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3.6 out of 5 stars42
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2010
I'm a sucker for B-movies and creature features. While I love the original film, Lake Placid 2 was ingredibly boring so my expections for part 3 were not high. However I thought it was quite enjoyable and didn't find myself looking at my watch like I did for most of part 2.

The CGI crocs are terrible. This film looks like it had no budget for it's "stars".

The acting, on the whole, is good for this kind of film (apart from the awful kid) and the locations look great.

It's daft low budget monster movie entertainment with gratutious nudity and cgi gore. I would recommend it to fans of that genre.
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on 15 December 2010
A dilemma: 'Lake Placid 3' is a pretty bloody stupid film, with awful acting and terrible special effects, but, and it's a MASSIVE but, it contains full-frontal views of divine, rampant Roxanne 'Jo Stiles' Pallett.

Simmering Jo, sorry, Roxanne, takes just a few short minutes to shuck down and head for the water. Cue totally gratuitous shots of her splashing around, and then, er, splashing around a bit more. She then has porn-style sex with her grinning simpleton boyfriend before dying horribly (Did I mention Jo, sorry, Roxanne, is only in the film for the first five minutes ? No ? It matters not). Reassuringly, 'LP3' follows the tried and trusted b-flick formula: sex = death. When everyone's dead, introduce more sex. When the audience is bored to death, introduce more sex. The never-ending, spiraling vortex that exploitation and b has sadly become.

The rest of 'LP3' is a soggy disaster. SFX I could do better on my lappy, acting that strangely reminded me of metal fatigue and a work-shy, one-thread script which makes Ed Wood seem like Harold Pinter.
Apart from Jo, sorry, Roxanne, the only other familiar face is Michael Ironside, who is old and fat and just grunts around in a boat. Even in his current shambolic form, he recognizes instinctively he's in (another ?) turkey and cuts his cloth accordingly.

What's left is pure wind on the waves. Jo, sorry, Roxanne, should've drafted in a few of her soap pals to do some rewrites ~ she probably could've had a better go herself. There's only so much ogling of Jo, sorry, Roxanne and chortling at risible SFX you can do in a short lifetime (sacrilege, I do know ). There's even a sex-pervert who is no fun at all - and how likely is that ?
I cheered when a horrid ginger dog got snapped up, but apart from Jo, sorry, Roxanne, that was about it.

Now, the dilemma. 'LP3' is a one-star film in pretty much every respect, yet any movie that brags a bare Jo, sorry, Roxanne Pallett (and I need to be fair here, I've been ribbing her in this review, but she's quite good in her small role, her American accent isn't bad ~ and bod-wise, she is absolutely breath-taking !), deserves to be a straight fiver without any discussion. To give it four would suggest it had some worth, two would suggest a slightly noble failure and three is always a cop-out.

I'd better stick with the desperate one star, which on the whole, 'LP3' richly deserves. Where would we be if we started raving about awful movies, just because we're drooling over a participant (perfect example: 'LP1' ~ sexual ariel-angel Meredith Salenger is in that one ~ ooh, 5 stars. Yes, but she keeps her clothes on ~ ooh, back down to 1 ).
No, poor Jo, sorry, Roxanne, will just have to lump it. Remember, this time last year she was getting beaten black and blue by ugly, hopeless nutter Andy Sugden, and this time next year, she'll be back for more.
Karma has a nasty habit of delivering a sharp size ten to the gluteous maximus of those who get fancy ideas about the Arts, and it doesn't care if said gluteous maximus is perfect or not. I'm not going to stand here and do nothing....
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on 6 April 2012
Sat down not expecting as much as Lake Placid 1 and I enjoyed this film for what is was intended for, a bit of fun, some terrible acting, some bad effects, and the hot babe got eaten but very watchable.
Get it for less than a fiver you won't be disappointed .
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on 3 May 2015
Sooooo disappointed with this and I love this genre. Was really looking forward to watching it and not only was it quite dull, some of the continuity was rubbish and the woman from Emmerdale in the awful and unnecessary sex scene at the start was just cringe out. Other nudity also annoying as contrived and pointless, if people want sex, buy porn or look at it online. Less pointless nudity more croc action required!
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on 8 July 2013
Try not to think to hard about the impossibilities of cold blooded prehistoric crocodiles not having to bask long hours in the sun. Don't think about the young boy who has fed these same crocs for TWO years without anyone noticing any crocodiles anywhere. Nor think about the giant crocs knowledge of household layouts or their ability to quickly move and navigate through dense woods. The monster size crocs look like they are made of rubber.

The movie has a couple with a son move into a home when grandma dies. Grandma kept a chainsaw in the refrigerator. On the first day, the son finds the crocs and feeds them as pets, careful not to get too close. Unlike adults, boats, and automobiles, the crocs don't attack him. Dad is a wildlife ranger and mom is a Realtor. There is a sheriff who claims there are no crocs. The lake has been searched with sonar. The are four college kids out camping/ swimming on the lake. There is also a woman who is a guide for poaching elk who takes out a party which include one college kid searching for his girlfriend who is part of the said four. The story is simple. You could probably guess most of it by now and the only real question is who lives and who dies.

The movie includes the standard 1980's three gratuitous nude scenes, including one early full frontal in the unrated version. One sex scene. PLOT SPOILER: The babysitter keeps her clothes on.
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on 25 September 2012
Pretty entertaining stuff, so, too, these comments, in similar spirit, intend to be a ramble that diverts and gladdens the reader rather than merely opt to be an excessively longfaced and serious assessment of the movie! "Crocodiles in Maine?!?", you may be asking yourself, members of the species which somehow, apparently (but unexplainedly), are winter-proofed, at that, and yet which remain excitingly vicious, too! I love to see one of them devour Teddy, the baby sitter`s obnoxiously yappy li`l lap dawg! Many of these beasts go on to tuck into nourishing repasts which these fearsome critters make also of some lovely ladies and of an overweight sheriff, among other victims, all of which humans make mighty fine crocodile fodder!

Then there is zealous and amourously entertaining Brett, among the characters of the film, as the young Welsh actor, Mark Evans, depicts him. Evans, so far (as of Oct. 2012) has had a paltry cinema career apart from "Lake Placid: 3", but he provides one of the movie`s highlights when, overcome with joy and desire, he delivers a stunningly prize-winningly, passionately full-jaws-binding (and noses-fusing) kiss (almost as carnivorous, in its life-affirming manner, as those crocodiles are, alas, in their own, death-dealing way of using their own jaws!) to his lucky screen girl friend, Ellie (played by Kacey Barnfield) which is, indisputably, of world-class, record-setting fervour worthy of a roaring standing ovation! What a shame it truly is (and such a loss to womankind!) that a crocodile devours Brett within so few moments after that extraordinary face-to-face buss with the lower frontal and sidelong portion of Ellie`s head!

My, oh, my! how that Welshman can kiss and woo!
Wow! ah, wow! how those crocs can bite and chew!

(Be it noted, in fact and even less romantically, that Crocodiles do not "chew" in the usual sense, but rather that their tongueless jaws and their teeth bite, crush, and sever, then they gulp down big chunks of any prey too large, like an human teenager or adult, to swallow whole. However, "chew" provides a convenient and nifty rhyme, doesn`t it, dear readers?)

Let`s all hope that a truly enterprising studio eventually will transform a sizzling and funny farce, "Crocodile Khader", which a writer already has conceived in his imagination, into a screenplay for a movie. It is the tale of two variously friendly then battling crocodiles, Khader and Khufir, who have come to the Aibitibi to frequent Lake Osisko and the surrounding environs.

In Egypt the two reptiles, Khader being good-natured, Khufir (a.k.a. Kafir) being evil and sadistic, had been pals, sharing the Egyptian Crocodile Community`s awards as distinguished, prize-winning "Eager Eaters". There they had lived in and upon the shores of the Nile River, before by various means and at different times they have come to dwell in the Abitibi region of Québec. In their crackling, crocodilian Arabic-tinged accents, both of them can cackle and grunt in French and English. Khufir himself notably has dined upon his own canine repast, having devoured Fluffy the Poodle, who had been functioning as watch-dawg at a local Chinese eatery. Khufir has not only has digested Fluffy, but he also has replaced that hound as the restaurant`s night guardian.

In that tale of the byways of displaced reptiles in the Abitibi, there is a terrific massacre, a dreadful instance of Death-by-Crododile, wherein Crocodile Khufir, the evil one of the two reptiles, kills and devours many of the children at the annual Christmas party which His Worship, the Mayor, hosts at the local City Hall. Crocodile Khader, on the other hand, loves and protects human children. So, Khader, who is the smaller of the pair but who has the advantage of being bionic, slays Khufir, the bigger croc, in an epic confrontation. Both crocodiles had arrived at the event decked out elegantly in Santa Claus costumes.

At any rate, the improbabilities of the multi-film "Lake Placid" crocodiles saga are perhaps only relatively less credible (some even may say, unkindly, only marginally less believable) than what are the unlikely elements in the Abitibian epic-in-the-making. One hopes that the Crocodiles Khader and Khufir get the posher animatronic, more solidly physical, and vividly cinematic effects of "Lake Placid: [1]" in re-creating the saga of that pair of reptiles, rather than the cheaper computer effects that the crocodiles in "Lake Placid: 3" received with such visually as well as budgetarily parsimonious results. (Hint for real crocodile and wildlife fanciers: for a comedic action film which uses live and genuinely dangerous crocodiles, to far more thrilling effect rather either than animatronic contraptions or than computer generated imagery could equal, see, despite all his goofiness in acting, how Steve Irwin handles these perillous creatures, and several other deadly species, too, in the movie, "The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course" with the fascinating extra features of the "Special Edition" DVD, Metro-Goldwin Mayer Home Entertainment 4007668.)

Despite all the implausibilies afoot in the impending final film of the series set in Maine, I hardly can wait for "Lake Placid, the Final Chapter"! Can you? Perhaps Crocodile Khader, surviving back in the Abitibi, will be in the audience, if he really exist, to watch (and maybe to protest) it!
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A cheesy tag-line but it suits the movie quite well.
Colin Ferguson, from 'Eureka' plays Nathan Bickerman a game warden who moves his family to Lake Placid into his Aunt's house (see LP 1 & 2 for the history) to start a new life. His son Connor, who feels neglected by his busy family wanders off and soon follows in the footsteps of his late elderly relations and makes some new "friends".
Genre faves Yancy Butler stars as a bad-ass hunter for hire and Michael Ironside is the local Sheriff, as for the rest of the cast well don't get too attached to them as the crocs get tucked into the minor characters from very early on in the movie.
Former Emmerdale actress Roxanne Pallett, following the trail blazed by Corrie's Nikki Sanderson in Boogeyman 3, gets a lot of screen time very early on in a funny skinny dipping scene that sets the scene for the rest of the movie with occassional nude scenes and lots of gore effects.
The CGI effects are pretty shoddy but passable as the film doesn't attempt to take itself too seriously, it's no genre classic by any means but it is fun.
There's no real extras, just a few trailers but I can't complain too much as it's an enjoyable 97 minute creature feature with some funny set pieces.
Next up for Lake Placid 4 - maybe featuring Dinocroc or Supergator maybe ?
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on 24 February 2014
this film is worth watching, plenty of bloody scenes with croc's, however this is not as
good as the first film.
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on 14 December 2011
Lake Placid 3 isn't the worse film I've seen (Lockjaw anyone?) but its still pretty awful. It does however have some saving graces. Like most films of this genre Lake Placid 3 is only really enjoyable when watching it with other people who know how bad its going to be and to make fun of it.

Saving Grace 1. Michael Ironside's blatantly obvious 'I don't care how I look, just as long as I'm getting paid' attitude to the whole film. I just reckon he's annoyed he didn't get a proper sheriff's hat to wear instead of a cheap baseball cap with a sheriff patch sown into the front. We joked whilst watching the film that while Michael wasn't on screen (when he is he looks like a waddling bloated old penguin) he must have been counting his earnings in his trailer somewhere. Funny to picture.

Saving Grace 2. Yancy Butler's Reba. She actually looks like she cares about being in the film and doesn't mind hamming up her character and looking like a fool. Her performance was the only thing keeping my interest as the film progressed. Spoiler. But then they kill her off! Stoopid mistake.

Saving Grace 3. The guy in the police cell trying to talk to Michael Ironside's character only to be shot down in mid conversation. A really random moment in the film. We theorised it was the director's cameo. On closer inspection of the credits at the end it was actually the location scout Ivo. Hazzarrh for him!

Saving Grace 4. Not really a saving grace but the gratuitous nudity is only in the film in an attempt to distract you from the really bad acting (especially the kid) and bad cgi. Which it kinda does so score there.

Lake Placid 3 has no real connection with the previous 2 films and can honestly be watched as a standalone film. Worth buying if you know that its not going to be anything special. One or two funny moments though.
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on 30 November 2010
Not even the stunning Roxanne Pallet with no clothes on can save this tosh.
Twee, naff unrealistic tripe is all you have here.
At least Roxanne strips in the first 10 minutes, that remains the only positive!
I managed 30 minutes before turning this turgid nonsense off, i dare anyone to try and beat that.
Awful acting, Roxanne aside, awful script awful crocs awful film.
Why Roxanne, Why???
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