily. Children will love seeing Santa, the reindeer, and sleigh (even though he usually drives a solar-powered spacecraft aided by a NASA-like control room manned by elves) and adults will laugh nonstop at the very funny dialogue that combines traditional values with modern technology. Turn on the subtitles to catch them all.

The British cast features James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie, and Jim Broadbent and is outstanding. I was left with a big smile on my face. Recommended!
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on 15 December 2012
I loved this movie - it made me feel like a kid again and left me with a smile on my face. The story was slight, but the imagination and detail that went into it means you can watch it time and time again and still find something fresh to enjoy. I loved touches like the racially diverse elves - especially the call centre elves and commando elves - and the fact that Santa-in-Waiting has a specailly tailored Santa suit by Versace hanging in his wardrobe ready for the day he takes over from his Dad. The Blu-ray was a joy to watch - the colours and clarity were wonderful (you could count the stitches in Arthur's Christmas jumpers), there was amazing background detail, imagination in the telling of the story, and quirky touches to keep the adults interested and amused. For me, this will become a Christmas viewing staple.
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on 28 September 2013
Wow,Wow, What a great Film..I love Christmas films and this is up there with the very best.
It ticks all the boxes,great story,great sound,great 3D,,A truly overlooked film that nobody who enjoys Christmas films or 3D should be without.
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on 29 February 2012
Today you get an impression of the amount of lag there sometimes is between me seeing a film and getting the time to actually write down my impressions of it. Tis the start of spring, yet I am now getting around to reviewing 2011's big Christmas hit `Arthur Christmas'. Brought to you by the Claymation talents of Aardman, but like with their earlier (and criminally under looked) `Flushed Away' this is a CGI affair, rather than their more famed plasticine creations. `Arthur' tells the story of Father Christmas' son Arthur and his refusal to allow even one child to go without at Christmas. So far so sickly sweet, but there is an added bit of spice to the film that lifts it from empty child fantasy into something all the family can enjoy - humour.

`Arthur Christmas' is a funny film, especially when Bill Nighy's Grandpa Christmas is on screen. The great Claymation may not be in evidence, but the Aardman funny bone is. Directors Sarah Smith and Barry Cook manage to balance the films comedy whilst still being able to make it a `true meaning of Christmas' style film. Children will enjoy the experience of being in Santa's Grotto, whilst the adults can enjoy some of the sly digs. I am not always a fan of moments being in kids films for the grownups, but in this case it works.

After watching `Arthur Christmas' I was filled with the joys of the season and this is what this type of film should do. The voice cast was filled with great British actors inc. McAvoy, Laurie and Nighy and they are all excellent. However, there is no denying that this film is not up to the standards of `Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit'. I believe this is due to time. A CGI film is relatively quick to make, whilst Claymation takes years. With manual animation you spend countless hours studying the sets and keep adding to them as you think up new visual gags - Wallace is full of them, whilst `Arthur' is strangely devoid of them. Perhaps they did not have time to add that extra Aardman magic to the film.

Being worse than `Wallace and Gromit' is no shame in itself, most things are. `Arthur' remains one of the best recent Christmas films and will be a standard of the season for decades to come.
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Arthur Christmas is a special guy - he's the son of the one and only Santa Clause. However, Arthur is a bit clumsy and therefore he's been relegated to the mail room, left to reply to the wishes of children all over the world through their letters. Arthur's brother Steve has all but taken over the Christmas Eve operation, creating mega ship S1 which helps travel the world at humungous speed, and has many specialist elves to help deliver the billions of presents that Santa has to deliver every year. However, there's a glitch and Arthur discovers that one little girl's present has been forgotten. She's been missed. Arthur is determined that no child's Christmas will be ruined, and sets about recruiting the help of Grand-Santa, a long ago retired sleigh and a little Christmas hope and magic to make a little's girl Christmas wish come true. Will Arthur be able to make it happen against the odds?

The main character of the film, Arthur Christmas, who happens to be the son of Santa, is voiced by James McAvoy. I haven't ever really seen James in anything, he doesn't star in the sort of films I like to watch, but I felt he did a really good voice of voicing hopeless but loveable Arthur. He puts a lot of enthusiasm into his vocal performance, and I really enjoyed listening to him on screen, the voice seemed to suit the visual character too which is fantastic. Jim Broadbent is the voice of Santa, and a voice I'm sure that a lot of the adults watching will certainly recognise, and again, his voice perfectly suited his character. For me, the best vocal performance came from Bill Nighy, the voice of Grand-Santa, Arthur's grandad and the previous Santa. He was hilarious to listen to, and has a great voice for this character, delivering great one-liners and making the adult audience giggle alongside the children as well!

There are quite a few more star voices in the film, including Imelda Staunton as Mrs Santa, a good but unmemorable performance, Ashley Jensen as the fantastic wrapping paper expert elf Bryony, who ends up helping out Arthur, and the wonderful Hugh Laurie as my second favourite character in the film, Steve. Steve is Santa's other son, someone who wants to modernise Santa's job and of course creates the magnificent S1 ship which helps Santa and the elves on Christmas Eve. Laurie is the perfect voice for Steve, an enthusiastic but un-child friendly man who is determined to be the next Santa at whatever cost! He provided quite a bit of the comedy too, and was a great character to contrast with his Christmas-lover brother Arthur.

The animation on the film was outstanding, and it really was beautiful to watch on-screen. The scenes throughout were flawless, be they in the North Pole at Santa HQ, or Arthur's adventures around the world in trying to reunite the little girl with her forgotten gift, and the characters in particular were well animated. The facial expressions were well created, matching the voice actors performances easily, and I loved the festive-ness throughout, from Arthur's amazing Christmas jumper to the Christmassy decorations in his little letter room. The opening sequence involving the Christmas Eve delivery was brilliant, combining great animation with a fantastic soundtrack and some funny humour along the way too. I have to say there is quite a bit of humour in there for the adults that will go right over the children's heads, but I could hear the grown ups around the cinema laughing along, and it's always appreciated when film makers put something in there for the adults!

This isn't a traditional Christmas film - after all, children expect to see Santa on a sleigh with reindeer, but this Santa is aboard something that looks like the Starship Enterprise and isn't really responsible for deliverying many of the gifts at all, leaving that job to the highly trained elves (so cute!). However, it does capture that spirit of Christmas, a time when it's magical for children to wake up to Santa's gift, and the importance of a child's belief in Santa too. Arthur is the perfect character for kids watching to relate to - he loves Christmas, he loves Santa and he wants it to be magical for everyone, and I defy any grown-up watching not to love Arthur as well! I found myself loving every minute of this film, and Harry said it was fantastic and wants to watch it again next Christmas! With a funny storyline that has you laughing alongside Arthur and his amazing adventures in order to get this 1 present back to its rightful recipient, and plenty of twists and turns along the way, Arthur Christmas is a joy to watch, and will surely be one of the films you and your children will want to watch each year as the festive season comes around once more!
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on 28 July 2015
This is a brilliant Christmas film! If you're an adult on your own or have a young family, this will get you right in the festive spirit. The perfect Christmas eve film to make you feel Christmassy.

It is different, more modern and with a different take on Christmas and santa! Kids and young adults will love it. The older non techno amount us may find it too different.

But without doubt, it's funny (some of the comments and scenarios are brilliantly written) heart warming and the animation are all first class. It's a terrific Christmas film.

So get the Christmas eve pizza in, get family round the telly and enjoy this brilliantly Christmas film!
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