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4.7 out of 5 stars41
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 April 2005
Fantastic - this book is one of the best in the serious of the dark-hunter books. I was not expecting much as Valerius was one character that I did not feel I could like or be interested to know more about even though we saw a different side to his character in "Night Play". However I had the rest in the series so ...and am I so glad I bought it!
I disagree with the other reviewer - all the other characters and sub-plots do not take anything away from the two main characters (Tabitha and Valerius) in fact they enhance the story. Kenyon's flare for knowing her characters as if they were real people definitely shows in her writing here. Few writers are capable of weaving all the threads of so many storylines together without the book becoming wishy washy and hollow in parts. There is depth and character in every plot and sub plot that is to be admired.
This book ran the gauntlet on the emotions and with Night Play is definitely my favourite of the series.
Thank you so much Sherrilyn and please keep them coming.
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on 10 April 2007
I have become a Dark-Hunter addict over the last month and I can't stress enough how good this series is.

Originally my favourite book so far in this series was 'Dance with the Devil' with Zarek, I found him such an amazing character, with a very dark and painful past (like most of the dark-hunters) but his really reached out to me the most.

I wasn't sure if I could take to Valerius because of Zarek's past but I was so surprised. I didn't think I'd like Tabby either as she annoyed me in Night Pleasures, but OMG, she really did make me laugh and I could see why Sherrilyn gave her her own story.

This book in my opinion is darker than the others (so far), but it does take up until the last 3 chapters to really get to a head and trust me, you will be on the edge of your seat. I had to keep reminding myself to breath out while reading as it literally took my breath away.

It's also refreshing to see Acheron struggle too in this book, twice we see him suffer and as much as I adore Acheron, I think the added extra information about him was a necessity. He is my favourite character out of the lot of them, but he makes mistakes and I really need Sherrilyn to hurry up and write his back-story and novel. If you LOVE Nick's character, than be prepared for a surprising event!

You see more of the other characters in this book too which is probably why so far it is my favourite. It was nice to see more of Amanda and Kyrian and even Bride and Vane make a cameo.

I devoured this book in one day, as all the others, but this one plays on my mind the most.

Read this series!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 January 2005
Seize the Night is the newest instalment in SK's Dark-hunter series and focuses on Valerius. He is the Roman General we have encountered in previous books generally despised by the Greek contingency of Dark-hunters, an attitude they have passed on to most of the other DH's. Despite his formidable appearance, we learn that Valerius' childhood was every bit as harsh as his brother Zarek's (who also makes a welcome return in this book as a God). His conversion to DH status took place following his crucifixion at the hands of his own brothers.

Tabitha is part of the eccentric Devereaux clan, most importantly she is the twin sister of Amanda (wife to Kyrian, the ex Dark-hunter tortured and executed by Valerius' grandfather). Tabby has grown up aware of the dark hidden world around New Orleans since she was first attacked by Daimons at the age of 13. Whereas her twin has obvious sorceress abilities, Tabitha's powers of intuition are more subtle and far more valued by Daimons. She is also a 'Magnet', giving off a powerful lure to Daimons with her fiery nature and zest for living life to the full. After accidentally staking Valerius following a kick ass session with a group of Daimons she takes him home to recuperate. Aware of his reputation, she is fiercely drawn to this Dark-hunter but realises any relationship between them would rip her family apart.

I love the DH series and have to say that although SK has written some pretty amazing scenes in her previous books, Seize the Night is the first DH novel to actually make me cry. I don't want to give away too much of the plot but I will warn you that a DH dies in this book as well as 4 well established characters (one of whom is converted to DH status). Katra saves Ash's life (though he doesn't know it) and his God status is confirmed to certain members of the DH clan. Ash isn't too fussed - they'll all have completely forgotten what he is by tomorrow. We also discover that Marissa (the baby daughter of Amanda and Kyrian) holds the fate of the world in her hands. Apollymi (the Destroyer) knows this and intends to grab the baby to help restore her relationship with her estranged son. We have our first ex-DH midlife crisis after Kyrian despairs over his lack of supernatural abilities to protect his family when Desiderius returns for revenge and lastly Ash has a major tantrum when he discovers Simi has lost her virginity to one of his friends.

This is another rollercoaster of a book from SK, with loads of action and plenty of hot passion between Tabby and Val. Unfortunately I now have to wait until July before the next instalment is available 'Sins of the Night', the first DH novel centring on a Dark-huntress named Danger and her relationship with Alexion (Ash's DH squire and executioner of rogue Dark-hunters). Anyone wanting future release dates should check out SK's fabulous website
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on 8 February 2005
What do you get when a daemon-hunting party girl meets up with the second most-hated dark hunter in 2 millenia? You get fireworks on a petrol fire. To say their relationship is stormy is like saying Hamlet is moody. It's just the tip of the iceberg. Most of your favorite characters make an appearance. Simi goes through a teen-age rebellion phase which sets Ash's temper ablaze and a character we love pays the price of his perfidy.
I give this book 4 stars because there's too many characters and too many mini-subplots that draw your attention away from Tabitha and Valerius. I guess Kenyon is feeling around for which characters to highlight next in their own stories.
However, you do get insight into Valerius's true nature as well as Tabitha's interesting family. This story runs the emotional gamut. There's laugh-out-loud moments, heartbreaking tragedy and the glorious discovery of love and humanity in between.
Run, don't walk, to your local booksellers and get this book. You'll hate to see it end.
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on 18 April 2007
For fans out there. This is the story where we get to find out the act of vengeance Zarek carried out when he became a Dark-Hunter. And we see that he's being a mean ol' god when it comes to dishing out rubbish to Valerius.

Anyway. Valerius and Tabby plus a cast of thousands. I liked excellent heroine. Valerius is the usual DH with issues that are incredibly trivial considering he's had a generally good life as a human. They have a nice enough romance. And I cannot emphasize enough how ditzy the story veers from comic to traumatic within a few chapters. I could never figure out the conclusion of the gods part of the plot...the Stryker character just fizzles out. But its all very interesting for a while. We meet a lot of old friends in this story; Ash, Simi, the 2000-year old greek Kyrian who seems to have metaphorphosed into your typical working-class american male somehow. And we find out what happened to Nick. Strangely this is the first DH story that I've read that features some real tragedy. But then Kenyon ties up nearly all the loose ends very nicely in her usual fashion.

The second best DH in my opinion...Dance with the Devil is better.
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I am officially hooked to the Dark Hunter World!

This is the seventh book in the series and features the Dark Hunter Valerius and Tabitha Devereaux. We have already met Valerius in previous books and he has come across as being quite standoffish and generally not a character I thought I would like however when teamed with Tabitha who is totally free spirited he has to come out of his shell. Valerius is not liked by the majority of the Dark Hunters with him being from ancient Rome and the majority of the hunter's being from ancient Greece and to top everything off he has his now God brother tormenting him with rain showers, thunderbolts etc for his revenge/amusement. Tabitha goes against the family by having feelings for Valerius as he is her brother in law Kyrian's enemy as he looks identical to his grandfather (of the same name Valerius) who was responsible for the murder of Kyrian when he was human. Desiderus is back from the grave and wants revenge on Kyrian for managing to kill him and sets after Tabitha. I really liked this story as I loved the way Tabby manages to get Valerius to come out of his shell and that I got to see a different side to a character I didn't initially like from the other books.

It took me quite a while to get around to discovering this series as when you look up Sherrilyn Kenyon on Amazon and these books in list order it actually shows Dragonswan as being the first book (but it's not) and Dragonswan is never ever available to buy! As a girl who likes to read all books in a series and most definitely the first one in a series, thinking that I couldn't get the first book did actually stop me starting the series. I have only just discovered that the first book is actually Fantasy Lover, read this and have now proceeded to order the rest of the series:) Sherrilyn has now joined the ranks on Gena Showalter and Kresley Cole on my favourite authors list and I can't wait to read the next one.
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on 7 January 2007
Dark Hunters are men and women who sold their souls to the goddess Artemis for a moment of revenge. In exchange they spend eternity fighting this evil race of beings, who look very much like vampires but aren't. In this book, we meet Valerius, a 2000 year old Dark Hunter who is unfortunate enough to be hated by most of his kind. Lucky for him, he meets "sassy, sexy" Tabitha one night...

Seize the Night was the first Dark Hunter novel I've read. After I finished the book, I wasn't that interested in reading more. I thought the plot was a bit weak because the two main characters were so eager to jump each other that the rest of the story (read: the action parts) was secondary and badly developed.

I didn't dislike Valerius (who wouldn't like a sexy, brooding and mysterious guy?) but I did dislike Tabitha immensely. The back cover says she's 'sassy' and 'sexy' but I thought her annoying, obnoxious and lacking... class. Also, it completely confused me that they used short names for everyone... I mean, modern Americans calling themselves by their nicknames, pet names or short names I can understand... but an old Greek goddess being called 'Artie' seemed a bit too much.

A second read made me like the book a bit more, especially because of Valerius and Acheron. I thought the main idea of Dark Hunters selling their souls and all that was interesting, and that made me buy a few more books. Now I think I started with the wrong book, because even if this isn't a total waste of time it's definitely not one of Sherrilyn Kenyon's best Dark Hunter books.
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on 24 December 2006
I can't stress enough how much I love, love, LOVE this series!! I stumbled across Sherrilyn Kenyon while trying to find an alternative for Laurell K Hamilton, and I haven't been disappointed in my choice.

I would recommend you read the whole series from the beginning. Certain characters run through different books, and it's easier to keep up with the story lines when you know the whole Dark Hunter history.

'Seize The Night' tells the story of Valerius, the Roman general we have already been introduced to in Zarek's story 'Dance with the Devil'. He finds himself 'rescued' by Tabitha Deveraux, the twin sister of another Kenyon heroine, Amanda. Amanda's story is told in Night Pleasures.

Valerius is the Dark Hunter everyone loves to hate - even his squire lives to torment him. When he stumbles across the vampire hunter, Tabitha, being attacked in a dark alley and tries to help, he finds himself on the receiving end on her wrath! Although drawn to each other, Valerius is one of her family's most hated enemies, but they will need to work together to prevent the death of a loved one.

This book has it all - the storyline is well written, the secret surrounding Ash's origin is revealed and an old foe is brought back from the dead. I never tire of reading this series, even though each book has a similar theme; the misunderstood, handsome hero travelling through centuries alone until they meet their soul mate on the streets of New Orleans.

My only gripe would be that I am now only three books away from the end of the current published series, and I need more titles lined up. Can't Ms Kenyon type a bit quicker?!!
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on 26 May 2009
I really enjoyed this book. It is part of the Dark-Hunter series from Sherrilyn Kenyon and with every book another part of the overall story is revealed.I like the how the characters inter-mingle and make you want to buy the next one just to find out how your favourites became a 'Dark Hunter'and what's going to be the outcome.Having read 'Night Pleasures' with the story of Kyrian & Amanda it made you want to find out about her twin Tabitha and her interest in Valerius,mortal enemy of Kyrian.How can out work out? She's a vampire-slaying sassy kind of girl. He's an uptight imortal Roman General who's got a sensitive side that only Tabitha can see. In 'Seize the Night' their story is told and I like the way that S.K can add humor with having a Demi God in a fit of pique throwing thunderbolts at Valerius to the sadness when one of the characters meets a gruesome end. Some say that the books can be predictable but what the heck - I for one will be buying more just to find out what 'my friends' are up to.
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on 8 February 2007
You never expect a romantic novel to be a literary masterpiece, but though I managed to finish the book I found it difficult to get involved in it. The plot was somewhat superficial and unconvincing and the ending was just ridiculous and unrealistically convenient. The story was merely diverting and left me feeling unsatisfied to the point that I wasn't sure I could justify spending the time reading it.
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