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on 3 February 2012
I was looking at various NAS devices, but wanted something simple. If you just want to backup your files then this is for you. Unlimited Drive storage, plus doesn't have the problems associated with some NAS devices regarding drive compatibility. Set up is a doddle. Five minutes to insert the two WD 1TB drives that I already had. You can barely hear the fan (I actually thought it was faulty and wasn't running). I'm just using it in JBOD mode for now as I can write to each drive separately for MAC/PC. (I'm running a 27" iMac with Windows 7 installed via Parallels). The unit itself is tiny. Not much bigger than the two hard drives stacked. I would highly recommend this device.
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I had ordered one for my own use some months ago and despite using two different drive pairs (500GB initially as they were what I had available although I had 3TBs on order, but delayed and later installed), I was never certain that the unit ever operated correctly. I had the blue power light and only one green drive indicator. Swapping the drives, or simply removing and reinstalling them, never changed anything. Upon checking the drives after removal, I found that one drive was partitioned and formatted and the other not. I had on the two latter instances, taken the precaution to externally pre-format the drives in advance although they would need to be reformatted for use. This was a constant with both RAID0 and RAID1 being selected at different times and after pressing the RESET button. I never did get to discover why one drive was repeatedly losing its partition (always that on the right of the unit).

I returned the unit for a comparable, but higher spec and then higher priced (it is less expensive @ 01-2013) alternative of a different brand and which has proven completely reliable.

I was recently asked to recommend a RAID unit for someone as their storage needs have dramatically increased. My preferred model and brand is not currently available and I opted for another Icy Box RAID enclosure but not with a fan. That too was returned as it runs excessively hot, sufficient to melt some of its internal plastics! Thus back to this model. Having received it and installed the two drives ordered earlier, it worked straight out of the box. Both drive lights are working and the full capacity of the pair is available, as RAID0.

There is an internal fan (not switched) which is slightly noisier than I would have liked if you are within a half-metre of it but, at slightly greater distances, it is not discernible. The provided mains and USB 3.0 cables are a little mean in length at about 1 metre each, and you will therefore need to place it close to a power socket or use a power extension cable. The USB lead can be replaced with a longer one, or an extender used, if necessary but the length should be sufficient for most users.

I have had several problems with various Icy Box products in the past and there obviously are some production or quality control issues. When they work as advertised, they are good value but unfortunately there is a greater incidence of faulty units regardless of model than there realistically should be. If you should be unlucky and receive a faulty product, return it and replace it - you will probably have better luck the second time. The rear power switch on the current unit is sometimes a little playful and needs to be operated two or three times before it engages.

As one unit failed to work as it should although not completely DOA, and the current unit works perfectly, I have changed my rating to 4-stars (it was previously 2!)

UPDATE @ 01-2013
In consequence of its continuing, and worsening, problems with its power switch, the enclosure is to be retired and replaced with a similar product of another brand of which several are in current family use and all completely trouble-free if the correct types of HDD are installed (never the 'GREEN' ones).
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on 28 September 2012
If you are looking for a network drive of NAS, this isn't really what you want

I was looking for a USB3.0 multi-drive solution as I already have a NAS box on my network.
After reading all the reviews, I decided on this one and I'm not disappointed.
It just does what it's supposed to

I have it set up in RAID 1 configuration and I use it solely for my backup for my laptop.
It runs reasonably quiet(has 2 x 1.5TB HDD fitted)
It is tiny, not what I expected. It's almost half the size of my D-Link NAS box so it doesn't take up much space at all.

Fitting the drives was simplicity itself. Took about a minute.
Power up(after setting the drive mode using the dip switches on the back panel) and off you go

If you are looking for a simple USB storage solution or RAID backup, then I,d recommend this
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on 22 January 2012
Very good reviews for IcyBox! Let me tip the balance in less than a few paragraphs.

We purchased Two IcyBox RAID's for film production. Currently one is to my right, failing to mount and costing us yet more time.
A whole range of problems; random mount failures, lost files after copying, corrupted media files... we have a long list of emails to the supplier AND direct to the manufacturer and the Asia based factory (who both kindly responded with pictures of internal PCB's and stats!).
The other enclosure simply did not mount our drives, was replaced and hasn't broken since apart from the occasional acceptable crash.
Our second drive in particular was replaced five times until we kicked up such a stink that they replaced it with an Iomega which of course worked out the box with no setup.

The browser interface for IcyBox is an old school affair devoid of any user experience design and specially awful for anyone who isn't used to looking at BIOS or DOS;) It's old.

In their favour, This was a 2010 build and so it's very possible that is was a bad run of drives and enclosures. High regarded GRAID have failed us three times in a row so far.
My suggestion is that you go to more mainstream storage companies for media. So far in 6 years, Iomega and LaCie have NEVER failed us but there are always stories...
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on 17 April 2013
I bought this caddy to consolidate two LaCie drives that went down on me. In fact the drives which weren't actually LaCie were fine, it was just the LaCie electronics/caddy's that went down. Needless to say that's the last LaCie drive I'll buy.
So I bought this to house those. I run it under the desk, it hums nicely and does the job well via usb3. I have no problem with the hum.
The only thing I would say is that if the computer puts itself to sleep that I sometimes get an error message saying the disk was not ejected properly. If Icy Box read this I'd like to know if there is a firmware update as I can't find their site on the web.
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on 11 October 2013
The box and drives arrived quickly but it took me an hour of faffing about to realise I had to 'assign a name' to the drives before they would be picked up by my PC.

The drives are WD Blue SATA iii so I can confirm these will work fine with the Icy Box.

So I would definitely recommend it, but need a bit of patience if it doesn't just show up on your PC straight away!
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on 20 December 2011
Simple to assemble with disks, plug and play after that. I have it plugged into my Asus router which restricts the speed more than I'd expected. It's USB2, but I'm only getting about 25% of the USB2 maximum. I'm told this is a normal for router hosted USB enclosures.

The fan is a little noiser than I'd hoped, but by no means loud. I suspect that I notice it more because it's sitting in a relatively quiet location. After reading another buyer's post, I replaced the original fan with the model he recommended. However, using the simple sound meter on my iPhone, the noise levels were identical before and after. Ah well, it was worth a try...
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on 20 January 2015
It does the job however the fan is REALLY loud!

I took it apart and replaced the fan with (needed a Dremel and a soldering iron so bang goes any warranty) but it is now so much quieter. I actually had to look to see if the fans were spinning as all I could here was the hard drives.

Really wish they charged a few quid more but had decent fans in them.
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on 31 July 2012
I needed a very large hard drive as my 3tb drive was full.The only way to go was to get a raid storage enclosure. this enclosure has a very quick transfer speed. It stays cool and does not overheat like the first one I bought and returned. It is well designed with a grid at the front which help to keep it cool.
It has light on the front which shows you that both drives are working together.
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on 4 May 2013
I am using this device with two 3TB western digital WD30EZRX disks.

In terms of design, it is very good in my opinion. The fan is a bit loud for a hard drive enclosure yes, but it keeps the drives cool very well, even though i have mine set up in a confined space with little airflow. The fact it is pretty much all metal must help this.

Can't comment on transfer speed really as I only have USB 2.0.

Here's the problem I had: when using the drives in RAID 1 (ie mirroring the drives) every now and again (maybe every 2 weeks to a month) the RAID would randomly decide to rebuild itself, even though the exact same data existed on both drives and it should have been unnecessary. When the rebuild took place the left drive (or A drive) would copy it's entire data to the right drive (B drive), this was indicated by the top green LED flashing quickly and the bottom green LED flashing slowly. It would happen when I ejected the drive but the device remained powered on. I could still access data from the left drive while this was happening if I re-mounted the ICYBOX - and after about 8 hours the copy would be complete and the device would return to normal operation. I thought it might be a problem with one of the hard drives so i swapped them around. However, after a few days of use the same thing happened again, the left drive dumping all it's data to the right drive. (this should normally only happen if you took out one of the drives and replaced it with a new one)

This worried me as if the left drive had failed during the copying (a pretty intensive operation), then bye bye data. So I have now set it up as a JBOD system where each disk is seen by the operating system separately. I am in the process of setting up a RAID 1 using the built in tools on OSX on my mac to achieve effectively the same thing. But it seems that if you set the ICYBOX to take care of the RAID itself and only reveal a single drive to the operating system then it does the rebuild i have described.

Another limitation of the built in RAID 1 feature is that the data seems to be in a proprietary format, so I don't think you would be able to pop out a disk and use it elsewhere in a different enclosure or in another computer without this ICYBOX enclosure. I tried this only once so could be wrong.

I have not used RAID 0 and have only used JBOD briefly (which seemed to work just fine). So if you want a JBOD solution or a software RAID i'd rate this very highly, but my experience with hardware RAID 1 was not great. It also took a while to figure this all out as the instructions don't go into much detail about what the flashing LEDs mean (it only says a slow blink means HDD failure - not always true) - and getting from the hardware RAID to software RAID using OSX takes a LONG time with these large drives, especially because i zeroed out data to isolate any possible bad blocks. I used this guide to do so: [...]

Could have saved a lot of hassle if i'd known all this in the beginning, and i was lucky to have enough drives lying around to get all my data elsewhere before ditching the hardware raid and formatting to allow the software raid
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