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4.6 out of 5 stars39
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2012
OK let's start with what matters - sound. The Sub is very very good for the money, it has extremely good phase control which means it's always in time with the smaller surround speakers, this isn't always the case even with more expensive systems and a very real positive. The surround and centre speakers themselves are pretty good, lower mid and mid range tones are accurate and clear, where this system falls down a little is in the treble department, not quite enough presence or definition in the higher frequency ranges though I would guess this would be the case with any system that doesn't employ separate tweeters. All in all if you've only got around £100.00 to spend then this little system is probably up there with the best you can get at this price point, the sub especially is a very clever design and were it housed in a more attractive box would sell for more than the price of the whole system on it's own, though granted it doesn't go really low in terms of frequency response. If you have one of the newer AV amps with tone controls or an equaliser (a lot of the older amps didn't though some at least had preset tone curves,)then I'd suggest you at least try these out and add a little treble, this makes matters a little better, but bottom line is these are not perfect as they stand. The catch 22 with speakers in this price bracket is this, if you've spent enough on an amp that will get the best out of them you'd probably be better off spending at least twice as much as this system costs on your speakers. If you have an older or cheaper amp I can understand why some of the other reviewers have been a little disapointed, but this would be exaclty the same with any other system at this price point. Do I wish I'd spent more - yes I do, Do I think these are worth the asking price - absolultey, even with the outlined flaws this system is still pretty good and much better than the ageing Celestion system it replaced which though over 10 years old cost a packet at the time.

Ok if you're not an audio geek stop reading here, you may just get very bored or think I'm a real geek, which I am.

As a few other reviewers have taken these things apart I thought I would too, here's the findings: In common with virtually every other manufacturer at this price point the speakers aren't made by the badge holder, i.e. these are not Pioneer Drive units, they are made by Inkel, the point is here that at least Inkel are a recognised speaker manufacturer and the drive units themselves are very well made.

The amp in the sub woofer is not a standard class AB amp it's class D. Here is not the place to explain the differences but wikipedia has a very good introduction to the subject should you so wish to explore, just search 'Class D Amplifier'. This does mean however that becuase of the way class D amps work it is entirely likley that signal transients will be much higher than the rated continuous power drain, no it's not breaking the laws of thermodynamics as one other reviewer suggested class D amps just apply them in a different way.

I do take the point that the RMS power handling of this and almost every other surround sound speaker package is a tad misleading for a realistic equivelent RMS value for this system I'd suggest the following, each satellite is 30 watts and the sub, is approaching 50 watts, how much exactly do you want in a living room? Also remember that RMS (Route Mean Squared) is around 70% of total transient power capability.

If you can use a soldering iron, do the following to improve things a little, but obvioulsy afterwards don't be daft enough to turn things up too loud. The surround and centre speakers have thermal fuses in them, a hi-fi no no, if your going to use decent cable (I used QED Micro) take the existing internal cable out and replace it with decent stuff and remove the thermal fuse. Your warranty - your choice, obvioulsy make sure you get the polarity right and don't over tighten the screws on re-assembly or you'll bust the plastic casing.

I went a bit further and purchased a refurb second set of the surrounds and centre only, made my own crossovers and brackets and loaded the second set with pretty decent tweeters, yep they now sound a lot better thanks, do I wish I'd just spent a bit more in the first place - yep.
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First of all I want to say that these were not for me personally...I have a dedicated Movie room with a high end set up....However...I did help buy these speakers for a relatively small room..12ft square for a friend who had a very tight budget and they did not disappoint.First of all I found it difficult to find these at the bargain price of £99...but I did...and at this price they're a steal for what you get...YES they are budget end but they won't disappoint in sound and quality.They are well made and simple to set up..To get the best out of any speaker or speaker package you will need a good amp ( in this case a Yamaha AVX 700)... WATTS do NOT give you power, loud or quality sound...Sensitivity and Ohms are what matter and a good amp to control any only get out what you put in other words sound source..At first these speakers will sound a little tight..but after about 24/30 hours run in they will sing and deliver a big sound field...The sub is very very impressive despite what some reviewers have said... read the expert reviews...they have the sound studios for best testing...NO, they are never going to blow your ears apart...but they can deliver a great sound to any movie and great music for the stereo buff and the centre stereo effect is very good for such small satellite speakers.The diamond effect is quite wide to locking the singer right in the middle...
If you want a great sound surround set up that doesn't dominate your living quarters and break the bank,you wont go far wrong with these.. Well made..great sound and a bargain price..Get them while you still can.
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on 26 December 2011
Great entry-level home-cinema speaker system.
I had high-end HIFI system in the past and I'm very impressed with this one.
Its only entry-level and it would not be good choice for an audiophile but it will certainly be a great set up for typical home cinema. There in no better choice for this price (I've paid £103 for whole set on Sound is rich, high tones are reproduced correctly although lacks high and lower spectrum. Middle tones are enough for home-cinema (underpowered) but will leave audiophile unsatisfied. Low tones are reproduced almost perfectly (in this price range) with deep and juicy sound.

Before purchase I've checked number of shops and researched internet forums on potential low-cost choices.
If you looking for a more than average set under £150 to connect to good quality amp this is very good pick.
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on 8 January 2014
Partnered these with a Pioneer VSX-528-K AV Receiver that recommends a 6-16 ohm speaker resistance. Some audio equipment specifies 8-16 ohms, so make sure 6 ohms is not too low for your brand. As others have said the sound quality is very good for the small outlay in cost in hi-fi speaker terms. The powered Sub woofer uses a shielded lead with phono plug connection to the Sub Woofer pre out of the receiver. Good bass definition, much better than the passive type I used before on an out of the box Sony home cinema system. I house the sub woofer in a cupboard next to my system so it's out of sight when not in use and just open the door when it is, the surround speakers are pretty discreet and easily wall mounted. To hide the wires I used small D shape self-adhesive cable trunking that can be painted to match the wall colour. I also used my own better quality speaker cables instead of those provided in the kit.

One thing to watch out for with the four small speakers as they all look the same, is that two are marked front and two marked surround, I missed that when first installing them, the front ones are a little heavier as they must have a different driver set up.
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on 11 August 2011
I bought this to partner a Onkyo a/v/ amplifier and I have been most impressed.
The smaller speakers have good range/tone and are very clear and precise.The star is undoubtedly the subwoofer which doesn't boom continuously like other subs I have had but gives distinct cut-off to bass sounds and ample power without distortion.It is very well made,big and heavy with a downward facing driver and worth the cost of the system alone.
I can not aspire to be an audiophile but what I do know from listening tests is that 70 or 80% of folk would not be able to discern any difference between this and systems costing many times more -so good is it.
Thoroughly recommended.
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on 3 May 2013
I bought these to compliment My Onkyo AV Receiver, and I am not disappointed. A good size speaker set with a great Subwoofer. Sounds Great. Price was right for me and a bargain. Smart and compact Pioneer satellite speakers and a great subwoofer. what more can I ask for.
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on 26 July 2015
Very good set. Excellent sound quality and not for the last - the active subwoofer! Wow! I connect this speakers to my old Pioneer VCX-916 and they make my room completely different place. If you looking for a mid range speakers in this price range then stop looking. This is what you looking for!
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on 5 December 2013
Very good set of speakers. Hooked it up to my Sony Strdh 520 receiver and it works brilliantly. Impedance of 6ohm is lower than spec on my receiver 8-16ohm but I have not noticed any problems or overheating. Great sound coming through. If you are on the budget this is a good choice. Comes in 2 boxes. Subwoofer is quite heavy but it is self power and you can control output at the back of it or switch it off altogether if you wish which is quite handy to keep my 1 month old sleeping quietly. Very impressed!!
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on 24 February 2015
These are an absolute bargain. For the price (£110 when I bought them) you will struggle to get more for your money. Less than half the price for the experience of a £300-£400 speaker system. Sound quality took me by surprise to be honest as I mainly bought these as a stopgap solution until I could afford the speakers I wanted. And because my OCD made me buy Pioneer to match my AVR!, but have since decided to keep these for the time being.
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on 13 June 2012
Decent set of speakers for the price, bought these to replace a set of Sonys which had blown. Decent quality and good looking housings, sounds pretty good but needs a decent AV receiver to drive them. Subwoofer sounds pretty nice, doesn't have any adjustment for frequency cut off but can't really hold that against it. Have had these for a few weeks, and can't fault them so far.
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