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Think About the Times: The Chrysalis Years 1969 to 1972
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on 1 July 2013
Much better than I expected

I was previously only really familiar with TYA as a live act

Extended live work outs such as I'm Going Home and Woodchoppers Ball were what I considered the norm for this lot

Therefore I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the breadth and scope of their studio stuff was much more than I had imagined, eclectic and far reaching in nature, they cover blues, boogie, rock'n'roll, psych-pop, prog, jazz and folkie acoustic type numbers - all with a degree of aplomb

I now regret having had these boys labelled in my own mind for so long - a remarkable voyage of discovery awaits anyone of a similar mind to me
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on 31 July 2013
I have all the albums in vinyl which I bought when they were released, have a number of cd's This is such a good collection do not let it go.the quality is. Alvin Lee is so good.
I love guitar orientated music, Santana , Clapton , Page, Hendrix, the list can go on and on, all brilliant but Alvin just does things better for me.
If you have not seen ten years after at the Marque go and get it and see how good Alvin and the rest of the band are.
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on 24 August 2013
My first taste of TYA was the release of Undead, an album that still sounds as good today as then. This was followed by Stonedhenge and Ssssh. The former was an interesting album but very different from Undead and not totally to my liking. While Ssssh had more in common with Undead musically at the time for me there was something lacking. Subsequently for listening to TYA I stuck to Undead and their Woodstock performance.

How wrong I was. The five albums in this set really are excellent. I've know realized what I've missed over the past 40 years. I've always been a lover of live music and hearing Undead as my first taste of TYA probably set me on the wrong path. Listening to these albums, while all are studio albums, they have an underlying feel of live recordings rather than something that has been put together from several takes. They also highlight how good a guitarist Alvin Lee was.

My only query is related to Ssssh. It's in the set as from the Chrysalis years but I have it on vinyl on the Deram label.
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Released 26 July 2010 as a 3CD set - "Think About The Times: The Chrysalis Years 1969 to 1972" by TEN YEARS AFTER on Chrysalis/EMI 5099964214726 takes its title from a track on their great 1970 album "Watt". Here are 50,000 miles of boogie details...

Disc 1 (76:53 minutes):
1. Bad Scene
2. Two Time Mama
3. Stoned Woman
4. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
5. If You Should Love Me
6. I Don't Know That You Don't Know My Name
7. The Stomp
8. I Woke Up This Morning
Tracks 1 to 8 are the album "Ssssh" - released August 1969 in the UK on Deram SML 1052 and in the USA on Deram/London DES 18029
Track 9 is "If You Should Love Me" - the non-album 7" single B-side to the 'American' release of "Love Like A Man" issued in 1970 on Deram DEM 7529
10. Sugar The Road
11. Working On The Road
12. 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
13. Year 3000 Blues
14. Me And My Baby
15. Love Like A Man
16. Circles
17. As The Sun Still Burns
Tracks 10 to 17 are the album "Cricklewood Green" - released April 1970 in the UK on Deram SML 1065 and in the USA on Deram DES 18038

Disc 2 (79:17 minutes):
Track 1 is "Love Like A Man (Single Edit)" - a non-album version [A-side] issued May 1970 in the UK on Deram DM 299
2. I'm Coming On
3. My Baby Left Me
4. Thing About The Times
5. I Say Yeah
6. The Band With No Name
7. Gonna Run
8. She Lies In The Morning
Tracks 2 to 9 are the album "Watt" - released December 1970 in the UK on Deram SML 1078 and Deram XDES 18050
10. One Of These Days
11. Here They Come
12. I'd Love To Change The World
13. Over The Hill
14. Baby Won't You Let Me Rock n Roll You
15. Once There Was A Time
16. Let The Sky Fall
17. Hard Monkeys
18. I've Been There Too
19. Uncle jam
Tracks 10 to 19 are the album "A Space In Time" - released August 1971 in the UK on Chrysalis CHR 1001 and in the USA on Columbia KC 30801

Disc 3 (60:16 minutes):
Track 1 is "I'd Love To Change The World (Single Edit)" - a non-album 7" single version [A-side] issued September 1971 in the USA on Columbia 4-45457
2. You Gave Me Loving
3. Convention Prevention
4. Turned Off TV Blues
5. Standing At The Station
6. You Can't Win Them All
7. Religion
8. Choo Choo Mama
9. Tomorrow I'll Be Out Of Town
10. Rock & Roll Music To The World
Tracks 2 to 10 are the album "Rock & Roll Music To The World" - released October 1972 in the UK on Chrysalis CHR 1009 and in the USA on Columbia KC 31779
Track 11 is "Choo Choo Mama (Single Edit)" - a non-album 7" single version [A-side] issued November 1972 in the USA on Columbia 4-45736
Track 12 is "Love Like A Man (Recorded Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore East)" - a non-album 7" single version [B-side to "Love Like A Man"] issued May 1970 in the UK on Deram DM 299

Housed in a double jewel-case with a fairly skimpy (but informative) 8-page booklet - EMI have released many multiple CD sets in this 'retro' series with the same generic packaging - Robin Trower, Frankie Miller, Barclay James Harvest, The Groundhogs, UFO and The Edgar Broughton Band among them. All are remastered and pitched at mid-price.

In this case (as is with most of the others) - the superb remastered sound comes courtesy of PETER MEW at Abbey Road. It should also be noted that "Ssssh", "Cricklewood Green" and "Watt" are different remasters to the 2002 versions done by PASCHAL BYRNE at Alchemy Audio in London. The other big draw here for TYA fans is the difficult to find and hugely popular albums "A Space In Time" and "Rock & Roll Music To The World" from 1971 and 1972 respectively - available remastered - and reasonably priced at last.

Musically - as one reviewer rightly says - some tracks are plodding and none are 'live' and therefore not really representative of the band at their best. But dealing with what we do have - there is so much on here to savour. "Working On The Road", "I'm Coming On" and "Choo Choo Mama" are great boogie tunes. I also love the acoustic vibe of "Circles", the Prog Rock keyboards of "Standing At The Station" and the string arrangements of "Over The Hill". There are even wise deliberations on beliefs on the trippy treated vocals of "Religion" (lyrics above). It isn't all genius - of course not. But there are 5 studio albums & five rare 7" single sides on here - and that's an awful lot of Classic Rock music for not a huge amount of wonga.

Niggles - packaging wise its workmanlike at best. I would have much preferred it if this entire series has gone down the road of Columbia's "Original Classic Albums" mini box sets - albums in repro card sleeves with the full session info available via download from Sony's website. But alas...

Too often overlooked - TEN YEARS AFTER still hold huge swathes of fans in serious affection - and on re-hearing these remasters and Alvin Lee's terrific axework - it's easy to know why. Rock & Roll Music To Us...
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Has any blues-rock album started off with a more frantic track than "Bad Scene" (on Ssssssh)? It's just not good for me to listen to it at my age. I saw 10 Years After at the famous 1969 Blues Festival at Bath with the likes of Led Zep, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, John Mayall's Blues Breakers,the Edgar Broughton Band etc - and 10 Years After were the most exciting (fan of Peter Green though I am). It was totally exhausting just listening to them and I was a hyper active 19 year old then! This 5 album set (Half Ten Years After?) consists of their best albums, in my ever so humble opinion, and there is a great deal of wonderful heavy blues-rock-jazz stuff on it (and just a little drosssss). Has anyone noticed that "Two Time Mama" is more like Canned Heat than Canned Heat? And "Standing at the Station" on "Rock & Roll Music to the World" (Naff title, though) is in my view the most mind-grabbing, body-grabbing, and anything else-grabbing 10 Years After number of all. Must rush to put it on the old gramophone player and gently sway on my zimmer.
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on 25 April 2013
As it sadly turned out, this compilation of the most consistent work produced by TYA came ahead of the premature death of Mr Alvin Lee, but will stand the test of time as being the definitive record of one Britain's best blues/jazz bands of the 1960s 70s. I have had all the albums in all of their respective formats through the years, never tiring once of the brilliant music that they produced. Although everyone thinks of Alvin Lee as the showman, but Messrs Lyons, Churchill and Lee were the sublime support for him. Thank you Alvin Lee and Ten Years After for a solid contribution to the world of music.
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on 1 July 2014
This Album by TEN YEARS AFTER The Chrysalis Years includes 3 CDs,this is a great collection of there music during the period of 1969 until 1972.There are 5 Albums on the 3 Disc's:1. SSSSH, 2. Cricklewood Green, 3. Watt, 4. Space In Time, 5. Rock & Roll Music To The World,and there are 3 different versions of "Love Like A Man", 2 studio versions one long and one short, and a long live version, which was one of there hits during the 1970s.
Alvin Lee was a brilliant Blues & Rock Guitarist and vocalist,and playing his guitar he was hailed as one fastest in the world!.
My favourite Album on this CD is SSSSH,this Album really Rock's,anyway these Classic Album's of "Ten Years After" on 3 CD's is well worth having in your collection,even if the Music is now well over " Fourty Years After !".
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on 23 February 2014
A great value purchase. 5 albums from their best period, plus singles for only £11.49! Alvin Lee is not just a fast guitarist, but plays with passion and can play delicately as well. The band play great Rock and Roll/ 70's R&B as well as classic 12 bar Blues. There is a high energy and some stunningly good guitar playing throughout all 5 albums, but I especially like the last 2- A Space in Time and Rock 'n' roll music to the world. AI also thoroughly recommend the 1973 double album called *Recorded Live". As has been pointed out by other reviewers, T.Y.A were classed as a "Live Band" (but like the Grateful Dead, Man and many other bands with such a tag),by listening to these albums you'll find some gems of songs that didn't make it to the live shows.
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Like Curved Air who I reviewed recently Ten Years After were one of the 50 to 60 bands who comprised the classic rock era of the late 60's / early 70's.
When I was at school we had a lunchtime club called the Contemporary Music Society which really consisted of older boys playing records to us younger pupils and occasionally talking about them. I can barely remember most of the sessions. The only ones I do recall were ones on Mott the Hoople, before they became mainstream, The Velvet Underground and Love - the latter was quite funny as the boy presenting it just kept playing the records until the teacher demanded he say something about this band none of us had ever heard of.

However the one that remains most vivid in my memory was the one on TYA, mainly because the boy presenting kept saying he hadn't got most of the records he was talking about. However he did play Sweet Little Sixteen, so he must have had the album `Watt.' At the age of 12/13 I thought this was one of the most exciting things I'd ever heard (I didn't even know it was a Chuck Berry song at the time!) and resolved to investigate TYA further. I never did of course and it wasn't until I became an adult that I purchased a vinyl compilation of the band. I actually think the version of Sweet Little Sixteen is actually quite poor now!

As with many bands of that era it's easy to forget how big TYA were at the time. Although they were probably only a bottom of the premier league band in the UK, not in the same league as Zeppelin, The Stones or the Who or even Deep Purple, they were for a time superstars in the States. Alongside Humble Pie, a band of similar status, they had the most tours of the United States of any British group of their era. Although they had negligible singles success, their albums sold well and they were a regular fixture on the festival circuit, appearing at both the Isle of Wight and Woodstock, Alvin Lee's guitar histrionics lending itself perfectly to the live experience.

Despite the many compilations over the years I don't think there's been a definitive comprehensive compilation of TYA. I own the double disc Anthology 1967 - 71, which I had to buy from the U.S as it isn't available here. However this doesn't have anything from the albums released after 1971; most noticeably 1972's `Rock and Roll Music To The World' (TYA's most recent release when I caught up with them) and 1974's `Positive Vibrations', albums that contain some of the band's best material.
Similarly this compilation is also not definitive as it covers the Chrysalis years, therefore there is nothing from the first three albums: `Ten Years After', `Undead' and `Stonedhenge,' or the outtakes album `Alvin Lee & Co'; a couple of early non album singles are also missing. I'm Going Home, far and away Ten Years After's most famous song, is also missing. This compilation isn't therefore really a best of, but a collecting together of the albums `Sssh,' `Cricklewood Green,' `Watt,' `A Space In Time' and `Rock and Roll Music To The World' in their entirety together with a couple of other singles and B sides.
It does therefore feature Love Like A Man, the band's only British hit and I'd Love To Change The World, their biggest American single, which after I'm Going Home are their other most famous songs. However 1974's `Positive Vibrations' album is again missing.
There are therefore a total of twelve tracks that overlap with the Anthology, which is ultimately a much stronger collection, as not only does it feature the best of their early material but it creams off the best of `Sssh','Cricklewood Green,' `Watt,' `A Space In Time,' although as already indicated you don't get anything from `Rock and Roll Music To The World' on that anthology. The US Anthology also contains decent liner notes, whilst this collection features a paltry paragraph and a few lines from a 1969 interview with Alvin Lee.

Coming to the music and it must be observed that, exciting live band as they were,TYA did lack enough decent original songs to propel them into the company of the aforementioned Zeppelin, et al. Their music was very much of its time, although by these albums the blues of their early period had been largely left behind, when they tried to break out of their default boogie style, they did struggle somewhat, never making a completely successful and satisfying album, and their attempts at originality tended to rely on dated production gimmicks such as phasing and sound effects.

`Cricklewood Green' is usually regarded as their greatest album and it does feature Love Like A Man; the jazzy Me And My Baby and the psychedelic 50,000 miles Beneath My Brain are also strong tracks, however I would contend that'Rock & Roll Music To The World' is actually their best; the title track is excellent whilst Choo Choo Mama is perhaps their best rock and roll song. Indeed TYA are at their strongest on these types of numbers; Baby Won't You Let Me Rock n Roll You and `Going Back To Birmingham (not featured here as it's on Positive Vibrations' ) are similar numbers. When the band tries to diversify away from the blues or boogie, for example by playing acoustic, much of the time they are boring as the songs aren't strong enough.

This was ultimately their problem. Alvin Lee originally disbanded the group in 1975 because he said he was fed up of being a travelling jukebox, but ultimately they were a boogie, blues rock band and no more. They could be compared to Status Quo as a boogie band and, although Alvin Lee was a better guitarist than anybody in Status Quo, they lacked the Quo's pop sensibility. As a blues band they could be compared to their great contemporaries Fleetwood Mac, but Lee lacked the song writing prowess, singing and originality in playing of Peter Green, whilst as a heavy rock band TYA didn't match up to Zeppelin, Purple or Sabbath.

In conclusion, although Alvin Lee was one of the fastest, flashiest guitar players on the block, TYA didn't have the songs or the sound to ever be anything more than a good band of their era rather than a great band who could transcend eras. A single, or at the most double, disc compilation of the best material from all their albums is all the TYA most people would want.
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8 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 13 November 2010
I was very happy when I saw that EMI / CRYSALIS would rerelease 5 of my favorite TYA albums onto one single package for little money.

It seemed that the record industry with the crisis the internet possiblities has brought them had finally understood. Instead of asking ridicously high prices for releases that had been paid off already over 30 years ago it might be wiser to put them in nicely done LP replica low cost 5 CD Packs.

One perfect example of how to do it right was recently given by BRUCE SPRINGSTEENs eight(!!!) CD set THE COLLECTION 1973-1984 which you can purchase here AMAZON for as little as under 14 GBP.

His record company SONY / COLUMBIA did a perfect job and as an old time fan with only the original worn out vinyl in my possession I finally took the chance, bought it and have been very happy to rediscover his - in my opinion - finest music in a perfect package and brilliant sound.

Anybody who treasures Cover Art and never really liked the feel of the plastic package the normal CD comes with but prefers a carton / LP replica style at a budget price might also consider the ORIGINAL ALBUM CLASSICS by SONY/ COLUMBIA with Artistis like SANTANA, MOUNTAIN, BYRDS, JOHN McLAUGHLIN and many others.

To a lesser extend you might also take a look at the WARNER / RHINO offerings with a similar package called ORIGINAL ALBUM SERIES both offered between 9 and 12 GBP for the 5 CD package but be careful not always the latest Remastered Versions have been used.

Unfortunately EMI / CRYSALIS have had a different viewpoint and / or not the right people to treat the product/ Artists with the love and respect they deserve. Holding the TYA Set in my hands I see a big plastic / Jewel case - I even thought
these are not existing anymore - that holds the 3 CDs plus a flimsy 8 page Inlay/ booklet with small pictures of the 5 original LP covers - back and front - printed on 2 pages plus the production credits not even mentioning the running times of the songs.

The CDs are printed full on with the old green CRYSALIS Label ( which is nice to see ) , the masters they used for this edition are the latest even with some bonus tracks - which is not important to me - but the sound comes perfectly crisp and clean out of my speakers.

Coming back the the initial question - Value for money ? - YES - there is value for money even tho my expectations were not really met, anybody who is just interested in the music without bothering about the package will get a deal here.
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